The Japanese Tsunami, 2011

The Japanese Tsunami The disaster felt around the world Visiting his dad s hometown in Japan four months after his father s death would be hard enough for Ben But one morning the pain turns to fear first a massive earth

  • Title: The Japanese Tsunami, 2011
  • Author: Lauren Tarshis
  • ISBN: 9780545459372
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • The disaster felt around the world .Visiting his dad s hometown in Japan four months after his father s death would be hard enough for Ben But one morning the pain turns to fear first, a massive earthquake rocks the quiet coastal village, nearly toppling his uncle s house Then the ocean waters rise and Ben and his family are swept away and pulled apart by a terribleThe disaster felt around the world .Visiting his dad s hometown in Japan four months after his father s death would be hard enough for Ben But one morning the pain turns to fear first, a massive earthquake rocks the quiet coastal village, nearly toppling his uncle s house Then the ocean waters rise and Ben and his family are swept away and pulled apart by a terrible tsunami.Now Ben is alone, stranded in a strange country a million miles from home Can he fight hard enough to survive one of the most epic disasters of all time

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    One thought on “The Japanese Tsunami, 2011”

    1. I read "I survived Japanese tsunami." This was better than I thought it would be. It's very short and the writing is nothing special, but it did give a good idea of what it would be like to experience an earthquake and tsunami, and it does give good historical details about this particular disaster.While on their vacation, Japan is hit with the strongest earthquake and tsunami it has ever seen, and Ben is separated from his family by the furious and destructive wave that knocks over buildings an [...]

    2. My 2nd grader LOVES this series, and I have to admit I do too. Tarshis provides a wonderfully sensitive portrayal of historical events that may not be widely discussed among families. Her books have taught my son and I both a lot about these disasters and prompted great conversations about tragedy, loss, and death of loved ones. Highly recommended for young grade schoolers!

    3. Ben, his little brother Harry, and their mom are visiting Ben and Harry's uncle in Shogahama, Japan. Ben should be enjoying the beautiful surroundings that are so different from his California home, but nothing has made him feel happy since his dad died recently. Harry makes a wish that their dad will return, but Ben knows that he's gone forever. Suddenly, Japan is hit with the strongest earthquake and tsunami it has ever seen, and Ben is separated from his family by the furious and destructive [...]

    4. This book, I Survived: The Japanese Tsunami, 2011, is a book about Ben and Harry from California taking a trip to their uncle’s house in Shogahama, Japan, only to be stuck in one of the most epic tsunamis of all time.I really liked this book. Lauren Tarshis, the author of this series, has a power to sweep you in her story. This edition was no different. I could practically feel the fear with Ben as he was in the earthquake. I could feel the intensity of the situation when the tsunami hit. When [...]

    5. Personal Response- I Survived The Japanese Tsunami, 2011 was an interesting book to read. It gave the reader ideas into what an actual tsunami would be like. I feel going through something like this would change a person forever.Plot- It started off by telling about Ben's dad who died in a F-16 fighter jet when he was in the war. Ben and his family were going to visit Japan. They were going there to visit the place his dad was born and raised until the age of 10. They were there a week and a hug [...]

    6. “I Survived the Japanese Tsunami,” by Lauren Tarshis, is an astonishing story about a boy named Ben who survived the 2011 tsunami. An earthquake created the tsunami that separated Ben from his family. Like in most of the books in the “I Survived” series, Ben’s dad died a few months before the tsunami. That didn’t stop him from surviving the great wave. Ben has a cat named Nya that helps him not feel alone.

    7. I like this series. It takes true events and makes them interesting. The factual information is correct. It's just the dialogue and character that are invented. I read this easily in one sitting and was motivated by the narrator to do so. It did seem a little overly optimistic, but this allows the book to reach a wider audience by not scaring some readers. I love that my students enjoy these books.In this book the main character is visiting family in Japan. He gets separated from them in the tsu [...]

