The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: How to Find Your Voice and Reclaim Your Hope

The Emotionally Destructive Marriage How to Find Your Voice and Reclaim Your Hope Something Has to Change You can t put it into words but something is happening to you Your stomach churns your heart aches and the tension in your marriage is making you feel weary and a little cra

  • Title: The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: How to Find Your Voice and Reclaim Your Hope
  • Author: Leslie Vernick
  • ISBN: 9780307731180
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • Something Has to Change You can t put it into words, but something is happening to you Your stomach churns, your heart aches, and the tension in your marriage is making you feel weary and a little crazy The constant criticism, disrespect, cruelty, deceit, and gross indifference are eroding your confidence and breaking your spirit For any woman caught in an emotSomething Has to Change You can t put it into words, but something is happening to you Your stomach churns, your heart aches, and the tension in your marriage is making you feel weary and a little crazy The constant criticism, disrespect, cruelty, deceit, and gross indifference are eroding your confidence and breaking your spirit For any woman caught in an emotionally destructive marriage, Leslie Vernick offers a personalized path forward Based on decades of counseling experience, her intensely practical, biblical advice will show you how to establish boundaries and break free from emotional abuse Learn to identify damaging behaviors gain the skills to respond wisely promote healthy change stay safe understand when, why, and even how to leave recognize that God sees and hates what is happening to you Trying harder to be a perfect fantasy wife won t help fix what s wrong your marriage Discover instead how you can initiate effective changes to stop the cycle of destruction and restore hope for the future Women in an emotionally abusive marriage do not need another book on how to have a good marriage those books rub salt in raw wounds No, they desperately need this book so that they can diagnose just how bad their marriage is and then, with Leslie s clear expertise, develop a plan that will either begin to turn their marriage aroundor give them a wise route of escape Dee Brestin, author of Idol Lies and The Friendships of Women

    • ✓ The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: How to Find Your Voice and Reclaim Your Hope || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Leslie Vernick
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    One thought on “The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: How to Find Your Voice and Reclaim Your Hope”

    1. This was a very fine book. For various reasons, I went into it with my guard up, but was very impressed with Vernick's balance, good sense, biblical instincts, and wisdom. I have written before to the "trapped wife." This book is the book that every such woman should have.

    2. Having grown up in a Christian family, part of a strong community of believers, I've heard and even given my share of marriage advice based on the Bible. Looking back, I see that some of it wasn't healthy or even biblical, but based more on a spiritual list of what we'd imagined a Godly wife to be. The problem with that list was it prioritized an ideal more than realism, and many women suffered needlessly, thinking it was "for the cause of Christ".This book put into words many of the thoughts th [...]

    3. Whether have a wonderful or tumultuous marriage you should read, "The Emotionally Destructive Marriage” by Leslie Vernick. The book gives Biblical and sound advice. The book breaks the barriers of shame and silence by giving tools for women to discern whether or not they are in a destructive marriage. The author is gracious and compassionate to both husband and wife. There are quizzes to assess yourself and your marriage. Her four core strengths to maintain good mental, emotional, spiritual, a [...]

    4. This was a massively insightful book. My only regret is that I did not have this early in my marriage. Working hard at rebuilding right now. I recommend this to anyone with marriage struggles, whether you believe your marriage is emotionally destructive or not. I certainly would not have labeled mine as such, but as circumstances have led me to this sort of help I can see clearly that Leslie's CORE strength formula would have been and is such a great tool in my life and marriage now.Leslie is co [...]

    5. This book reveals the truth in you and exposes destructive patterns of damage and abuse.Leslie Vernick is with reading.

    6. Strong medicine for a very serious problem. Christians who have never experienced abuse might look with skepticism at this title. Sadly, it is only through seeing real world examples of this phenomena that I regard this subject matter as important and timely. This book is aimed at Christians, who might possibly be the prone to diminish the seriousness, or dismiss the harmful effects, of abuse in marriage. They might be genuinely trying to honor the sanctity of marriage with this stance but I pra [...]

    7. A life raft on a stormy seaThe Lord brought this book to me just in time; living away from home as a result of a destructive relationship, I needed this to help me understand the process. It has been invaluable, tough and healing. Thank u.

    8. An excellent book for those interested in understanding how to help women in the church who are suffering on the fringes of domestic violence. And an invaluable tool for women in the trenches of a damaging marriage. My only concern with the book is that it could easily be mistaken for dealing with domestic violence per se in which case it would be too soft and offer some dangerous counsel. Read this. But also get qualified assistance so you can accurately discern whether Vernick is speaking to y [...]

    9. A friend was going to read this book and I was concerned about what it would say, so I grabbed a copy to look for all of the errors and erroneous Biblical claims inside. Instead, I found a well thought out, Biblically solid (for the most part) book of comfort and practical suggestions for a woman who is concerned about her marriage. I recommend it for any woman who is concerned about their marriage. It's aimed at women, but it wouldn't hurt some guys to read it as well.

    10. Anybody that is involved in women’s ministry should read this. Chances are at some point you will come across a friend, family member or acquaintance that is in an emotionally destructive relationship. Leslie Vernick provides solid Biblical advice and a practical road map for change and freedom. Highly recommend!

