A Bollywood Affair

A Bollywood Affair Mili Rathod hasn t seen her husband in twenty years not since she was promised to him at the age of four Yet marriage has allowed Mili a freedom rarely given to girls in her village Her grandmother ha

  • Title: A Bollywood Affair
  • Author: Sonali Dev
  • ISBN: 9781617730139
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mili Rathod hasn t seen her husband in twenty years not since she was promised to him at the age of four Yet marriage has allowed Mili a freedom rarely given to girls in her village Her grandmother has even allowed her to leave India and study in America for eight months, all to make her the perfect modern wife Which is exactly what Mili longs to be if her husband wouldMili Rathod hasn t seen her husband in twenty years not since she was promised to him at the age of four Yet marriage has allowed Mili a freedom rarely given to girls in her village Her grandmother has even allowed her to leave India and study in America for eight months, all to make her the perfect modern wife Which is exactly what Mili longs to be if her husband would just come and claim her Bollywood s favorite director, Samir Rathod, has come to Michigan to secure a divorce for his older brother Persuading a na ve village girl to sign the papers should be easy for someone with Samir s tabloid famous charm But Mili is neither a fool nor a gold digger Open hearted yet complex, she s trying to reconcile her independence with cherished traditions And before he can stop himself, Samir is immersed in Mili s life cooking her dal and rotis, escorting her to her roommate s elaborate Indian wedding, and wondering where his loyalties and happiness lie Heartfelt, witty, and thoroughly engaging, Sonali Dev s debut is both a vivid exploration of modern India and a deeply honest story of love, in all its diversity.

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    One thought on “A Bollywood Affair”

    1. Okay, I believe I have calmed down somewhat. Now before I write out my thoughts about this book, let me just say that my reading experience as an Indian woman who is well versed in "Bollywood culture" is probably different than any reader whose life experiences are different from my own. Reading is subjective but damnit, some things ought to be called out upon instead of being accepted as the norm because if women don't make statements and speak out about things they don't agree with then who wi [...]

    2. I usually don't care for romances. Every once in awhile I'll get in the mood for them but it ain't often. I guess the moon was right or something like that. This one was cute.Mili was married at the age of four. He was twelve at the time. Yes, I know. Her village believed in a now considered outdated ideal. Her entire life after that she believes she is married. Years later she has gone to America to study. While there the guy she "married" has an accident and has a pregnant wife. He finds out t [...]

    3. 4.5 Bollywood Stars!What a fantastic debut from this author!A Bollywood Affair is a story of a young girl named Milli who was married off at a very tender age of 4 years old. It follows her journey as a young woman who waited for 20 years for her husband to finally claim her and bring her home. While "waiting" Milli immersed herself in her studies earning a fellowship to come and study in America. Meanwhile, her "husband" unbeknownst to Milli got married to another woman thinking that the previo [...]

    4. One of my favorite romances of recent years. It just has so much emotion and heart and it left me with a goofy smile on my face at the end. :-) :-) :-) I recommend this book to every romance reader I know.

    5. I WAS EXPECTING……….But it lived up to my expectations, ANYWAY! Seriously, about the initial concept I could have bestowed all five-stars to it, BUT(**Trust me, it’s ugly but) the way it is executed is really, really, REALLY cliché. [Well, definitely for the ones who love SRK dramas - hair flying, eye-lashes battering, undetectable romance music in background blah blah! (**NOT FOR ME)] Concept: 4.0/5.0Execution: 2.0/5.0 Characters Bespoken: 2.0/5.0Cover: 2.0/5.0 Okay, summing up:Samir Ra [...]

    6. ~ I was provided this e-arc by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. ~Well, it looks like I’m going to be the black sheep this time. I was pretty excited about getting to read this e-arc because it came highly recommended by one of my favorite PRN romance authors, plus it had many early rave reviews. That’s why I was so disappointed because not only did I not love it, but I didn't even like it, not even a little bit, not even at all. In fact it made me mad enough to want to throw my co [...]

    7. Favorite Quote: I love you. That’s what he was thinking. He wanted to mouth it to her. He wanted to whisper it into her lips, into every secret place in her body. He wanted to scream it out in front of the entire world.When this book arrived unsolicited in the mail, I immediately turned it over and read the back blurb, because a Bollywood book intrigued me. The blurb interested me, so I threw it on my to-be-read pile and made a note to review it later. But then twitter started popping up littl [...]

