The Temptation of Blood

The Temptation of Blood Originally released in as This Is My Blood

  • Title: The Temptation of Blood
  • Author: David Niall Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781930997707
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • Originally released in 1999 as This Is My Blood.

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      458 David Niall Wilson
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    One thought on “The Temptation of Blood”

    1. This is My Blood is a sneaky, beautifully written Christian horror tale of supernatural damnation and love. In this hard-to-put-down book a vampire turned by Lucifer himself to punish humanity becomes enamored with the mythos of The Christ and finds the love and power radiating from the man himself to be more than she expected. Taking on the role of Mary Magdalene she finds herself drawn to him, despite Lucifer's promise that she's bound to damn him. Wilson's tale is enchanting, deeply religiou [...]

    2. ""Those who hunger remain"For much of my youth I was a devout Christian, and while my beliefs have changed, much of that stays with me in one form or another. Also, when all my friends were reading science fiction and fantasy, I was reading horror. It's not the only thing I read, but it's still very much My Genre. Not surprisingly, I have quite a weak spot for religious horror, and had been looking forward to reading David Niall Wilson's novel of a vampiric Mary Magdalene, The Temptation of Bloo [...]

    3. David Niall Wilson creates a new gospel (The Book of Judas), turns one of the pivotal characters in the Bible into a vampire, and puts an entirely new spin on the life of Christ, all with a stylistic flair that leads one to believe that maybe the author knows something we don't, but that we should. With vampire tales being a dime a dozen, and few of them worth the dime, THIS IS MY BLOOD stands out as one of the most thoughtful and creative takes on the legend one might hope to find. I suspect th [...]

    4. Many years ago, Howard Jacobson wrote a brave retelling of Genesis called "The Very Model of a Man". This book is in the same spirit, if leaning a little more towards the paranormal. This is unique and compelling reinterpretation of the story of Christ takes place through the eyes of Mary Magdalen, who is decidedly not what she seems.It helps if you're fairly well versed in the New Testament - especially the Gospels - because it's only then you truly appreciate how clever the author has been wit [...]

    5. I was privileged to read the short story, then a proof copy of the book David wrote. I sat in the writers' group of which David was a member, and listened as he refined, and redrew, and honed his skill. It's eerie to read a book, having watched the idea as the writer 'grew' it. And it still raises the hair on my neck.

    6. This was a pretty good read of an alternative telling of the time Christ walked the earth. In this case Mary Magdalen is a fallen angel made into a vampire by Lucifer. And the story is told through her perspective, and she comes to love Jesus even though she is damned. This was an interesting supernatural take, and I thought if was done well.

    7. What an amazing book. It tells the last days of Christ on earth from the viewpoint of Mary Magdalene who ist human (no spoiler here). There is a central premise which is both brilliant and executed amazingly well. The insights into the character of Jesus and his apostles is extremely well written.Highly recommended.

    8. This was the first book I read by Mr. Wilson and I've been hooked from that day. He is a master with plotting, pacing and believable characters.

    9. I enjoyed reading this a lot, what we have here is a different and interesting take on the gospel, a secret history of Judas and Mary Magdelene. It's told through two mediums, the first is the Gospel of Judas which offers an alternative viewpoint to the more traditional gospels. The other viewpoint is that of Mary Magdelene, she joins the story as one of the fallen, a minion of Lucifer's tasked with tempting Jesus.When the temptation fails she is cursed to exist as a vampire, but Jesus promises [...]

    10. The book held promise. I enjoy spiritual books, books with a focus on some of the Bible's more minor players, and the urban fantasy/horror as well. The book should have been a decent distractive romp - not something to go for a different view of the Bible to affect my spiritual life but a fun "What would Jesus do" that never really will come into play. Besides, I got it for a steal and I had a buck to burn. While the book is obviously nothing that would fall into the orthodox camp it is an artfu [...]

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