Demon Retribution

Demon Retribution Whisked away from her home planet after a mysterious invasion Kyra has concealed herself on Earth for the last four centuries with no hope of returning home That is until the appearance of a mysterio

  • Title: Demon Retribution
  • Author: Kiersten Fay
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Whisked away from her home planet after a mysterious invasion, Kyra has concealed herself on Earth for the last four centuries with no hope of returning home That is until the appearance of a mysterious and sexy demon, claiming to have been sent by her family With danger drawing near, Kyra must set aside years of mistrust and put her life in Cale s hands.Sent ahead of hiWhisked away from her home planet after a mysterious invasion, Kyra has concealed herself on Earth for the last four centuries with no hope of returning home That is until the appearance of a mysterious and sexy demon, claiming to have been sent by her family With danger drawing near, Kyra must set aside years of mistrust and put her life in Cale s hands.Sent ahead of his ship, Marada, Cale must locate and protect the third Faieara Princess from those who seek her capture He expects the retrieval to be effortless and Kyra to be a timid reflection of her sister, Anya What he discovers instead is a strong, beguiling female who forces him to question everything he has ever known.

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    One thought on “Demon Retribution”

    1. Hmm, a good mix of paranormal and sci-fi, but not enough of the magic part. By that I mean the main character, Kyra's magic. She only rarely uses it and never practices it, which I found annoying as the books with her sisters were much more so about their gifts/talents. The male main character, Cale, is a demon and a giant asshole. I didn't like him at all because he's just plain out nasty to Kyra. I don't like mean guys and he is one. He's all cracked in the head and takes it out on everyone ar [...]

    2. 3-3.5 starsI've been a fan of Kiersten Fay's 'Shadow Quest' series since first coming across her self-published novel 'Demon Possession'. It was chock full of spelling/grammatical errors, but it also harbored an interesting story with likable characters and I eagerly picked up the next book, 'Demon Slave' (which just as good if not better than the first) when it was released. Now Fay brings us the third book, 'Demon Retribution', and while it answers a lot of questions and delivers a conclusion [...]

    3. Three stars only slightly better than book one and mostly because I liked the h & H much more. Also the war didn’t hurt. I’m not going to read books 2 or 4 I’m just not interested in those characters.

    4. The third book in the Shadow Quest series by Kiersten Fay. While the ship, Marada, goes to rescue Malik, Cale was sent to Earth ahead of the rest to search for the last princess, Princess Kyralyn (Kyra). Kyra doesn't know who the stranger is that keeps showing up but she certainly didn't think it was the man who would take her home. It has been 400 years since Kyra left her home planet of Evlon due to the invasion of the Kayadon. Not my favorite of the series but it was okay. Cale has issues wit [...]

    5. Out of the series so far, Demon Retribution is my favorite. There are aliens invading New York in search of a lost princess, back alley fights, coffee houses, mysterious powers of destruction, true mates where there cannot be, magic, family reuniting after being separated for four centuries, finding love and being betrayed, political alliances, mercenaries, savage jealousy, kidnapping, war and saving a planet and its people from the aggressors of many planets and captors of the last 400 years th [...]

    6. I LOVED the first and second book in this series. This one, the third, I liked, but didn't love as much. In fact, I think I liked it as much as I did only as an after effect of the previous stories.What I liked:Love the set-up of Earth's mythology being based on aliens visiting. What a great concept! Cale is also one delicious demon and it was fun to finally see him get his own book and a resolution to his inner 'demons'. Actually, out of all the heroes in the books, Cale has been my favorite. I [...]

    7. Third book in the Shadow Quest series and won't be the last, given the unfinished Sonya/Ethan conflict. I've stuck with this space opera-ish story for the characters and their imaginative alien attributes and abilities. There was some cool space hopping in this one--I would've loved to have experienced more of the Uli Rings space city--making this as much a planetary romance as a paranormal/sci-fi romance. The setting began on Earth, which was fun to perceive through Kyra's viewpoint and helped [...]