    8. I real like this book and the whole series of these books. It's a little bit of history and action. While on their vacation, Japan is hit with the strongest earthquake and tsunami it has ever seen, and Ben is separated from his family by the furious and destructive wave that knocks over buildings and sweeps away cars and boats. As he struggles to survive and find his family again, Ben realizes that his father's advice and love are still with him, always.

    9. In this book there is a boy named Ben and he visited his dads hometown in Japan. It was really hard for him because his dad had past away four months ago. One day there was a really big earthquake. His uncles house almost fell down. Then a giant wave came and swept away there family none of them knowing where anyone is so Ben is star dad by himself. Do u think he can service by him self? My favorite part is when he seen his brother harry running towards him. I recemend this book to people that l [...]

    10. The "I Survived" series is nonstop action with a focus on natural disasters. The protagonist in this story involves Ben who is dealing with the tragic death of his dad in a car accident. He goes to Japan with his mom and younger brother to visit an uncle when an earthquake and tsunami hits their town. The family is separated and Ben doesn't know if they are alive. He has some harrowing escapes from being drowned or crushed by debris but remembers what his father taught him about survival skills. [...]

    11. Personal Response: This book was worse then I ever imagined. It was boring, plain, and a waste of my time. The book was so bland. It was way too short and lacked detail, especially on the description of the characters. So as a recap, the book was boring and had a terrible plot as well not informing the reader details about the characters.Plot: It started out with Ben, Harry, and their mother going to Japan to see the kid's uncle. At night Ben and Harry were laying in bed and a strong earthquake [...]

    12. Personal Response:I read the book The Japanese Tsunami, 2011 by Lauren Tarshis. It was an interesting, historical, and informative book. Overall, I thought it was very good and exciting to learn about modern history.Plot:In the plot, a lot of interesting things happened to the main character, Ben. Ben’s dad was born and raised in Japan. He moved to the USA and became apart of the air force. He survived a lot in the air force, including a plane crash. His dad told him, his brother, and mom that [...]

    13. Ben is a military kid whose dad recently died. Now it is him, his mom, and his brother Harry. They are always traveling around from base to base but they finally got cut break to go see there uncle in Shogahama. They have had a pretty great trip so far but then a very powerful earthquake strikes and almost destroys his Uncle's house. After the earthquake they walk out side, look at the ocean, and see a massive wall of water heading straight for the town. Does Ben have what it takes to survive th [...]

    14. I liked the book “I Survived the Japanese Tsunami, 2011. I like how in the book he told the reader how he felt, even though he always wanted to act tough to his brother. I just like how the book was legit in the emotions that he used.At the start of book he is at his Uncle's house in Japan when all of a sudden an earthquake hits. Ben knew he had to do something to get him and his little brother to safety. Ben and his little brother sneak under the bed just in time, then the roof collapses. The [...]

    15. Personal response:I liked the book I Survived The Japanese Tsunami, because it was about a realistic topic that actually happened in history. I rated the book four out of five stars, because it could of had more details on the actual historical event. Plot:This book is about a boy named Ben and his family taking a trip to Japan. The family had some difficult encounters when they were there. They were having a normal trip, seeing the sites in Japan, and one day Ben and his brother, Henry, were in [...]

    16. This reading is a 3rd grade school assignment for my 10-year-old son. So, I decided to read it myself in order to follow his later work.I recommend this reading pretty much, most in case of having kids around the age when teaching them about reading, discussing and other activities around enjoying books.The book has good elements to work:1) Even though the story is fiction, it is base in the real fact of the last earthquake and tsunami in Sogohama in 2011. So, to discuss about the book is a good [...]

    17. Ben, Harry and their mother went to japan to see their uncle. Harry falls out of the cherry tree and had to get stitches. Ben and harry were in a room relaxing when the whole ground started to shake, they hid under the bed till it was over and when it was his mom and his uncle came and got them out. They went out side when they saw something it just look like fog but his uncle really new it was a tsunami they got in the car and started driving away from it but it was to fast and it swept out the [...]

