Gravity's Revenge

Gravity s Revenge A magic school A heist And enchantresses falling from the sky In the Mindvault Academy magic imbued within the stone reroutes the flow of gravity The school s enchantments allow for architectural won

  • Title: Gravity's Revenge
  • Author: A.E. Marling
  • ISBN: 9781484098783
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • A magic school A heist And enchantresses falling from the sky.In the Mindvault Academy, magic imbued within the stone reroutes the flow of gravity The school s enchantments allow for architectural wonders that inspire the empire s next generation of great minds.Now those minds are falling The Academy s spells are collapsing, its keystone jewels stolen Saboteurs have iA magic school A heist And enchantresses falling from the sky.In the Mindvault Academy, magic imbued within the stone reroutes the flow of gravity The school s enchantments allow for architectural wonders that inspire the empire s next generation of great minds.Now those minds are falling The Academy s spells are collapsing, its keystone jewels stolen Saboteurs have invaded the magic school in a political heist a year in the planning The attackers make but one mistake Getting between Enchantress Hiresha and her research.Hiresha, Provost of Applied Enchantment, endures her own pathological sleepiness to study unorthodox magic Now twelve warriors have invaded the Academy, the only home she has ever known Hiresha plans to expel them with the help of a dangerously charming illusionist, her loyal bodyguard, and spells by no means in the approved curriculum.

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      335 A.E. Marling
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    One thought on “Gravity's Revenge”

    1. Gravity's Revenge is a high fantasy hostage thriller. pretty original! the plot was a unique experience for me. kudos to the author for putting together a fantasy with an exceedingly well-developed magic system, appealing characters, a unique setting, a lot of twists & turns, and a highly intriguing threat. and a hostage situation! I just cannot emphasize enough how pleasantly surprised I was to realize that this was what the novel was essentially aboutke a lot of active reviewers, I get a l [...]

    2. I have been a Marling fan since I first got my hands on the excellent Brood of Bones, the first book set in the Lands of Loam, and look forward with eager anticipation to each new release—and he is a remarkably prolific, chalking up four books in the space of two years. Lucky for us, he keeps getting better and better.Gravity's Revenge is easily the most intense of Enchantress Hiresha’s three books. What begins as the innocuous introduction of a student to the Academy swiftly turns into whit [...]

    3. Gravity's Revenge is the third book of the Enchantress series, and continues the development of Elder Enchantress Hiresha, Tethiel the Lord of the Feast, and others.This book is by far the most straightforward of the three, following a basic fantasy quest/action storyline.The story opens with Hiresha escorting the daughter of her maid, Janny, up the magical Skyway to the Academy of enchantresses. On their way we are treated to both explanations and demonstrations of the Academy's gravity-defying [...]

    4. Glad to find out that this is not the last of the Enchantress series. I first checked before DREAM STORM SEA was posted, so when I finished this book, I was left mixed feelings about the ever-wavering state of the Fos-Hiresha-Tethiel triad. Tethiel's dark nature makes for an uneasy companionship, but the continued mistrust of others (even in the face of his moments of heroism) has me rooting more for him than for Hiresha and Fos at times. It'll be interesting to see whose instincts are true as [...]

    5. Gravity's Revenge is the fourth of A.E. Marling's books set in the Lands of Loam, and the third starring the Enchantress Hiresha. In this novel, Hiresha is forced to protect her university, a bizarrely fascinating place of magical instruction, from the invasion of Bright Palms, strictly-regimented and unfeeling people, who hold the university and its students and teachers hostage. Beloved characters, such as Maid Janny and Lord Tethiel make reappearances, even better than before.I had high hopes [...]

    6. Do you like non-stop action? Dizzying landscapes and uncertain stakes? Feeling terrified and exhausted and exulted along with the main characters? Watching as beautiful things are destroyed for the sake of preserving that which is even more beautiful?I loved this. I had a hard time putting it down, but I often had to, it was so stressful. Hiresha proves yet again that she can force her way through her sleepiness in times of peril. (view spoiler)[Though I was surprised she didn't conk out immedia [...]

    7. A taut narrative, skillfully wrought, with a continuing focus on engaging characters and a fantastical setting that is like a new character all unto itself. The internal illustrations did a great service to this setting, the magical Mindvault Academy, and served as a wonderful spark in imagining the gravity-defying world in which the tale unfolds. Marling uses his laws of magic (and gravity) consistently and creatively, and the best part of this is that it holds true for his protagonists and ant [...]

    8. Didn't manage to finish it. Storyline made little sense, by far not enough background info, no character development in sight anywhere. Tried my best but I got too frustrated with the book to make it to the final page.

    9. The artwork is stunning, and adds to book tremendously. The structures in the mindvault academy are so strange that it really helps to see them laid out visually.This book isn’t as dark as Brood of Bones, nor is it as light-hearted as Fox’s Bride. Unlike the first two HIresha books, this one plays out more like an adventure novel.The book starts out with Hiresha returning to the MIndvault Academy, in order to initiate Janny’s daughter, Minna, in as a novice. Returning with her are Maid Jan [...]

