Ishmael The Enterprise is on a peaceful mission at Starbase and Spock is visiting aboard a Klingon vessel when a mysterious phenomenon causes the Klingon ship to vanish Spock s last message from the ship

  • Title: Ishmael
  • Author: Barbara Hambly
  • ISBN: 9780671743550
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Enterprise is on a peaceful mission at Starbase 12, and Spock is visiting aboard a Klingon vessel, when a mysterious phenomenon causes the Klingon ship to vanish Spock s last message from the ship is cryptic, but frightening It suggests that the Klingons are traveling into the past, hoping to kill one man who was decisive in the course of history, and thereby changeThe Enterprise is on a peaceful mission at Starbase 12, and Spock is visiting aboard a Klingon vessel, when a mysterious phenomenon causes the Klingon ship to vanish Spock s last message from the ship is cryptic, but frightening It suggests that the Klingons are traveling into the past, hoping to kill one man who was decisive in the course of history, and thereby change it, destroying the Federation before it was born.

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    1. I still re-read this book occasionally. It remains a sentimental favorite. I grew up watching 60s westerns in re-runs in the 70s. In this book, Barbara Hambly did a wonderful job of tying together ST:TOS and "Here Comes the Brides". Spock plays chess with Paladin from the TV series Have Gun Will Travel. Doctor Who is referenced four times. Little Joe and his brother "Hoss" Cartwright from Bonanza show up. One of the Maverick brothers is there. Matt Dillon (Gunsmoke), Lucas McCain (The Rifleman), [...]

    2. One of my favorite ST novels, it was also my introduction to Barbara Hambly, who is a marvelous writer with absolutely lyrical turns of phrase. Not to mention very amusing.Ishmael waited politely for a continuation of the sentence. When none seemed forthcoming, he said, "'Dammit, Ishmael' does not seem to be an argument remarkable for its cogency, Aaron."and". . . Well, there might be talk.""And talk, I suppose, is more to be dreaded than pneumonia?""Oh, yes! You can always get over pneumonia."T [...]

    3. When I was 16, I discovered Star Trek, and wanting more than the 79 episodes I sought out the novels - soon discovering that quality varied wildly, from dead-on characterizations and very good writing to really bad generic sci fi novels couched in ST to make an extra buck. One of the good ones, one of the really, really good ones was by Barbara Hambly - talk about your excellent fanfic! Ishmael is, though I had no idea when I first read it or for a long time after, a crossover story, in which Sp [...]

    4. One of my favorite Star Trek novels; which, as it happens, features the cast of the contemporaneous TV series, "Here Come the Brides." The story switches scenes back and forth between the final frontier in the 23rd Century and America’s western frontier in the 19th century.At a space station near Klingon space, Kirk and McCoy try to decipher a cryptic message from Spock who has been apprehended aboard a Klingon ship which has departed into Earth's past to sabotage the Federation before it is e [...]

    5. Don't stop reading, but the best description of this novel for those of us old enough to remember Star Trek the original series first run, is Mr. Spock meets 'Here Come the Brides.' As I read this novel twenty-five years ago (this review is being written in March 2011), I remember figuring this out and thinking that the author couldn't pull it off. What an absurd idea. I also remember finishing the novel and thinking, "By George, she did it!" It is a wonderful extravaganga through television mem [...]

    6. One of my favorite Star Trek book. I am glad I reread it It's one of those timewarp books where Spock goes back to the wild wild West where he meets his great great great times forever grand father. He has lost his memory and doesn't know why he is on earth but he somehow blends in and becomes one of the community. I love the way how the stranger in the strange land story develops and we get to see Spock without the strict "I am a Vulcan therefore I must be logical" face. I also reread the "stra [...]

    7. I know I'm prejudiced on many levels, but I think this is the best Star Trek novel ever written. My copy is battered--and I'm one of the most anal folks ever about keeping books pristine--because I've read it so many times. After the recent movie, when I felt the need for Trek-fic, this is the book I came to. It's Star Trek meets Here Come the Brides, with amazingly awesome results. There's so much right about this book that I don't know what else to say except go read it!

    8. Way back before all the other ST series had their run & introduced us to continuing episodes & large story arcs there was only Star Trek & it's trademark adventures of the week. Don't get me wrong I love ST lit trilogies, & large story arc installments but I also love the stand alone adventures too, & this novel here is a fine example of the stand alone adventure. It started a little slow for me but after the fist couple chapters it got good, really good. It's a Spock centere [...]

    9. I hadn't re-read this for a while and was happy to find that I still really liked it. The Star Trek novels are very mixed quality, but Barbara Hambly is a great author and I can hear the actors' voices in the characters (which isn't always the case with these novels).My favorite line is (view spoiler)[ "What are Klingons doing at Candy's wedding dance?" to indicate that Spock's memory is coming back.(hide spoiler)]I never saw Here Come the Brides, but would be curious to watch that show based on [...]

    10. This is the very first Star Trek book I ever read. Someone told me about it after they found out I had been a huge fan of Bobby Sherman & the TV show Here Come the Brides when I was a kid. This was so much fun! An amnesiac Spock in Old West Seattle dealing with the likes of Aaron Stempel (played by the late Mark Lenard, who also played Spock's father, Sarek) and Jason Bolt. Have gone back and reread this book a couple of times in recent years, just for the grins it gives me!

