Down 'N' Derby

Down N Derby Maddox is running By accident he discovered long ago that he was adopted as a baby and his need to find his biological father has consumed him ever since Now on a road trip determined to find his f

  • Title: Down 'N' Derby
  • Author: Lila Felix
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  • Page: 284
  • Format: ebook
  • Maddox is running By accident, he discovered long ago that he was adopted as a baby and his need to find his biological father has consumed him ever since Now, on a road trip, determined to find his father and his sanity, and armed with locations and his cousin, Nixon, to help him, maybe he can find the answers he s been searching for With nothing but a suitcase and a wMaddox is running By accident, he discovered long ago that he was adopted as a baby and his need to find his biological father has consumed him ever since Now, on a road trip, determined to find his father and his sanity, and armed with locations and his cousin, Nixon, to help him, maybe he can find the answers he s been searching for With nothing but a suitcase and a wad of cash to get him there, lead after lead takes him further from home.But he ll find much than he intended.He finds Storey, a pint sized pin up model who has learned painful lessons about guys Her wounds run deep, but so do his She knows what she wants, but will she recognize it when it s right in front of her Maddox can t touch anyone without feeling like his skin is crawling, but just maybe his instinct to protect this amazing girl will supersede his own hang ups If he can brush her skin and start to feel alive insideeverything will change.

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    One thought on “Down 'N' Derby”

    1. It’s funny how much one summer can change you.Down N Derby is the third book in the Love and Skate series by Lila Felix. I love these books! They are ya at it’s finest :D The Black brothers are incredible.Owen was the brawn, Falcon was the brains, and Mad was the clown.These are the type of guys you want your sons to become and your daughters to date. The third book is about the youngest Black brother, Maddox. Let's catch up with the Black brothers Owen has been married to Nellie for a while [...]

    2. "I've been kissed a lot but it I've never kissed anyone. I've never purposefully wanted to run my fingers through a girl’s hair, take her face in my hands and kiss her until her toes curled. I've really never wanted to—until you.” Maddox. Sweetheart extraordinaire. Maddox thinks he's a ruiner. He thinks everything he touches turns to crap because of things that have been thrown at him. He thinks everything bad that happens to his family can be contributed to one thing, one event, that happ [...]

    3. 4.5 stars Maddox: has two-different colored eyes (which catch all the girls attention). He is an 18 year who is a complete gentleman. He has set out on a quest to find out who is real father is.Storey: is a pin up girl earning money so she can attend college in the Fall.These two find each other and set out to help one anotherRIES: No cliffhangers

    4. I have really come to love Lila Felix's Love & Skate series! The stories are consistently lovely and charming, and they always manage to put a smile on my face.Maddox, Maddox, Maddox. Down 'N' Derby picks up where How It Rolls leaves off. My boy Maddox discovered as a boy that he was adopted as a baby, and now he's taken off with his cousin Nixon in search of his birth father. You know he's going to find so much more than a bio dad, though, right? In California, following up on a lead about [...]

    5. Eh. I was kind of hoping for more with this one. I really loved the first two in this series, but I was kind of disappointed with this one. I get the need of Mad having to leave to find what he was looking for. I get that. What I didn't get? (view spoiler)[ How Owen and Falcon weren't pissed off. I mean, their mom hid something very important. How can they not be a little upset about that? How can they not be upset with Mad for just up and leaving? Everything was just hunky dory and it wasn't be [...]

    6. I LOVE FALCON. Maddox's "Storey" was a gooden. The "epilogue" at the end So refreshing! It was a great POV. Felix thanks so much for writing about such a wonderful family.

    7. *Sigh* It's always hard to say good-bye to a series once you get attached to the characters but this one was especially hard for me because I have been there from the beginning with these characters. From conception to the page, I have been watching Lila Felix cultivate this derby world and fell in love with everything in this series. I always say "this book was my favorite" but Down N Derby was my favorite for so many reasons. Maddox Black is dealing with the fact that he isn't a true Black. Hi [...]

    8. What I love about this story is that all the past characters still play huge roles. Yes we are getting Maddox's story but everyone is still there and their stories haven't ended yet. So even though we are following Maddox on his journey to find his biological father, something he thinks is his to face alone, we still get scenes of everyone back home. Reed and Falcon are going through loads of crap thanks to the fall out of Maddox leaving. The tension is growing daily between the two and Reed is [...]

