Backwards Dave Lister has finally found his way back to the planet Earth Which is good What s bad is that time isn t running in quite the right direction And if he doesn t get off the planet soon he s going to

  • Title: Backwards
  • Author: Rob Grant
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  • Dave Lister has finally found his way back to the planet Earth Which is good What s bad is that time isn t running in quite the right direction And if he doesn t get off the planet soon, he s going to have to go through puberty again Backwards Still, his crewmates have come to rescue him Which is good What s bad is that they consist of a robot with a hyperactive guiDave Lister has finally found his way back to the planet Earth Which is good What s bad is that time isn t running in quite the right direction And if he doesn t get off the planet soon, he s going to have to go through puberty again Backwards Still, his crewmates have come to rescue him Which is good What s bad is that they consist of a robot with a hyperactive guilt chip, a creature who evolved from cats, and a dead man And if they fail, Lister will carry on growing younger until he becomes a baby, then an embryoAnd finally, he ll meet a very sticky end indeed Rejoin the intrepid band of space zeros from Red Dwarf and Better Than Life Lister, Rimmer, Kryten, Holly and the Cat as they continue their epic journey through frontal lobe knotting realities where none dare venture but the bravest of the brave, the boldest of the bold or the feeblest of the feeble minded.

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    One thought on “Backwards”

    1. Life in Reverse23 April 2016 So, at the end of Better Than Life we leave Lister trapped in a universe in which time goes in reverse, namely because he had become so old (due to being caught up in a temporal distortion caused by a black hole) that when they encountered the polymorph he had literally been scared to death (or something like that – I'm not quite sure even though it was about a month ago that I actually read the book). Anyway, in an effort to save his life they take his body to an [...]

    2. I am am huge fan of Red Dwarf, one of the best sci-fi series ever made and backwards is one of my favourite episodes. I was really pleased when Rob Grant decided to make this episode into a book. Reading the book was like reliving the episode but it was an extended version, everything from the episode is there and there was more new stuff. One of my favourite Red Dwarf scenes was The Cat doing a backwards poo. :)If you've never watched Red Dwarf, it doesn't matter, read this book anyway as it is [...]

    3. This is Rob Grant's unadorned vision for Red Dwarf, as opposed to his collaborative view with Doug Naylor. Backwards follows Lister's journey to a planet going back in time, another encounter with Ace Rimmer and a tangle with some simulants - all of which have been covered in some way by the TV show.Grant's description of Red Dwarf is a little darker than that found in the TV show, with more rounded characters. The Cat barely gets a look in, as Lister and Kryten dominate the book - the book's fu [...]

    4. Although this book was published after Last Human, I think of it as the third novel in the series, because it follows so closely from Better Than Life. Also, it seems fairly clear to me that Rob Grant brought most of the talent to the "Grant Naylor" gestalt.This novel introduces some completely new ideas, as well as tying together several episodes from the TV series. (view spoiler)[It was good to see Ace Rimmer, and the novel had the advantage that it could show us where their lives diverged wit [...]

    5. I'm sorry to say that this one did not have an audio version read by Chris Barrie so I stuck with the written edition. Maybe it was the lack of Chris or maybe that Grant does need Naylor to balance him but I wasn't as happy with this outing.I don't think I minded that there were less laughs and some of the humour was darker. What I did mind was that living backwards just couldn't sustain the concept for an entire book. I still laughed and enjoyed it but just not near as much as the first two. I [...]

    6. This was a disappointing read for me in comparison to the other Red Dwarf books. The core of the book is based across three well known episodes episodes that happen to be three of my favourites. They are joint together in an interesting way but for me it just heavily diluted three sterling episodes into something only so-so.

    7. So, I definitely consider this the third and final instalment in the Red Dwarf trilogy. It's not my favourite of the three but, of course, I still found it fantastic! I loved the elements of the show as well as the new plot points, like the agonoids and the detail into Ace's background.There were some problems I had with it, like the fact that it wasn't all as connected as the previous two in terms of plot. For example, the 'Gunmen of the Apocalypse' plotline was definitely forced in there towar [...]

