Death's Angel

Death s Angel Since the beginning of time the archangels have longed to know true love When four female angels were created for the four archangels Michael Gabriel Uriel and Azrael a chaos spurred by jealousy

  • Title: Death's Angel
  • Author: Heather Killough-Walden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Since the beginning of time, the archangels have longed to know true love When four female angels were created for the four archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Azrael, a chaos spurred by jealousy erupted, and the archesses were secreted away to Earth The four favored archangels followed, prompting a search that has lasted millenniaAs the Angel of Death, Azrael coSince the beginning of time, the archangels have longed to know true love When four female angels were created for the four archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Azrael, a chaos spurred by jealousy erupted, and the archesses were secreted away to Earth The four favored archangels followed, prompting a search that has lasted millenniaAs the Angel of Death, Azrael could never be like his brothers While the others fell to Earth in human form, Azrael descended as a vampire Today, as the lead singer of a popular rock band, he keeps his true nature hidden a powerful darkness constantly at odds with his angelic self Beneath his mask, Azrael holds onto the hope that he will one day find the archess who will complete him.At his brother Gabriel s wedding, Azrael set his golden eyes on Sophie Bryce, the maid of honor He is certain she is his destined mate, and will do anything to make her his But Sophie is unaware of her archess identity, and is haunted by unspeakable demons of her own.When supernatural forces emerge from the shadows, threatening Sophie, Azrael is the only one who can protect her But to do it, he must reveal his true, savage self.

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      145 Heather Killough-Walden
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    One thought on “Death's Angel”

    1. 4.5 mental, action packed & seductive stars about an Archangel- Vampire and his Archess **** This could be a movie it was so packed with everything you could ask for in a paranormal bookjust FYI: Don't judge a book by it's cover- this cover is crap and the man on the front is not Azrael (the main H)HKW has successfully created a world that you can really enjoy reading- she makes you feel like you can actuallyfeelthe character's emotions and I really enjoyed being a part of Az in this book. A [...]

    2. I think I will probably give all of HKW's books 4 or 5 stars, so my reviews of her books might be a bit tainted. The reason for this is her writing is so tailored to what I like. When I get a sandwich from Subway, I get the spicy italian with pepperjack cheese, lettuce, pepperoncinis, and spicy southwest sauce. Let's just say Heather makes exactly the type of sandwich I like. Down to how much of each topping I want. Without me having to say "Just a little more pepperoncinis and not so much lettu [...]

    3. Azreal, the once fearsome Archangel of Death, and now vampire has been looking for his archess for over 2000 years. His brothers Uriel and Gabriel found their archesses' in quick succession and now only Az and their leader Michael remain without theirs. But when Az see's Sophie Bryce for the first time he knows he has found the other half of his soul, he just needs to persuade her of that and gain her trust. But, it seems that suddenly it isn't just archesses being revealed, but many paranormal [...]

    4. Avrei voluto dare di più a questo libro che appartiene ad una saga che amo, ma proprio mi è stato impossibile. Forse mi aspettavo troppo dalla storia di Azrael e quindi sono rimasta immancabilmente delusa. Pur avendo l'autrice inserito molti elementi importanti che sicuramente torneranno utili nei continui, l'intreccio della trama non mi ha colpito in modo particolare. Sophia e Azrael sono due bei personaggi indubbiamente e la loro storia d'amore è appassionata e bella, ma non all'altezza del [...]

    5. This one was 2.5 stars for me. wellyou definitely have to read the 1st two books to understand this oneoh boy there is so much going on in this storyw characters, old characters transformed, back stories, lots of behind the back plotting and just alot of stories going on at the same time. Im a sucker for a fallen angel but honestly i got messed up alot on this one that had me re-reading paragraphs. I will definitly read the next one so that i can see where this one goes! i liked it, but didnt lo [...]

    6. Ok truth be told I could not finish this book. I got to about the half way point and called it quits. The beginning was great. Was all about the main characters Az and Sophie. Then the plots just keep adding up. The Adarians, the Nightmares, Micheal, and then surprise another one. . .dragons. Too much going on when I really just wanted to read about what the book was supposed to be about Az and Sophie!

    7. Indecisa fra poco meno di 4 o 4 e 1/2, in realtà. Avendo appena deciso di leggerlo, devo scacciare l'euforia e far emergere la pare critica. Non me la sento però di assegnarne 3 per difetto, perciò il mio voto si ferma su 4 stelle.

    8. I love these books. Totally for my naughty side and damn they are addicting. Love it, even though it's cheesy and lovey and all too sexy. 18+ and it's my sexy, Angel addiction.

    9. 4.5 this was the best one so far. Az is still my favorite. Buttttttt the ending. Oh man I am really starting to dislike Sam. What a selfish jerk. Poor Michael.

    10. Let's get to the important information first. There be DRAGONS in this book. Yeah, you read that right. And they can transform into men. Men who wear sparkly leather jackets. Pardon me while I wipe up the drool. Oh, and there's something about an archangel meeting his archess in this book as well. (But DRAGONS.)Death's Angel starts off right where Messenger's Angel leaves off, which if you read it, you should have seen coming. We're given both main characters POVs again, which helps us learn mor [...]

    11. I wanted to like this book. I really did. I really enjoyed the other books in this series and there were parts and aspects of this book that I enjoyed. I found Sophie's backstory interesting, I was excited about the introduction of new villains, and I'm always up for some steamy vampire scenes, but sadly, that's about it. I was really excited about Azreal's story, but for the most part, I was left wanting. The pace of the book was pretty slow, especially at the beginning. This is the third book [...]

