The Lost

The Lost From the author of The Matrix a dark and absorbing tale of ancient evil in the modern age Jonathan Aycliffe s hardcover debut features prep school teacher Michael Feraru tired of his life tired of

  • Title: The Lost
  • Author: Jonathan Aycliffe
  • ISBN: 9780061052255
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of The Matrix, a dark and absorbing tale of ancient evil in the modern age.Jonathan Aycliffe s hardcover debut features prep school teacher, Michael Feraru, tired of his life, tired of his job, tired of dreary England And though he doesn t know it yet tired of his fiancee and her safe, undemanding love When Michael takes a sabbatical and travels to RomanFrom the author of The Matrix, a dark and absorbing tale of ancient evil in the modern age.Jonathan Aycliffe s hardcover debut features prep school teacher, Michael Feraru, tired of his life, tired of his job, tired of dreary England And though he doesn t know it yet tired of his fiancee and her safe, undemanding love When Michael takes a sabbatical and travels to Romania, he finds he is a titled lord, and the owner of an ancient stronghold in the Transylvanian Alps.At Castel Vliacu, Michael becomes Count Mihai Vlahuta and discovers an evil far worse than mere vampires And far, far seductive.

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    One thought on “The Lost”

    1. Michael Feraru returns to his father’s homeland, Romania, where he hopes to claim heritage to the family castle, Vlaicu. This short novel is told through letters, diaries, and tapes, giving a modern and interesting slant to the vampire novel and giving more than a nod to “Dracula.”In the beginning, Michael’s adventure seems to involve form filling, and queuing, but he is soon joined in his quest by beautiful lawyer, Liliana Popescu and feels he has a real chance of success. It is also cl [...]

    2. It's more three and half stars but Review to come.This is how a Victorian/Gothic horror novel should be written. I try to read some old Victorian novels and most of them are a boring. This one has some of the feeling of that period of time, even if it set just after 1990 in Romania.The book consists in passages from his journal or letters by Michael Ferraru (Mihai Vlahuta) and from time to time we have some letters of his girlfriend, friends, family and employees. The story is about a man, aroun [...]

    3. With inspiration from Bram Stoker’s classical Dracula, this is the story of a family’s twisted and morbid legacy.At times eerie and macabre, there’s a wonderful sense of foreboding from the beginning. Even though you are well aware of what is happening behind the scenes, you can’t help but be fascinated, waiting for the final moment when you will come face to face with the monster(s).The ending leaves you with an idea of what is to come, and never to conclude for Michael, Count Mihai Vla [...]

    4. This is a wonderfully atmospheric riff on DRACULA, written in the same epistolary style and faithfully reproducing the chilling sense of menace. In subject matter, it parallels the first part of Bram Stoker's classic in that the focus is on a man who travels to a remote Transylvanian castle in pursuit of certain business matters. However, it soon veers off into its own unique horrors and very efficiently sends icy fingers crawling up your spine. Parts of it were, in my opinion, a little under-ex [...]

    5. I read this book over the course of one evening, so obviously I liked it a great deal. A variation on the Dracula theme: castles in Romania, wolves in the woods, coffins in the bowels of the castle. A young-ish man travels to Romania to claim the castle of his ancestors, one that was taken from his family during WW2. The story is told via an interesting array of letters, diary transcriptions, news clippings, and research papers. I found the end shocking and intriguing and really rather spooky. A [...]

    6. Normally I love Aycliffe's books, but despite not being a big book it took me a while to finish. I could easily put it down and not be fussed to pick it up again. It is laid out like Stoker's 'Dracula' in the form of letters and journals, which did not bother me. The first part is very good and quite creepy. I stalled during the second half of the book when Michael arrives at Castel Vlaicu. Although I did enjoy the ultimate twist on the last page, the climax felt a little rushed and the deaths i [...]

    7. You expect nothing less from Jonathan Aycliffe than a good atmopheric horror well told and again he does the job. In this strange reworking of the dracula tale a british school teacher inherits his family home in romania after the collapse of communism and returns there leaving his fiance at home. He intends to start an orphanage but as events take thier course his fiance begins to realise that some darkness has overtaken her beloved. and the darkness has.