    8. Another enjoyable adventure with the boys from the Dwarf. It's interesting to see the difference in writing styles between Doug Naylor and Rob Grant, who wrote the first two books together before writing a their own sequel each. It's a little sad that there aren't any books to read, but at least there is more of the TV show being made.

    9. Just like with the 2nd book I had mixed feelings while reading it. It's a good book but it feels a bit forced. And the whole backward thing was stretched far too long.If you just want some easy jokes and some light reading this is not the book you need.

    10. Bleak yet brilliant, significantly darker and more gruesome than its source material but a smegging great novel nonetheless.

    11. Awesome story!! Even if you're not a Dwarfer, you'll love it! (Maybe you become a dwarfer after reading :) )

    12. Backwards is one of three Red Dwarf novels, but it’s the only one that Doug Naylor wasn’t involved with – to me, it’s noticeable, because whilst this is still a good book, it isn’t on a par with Better Than Life and Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers.That said, it’s not just a simple novelisation of the episode with the same name, either – there’s a lot more depth to this, and Kristine Kochanski plays a huge role in the story line, too. There’s a lot of fun to be had here if you [...]

    13. Finally, a Red Dwarf novel that is actually funny!For those not acquainted, Red Dwarf is a hilarious science fiction comedy television series from the BBC. There are, to my knowledge, four novels based on the series. The first two (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers and Better Than Life) were collaborative efforts by the show's two creators. They basically cannibalized episodes of the series. They both had humor, but the jokes were always undercut by a heavy feeling of darkness that hung over bot [...]

    14. Backwards by Rob Grant is the forth book based on the British science fiction comedy show Red Dwarf. The crew of Red Dwarf gets stranded in an alternate dimension on an alternate version of Earth where time runs in the opposite direction. Many years pass before they are able to escape this dimension and when they finally do, Red Dwarf isn't where they left it. With the limited supplies aboard their transport vessel, they must search for Red Dwarf in order to survive. This book was a fun quick re [...]

    15. Ich bewerte das Buch jetzt mal (noch) nicht. Hab gerade entdeckt, dass es gar nicht Teil 3 sondern Teil 4 ist, ich wusste gar nicht dass die Reihe mehr als 3 Bände umfasst. Also erst mal den wirklichen Teil 3 lesen, vielleicht erklärt das einige Unklarheiten bzw. wirre Sprünge wobei ich einige Begebenheiten der Rückwärts-Welt schon genial bzw. ziemlich eklig fand.FAZIT nach Band 3:Man kann ruhig Teil 4 vorher lesen, da das Buch an die Ereignisse von Bd. 2 (Besser als das Leben) anschließt. [...]

    16. This was definitely the weakest book so far. I actually found it really hard to get through. I miss the casual easiness of the first book where it was just some fantastic characters with some hilarious interactions on the Red Dwarf spaceship. In this book they're all over the place, jumping from planet to planet to new ships, into alternative universes and back into the Better than life reality game. I just felt like I couldn't keep up.It did however start off well; I really liked the backwards [...]

    17. Whilst Backwards may not be ground breaking literature it is certainly an entertaining conclusion (Well, one of the conclusions) to the Red Dwarf saga. Beginning on the Backwards Planet and ending with the shootout from Gunmen of the Apocalypse, Backwards chronicles the Red Dwarf crew on their journey to locate the ship, find Holly and insult Rimmer. Whilst the novel incorporates a few of the episodes from the series, there is enough fresh material to make it interesting enough for even a huge f [...]

    18. Kniha uzavírající základní tetralogii korespondující s kultovním seriálem televize BBC. Dave Lister konečně našel cestu zpátky na planetu Zemi. Což je pochopitelně skvělé. Méně skvěle už vypadá, že čas zde neběží tak docela správným směrem. A pokud se Listerovi nepodaří planetu včas opustit, bude si muset znovu projít pubertou. Pozpátku. Naštěstí má kamarády z posádky, kteří ho přijdou zachránit. Což je pochopitelně skvělé. Méně skvělé se ale [...]

    19. It was disappointing to say the least. The first Red Dwarf books (the ones with Taylor and Grant) i absolutely adored and devoured in days. I have completely given up with this book. It starts off promising we are still in backwards land (which is where the last story left off) The Cat, Rimmer and Kryton have to rescue Lister before he goes through puberty again backwards *imagine how awful that would be* but after they rescue him nothing makes sense. The book slows down in pace and is not as ea [...]