    9. ~Arc Provided by the Author in exchange for an Honest Review~Maddox is the youngest of the Black brothers. He is 18 years old and catches all the girls attention with his two different colored eyes. Mad and his cousin Nixon have set out on a cross country road trip to find Maddox's birth father that abandon him at a very young age. While in Las Vegas, Maddox catches the attention of a beautiful pin up girl, Storey, when he defends her honor. The attraction between Maddox and Storey is strong, th [...]

    10. I’ve noticed an interesting trend with the Love and Skate series (At least #2 and 3 thus far), is that while the book focuses on setting up a couple and telling their story. The juiciest bits and most satisfying of parts seem to wrap up things from the previous book before it. You really get a sense of it being one cohesive story. Or more like a big bowl of Sylvia's pasta passed around the table from one person to the next. And with Down ‘N’ Derby this is no exception. ROAD TRIP! Sorry, bu [...]

    11. I loved the first two books!!! There both were outstanding!! When Lila announced this book, I flipped because I knew that it would be just as good as the others. Best part of the book: The whole story was amazing!! I don't even know where to begin. I love Maddox as much as I loved Owen and Falcon. This story was not like the other ones. Maddox and his cousin Nixon are on a road trip. However, this was much different than a typical road trip, Maddox is searching for his biological father because [...]

    12. Well, I didn't think she could do it because I always say this, but Lila topped herself again. I LOVED Down 'N' Derby. I have to say that again. I LOVED Down 'N' Derby. I think what did it for me was Maddox and his "issue" he had with girls. After reading "How It Rolls," I never saw this side of him coming. We see this hot and sexy, sweet, kind yet vulnerable guy fall in love for the first time in his life. Talk about tugging on your heart strings! If this book had a pinky finger, I was so wrapp [...]

    13. Lila Felix has just become one of those authors that I need to read everyone of her books. Although I have one more book left in this series I can say with all honesty that it will be one of my favorites. Lila has a way of pulling you in so you can feel every heartbreak, every smile, every bit of love. I need to add that last little surprise at the end of the book was something completely unexpected! It was amazing and I loved it! I must go now, Rex's story is awaiting!

    14. I real expected more from Maddox and his story. It wasn't bad but it did leave me feeling cheated.Storey I loved though, she saved it for me so it wasn't a total miss. It is weird that all the girls happen to have a roller derby side but I get it.The last epilogue was cute. I loved how Ms. Felix intertwined herself in the characters life.

    15. this is such a great series. I'm so in love with the Black family. This is Maddox's story. Hes runningbut it looks like he is running to his future. He meets Storey and he cant get enough of her touch. Ms Felix is such a great writer.

    16. I absolutely loved Maddox and Storey, they were amazing characters, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about their backgrounds and journey together! I thought "Down 'N' Derby" was another fantastic Love and Skate novel and I can't wait to read "Caught In A Jam" next!

    17. 4.5 starsDown N Derby is book 3 in the Love and Skate series by Lila Felix. I became a big fan of Lila's from reading this series. This is Maddox Black's story, the youngest of the three brothers and once again Lila Felix, did not disappoint. We met Maddox in the first book Love and Skate and loving all of the the Black family as I do, I could not wait for Maddox's story and to find out the mystery behind who his real parents were. Maddox found out when he was younger that his mother was really [...]

    18. I'm a huge fan of Lila Felix and this series. I spent several days taking my time and reading Down N' Derby, much to the detriment of the Author, herself. I didn't want to go too fast and wanted to savor every minute of it. To say that I loved it would be an understatement. Every book in the Love & Skate series gets better and better. First I want to start off by saying how much I love the names of each of her characters. They all have the coolest names!Maddox learned when he was younger tha [...]

    19. I have just fallen in love with this series and couldn't wait to read the third installment, Down 'N' Derby, which is Maddox's story. Maddox is the youngest of the Black brothers. We read Owen, the oldest brother's story, in book one, and Falcon's story in book two. Of course the stories wouldn't be complete without the derby girls that are the main characters in them, Nellie and Reed. In book three we meet Storey, Maddox's love interest. Maddox has just graduated from high school. He has been c [...]

