Is It Big or Is It Little?

Is It Big or Is It Little A cat and mouse chase demonstrates such concepts as deep and shallow scary and scared and beginning and end First published in Spanish Buenos Aires Argentina Oceano Travesia under the title

  • Title: Is It Big or Is It Little?
  • Author: Claudia Rueda
  • ISBN: 9780802854230
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • A cat and mouse chase demonstrates such concepts as deep and shallow, scary and scared, and beginning and end.First published in Spanish Buenos Aires, Argentina Oceano Travesia, 2011, under the title, Todo es relativo.

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    • [PDF] Download ↠ Is It Big or Is It Little? | by ☆ Claudia Rueda
      181 Claudia Rueda
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download ↠ Is It Big or Is It Little? | by ☆ Claudia Rueda
      Posted by:Claudia Rueda
      Published :2018-012-20T16:29:28+00:00

    One thought on “Is It Big or Is It Little?”

    1. Big or little, far or close, scary or not it all depends on from where you're seeing things

    2. Explore opposites and perspective in this little book. It is the story of a mouse and a cat, who chase across the pages, changing the perspective the reader sees from on each page. Is the ball of yarn big as seen by the mouse? Or is it little when seen by the cat? Deep water for the mouse becomes shallow when the cat heads in. Light objects for the mouse are heavy for ants. And even the most scary creature can also be scared themselves. Rueda’s text is done in simple questions that show the op [...]

    3. My almost-five-year-old son picked this book out from our local library last week. This is a concept book, a book of opposites. I admire anyone who can write an entertainingly concept book, especially if there is something of a story to it. What is big, or deep, or long to a mouse will be little, or shallow, or short to a cat. The artwork is simple done is black and white and orange/red, and is excellent at propelling the story. As a cat-owner, I might have liked this book a bit more if I had kn [...]

    4. How we regard things is all a matter of perspective as this book shows in a series of examples. An orange ball, for instance, seems big to a tiny mouse, but not so big to a cat. As the mouse tries to evade the cat through several pages, readers will notice that the author has employed antonyms all the way to the end when the feline gets its comeuppance, and the end--or possibly the beginning, has been reached. Readers will enjoy following the line of orange that starts on the first page and then [...]

    5. A sublime tale of opposites/perspective told through illustrations of a cat that is chasing a mouse. Is it big (mouse with a ball) or is it little (cat spying mouse on other side of ball)? Black, white, and gray illustrations with highlights of red (i.e. ball). A surprise ending and new perspective when a dog begins to chase the cat! Simply fun read aloud that could be used as a discussion of point of view. Art teachers may also enjoy using this book as springboard for discussion of perspective. [...]

    6. What a wonderful concept book to use in grades K-2! This book illustrates perspective AND opposites, and lends itself to amazing discussions with little folks who are learning to use the vocabulary of opposites. This one is sure to be a favorite for classroom teachers.The simple pictures will inspire adults to encourage kids to illustrate an opposite book of their own. A cut paper and crayon extension activity is sure to be on the horizon.

    7. The graphics here are striking--done in black, white and orange. This is more sophisticated than it looks. There are a minimum of words used, but this was have little appeal to toddlers or early preschoolers who will not get the perspective concept. On the other hand, this will work well with older preschoolers and early elementary age kids. Oh, and my cat loving 14 year old wants to object to this book because it's mean to the black cat!

    8. This book reads like a series of questions in which the answers vary depending on your perspective. The artwork centers around a cat chasing a mouse and the color palette used consists of black, white, red, and gray. This would be a fun read aloud and I think kids will find it inspiring. I;d like to see what sorts of situations they could dream up that might look different from multiple perspectives. PreK-2.

    9. Is Big or Is It Little? by Claudia Rueda is an entertaining concept book. Questions of opposites were ask on each page. This brought about good discussion during story time because what might be considered large to the mouse is actually small to the cat. The illustrations were simple enough yet neither of us were able to understand the mouse carrying the string until the end of the story. It was a little confusing but a pleasant surprise.

    10. Some things are big and some things are little, but some things only SEEM big and some things only SEEM little. It's all a matter of perspective.This was an interesting take on an opposite book, throwing in the concept of perspective at the same time, but I don't know, something about it sort of fell flat for me. The illustrations didn't stand out and overall it wasn't very memorable.

    11. Is is Big? Or is it little? Well maybe both and this book is very cute. The mouse and cat work their way through opposites, deep, shallow, light, heavy. Then it goes is it scary or scared. This breaks the pattern of opposite but it still makes for a good story for the youngest readers. The simple illustrations are mostly orange and black with lots of whitespace in the background.

    12. This is a great book to use to illustrate the concept of perspective. Although the text is short and simple, the concepts are sophisticated. I love the clean, eye-catching illustration style, as well,

    13. My five year old giggled over this story of a mouse chased by a cat, in which things turn out to be opposite of themselves when seen from a different perspective-- something looks big next to the mouse, but little next to the cat, etc.

    14. A cute tale of opposites and perspective. Minimalistic color palette suggests an almost art deco style to the art, and the final line speaks volumes about the cyclical nature of time and reality. Deep.

    15. Age: Preschool-1st gradeConcept Skill: Perspective and sizesThis book provides a nice look at perspectives and how something big can actually be quite small when compared to something else. Rueda only uses black, white, and red to help the listener focus on the sizes of objects.

    16. I love the simple and clean way Claudia tells the story. Is not a book about contrasts is a everyday story with a fun and dynamic point of view of a common problem.I read it some months ago in the spanish edition.

    17. This bold concept book teaches opposites, perspective and POV in a question format, using few words and few colors. It invites tiny readers to ponder and answers such questions as, "Is it big?" Then, delights as the perspective shifts.

    18. Awesome simple illustrations that help tell the story. I love the idea of synonyms and homonyms in this book, it will create great discussion with children. I would give it 5 stars if it were longer!!!

    19. This was a simple yet entertaining way to show "point of view" to young children. The question of if something is big or little all depends on how big the item is being compared to. A leaf to an ant is enormous! Perfect for kindergarten age children and younger.

    20. this book teaches subjectivity. also, I guess it could teach these concepts, but maybe for really early learners it might just confuse them. I used it, and the parents liked it, but the pictures are a bit small for a big group.

    21. This book would be really fun and informative for kindergarteners that are starting to learn opposites. It also follows a funny and entertaining story. I chose this because it seemed like a cute story for younger children.

    22. A cat and mouse chase demonstrates such concepts as deep and shallow, scary and scared, and beginning and end.

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