Madeline and the Old House in Paris

Madeline and the Old House in Paris Madeline and her favorite companion in mischief Pepito embark on their wildest adventure yet When ghostly moans lead them to the attic of the old house in Paris they discover Felix de La Morte who

  • Title: Madeline and the Old House in Paris
  • Author: John Bemelmans Marciano
  • ISBN: 9780670784851
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Madeline and her favorite companion in mischief, Pepito, embark on their wildest adventure yet When ghostly moans lead them to the attic of the old house in Paris, they discover Felix de La Morte, who has lingered there for hundreds of years, waiting for the return of a certain comet With the comet due to return the very next day, the poor fellow s telescope has been stoMadeline and her favorite companion in mischief, Pepito, embark on their wildest adventure yet When ghostly moans lead them to the attic of the old house in Paris, they discover Felix de La Morte, who has lingered there for hundreds of years, waiting for the return of a certain comet With the comet due to return the very next day, the poor fellow s telescope has been stolen by mean Lord Cucuface, and it is up to Madeline and Pepito to get it back A nighttime trip across Paris, a midnight apparition, and all is happily resolved in time for the three new friends to view the comet on a starry night.

    Madeline Madeline The Toy Factory YouTube Apr , When Madeline and the girls visit a toy factory, Madeline is accidentally boxed as a doll and sold to a handicapped girl. Madeline Madeline is a media franchise that originated as a series of children s books written and illustrated by Ludwig Bemelmans, an Austrian American author The books have been adapted into numerous formats, spawning telefilms, television series and a live action feature film. Madeline and the Cats of Rome John Bemelmans Marciano Madeline visits Rome The Paris skies are gray, so Miss Clavel and the twelve little girls are leaving for brighter weather spring in Rome Rome has wonderful sights to see and delicious things to eat, but Madeline also finds an unexpected adventure, involving a thief, a chase, and many, many cats. Madeline and the Wedding Madeline Wiki FANDOM powered Madeline and the Wedding is a Season episode. Summary Madeline and the girls play matchmaker and are invited to be in the resulting wedding Unfortunately, a few days before the wedding, Madeline and Pepito s friendship is almost derailed by Pablito s cruel, childish, and Madeline Jul , Taken from the classic books by Ludwig Bemelmans, Madeline is the darling story of little girls who live in a boarding school The woman in charge of the home is a nun, Miss Clavel Frances McDormand Red headed Madeline is the smallest of the girls but is, nevertheless, fearless and curious. Madeline and the Big Cheese Madeline Wiki FANDOM Madeline and the Big Cheese is a Season episode Plot When the mice eat the cheese Lord Cucuface needs for his favorite dish, cheese fondue, Madeline , Miss Clavel , Madeline and the Gypsies by Ludwig Bemelmans Madeline and Pepito visit the travelling fayre that comes to town Unfortunately a storm cause the big wheel to be stopped, when the others are evacuated Madeline and Pepito are Madeline Episode Madeline and the Show Off Dec , COPYRIGHT This episode is for entertainment promotional purposes only and is not intended to infringe copyright by their respective owners Please support Madeline and the Bad Hat Ludwig Bemelmans Madeline in London was the last of the six Madeline tales written by Ludwig Bemelmans Born in Austria, Bemelmans became an American citizen in He wrote many books for children and adults and was also an artist.

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    One thought on “Madeline and the Old House in Paris”

    1. This is my favourite of all the Madeline books. I love that there is an actual ghost and that he is so marvelous. Delightful!

    2. Cute story that stays in line with the original books. I'm glad John is carrying on his grandfather's work.

    3. Just as good as the original books by Ludwig Bemelmans! So glad that there's more of Madeline's fun adventures!

    4. Some series thrive. Others shouldn't continue. The first few books in the Madeline series were charming. This one fell short.The series was better when Ludwig Bemelmans wrote it.

    5. I recently attended a wonderful yearly event, the Princeton Children’s Book Festival. This is a day when over 50 authors and illustrators come to Princeton, NJ and sit outside the library at tables with big stacks of their books just waiting to be signed for eager children (and adults). While maneuvering through the crowds, which seem to get bigger every year, a Madeline book caught my eye. I grew up reading about the French orphan and her many adventures, and I thought surely the author isn†[...]

    6. Text-to-World ConnectionI found this book a little boring at first because it seems that most of the Madeline stories seems to begin the same way. However, the plot starts to thicken and it kept my attention to see how the story would end. The story was about a greedy man that took something that once belonged to a living being who's spirit stayed around to use it once more before he could rest in peace. I liked the way the author showed how the spirit had such ambition and determination to fulf [...]

    7. Madeline finds herself in a ghostly tale in this new installment of the series. When the headmaster of the school shows up one day to perform a random inspection. During this inspection he locates the attic, which he was never aware of. Not a very good headmaster, I'd say. In the attic he finds a fantastic telescope which he is quick to abscond with. Later that night as the orphans are trying to sleep, the groans and moans of a ghost keep them awake. Once the ghost is located in the attic he int [...]