    8. A great third book in this series. A little more familiar with Kyra being found on Earth, she has a great independent personality and I liked her as a match for Cale. This book has a lot to do with the demons' retribution, with Kyra, Anya and Nadua heading with them back to Evlon. Still, there is plenty more scope for additional stories and I look forward to them.

    9. Actual Rating 2.5 StarsThis series got to be really predictable which is a shame since I really loved the first book. It's just that the formula, pattern was basically the same with the previous books so it's not as interesting.I liked Sonya but I would have preferred if Ethan was paired up with another, they were just too easy for me and again predictable.

    10. I was disappointed. I did not enjoy it as much as Demon Possession, but it kept my attention only because I was expecting things to turn out differently than they did. I don't know if this is the final end to this series, and I hope it isn't, but I will be very sad if this is how it ends.First, I really did not like Zoey as a character at all. The only role she really played was helping translate the book, which was an accident. I honestly think we could have done without her character. Any one [...]

    11. This 3rd book in the Shadow Quest series takes us to Earth where the demons find the last of the 3 princesses scattered after an invasion of their planet. We get to know one more of the male demons and see how his heart gets won over after a past betrayal. There is also a final showdown at the end of the story I won’t get into, but the action builds in momentum through the entire book to the point I couldn’t stop reading. I absolutely loved everything about the ending! No big cliffhangers, a [...]

    12. In this third installment of Shadow Quest you get to follow the third princess, Kyra and Cale on their journey. I have loved Cale's character since book one, so I was very excited to delve deeper into his character. This book did not disappoint. Kyra was a strong female and her character was very likable. I very much enjoyed reading their story.The book is action packed and hard to put down once you start reading. The ending was a little messy, a little sad, and a lot awesome! I highly recommend [...]

    13. Cale and Kyra were fantastic to read about! I think I fell in love with this story and its characters. Both are likeable and the two had fantastic chemistry. You can read this story as a stand alone book but honestly you'll want the first two books as they are all that good. The story had lots of action and great secondary characters that I enjoyed. All in all this book is one I will probably reread as I enjoyed it that much! Can't wait to read the next book!

    14. I love the book! Even when Cale was getting on my nerves. That male has a talent to infuriate people beyond my comprehension. Anyways, as I said I loved the book. Seeing how Kyra interacted with her sisters was so sweet. Love how she grew and thrust herself with her own power. There were some cute scenes, hot scenes (you can imagine some 😉), and some very emotional scenes (at least one in particular to me). Now I need to get my hands on the next book!

    15. What's the saying about things getting better with age? That could also be said about Kyra. Over her many(400+) years on Earth, Kyra has become stronger and self-sufficient. Definitely not what Cale expects to find but maybe that's what he needs. Now to make sure they are both standing after the final showdown. That saying about age could also apply to this series.*I received an Advance Reader's Copy of this book which I am voluntarily reviewing*

    16. The best book yet!I am a huge fan of paranormal romance, and this series hits the nail on the head. The characters are awesome, very distinct, relatable and downright badass in their own ways.The world building is spectacularly done and the plot, very well written.I have no complaints about this book- and that's rare, even with series that I love.Job well done!

    17. I didn't like this as much as the first or second book. The main focus of the last 2/3 of the book was about returning to Evlon and then battling the Kayadon. There really wasn't much of a focus on the two main characters and their love story. Cale was a pretty disappointing Hero

    18. The ending was a bit abrupt and this one seemed more heavy on the sex than any of the other books in the series. That said, the action, the story was so much more intense that I couldn't put it down.

    19. TLDR Recap:When Kyra was a young girl, her home planet was suddenly and brutally attacked by the Kayadon. She was sent to Earth alone for her own protection, and now, 400 years later, Kyra still remains there and hasn’t heard from her family since. Cale is a demon who has been sent to Earth ahead of his ship to find the third Faieara princess so he can reunite her with her family. He must also keep her safe from those who wish to capture her, and as Kyra and Cale try to survive, a passion igni [...]

    20. This has become one of my new favorite series. I really enjoy the great mix of romance and action. The demon siblings and the Faieara siblings seem to be finding their mates just in time to rescue Faierara from the invaders. I highly recommend you read them all in order. In this third book in the series. Cale is sent to find Kyra. It was amusing to hear his impressions of Earth and see him adapt. After living there for so many centuries, Kyra really has embraced the culture. She labels Cale as a [...]

