Bear Sees Colors

Bear Sees Colors Explore colors with Bear in the first of a new concept picture book series from the New York Times bestselling creators of Bear Snores On Colors colors everywhere Can you find colors just like Bear K

  • Title: Bear Sees Colors
  • Author: Karma Wilson Jane Chapman
  • ISBN: 9781442465367
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Explore colors with Bear in the first of a new concept picture book series from the New York Times bestselling creators of Bear Snores On.Colors, colors everywhere Can you find colors just like Bear Karma Wilson s playful text and Jane Chapman s adorable illustrations creatively introduce colors to the youngest Bear fans, who will delight in discovering a rainbow of fun.

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      454 Karma Wilson Jane Chapman
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    One thought on “Bear Sees Colors”

    1. A wonderful rhyme-based book that allowed Neo not only to read the basics, but pick up on like sounding words. As Bear wanders around and sees all the colours of the forest, Neo could recount the brief story and bask in all the bright pages of illustrations. The story is not as important as the colours or rhymes, but both made it a fun early reader experience for Mr. Neo. He has enjoyed all the BEAR stories and we continue to look for more.

    2. I like Wilson's bear books as do the children with whom I've shared them. I was enjoying this one until I got to the color green. Stream does not rhyme with green. Nor does round rhyme with brown. If you're using rhymes, then use rhymes. Don't confuse children with false ones. Plus for the clues in the illustrations as to the upcoming colors.

    3. Adorable in the ways Karma Wilson's Bear books always are. The starkly white page of Bear meeting a friend followed by a page lush with color and a request for you to find blue/red/etc is lovely and successful. Sure, it's another color book, but that's OK.

    4. Beautiful illustrations. Bear and friends go throughout there day discovering many things that are the same colors.

    5. Maybe it's because I checked out a bunch of Bear and friends books from the library, and didn't love all of them, that by the time I read this one it felt familiar, happy, and helpful. I love turning the pages and seeing the colors so beautifully illustrated. The rhymes work for me in this one. There are a lot of Bear and friends books (I think I still haven't read them all), but so far this one is my favorite of the bunch.

    6. Another great storytime read. The kids enjoyed calling out the colors they knew as Bear can across them, as well as what else in the pictures Bear was seeing. Plus it opens up discussion - "What else can be ____", "Who's wearing ____ today?" or "Can you see _____ in this room too?" That sort of thing. And as always, can't go wrong with Bear and his friends :)

    7. this book is great because it is simple enough for Hazel, with fun pictures she loves and fun rhymes; yet it is complicated enough to keep Norah interested since we can find all the items on the page that go with each color. I do love Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.

    8. This is a fun book about colour. It is everywhere and it's a fun romp with bear and mouse to look at their every day world. Where do you see red, blue, yellow, green? Get creative with this book and take your little one on an adventure to explore the great world of colours

    9. This was read during Movers and Shakers, a storytime for babies, and I absolutely loved it! I also like how you can ask what other things of that color the kids can see on each page.

    10. Bear views the world around him and points out specific colors to his friends and encourages the reader to find colors too. A fun addition to the Bear stories.

    11. Very very cute! Kids will enjoy the gentle rhymes and parents will have fun helping their child find all the colors, just like bear. A cute book that will stand up to repeated readings.

    12. This book would be very useful in a classroom of pre-k or kindergarten students. It teaches colors, what things in the world are each color, etc.

    13. I really liked this one - it's fun to anticipate the rhyme as you turn the page and then to find all he items in the color on that page.

    14. Perfect book of colors. I love Bear and his friends, this is one of those groups of books that we can't seem to stop buying in our house. This one was just as good as all the others Karma Wilson has wrote! I love the bright colors, the song like words, and the perfect conclusion at the end. Definitely a book I wound recommend to those new readers out there. Looking forward to reading new books with Bear very soon!

    15. A delightful, vibrant book that will help introduce your child to the concept of colors. Bear sees blue, red, yellow, green and brown. Every other page is white - it's when bear meets friends along the way and is about to see a color. Between those white, toned-down pages are pages that are literally bursting with color. Bear Sees Colors is beautifully illustrated and filled with color-coordinated elements (blue sky, water, fish and blueberries and red ladybugs, watering can, strawberries, etc). [...]

    16. "Bear Sees Colors" is a great concept book for children. This book is all about colors. The character in this book, Bear, learns all about colors. For example, he first learns about the color blue. He sees blue water, blue flowers, a blue pale, and blueberries. Every page focuses on a different color and has multiple examples for each color. The illustrations in this book are very vibrant and colorful. For each color, that page is filled with it, to make sure that the children know what objects [...]

    17. This is one of the most lovely books about colors that I have ever seen. Bear and mouse are walking and talking and as they go along they encounter different colors. On each double spread page you are invited to spy the items with the color for those pages. The items are sometimes subtle so the reader or listener has to look carefully to find them all. Along the journey, bear and mouse encounter different animals such as badger and wren. The characters are adorable.The illustrations are beautifu [...]

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