    10. AS a contributor to A.E. Marling's Kickstarter I was fortunate enough to get a read-ahead copy of Graity's Revenge. Wow. I could not put this down. Really - I kept sneaking reads while at work, and stayed up too late at night reading it. This is without a doubt the best book he's written.Gravity's Revenge is the third book about the Enchantress Hiresha. This takes place a couple of years after his last book, The Fox's Bride. Hiresha is teaching at the MIndvault Academy, and is highly respected b [...]

    11. I really like this series. I still love the magic of this bedazzled world, the sleeping magic, and the main character. I love her coolness, sarcasm, sense of humor, calculating methods, and loyalty.I read this with text-to-speech narration, and I'm noticing that it doesn't jive with this type of author. His writing can be understated (you have to read between the lines sometimes), and I feel like I'm trying to bail water with a laundry basket--not quite catching everything. This book was all act [...]

    12. The innovative imagination of A.E. Marling continues in the adventures of the bejeweled Hiresha, this time more intertwined with the trickster Lord of the Feast, Tethiel. Marling's imagined universe is rich not only in culture but in innovation, the world filled to the brim with complexities of human interaction on every level.The pace from the invasion on is breakneck (a little pun there, considering the subject).Even if a reader hasn't joined adventures one or two, this one stands alone very w [...]

    13. When I started reading this I didn't realize it is the 3rd book in the series. However, I think the author did a good job explaining thing so I didn't feel lost. There were clearly references to earlier books, but I'm not sure to what extent there were spoilers. And the characters are not easy to love. Each has flaws, and the heroine has to deal with many who turn out to be different than she thought. And those she should be able to depend on are less than supportive. Yet, she is true to her own [...]

    14. I have enjoyed all her books but this one not quite so much. She took a risk and moved her characters into a surreal context. Some great characters from past books are omitted entirely, and at times I found the dream/reality inversion as confusing as our heroine. The strong narrative of the earlier books is diluted by the "sliding doors" phenomena, and the drama seemed more contrived in a sense. I wondered if it was a parable about human treatment of animals. And that almost preachiness diluted [...]

    15. Hiresha's fight against the Bright Palms as she strives to save her academy, her home, swooping through windows, running upside down on bridges, spraying jewels every which way was undoubtedly one of the coolest things I have ever read. Marling's vivid, poetic, and enchantingly descriptive text exudes a captivating backdrop for an equally captivating story and cast of characters. By far, so far, the best installment of the Lands of Loam series! I am hopeful that Dream Storm Sea is not the sole r [...]

    16. A wonderful third trip into Hiresha's corner of the Lands of Loam. I greatly enjoyed the previous two books and this new addition didn't disappoint. Hiresha has come a long way since Brood of Bones and in Gravity's Revenge she really gets a chance to work more on her own and show how much she has grown. It's a more action oriented book than the last two but we still get a satisfying dose of our favorite characters and a deeper peek into Tethiel. I'm already looking forward to the next book and I [...]

    17. Absolutely wonderful, such a joy to read. Insanely creative, intensely clever, and just plain beautiful. I'm waiting to find out A.E. Marling is a nom de plume for an already famous author wanting to break away from others expectations, though in truth no one writes like him. Adore his writing! Gravity's Revenge is a relentless read, putting familiar characters through the wringer, pitting a brilliant mind, a strong body, and a lord of illusions against a relentless foe. It's an incredible ride! [...]

    18. This has been my least favorite in the series. Two chapters in and already, there's more going on in book 4 than there was in all of book 3! It felt like this book was necessary to get our protagonist where she needs to be for book 4, but it was just a little treacherous to read. All of that said, I adore Hiresha -- she's flawed, noble, independent, and feisty. She's unsure of herself but certain that she always has to move forward. She just might be my favorite character of 2014.

    19. I'm amazed by this book.Not only are the ideas and characters new, real, and full of pathos, but the writing style is so unique and beautifully imagined! The story on a paragraph level was wonderfully entertaining, I enjoyed the prose so much. Then the book on a holistic level was brilliantI loved the story and characters!I'd call this literary fantasy, but with a fast enough pace to keep anyone's attention! Highly recommended.

    20. More mystery in the Lands of Loam. We get a peek into Hiresha’s past and the political goings-on at the Academy. And now enemies from the outside are trying to destroy the great Mindvault.I can never get enough of the Enchantress, her magical skill (that comes at such a high price) and watching her grow. I also am a little in love with the Fennec, and desperately want one in my life.

    21. I liked this, but the action had me constantly frustrated trying to follow along. The throwing jewels thing seemed so vulnerable and unintentionally hilarious. I wish this had been better marked as part of a series!

    22. Breathless! Full of action , kept me interested all the way through. Thank you A.E. Marling for a whirlwind of a tale. The characters are filling out and are more engaging. An enjoyable book all round.

    23. good reading, very well written, unfortunately it's another one of those books that are just in reality the first 3 chapters of a book, and if you want to read more you'll have to buy the next 3 chapters and so on. There's no ending and no closure whatsoever.

    24. this book totally wins the best bad guy you love to hate and hate yourself for loving award!!! he is totally smexy. this is my favourite of the series. I hope minna becomes her little minion.

    25. An action-packed, gem-flinging romp through an Academy that I desperately want to visit. Perhaps in my dreams.

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