    8. Sweet mother of dog! (trying not to be irreverent so just go with it!) Series: Yes, I think. Or rather, sorta. Sexy times: I'm sticking with my new ice cream metaphor - so this is delicious homemade french vanilla beanPlan on reading more by the author: I tried to read the second book, but couldn't quite get into it. It was weird. So, perhapsSynopsis Mili has been promised to Samir's brother since age four. Actually, she was married to him at age four. Wow. Just wow. That boggles the mind, right [...]

    9. Heartwarming and charming romance with fascinating insights into Indian culture. I’m surprised how much I enjoyed the story because it had some elements that would normally turn me away. An accident-prone, Mary Sue-ish heroine that cries a lot would be one of them. But there’s something infinitely sweet about Mili that made me overlook these dislikes and cheer and root for her happiness.I’m not a fan of Bollywood films and the story felt like reading a quintessential Bollywood film with it [...]

    10. Exquisite is the best word I can think of to describe Sonali Dev’s A Bollywood Affair. A beautiful, humorous, heartbreaking romance of a young married Indian woman who finds out her marriage and life was a lie and now must rediscover who she is. Dev uses old world tradition and modern sensibilities to paint readers’ a vivid picture of India’s culture and the complex dance that the younger generation has to navigate through. Emotionally poignant, your heart will hurt for the heroine who see [...]

    11. He was arrogant and impatient and stubborn. But he was also self-deprecating and more gentle and generous than anyone she knew. And when all his contradictions mingled in his face, in his big muscular body, he was like a huge living magnet…A huge living magnet that had totally sucked her in. All the people in this book are completelyrational. Is that the word I want to use? close enough, really.But I had very much fallen in love with the words, the relationship, the Bollywood film references, [...]

    12. This book was a sexist, misogynistic train wreck from start to finish.Edited to add:Please also read Nafiza's review.

    13. No soy de contemporánea, quizás por eso esta novela no tiene mayor valoración.La autora recrea muy bien esa sociedad que supongo conoce tan bien. Los protagonistas cumplen clichés que, aunque están muy bien construidos, tienen comportamientos que no me gusta encontrarme en las novelas que leo. De ahí, quizás mi puntuación.Comportamientos, que dejando de lado ciertos aspectos algo machistas (que entiendo que son totalmente normales en el ambiente que envuelve la historia), ella peca de de [...]

    14. I am a fan of Bollywood movies, and this book followed right along with the themes. My only problem is that I feel the hero was written a bit too much of a jerk. He takes a long time to redeem himself. But the ending with the meddling mothers and aunts is hilarious and very Bollywood. I loved that part.

    15. Una historia dulce y bonita, de esas que lees de principio a fin con una sonrisa en los labios. Sus protagonistas son achuchables y sus secundarios entrañables. Un soplo de aire fresco, al menos para mí, que estoy tan desencantada con la novela romántica que se publica hoy en día.

    16. A Bollywood Affair is a standalone, contemporary romance novel written by author Sonali Dev. This story is set in an Indian community in Michigan, USA. The plot that brought these characters together is interesting and inspired by a true story (see spoiler below), but what I found most fascinating are the characters in this novel. Their worlds may be similar but the differences in their personal cultures couldn't vary more. The female lead: Mili was raised in a tiny village in India, bound by tr [...]

    17. This book is so genuinely terrible I presume it was written as a joke - it's not even sophisticated enough for that least-sophisticated genre, parody. The heroine, Mili, cries, faints, and pratfalls her way through a series of increasingly unlikely scenarios, all engineered to motorise a plot that shows no forethought, planning or skill in execution. To illustrate its ridiculousness, I will summarise.Mili at age four undergoes an arranged marriage to Virat, a wealthy boy in her village. His fami [...]

    18. Hacia mucho tiempo que tenia este libro en pendientes nunca me animaba a ponerme con el. Como me alegro de hacerle dado una oportunidad pq me ha encantadoHe vivido un viaje a la india tradicional y la actualidad, me he empapado de olores, colores, tradiciones y comida ( que viaje gastronomico me he pegado y que ganas de comer cosas me han entrado)He disfrutado mucho de la lectura ya que el libro se lee de una forma amena y rapida, donde la pareja principal se va enamorando a fuego lento y donde [...]