    11. Finally a book that understandsThere are many books out there about abusive relationships but finally here is one that addresses the inner bruises women carry and endure in marriage due to fear and miscommunication for their belief. I believe every Christian s Tina woman who is struggling and hurting from the emotional pain of a relationship needs this book.

    12. Great bookVery informative. An eye opener. This books sheds light onto a topic that has remained taboo for far too long in the church. It is also a lifeline for women who have struggled with their desire to honor God at the expense of their safety, personhood or wellbeing.

    13. This is a very though-provoking look at marriages and the way Christians view abuse. A great read I would recommend to anyone working with couples.

    14. This is the most biblically sound book I've found on this subject. A must-read for pastors, counselors and women who are in abusive marriages.

    15. All I can really say is "wow." About as eye opening a book as I have ever read. While the preface suggests this is a book directed to women, every young man should read this book.

    16. Read this for counseling research. Very sound and lots of food for thought even for a counselor. My favorite chapter is chapter 10 on guidelines for next steps and keeping it safe.

    17. Leslie Vernick is tackling an issue few authors seems willing to address. As a complementary pastor and a Biblical counselor I have found it difficult to apply complementary principles when there is extreme emotional abuse in marriage and so this book addressed my question squarely. My response to this book is widely positive. Vernick gives counselors a starting place on how to address and think both Biblically and practically on emotionally destructive marriages. I was relieved to see the autho [...]

    18. Christianity is built on love—both God's love for us, and the love we as his people are to show each other and the rest of the world. Love nurtures, it seeks the good of others, it is kind, it is gentle, and it is beautiful. But a surprising number of marriages aren't characterized by any of those things, and therefore aren't characterized by love. Instead, they're ugly, cruel and cold. They are emotionally destructive.At the outset of The Emotionally Destructive Marriage, Leslie Vernick is ca [...]

    19. FINALLY!!! I have wasted so many years in trying to "bring him to Christ" by being a woman of light--not that personal character development wasn't necessary on my part! Boy 'o boy, how I needed to grow up! My mistake was that, in longing for him to be head of the house, I submitted to enough immature behavior to make a grown man shrivel. From being the nagging and needy shrew that he married to the far opposite extreme of ignoring his rants for my goal of personal Christlikeness, thereby missin [...]

    20. Maybe should have given it a 5, except I like to reserve those for the best books ever. But this book was quite good, balanced, and giving helpful insight into what makes relationships go wrong, and what we can do in our lives to strengthen ourselves, and respond in healing and helpful ways, to help ourselves others see their sin and weaknesses and to bring healing to our relationships.

    21. (Audio version review)I love listening to books in audio format and was thrilled to discover that the author of this book was the narrator I feel like its more personal when the actual author of the book is the one reading it to you In this case I do not feel like Leslie Vernick was the best to read the story At times it was hard to keep up with her because she reads really fast I found myself having to repeat a few sections just to get the words in When I first saw this book I was thrilled it [...]

    22. This author describes the type of abuse that may not be physical but that is still destructive to a person's emotions over time. She challenges those that might feel like the treatment they are receiving is not really that big of a deal, and she encourages them to share the truth with those in their support circles. The rest of the book is pretty common knowledge: "talk about how you are feeling, don't blame, don't use excessive language (never, always), recognize your part, be okay with giving [...]

    23. This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it. I would like to read her other book, The Emotionally Destructive Relationship: Seeing It, Stopping It, Surviving It. Contains practical steps to take to stand up against being emotionally abused in a marriage and offers hope and advice in deciding whether or not your spouse is sincere in making changes. This is an area that I have come in contact with way too many times in my lifetime and I feel the church has done a poor job of recognizing, s [...]

    24. Excellent treatment of a difficult and not always easily recognizable subject. Written for those who are in difficult marriages, and for those who want to be able to help and counsel them. Vernick has a way of clarifying the issues, exalting God and His Word, and advocating for those who are being mistreated. Her book "The Emotionally Destructive Relationship" is equally valuable, pertaining to family interactions, dating relationships, and friendships. This is a must-read for ANYONE wanting to [...]

    25. A Christian perspective on difficult marriages. Outlines the difference between a disappointing and a destructive marriage. Really addresses in a concrete way the grey areas of abuse in a marriage as well as the overt. The grey area she calls "indifference". She provides a broader definition of love which does not have to do with sacrificing oneself for another to the point of pain or losing oneself but describes the responsibility of loving in a way that invites our partner to be their best sel [...]

    26. This is an excellent resource for those who are in difficult marriages or who are helping friends in difficult marriages. She carefully explains the difference between a disappointing marriage (every person encounters disappointment at some point in their marriage) and a destructive marriage (where abuse is present) and how to spot the difference. I am hanging onto this book as an extremely practical and helpful resource!

    27. AwesomeThis is by far the best marriage fix it book I've read. Not only does it help identify the various types of emotional abuse but gives suggestions on how to stop it and still fight for a marriage that has been destroyed in one or many or pretty much every way. I also love how it's not just wives submit to your husband and putting all the blame on the wife like I've read in a whole litany of other books. I love this and have already recommended it to friends.

    28. I recommend this book because it validates what you may be feeling emotionally and what your body has been telling you physically is and is not ok for you. It gives you advice on how to stay strong whatever your choice is. Either way, God is with you, and supports you, the person He made the way He wanted you to be, so no one should insult that or try and change that.

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