    20. I first read this book back in 97 and i loved it!! i recently re- read it after i managed to get a signed hardback edition like the one i had in 97 however that was not signed. (lent it to a friend and never saw it again)I like this version of red dwarf and think this is how the sitcom should have beena bit more ballsier! sitcoms have time restraints, book's don't!! which means its more adult yet still silly and immature like the smegheads we have come to know and love, yet it does not go over t [...]

    21. Rob Grant takes the best bits from the television series of Red Dwarf and changes them around to create a novel. The television programme is better than this – the third novel – and those that preceded it; but there are enough original laughs for fans of the Stunted Crimson One to enjoy the books too. This book is good enough for me to hunt down “The Last Human” to complete the series.If you are coming to Red Dwarf totally unaware of what is going on, I would say read the books first (In [...]

    22. Was up again until 1am reading. Finally had to force myself to put it down and finished it this morning.I like the fact that Grant dealt with the crew actually getting Lister back to Red Dwarf from the Reverse Earth. He wrapped up most of the varying threads neatly, except for the point of Kristine Kochanski. She should have been rescued along with Lister since she was remade from her ashes. Really that was the only inconsistency, and I loved the addition of Hero-Rimmer.Doug Naylor, on the other [...]

    23. The third Red Dwarf book, picking up from where the previous entry (Better Than Life) left off, with Dave Lister on earth in an alternate reality wehre time runs backwards.More so than either of the previous two books, this novel has a plot all of its own, with that plot containing elements of the TV show on which it is based. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the final portion of the book, which takes the episode 'Gunmen of the Apocalypse' as it's basis. The novel also has a role to play for [...]

    24. What can I say about Backwards? Other than fact that this wonderful tale includes one of my all time favourite Red Dwarf characters, Arnold "Ace" Rimmer?? I mean, what a guy!!!Backwards is funny and touching and although it covers episodes from the show and goes back over some of the tale from Last Human is absolutely smegging awesome.If you count yourself as a Dwarf fan or are at least familiar with the show then you most definitely have to read this.

    25. This takes a few plotlines from early seasons of Red Dwarf and goes in different directions with them. Only the beginning of the book is based on the "Backwards" episode, and it goes it a completely different direction than what made it to film.Stillis felt like watching Red Dwarf episodes I already knew. I think my tastes have changed, it's just not as fun or funny as I remember. I should also clarify that I felt the same way the last time I watched a few episodes too, so if you're a big fan, k [...]

    26. Really enjoyed this book. It takes a special kind of mind to be able to think out an entire plotline and then manage to turn it backwards without any blatant potholes. I felt it was very true to the tv series, and an excellent sequel to "better than life". The ends were tied by the end of the book, and yet everyone was there to allow for a sequel. I think Ace's farewell was somewhat understated, but then it wouldn't work to go on about it. The multiversial flashbacks completed the style, and als [...]

    27. This isn't really a novel. It's too episodic. In fact it's a novelized version of three in-congruent episodes from the television show. The resulting text feels like 3 short stories where consequences from the previous books are dismissed in order to return to the status quo and the next episode. It's also disappointing that the prose version of these episodes stays so faithful to the source material, rather than using the difference in mediums to explore the situations in new or expanded ways. [...]

    28. loved this book and sad to have it end. It was really fun, I know the whole series has been compared to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but I think it's even better.WARNING -SPOILERSSo this ones all about time travel and alternate dimensions, which is great. but when you get to see the alternative Lister (or Ace, as he's nick named) you kinda start to hate the other one. Of course he was always an ass, but in a lovable way. This book makes him a total dick. There are a few times the backwards [...]

    29. Not as funny or clever as the first two books. This book has deviated so far from the the TV show that no episode adaptions were included in the book and that hurts itThe idea of 'Backwards' is cute, but not strong enough to fill a whole book and the plot twist in the finale, when the heroes return to the real universe, was forced.I love these characters and like the idea of them getting a bigger universe to play in, with the books, but this book was a letdown after the first two, really well do [...]

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