    18. Personal response: I enjoyed readingThe Japanese Tsunami, because it told you what it was like to be in a tsunami. This book was hard to put down, and I am not that much of a reader. This is also a series, and I will read the next ones too.Plot: The book is about a young teenage boy who with his family get caught in a tsunami. It explains what it was like for him after it happened. Ben lost his mother, brother Harry, and his uncle in the tsunami. When he makes it out of the water, he starts walk [...]

    19. Personal responseI survived the Japanese Tsunami was a great read for me because it made me understand how bad a tsunami can really be and how hard it can be to survive. plotThe plot of the story is for Ben to make it back to the mainland when the water starts to recede and he has to find his family to know if they survived. The tsunami is the main event that took place and caused the most damage to where they lived.Characterization The main character's name is Ben and he is moving to where his [...]

    20. Personal Response: I think this book was a interesting thing to read. It gave me a fictional view on what someone might have experienced back when this actually happened. Plot: It started off with a boy named Ben, going to Japan, and he did not want to be there. He doesn't want to be there because he lost his father. He only has his mom and little brother and they stayed at his Uncles house. A huge earthquake hit, the roof was about to fall down. The only thing Ben could do was to grab his littl [...]

    21. Compelling as usual. I was surprised that for this I Survived story, we did not get to witness it from the perspective of someone from Japan, and instead from a boy who was visiting Japan. I suppose I shouldn't have been as surprised as I was that the main character isn't from Japan, but whatever, there we are.This book came out in late August and I just finished it, in mid-November, about a week after a typhoon barreled through the Philippines and destroyed Tacloban, killing thousands of people [...]

    22. This is a high interest series, and Tarshis is successful once again in creating a page turner. I had two reactions to the book. First- the survivor is an American boy of Japanese-American heritage. He is visiting his uncle with his mother and brother. I really would have preferred a Japanese protagonist. Over 15.000 people died in the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami just three years ago and thousands are still missing. The magnitude of this disaster deserves all respect, and I personally felt it [...]

    23. The book "I survived the Japanese tsunami" written by Lauren Tarshis is an amazing book. It is about a boy named Ben. Visiting his dad's hometown in Japan four months after his father's death would be hard enough for Ben. But one morning the pain turns to fear. first, a massive earthquake rocks the coastal village, nearly taking his uncle's house down. Then the ocean waters rise and Ben and his family are swept away and pulled apart by a terrible tsunami. To find out how Ben and his family survi [...]

    24. This book is a good book and it is about a kid named Ben and he is in Japan at his uncle's house. A earthquake happens when they are there and Ben gets separated from the group. Latter in the story Ben finds his brother and his uncle's cat. After that they are at a place where people that survived the Tsunami went to to be safe. At the end the find there mom and uncle.I recommend this book to somebody that likes history and that a kid is telling you what happened in the stories. I liked this boo [...]

    25. This book was an amazing story about a boy and his brother who travel to japan to visit his grandpa and, on a normal day a massiv sunami comes out of no where. This book tells about what happened in japan in 2011. I thought i was histoicly acuret and i would recomend tbhis book to any body who likes history.

    26. Ben is visiting his uncle in Japan when the massive earthquake and then tsunami hit. I got to experience what it might have been like through Ben's eyes. I was surprised with how gripping this book was. My daughter was reading it, so I picked it up but then I couldn't put it down. It was a very quick and easy read. 3rd - 4th grade level.

    27. This is a very popular series in my library. The author takes disasters from history and turns them into historical fiction for middle grade readers. She does a nice job of relaying the devastation of the event while still remembering who her intended audience is. I now know why it's so popular among my readers.

    28. I thought this was a very great book. I gave it 4/5 stars. The genre is Historical Fiction. I recommend this book to people who like "I Survied" series.

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