    21. Demon Retribution is the third book in Kiersten Fay's amazing Shadow Quest Series. The Shadow Quest series is part fantasy, part PNR and part Sci/Fi and all delight!! Book three brings us to the end of the fight for Evlon. While it is powerful in it's own right and could be read as a stand alone, I seriously suggest you read books one and two first as this is more of a trilogy than a seriesUpon the invasion of her homeland, at the tender age of 22 Kyra was sent from her homeland to a distant pla [...]

    22. Overall I enjoyed this one! Demon Retribution is book three in Fay’s self pubbed Shadow Quest series. I have not read any of the books prior to this one and so I went into it hoping that I would be able to grasp the world building without the knowledge of the prior books. I think, had I read the first two I would have gotten the concept much easier, but as it was I think I did okay. I really didn’t have any burning questions with the world the book is built upon and really didn’t have any [...]

    23. *Warning: possible spoilers*Book 3 in the Shadow Quest series. I liked this one, but not as much as the 1st 2. Maybe because it starts out taking place in New York instead of space or a foreign planet like books 1 and 2 do. Calic is sent to Earth to find Analia (Anya)'s other sister, Kyralin (Kyra). After living on Earth for over 400 years, Kyra has learned to adapt to society throughout the years and live as a human. The drawback is she has to hide who/what she is, and constantly relocate since [...]

    24. Getting glimpses of Cale in books 1 and 2 made me eager to read Demon Retribution. The book starts of with Kyra and seeing her life on earth. When Cale makes his presence know, we get a great look at how Kyra defends herself, even when drunk. I really liked Demon Retribution. Cale is that arrogant and cocky guy that you can't help but love. There were times when he was maybe a little to arrogant for me but all in all, great character development. I will admit though that the small peaks here and [...]

    25. The more I read the more I need to read this series. This is the third book in the Shadow Quest series and I was not disappointed in any way. I actually lost another day reading and my house still needs to be cleaned up, oh well later. This is Kyalyn and Cale story and starts on earth where Kyalyn has been hiding for the past few hundred years. She works a minimum wage job, has a nice apartment and even has a best friend, Zoey. She has been away from her own kind for so long that she sometimes f [...]

    26. This book was such a relief to read after trudging my way through Demon Slave. Fully developed and interesting characters, fantastic and suspenseful plot development, and a compelling love story between two star-crossed characters. Thank you Kiersten Fay for bringing back the fire to this series. What I enjoyed in Demon Possession I found again here, with added bonuses. Demon Retribution brings with it the epic feeling that a proper sci-fi series should contain, along with all the bells and whis [...]

    27. Can I just say again how in love with this series I am? I absolutely adore these characters & with each new book I get more & more enamored with them! I really liked the intensity of Cale & Kyra's story they're my favorite couple so far! Bt dubs I totally want Cale's surely demon butt for myself!! lol. Definitely a series I will reread again & again!! These Demons got me hooked & now Miss Fay's gone & tossed some Hunky Dragon Shifters into the mix?! Lord Lock me up in a c [...]

    28. This was so much better than the first 2 books. Yeh there were some rushed sequences with Cale and his forced matibg bond debacle and being healed . and that whole thing with Ethan and Sonya I liked the build up for them but Sonya just caved too soon especially after he just left her when they did the deed.The story also didn't finish well with the guild and the dtagons and Portia.d what happened to Nadua she was a queen a kick ass queen in her book but she was almost non existent and too much w [...]

    29. Kiersten Fay has imagined a world that I want to exist in! I am a huge fan of this series. The search for the third and final sister Kyra continues in Demon Retribution. Kyra has been on planet earth which I loved. Fay was creative and funny when introducing Cale to the ways of us earthlings :) The "relationship" between Cale and Kyra was STEAMING HOT or ICE COLD! I loved every minute of it. I really liked they way all the characters from the previous books came into play and nothing skipped a b [...]

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