    11. Star Trek Discovery has me excited about Trek in a way that I haven't been in ages. AGES, I tell you. It feels amazing. And is inspiring a swing through my most favorite Trek novels. I started with the Sarek chapter of Spock's World (and assorted other bits - it's still an easy one to dip into). And now I've flown through this one in the last two days.Ishmael was my first Trek novel and I adore it as much as ever. The first time I snuck it off my mom's bookshelf I had no idea that the TV show He [...]

    12. This is a really fun book combining two 1960s TV shows - Star Trek and Here Come the Brides. It starts with the Enterprise at a Starbase when Spock becomes suspicious of some Klingon activity. He has snuck aboard their ship to investigate when the ship leaves and then vanishes, right after the Enterprise receives a puzzling transmission from him. The next time we see Spock he is in 1867 Seattle badly injured, with no memory and no idea how he got there. Spock is rescued and nursed back to health [...]

    13. Packing up and sorting out trunks of books I came across my collection of Star Trek - the original Star Trek - novels. It's nice to read 'old friends' and some of the fiction written in the Star trek series was outstanding in the best traditions of SF. Authors like Diane Duane, AC Crispin, and Vonda McIntyre lent their talents to creating some really good reads.Ishmael is a favourite. It's a nice conceit to think that Star Fleet and the confederation are the result of damaged time line and it's [...]

    14. I love this novel, I've read it over and over and my paperback is rather worse for wear:) Ishmael is a fairly simply story at it's core, a man out of place who finds a purpose, friends and family in a community so different to what he was raised to understand as normal. In terms of Star Trek it's a story of Spock who is captured on board a Klingon freighter which is showing some strange energy readings, it vanishes as Kirk and the Enterprise look on helpless to do anything. Spock awakes in a cot [...]

    15. A sentimental favorite. When I was in college, there was this girl who was at least as big a Star Trek fan as I was, and our mutual friends (including our respective significant others) kept pushing us at each other. One of us had just finished reading this book (I don't remember who, but I think it was me), and loaned it to the other. The inevitable discussion of the book, and of Star Trek in general followed. Long story short, we were married about a year and a half later, and will celebrate o [...]

    16. It sounds like a soap-opera plot combined with fan-fiction: Spock loses his memory, and winds up in frontier-era earth, caught up in a scheme to find marriageable lads for a group of hopeful brides. Silly, but all around fun. Apparently the story jumps back and forth from the past to the rescue mission in the future, but I have next to no memory of anything about Kirk and the rest of the crew in this story; all the interesting parts revolve around Spock. The amnesia means he fits in much more co [...]

    17. I loved this book. But then again, I like time-travel and Star Trek, and this book has both.In this book Spock winds up back in Seattle, Washington in 1867. While there he interacts with the various characters from the old tv show Here Come the Brides. (/title/tt0062569/? and check out the stars) This TV show was actually based on a historical event in Seattle's history. The characters in the show did not exist, but the EVENT did. In addition to this show, Hambly also pays tribute to Have Gun, W [...]

    18. I loved this book, from the Doctor Who references to Spock becoming more human than he would've ever let himself. This book got me laughing and smiling so much, perhaps one of the top books to do so.

    19. Hands down my favorite ST:TOS novel. I still re-read this every few years. You wouldn't think Star Trek could meet Here Comes the Brides successfully, but this ties the two together well. Such a treat for those of us raised on TV westerns AND Star Trek!

    20. One of my all time favorite S.T. paperbacksLove the crossover between Trek and Here Come's the Brides. It's so clever, and she obvioulsy know all these series intimately. :)

    21. I admit to a sneaking enjoyment of the Original Series paperbacks, and this one is my favourite. There are some lovely descriptive passages.

    22. This is one of my favourite novels, and I genuinely believe that it deserves to be on a reading list for GCSE English Literature. I've lost count of how many times I've read it: I borrowed it from the school library, then bought my own paperback copy, then bought it again as an ebook when I downsized my bookshelves.As other people have commented, this is essentially a crossover between "Star Trek" and "Here Come the Brides". However, that's not mentioned anywhere in the book, e.g. in an introduc [...]

    23. I don't really expect much from Star Trek novels other than that they would make a middling to great movie or TV episode of movie. And you know what.Ishmael fails. The inane (and often nonsensical) crossovers are distracting. The writing itself is just above fanzine quality. For these reasons alone it is one of the two problem books of the early Pocket Books era. Really, Star Trek and Here Comes The Brides both had Mark Lenard so they must be the same universe. Throwing in Star Wars, the origina [...]

    24. I love any story that involves mostly Spock and that it what most of this story is about. Spock is transport back to Earth in the year 1867. He doesn't mean to go back in time he is on a Klingon transport when it makes the jump back in time. The Klingons find him and torture him before he is able to escape. He lands just outside of Seattle, Washington in very bad physical shape and his memory is gone. Meanwhile Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise must decipher the message that Spock sent just be [...]

    25. Well good thing I did not judge a book by its cover and not read it as I did not have high expectations of this book. So for me I was pleasantly surprised. By the cover I expected a silly story about Spock helping some people gamble on some backward old-timey planet. Instead I got a very creative time travel story and a very Star Trek story which I was not expecting. After reading Shadow Lord which was pretty much Star Trek in title and had a splash of Star Trek characters I expected the same fr [...]

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