    19. What do you get when you combine a heroine I have nothing (and I mean nothing) in common with, an author who uses a wonderfully rich and developed cultural background to bring two people together, and a story of two people you desperately want to find their happily ever after? You get a book that made me ache for the heroine--I thought my heart was being ripped out for her at just 12% in and it didn't stop all the way to the end--and a book that's on my list as the best contemporary romance I've [...]

    20. Trigger warnings: parent dying of cancer, premature labour, discussion of multiple parents having died in the past, child marriage, flashbacks to a childhood beating.3.5 stars. I think?? I had a complicated relationship with this book. Because, like, it was super fast paced, very compelling, and I loved the dynamic between the romantic leads. I loved the fact that Samir wanted to take care of her, and that he showed it through cooking for Mili. BUT. Samir was kind of a controlling asshat? And he [...]

    21. I was so lucky to get an advance copy of this beautiful book. This is a great romance with hilarious and poignant insights into Indian culture. Your heart will break for our heroine over and over again. Great read!

    22. Sometimes, an innocuous book sets off conflicting emotions in me. It is a little bit like laughing at videos of people doing stupid stuff and feeling bad because it probably hurt - a lot. In this case, the Indian culture made the story fun and more believable. But I couldn't shake the knowledge that the same elements of the culture have caused something absolutely horrifying.Mili has been married since she was four-years old and spent her whole life waiting and preparing to be a good wife to a h [...]

    23. Mili has been married to Virat and waiting for the day he would come to claim her - since she was four. Virat had no idea he was married to Mili, and sends his brother Samir to find Mili annul the marriage before his child is born. Then Mili and Samir meet and romance ensues.The Good-Excellent writing: This is Sonali Dev’s first book, and it is crafted beautifully. Her descriptions of locations and people immediately paint a vivid picture that allows you to really immerse yourself in this stor [...]

    24. Read this review on Got Fiction? Book Blog4.5This has been floating around the blogosphere as a fantastic romance. I wasn't too interested at first, until I noticed that every single one of my friends had read and loved it! So what's a girl to do? Obviously, she reads it!This is my review:Read this book.Seriously, don't wait, don't drag your feet; read this book.I think it's listed as Women's Fiction, but that might be just to market it. It's definitely a Contemporary Romance, and it's spectacul [...]

    25. This book has an excellent premise, but unfortunately it's terribly executed.When she was four and he was twelve, Malvika and Virat Rathod were married during an (illegal) mass religious ceremony. Virat moves away from the village, grows up, marries another woman, and is expecting a child, when he finds out that Mili – despite not having heard from him in twenty years - still considers them to be married. Virat is concerned about possible legal repercussions for his (current) wife and future c [...]

    26. *I gave this audiobook an A+ for the story and a C+ for the narration at AudioGals*Narrated by Priya AyyarI loved this highly original, culturally rich, exploration into the depths the human will is capable of stooping to when attempting to right a perceived wrong against a loved one. The most amazing thing, however, is that out of all this ugliness and seeming despair, comes a truly inspirational love story between two surprisingly selfless individuals who can’t help but rescue others, even p [...]

    27. Even though I'm Indian, I don't read much books by Indian authors and very very rarely do they become my favourite. Ms Dev has written a brilliant story. The characters are all very easy to like especially Milli. At first Milli seemed to me a naive ,innocent and foolish village. But my opinion was very soon corrected. As the story progresses, we see hidden depths in Milli that endears her more to us. Milli's character is truly adorable and charming. Sam's character is also very appealing. The to [...]

    28. Cute and sweet and colourful and dramatic and overall, a lovely love story!This full review is also published on my blog - elliereadsfiction/What a fantastic debut romance! It was my first by an Indian author and I had so much fun reading the story Ms Dev has so skillfully created. It is a lovely romance, full of passion and drama, colourful and funny and devastatingly sad at time, just like a typical Bollywood movie. And I do love watching Bollywood movies occasionally, they never fail to put m [...]

    29. This is my first read/audio by Sonali Dev and I can say it was a good first experience. Set between America and India in the context of Hindu culture, arranged marriage and empowered women it made for an interesting mix. I can’t speak to the realism of the book in contemporary culture but it was definitely entertaining with just the right mixture of plot complexity, relationships and romance. The romance was a slowish burn over a shortish time if that makes sense.There’s a secret in this boo [...]

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