Mystic Ink

Mystic Ink Welcome to Mystic Connecticut where a Satyr owns the local pawn shop a Minotaur serves the tastiest pizza in town and the nearest gate to the Underworld resides in the alley outside a tattoo parlo

  • Title: Mystic Ink
  • Author: Casey Wyatt
  • ISBN: 9781619351455
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Welcome to Mystic, Connecticut, where a Satyr owns the local pawn shop, a Minotaur serves the tastiest pizza in town, and the nearest gate to the Underworld resides in the alley outside a tattoo parlor.Nix Sea Nymph, talented artist and proprietor of Mystic Ink just wants to run her tattoo shop in peace and quiet Peace and quiet, however, are the least of her problems MoWelcome to Mystic, Connecticut, where a Satyr owns the local pawn shop, a Minotaur serves the tastiest pizza in town, and the nearest gate to the Underworld resides in the alley outside a tattoo parlor.Nix Sea Nymph, talented artist and proprietor of Mystic Ink just wants to run her tattoo shop in peace and quiet Peace and quiet, however, are the least of her problems Mortal corpses keep springing up in her alley like daisies Hades is angry that the mortals souls are missing And to top it all off, the human authorities suspect Nix of foul play Before long, the supernatural police force takes an interest They dispatch Agent Calder Quinne to investigate His assignment is simple determine Nix s guilt or innocence by observing her daily routine Instead, he s faced with an uncooperative Nymph who resents his presence and evades him at every opportunity Nix finds Cal far too attractive and a challenge to her self imposed ban on relationships She wants him out of her life as soon as possible When Cal s soul is stolen next and Nix wakes up missing memories of the evening s events, even she starts to wonder if she s guilty Now, she has only two weeks to locate Cal s missing soul, or he ll be doomed to spend eternity as a Shade.

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      156 Casey Wyatt
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    One thought on “Mystic Ink”

    1. **Warning, slightly spoilerish**Meh, it was alright. The writing was perfectly readable and it was well edited. I have no complaints on that front. But the story had a number of elements that I just plain dislike. For one, though Nix was the main character and the events centred around her, it wasn't her who saved the day. Nope, Gods forbid the woman be in on the important action. Instead she ran around from the start of the book until the end, encountering and being attacked by one mythological [...]

    2. Review of Mystic Ink by Casey WyattI must admit that I was put off by the blurb for this book. For some reason I wasn't in the mood to read about gods, goddesses, sea nymphs and satyrs. This book takes mythological creatures and plops them into a contemporary setting--a tattoo parlor in Mystic, Connecticut. I've read various books with this paranormal premise, including Sherrilyn Kenyon's series, which I loved before it became repetitive.But I must say, right from the start, Wyatt hooked me with [...]

    3. Amazingly, this was a surprising read. I honestly did not expect to enjoy this story as much as I did. The mythos Casey Wyatt creates is fun and the plot takes the reader on superb adventure right away. The hero and heroine, Calder and Nix (Eudora), are dynamic couple who love each other deeply. Niether one of them fits the mold they are born into under Greek Myth. Because of their originality in character, the reader is able to identify with them. The secondary characters are well written, too, [...]

    4. Mystic, Connecticut has always had a special place spot in my heart. I learned scuba diving from a Navy instructor who delighted in tying up my hoses and turning off my regulator. My test dive (which I passed) took place in the cold, murky waters of Mystic Seaport. So, imagine my delight to find a book that takes place in this historic seafaring town, one now populated by a veritable pantheon of giants, gods, demi-gods, Furies and Fates. The stars of this cast of characters are Nix, a water nymp [...]

    5. I was hooked from the very beginning with the constant adventure and intrigue (it took me most of the book to figure everything out which I found made the book even more interesting). Readers will experience solving the mysteries surrounding Nix and Cal, the two main characters, right alongside them.Full review at:guiltyindulgencebookclubs

    6. I absolutely loved this book, Paranormal Romance without a vampire in sight! Nix is strong, sassy and a sea Nymph. Tattoos, parrots and a smoking hot supernatural agent all in Mystic, Connecticut. Where else would a sea Nymph live? Cold corpses + hot sex + warm sand = awesome reading! Can't wait for Casey Wyatt's next book.

    7. Wyatt’s writing is sharp – her book extremely well-written – with good pacing and constant action. My full review is posted at: guiltyindulgencebookclubs

    8. Great action, this story grabbed me from the beginning. I can't wait to read more from this debut author. I love when a story leaves me wanting more and this one did.

    9. I loved this book. It's nice taking a break from vamps and were's and still enjoying a paranormal romance. Nicely done, Casey.

    10. The synopsis of this book was enough to make me curious about it to get it. However, after reading it I don't think I agree with it considering Calder was not there to investigate the dead mortals appearing outside of her shop let alone the souls not getting to the Underworld. Though I might have missed that as an excuse but I don't think so.At any rate, I found this to be a unique look as to how one might look at the Gods and the mythological creatures interacting with the human world. The myst [...]

    11. Brilliant book!Loved Nix as the ballsy heroine. A Nereid or sea Nymph that's not as vacuous as her sister. When she wears the Destroyer Mantle she takes on tasks, afterwards she has her memories wiped so she doesn't remember the terrible things she's done as the Destroyer.Calder/Cal the man who she can't remember to love, but she's getting there. He remembers it all and tries to wait for her to fall back in love with himGods, Goddesses, Harpies, Fates, Basil the mouthy bird, Satyrs and many more [...]

    12. this one was super interesting I really liked the characters and the plot of the story but I felt like the events in between needed a bit of work there were things that happened in the story that were completely pointless and didn't contribute to the overall progression. in fact the characters even say so in the story so ur sitting there thinking so why did we waste time with this? but it was still really interesting and intriguing.i would still recommend it because it's very good at keeping ur [...]