    8. We've read many of the books in the Madeline series by Ludwig Bemelmans and discovered that his grandson, John Bemelmans Marciano, kept the series alive. This is a fun ghost story that isn't scary at all. It follows in the same style and rhythm of the original stories, although at times the rhymes were a bit forced. Still, the illustrations are lovely and so faithful to the original stories that it's a seamless transition from the old to the new. We enjoyed reading this book together.

    9. I have always loved the series of Madeline! John Bemelmans Marciano sure knows how to capture the hearts of young girls with this series! In Madeline and the Old House in Paris, Madeline and Pepito, the boy who lived next door, were set on a mission to retrieve the telescope that Lord Cucuface took from the ghost in the attic. As a child reading the book, it was exciting to read the adventures that Madeline would go on. I absolutely adore the illustrations by Bemelmans Marciano as well. Some of [...]

    10. In the tradition of the original Madeline books, this one seamlessly ties in with the others in writing style. The grandson of Ludwig Bemelmans has done a great job of continuing the Madeline legacy without losing Madeline's voice. This one introduces a ghostly new character. Although suspenseful, it's not too scary for young kids. I love the illustration of Madeline and Pepito rowing along the Seine under a starry sky. Madeline fans should be pleased with this one!

    11. I loved this book as a child! I loved it so much that I had the hair cut, all of the books, some of the movies, 2 computer games, a few dolls, different outfits for the dogs, watched the tv show faithfully, had a pinata for my 6th birthday party at school, my 6th birthday was Madeline themed, in kindergarden I dressed up as her for Halloween, and I can still resite the famous intro that started every book.

    12. Lord Cucuface took a telescope from a ghost the night before a rare comet is to make an appearance in the sky.Why are these books still being made? The grandson continues the tradition of his granddad by writing exactly the same books. Kids deserve better than derivative money grubbing authors.

    13. This is an autumnal tale featuring Madeline, Pepito and their friends based around an orphanage in Paris. I am not a huge Madeline fan but I almost always enjoy the verse and her nonchalant attitude toward obstacles. The ending was, as with most Madeline books, my favorite part of the story. This will be reread a few more times before being returned to the library.

    14. Madeline and her friend Pepito discover a ghost in an old house in paris. This book tells the story of their adventure and helping the sad ghost. To rest in peace he has been awaiting his comet, but his telescope was stolen. Madeline plans to return it to him. They traveled to pick it up and bring it back to the ghost. The book has a good story line as Madeline books always do!

    15. As always, Madeline has spunk and helps the ones in need. So what if it's a ghost? They need help too. The painted illustrations are gorgeous, filling most of the page. The best part: it rhymes!! Just a couple of lines per page allowing young children to read or simply follow. Make sure you do all the voices.

    16. Madeline and her friend Pepito team up to help out a sad and lonely ghost whose prized possession has been absconded with by the greedy Lord Cucuface.As usual, the illustrations are tons of fun.

    17. A feel good story with a good message at its core. It's easy to like Madeline stories for that reason. The illustrations are quite simple and it adds to the charm of the story. Would read this to children in a heartbeat.

    18. This Madeline book was ok. The ghost scared my 6 year old, so we had to stop reading it at night and then pick it up during the day. I did think it was a cute story and love the newer Madeline collection. This one included.

    19. There is a ghost in the attic of the old house. When Lord Cucuface takes the ghost's telescope; he is very sad. Madeline & Pepito reclaim it and bring it back to him. A fun continuation of the Madeline stories. (IMO the illustrations aren't as cute as the originals.)

    20. Read this book to my children and we loved it. Our best part is when the ghost appeared and how funny the words were. It made us all laugh. I also thought the illustrations in the book were very beautiful.

    21. i usually love the Madeline books, but this one did not seem to fit the same pattern and feeling as the rest. I don't recall any of the other books having a paranormal element, and it all felt a bit rushed and unlikely.

    22. Madeline is an amazing, bold, fearless little girl and both Alana and I love her as a character But this book, written by Bemelman's grandson, was a bit of a disappointment. Felt like the storyline was forced and storyline/verses clunky/awkward.

    23. I like the way that Marciano continues in his grandfather's artistic footsteps, by mimicking his style with his gouache and ink illustrations. Some are in full color, and some in black ink, washed over with yellow. The story is also a worthy successor to the originals.

    24. Little bit forced. The ending just seemed like a tack-on to make it finish up. Not my favorite. I also don't think that the title is the best for this book considering it's about a ghost of the school.

    25. "Poor Cucuface, his jaw gone slack,and halfway to a heart attack"Good heavens, how do I even*shakes head* I have no idea how to rate these books anymore. I truly don't.

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    27. Another continuing tale by grandson of the original author. Madeline and Pepito and all the girls end up in a house in Paris. But it's supposed to be haunted. So they go searching for the truth.

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