    12. The THIRD (technically, fourth) book in The Lost Angels Series left me wanting more! I need to know what happens in the next book!! Talk about a cliffhanger! I was waiting for Azrael's story the most, because as the former Angel of Death, he was changed like no other angel. He became the world's first vampire. Who doesn't love a good vampire story? His Archess, Sophie, and her life story left me heartbroken. As a child I was in foster homes, and could relate to the feeling of loneliness. I am BE [...]

    13. I really liked Death’s Angel. I give it 4.5 stars instead of 5 only because of all the Lost Angels books; this one wasn’t quite as captivating as the rest to me. I fell for Azrael during the first two books in the series. So I was excited when I learned that he would finally get his own story in book 3. Death’s Angel did not disappoint. Who knew that not only was he a charismatic vampire but a softy too. While reading I felt like I was in his head, experiencing his conflicting emotions. Fi [...]

    14. I've made a habit of reading books primarily part of series, trying but not always, start from the beginning. This book is the third in this particular series. I was hoping for another Firestarter. The kind of story that grabs me and makes me read the whole series. But not this time. The story's plot wasn't the problem. The writing was too crammed with excessive junk. More of an effort was put in describing scenes, places, and characters, than actually telling the story. I had a hard time trying [...]

    15. Love Azriel! The other two girls totally got screwed because so far he is the best i mean he does take over her mind a few times which I would murder his face for but other than that I freaking love him. And the narrator for the audio book did a fantastic job for his voice! Now Sophie I was just kinda meh about but I think she is a good match for Az because she fights him. But she really did nothing for me.Other than the romance I don't really want to say anything about the plot because there we [...]

    16. I was BLOWN AWAY Death's Angel is riveting and attention grabbing from the get go. Azreal is the Angel of Death and finally after 2000 years has found his Archess, Sophie. Their love story is, as always with Heather's writing, fast paced and suspenseful at once. I highly recommend this book to any reader looking for a new author.

    17. Mit weniger Wiederholungen wäre es viel toller geschrieben. Oder weil sie zu häufig, zu dicht hintereinander gekommen sind. Aber gefallen hat's mir schon.

    18. I lost interest. As simple as that. Very cliched conversations and very little interesting happening in between. DNF

    19. Zitat:„Der einstige Todesengel spürte eine andere Veränderung als Michael. Dunkler, schmerzlicher. Seine neue Gestalt schien wie der Inbegriff der negativen Energien, die er während seiner ewig langen früheren Existenz gesammelt hatte.“(S.12)Zu seiner Verwandlung gehörten die Reißzähne eines Ungetüms, eine Aversion gegen das Sonnenlicht, die ihn zur Flucht in nächtliche Schatten zwang, und – am allerschlimmsten – ein ständiger Durst nach Blut.Immer Blut.“(S. 13)Inhalt:Auf der [...]

    20. Serie Lost Angels di Heather Killough Walden [L'Angelo della Morte #3]La mia recensione sul Blog, Sognando Leggendo: wp/p3mpaE-7tsTornano i personaggi creati dall’autrice Heather K. Walden, protagonisti della serie Lost Angels. In questo 3° appuntamento – L’Angelo della Morte – ritroveremo i quattro affascinanti Arcangeli: Michele, Uriel, Gabriele e Azrael. Dopo aver abbandonato più di 2000 anni addietro il Regno dei Cieli, vivono oramai sulla Terra sotto mentite spoglie, alla continua [...]

    21. Azrael is suppose to be his brother Gabriel's best man at his wedding to his beloved archess, Juliette, but it is taking every once of control he has learned to master over the thousands of years on earth to keep in that spot. Nothing prepared him for the sensation of looking across the isle at the maid of honor and seeing his archess.Sophie is obsessing over Azrael, at least that is what she thinks it is. She doesn't understand that she is an archess because she hasn't come into her powers yet. [...]

    22. SEMPRE E SOLO AZRAELTerzo capitolo della serie Lost Angels, il più atteso per me, perchè il protagonista è il personaggio che, in assoluto, ha più stuzzicato la mia fantasia e, a leggere qua e là, anche quella di tutte le lettrici; è l'Arcangelo che si elevato su tutti gli altri sin dal primo libro: Azrael.È, decisamente, il libro migliore della serie; l’Angelo della Morte è intrigante, sicuramente il meno sciocco fra i quattro Arcangeli, il più equilibrato, il più profondo e il più [...]

    23. Death’s Angel, Lost Angels #3, by Heather Killough-WaldenGrade: B+“I’m sorry, Soph, but you got paired up with the most intense archangel in existence. The man was willing to go after you during the day”Sophie Bryce knows all about the four Archangels and their fated Archesses after it turns out her best friend Juliette is one. At Juliette’s wedding to Gabriel, Sophie meets Azrael, the Angel of Death and the lead singer of her favorite band Valley of Shadow. Sophie knows she is not Az [...]

    24. 4.5*sAt the wedding of Gabriel and Juliette (Messenger's Angel), the archangel Azrael and maid of honor Sophie Bryce see each other for the first time. The attraction is instant, and it's overwhelming for Azrael--he is certain that she is his archess, or the mate who was created for him by the Old Man.Sophie is also overwhelmed, but for a different reason. She has always been "into" the masked lead singer of the most popular rock band in the world, Valley of Shadow. And now she finds out that he [...]

    25. Not what I expectedAfter reading the sinister game I was very much looking forward to this book. While the story held so much promise, and delivered on it often, it just lacked something for me. It seemed the book was pages and pages of unnecessary explanation and defined on and on with internal monologues that would have been better as actual conversation. The relationship began with this intense level of sexuality, curiosity and mystery which left me clinging to the characters, but then it jus [...]

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