    13. I liked it, I did. But it almost felt like there was too much to keep track of. The author kept throwing in more mythical creatures, more gods and goddesses, more of everything. Even aliens! I knew who the villain was right away, though not their motivation or anything. So for most of the book I was thinking "Come ooon, get to the Epic Battle already!"

    14. Fantastic story with plenty of actionI never got bored while reading. Even when things were slow to build up anticipation, other things were going on to keep you glued. Cal was a hunk with a heart. Nix was spunky, yet still female. They knew their strengths and weaknesses and used them where they could.

    15. Mystic InkWhat a great story this was! I have enjoyed every word and especially the characters which were well written. I would love to go to Nix's shop for a tattoo. This is a fun books to read and the second one looks awesome.

    16. Very intriguing story.I really liked the way this story flows. The characters are fun and in depth. The TWISTS and turns left me wondering which way was up. But the story ended on a great note. Thank you for sharing this story.

    17. A great read.Good adventure. Good writing. Good story. A little bit of love, a lot of page turning adventures. I will read the rest of the adventure soon.

    18. I am not quite sure how this book came to my attention; it must have been if you liked this book then you may like this book recommendation on or amazon. I am so glad I took the recommendation; this was such a great book! This book was like the Percy Jackson series only for adults. There are all types of Gods and Goddesses, mythical creatures of all types and quests. It was fast paced and interesting, with curve balls thrown in to keep you guessing. The romance factor was high, but the actual s [...]

    19. I liked this one! It was funky and fun with interesting worldbuilding (ancient gods are a favorite of mine!) and characters that you could get behind. The rules that the Gods, heroes, and miscellaneous demi-gods had to abide by made sense (although there were times that the restrictions those rules laid on what could and could not be done to help Nix and Cal out were aggravating) and the monsters that kept coming out of the woodwork kept everyone on their toes.Nix and Cal were sad, in a lot of w [...]

    20. I found this book to be very intriguing and a nice change of pace. The story is very faced paced and starts off with a bang. Nix thought she was on "vacation" from her job as a destroyer and was going to enjoy some down time running her uncle's tattoo shop. Not a chance! Now, not only does Nix have dead bodies showing up in the alley next to her tattoo shop, but her uncle is missing, her protector Cal has had his soul stolen and apparently she has to find the time to stop a plan that could mean [...]

    21. Nix inherited a tattoo parlor named Mystic Ink from her uncle. Nix is a Neriad, a water nymph and gatekeeper to the afterlife. Dead people keep showing up in her alley that leads to the gate. This is not normal and the human police are getting suspicious. Nix is also a Destroyer. When a Destroyer accepts a mission they wear a mantle and when the mission ends so do their memories of those missions. Calder Quinn comes to observe Nix. Destroyers have been known to go mad after too many memory wipes [...]

    22. This was another "Greek Mythology with a twist" story in the paranormal genre, but it's twist was interesting and different enough to be a truly enjoyable read. I liked the strong heroine coming into her own and staying true to her desire to stand on her own without help from her godly father. The story also had a mystery aspect going for it as well, and though I was able to figure out who the "baddie" was, I was still surprised at some of the events of the final showdown. This book had a set up [...]

    23. I really enjoyed Casey's Wyatt's MYSTIC INK. Her characters are not the standard paranormal romance fare (witches, vampires, werewolves), which is fresh and appealing to me. Her heroine, Nix, is funny, brash, and strong, and I loved spending time in her world. The tension between Nix and her love interest, Cal, is palpable from the beginning, and it increases deliciously as the story goes along. The plot is fast-paced and fun, with lots of interesting characters, plot twists, and witty dialogue. [...]

    24. I won this book from a giveaway. This book was pretty great! An quick, fun read that was really well written. I enjoyed the premise of the story with the ancient gods existing in modern times. The main characters, Nix and Cal, were a great couple. The author had their personalities and voices well pegged, which allowed their relationship to feel genuine. The romance in this book was not cheesy and thats usually a deal buster for me with books in this genre. The only thing I would say against th [...]

    25. I was deeply impressed with the way this book cultivated the Greek lore into 21st century storytelling. The emotion of the characters also added more dimension to the story. I liked to say that in every family there is dysfunction but in these characters it's just chaos. The story draws you in by nix showing you her story. Being a god killer and living her life with amnesia really makes you empathize with her. She falls in love but has no memory of it. This whole thing just grabs you and never l [...]

    26. Casey Wyatt is moving onto my short list of favorite authors!! I thoroughly enjoyed her re-mastering the Greek pantheon. The story moved smoothly from scene to scene and never felt rushed. Each plot point was introduced in a convincing manner. The characters were fairly well developed throughout the story but I would have like a little more insight into Nix's psyche concerning her past. I am really looking forward to more books set in Mystic because I want to know more about Uncle Memphis and Ma [...]

    27. This is a face paced story. The world is interesting with all of the different gods/demi-gods/elfs/and other mythical creatures. I did like the authors voice and read the who book in one night, however at the end of the book I felt unsatisfied. There seemed a lot of questions or areas that were left unexplained. As much as was made of Cal and Nix's past, there really is no clear picture of what that was. And as much build up as there was for the final fight and quest for Cal's soul, the resoluti [...]

    28. Oh well it was okay. Readable, sometimes even fun, but too many cliches, some of the characters a bit flat. But a good story line, interesting twists. I'm on the fence on whether I want to read the next book. I might, I suppose. Strictly light fun though. Can't comment on quality of sex scenes as I skipped them, but there weren't too man.

    29. Good start to the seriesSlow start of the action, but just wait. ThisThe author spun a good take about God's, duty, loss, and love. I enjoyed the plotline and the main characters. Will enjoy reading the secondary characters books also.

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