    8. Eventually the novel does start to explain itself, if quite elliptically thanks to the epistolary nature of the thing, but I'm not sure it's worth wading through far enough to get to the explanation of what's going on, and the final pages wherein the presumed point of all of this finally comes out. The writing is fine, but the thing is rather leaden (and it's not a long book!) and feels rather like a shortish novella padded out with a rather static travelogue.

    9. I love the way this book is presented to the reader, it's presented as letters, memoirs, telegrams, newspaper cuttings & edited transcript of tape recorded notes. They are presented in order of date, to and from various people building it's story to be a journal.The book is the journal. Very cleverly presented and written.

    10. 3.5. Super quick classic horror novel. Aycliffe writes so many traditional English ghost stories that his "modern" voice (well, '80s voice!) is kind of jarring to me.

    11. Mr. Aycliffe is such an assured writer that I almost don't mind that this book was so anticlimactic.

    12. Shades of Bram Stoker's DRACULA, written in the similar style of letters, journal entries, and recorded transcripts. Slow and creeping terror in Gothictradition.

    13. After his Romanian father's death, Englishman Michael discovers that he is the heir to a castle in Romania. A series of frightening events follow him, as well as his friends back in England, as he makes his way to the castle. Once there, he discovers the terrible secret of his family.Excellently written in the epistolary style, The Lost mirrors Dracula in some ways. Like the original, it builds in suspense slowly, given the reader an increasing sense of unease. Unlike the original, though, it fa [...]

    14. Very quick to read!Presented in the form of letters, ournal entries and transcripts, this is a spooky story. While not as scary as his masterpiece "Naomi's Room", this is still a solidly creepy book, reminiscent of "The Woman in Black".Realy enjoyed this.

    15. I thought this was a quick read, but I clearly didn't read it as fast as the proofreader. Behind all the typographical errors, indecision about whether Elena had an older or a younger brother and other distracting inconsistencies, this is not a bad book. The format of letters, journal entries, tape recordings, quotes from histories and press announcements is generally handled well and gives the slow build-up to the eventual unfolding of the story a suitable level of mystery. The denouement is ru [...]

    16. haha Transylvania, vampires, dracula, brooding castle.s' all there and more. I recollect when I read this book I was also doing a tourist book on Romanian culture with a historical perspective on Dracula and believe it or not Turks and impaling and what nots. Safely speaking the knowledge thus gathered has successfully strayed me away from ever travelling alone in Eastern European countries for many centuries to come, I like to live well and happy if not in constant luxury thank you very much. T [...]

    17. Not great, but not bad. By far, the story and the atmosphere of this book are weaker than Aycliffe's "Naomi's Room", but as far as ghost stories go, this one wasn't bad. I say that as a person who typically snoozes at the thought of ghost stories, so for me to have enjoyed and withstood this is in itself an endorsement. This story is a Dracula-esque adventure of a young man venturing to Romania to discover his family's secrets, including the castle that once belonged to them. We have an atmosphe [...]

    18. This Dracula-esque Aycliffe is a little slow at first but there is an sinister foreboding build-up of tension as it moves along. Our hero, an Englishman discovering his mysterious Romanian heritage, claims his inheritance namely a snowbound isolated castle in the Carpathians where horrors await him. I liked it but for me, the narrative technique ie. using diaries, letters, newspaper cuttings etc made it seem a little disjointed.

    19. Atmospheric and well written as usual. Interesting the way the book is written, but sometimes and even being so short it can be sort of woolly. A little bit predictable in the end, but worthy anyway. I would recommend this book if you like the author, as I do, if that is not the case or you are not familiar with the author, I would recommend other of his books. Good book with the usual fine touch.

    20. Another quick read from Mr Aycliffe. The epistolary nature ( a mix of diaries, letters and reports) was a bit off-putting at first - I think it was supposed to mirror Dracula - but I eventually got into the rhythm. If you can make it through the first 80 pages or so, the pace picks up.

    21. I'm trying to write an epistolary novel, so I'm going through a spate of epistolary novel-reading. this is one of the better ones. the characters are well-developed and the story is genuinely creepy. the end was disappointing; but they so often are.

    22. Atmospheric build of horror not graphicly frightening rather a more gothic tale told in letters,correspondence and transcripts, found this totally gripping and genuinely creepy even if I had guessed the undertone early on a deliciously scary tale .

    23. Imagine reading a book styled after Dracula, except nothing really happens for most of the book and then it is settled up rather stupidly in 20 pages. There you go, you have The Lost.

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