    20. This was a Hard review for me to write because I just want to give The Best Dang review Ever and I feel like no matter what I say it will never be enough nor describe how much I LOVED and I mean LOVED Maddox & his story!For me to say that I haven't been Anticipating the release of Maddox's story would be an Understatement! I squealed like a Giddy school girl getting asked out by the Hottest guy at school on release day!!Now I know we all Swooned for Owen, Fell in Love with Falcon, BUT Maddox [...]

    21. A Man I love the Black family And getting to know Maddox this timeWOW!!! Full Review:Ahhhh.After I finished reading How it Rolls and knew Down N Derby was going to be about Maddox, I was extremely curious. Throughout both books we only see glimpses of him. Just getting the surface of what kind of guy he is.So, I sat patientlys, I actually diduntil Down N Derby finally released.So, I now have Down N Derby in my hands and immediately dive in, so excited to be back in the world of the Black Brother [...]

    22. Book 3 – Down ‘n’ Derby by Lila Felix4 stars!!I adore Lila Felix’s style of writing and this one was no exception. It is the cutesy romance that we all love to gush over and so beautifully written. This book is Maddox and Storey’s story.We only caught little glimpses of Maddox in the previous two books, he found out at a young age that his parents “the Blacks” were in fact his aunt and uncle. His mum had died shortly after giving birth to Maddox and so entrusted his care to her twi [...]

    23. Amongst the first three books in this series, this one is by far my favorite. Why? There's just something about Maddox that I find most appealing. Maybe it was the way he supported both Reed and Falcon when they were having their issues in Book 2 or perhaps is his overall demeanor in this story that caught my attention. For an eighteen year old I thought he was mature for his age. In this story he leaves the only place that he has known as home to seek out his father that abandoned him when he w [...]

    24. First I have to say that Lila Felix is one hot smoking writer. From the very first book I read of hers I cannot seem to put them down. Whenever I read one of her books I have to have me time and that means NO ONE better bother me or there will be hell to pay! The kids get take out and their father has to watch them because I start to read and shut the world out around me. Lila has this way that captivates you and keeps you reading and wanting more and more. With the love and skate series this is [...]

    25. I received a copy for review.Maddox Black has known he’s adopted since he was nine. Sylvia Black is really his aunt. Chase and Sylvia have been taken care of Maddox since Sylvia’s twin sister, Sela, died. Maddox causes quite a stir when he drags his cousin, Nixon, across the country in search of his dad. The only thing he knows about his dad is that his name is Einer Macon. Maddox doesn’t know but Reed and Falcon decide to postpone their wedding until he comes back home to Louisiana.Maddox [...]

    26. With each book, I fall more and more in love with these characters and the author who has created them! Seriously, when I read Love and Skate, it was the first book I had read of Lila's, and I thought "wow!", I was in love with Owen and Nellie, I adored Owen's parents (especially his mother) and I thought that it was the best she probably could do, because I loved it so much.Then I read How it Rolls. I was blown away because it was even better. I still had the characters I had fallen in love wit [...]

    27. Down 'N Derby is the third book from the Love and Skate series, which features the Black brothers. In this book, Maddox decided to run.While Owen is the brawn, Falcon as the brains, Maddox is the clown. He's got different-colored eyes, which to me is so cat-like and is probably amazing in real life. Maddox has been living with a secret that has been killing him for a very long time. He's always been the one that makes people laugh, but inside he's become very vulnerable. He feels a sting when s [...]

    28. This is the third book in the Love and Skate series. It would be possible to follow this story without having read the first two books, but you'd be seriously missing out if you did that! This is Maddox's story; however the other Black siblings and their partners still feature heavily. I love that about this series. I have come to love the Black family, so I truly appreciate how much of a continuing role they all play throughout the series.There were tears at the beginning of the book and tears [...]

    29. Maddox is a mystery man. At first glance, particularly, in the previous books, he was the funny guy, the one who always made light of any situation. Could make anyone laugh. Maddox is a pretty tormented guy. He's held on for so long wondering about his real father, that he's on mission to find him. To find the answers to his questions. He hopes he's not hurting his family in the process. What no one knows about Mad, is that he gets an itchy feeling when he touches other people, even his family. [...]

    30. This series has turned me into a HUGE Lila Felix fan! Her writing style is just amazing & so engaging! I would sit down to read and just go from page to page, totally absorbed into the story line. These books are just so easy to get into, and the characters are so quirky and lovable! I absolutely fell in love with each and every member of the Black family. They represent everything a loving family should be. I especially like how you don't lose track of any of the characters through out the [...]

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