The Autumn Castle

The Autumn Castle Christine Starlight lives with her lover Jude in a hip artist colony in modern day Berlin Haunted by a troubled past she is shocked when her missing childhood friend May suddenly reappears Abduct

  • Title: The Autumn Castle
  • Author: Kim Wilkins Richard Aspel
  • ISBN: 9781740936538
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Christine Starlight lives with her lover, Jude, in a hip artist colony in modern day Berlin Haunted by a troubled past, she is shocked when her missing childhood friend, May, suddenly reappears Abducted as a young girl, May now returns over a magical, mythical kingdom where a witch lives in a well, a shape shifting wolf is her trusted counselor, and fate hangs on the falChristine Starlight lives with her lover, Jude, in a hip artist colony in modern day Berlin Haunted by a troubled past, she is shocked when her missing childhood friend, May, suddenly reappears Abducted as a young girl, May now returns over a magical, mythical kingdom where a witch lives in a well, a shape shifting wolf is her trusted counselor, and fate hangs on the fall of an autumn leaf But as Christine becomes enad of this beautiful undying land, May falls dangerously in love with Jude And as their mortal and immortal worlds collide, the women attract a danger born of both realms a ruthless killer who knows that Christine can enter another dimension, a place where innocents are ripe for the taking

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    1. Review from my blog: rosesandvellum/Kim Wilkins makes me proud to be an Australian. Why? Because she is the author of the most amazing dark, twisted adult fairytale I have ever read. Taking all the elements that make us love fairytales, the darkness, the death, wicked witches, fairies, forbidden love, Kim Wilkins weaves a magical tale set in modern day Berlin. Christine, an ordinary girl with whom the reader can relate, is staying in Berlin with her boyfriend, Jude. Jude is a painter spending a [...]

    2. Fucking LOVE this book: I became obsessed with it in highschool and re-read it almost 10 years later and it holds up. Kim does such a beautiful job of balancing two narratives simultaneously, despite them being very different (one the rich, modern world - the other a fairytale fantasy world). I love the horrific nature of the villain and how wonderfully that's juxtaposed with the love story, which feels genuinely passionate and romantic. Also the ending is so satisfying, tying up everything with [...]

    3. This was an intriguing mix of fantasy, relationship drama with a little horror thrown in though it wasn't nearly as disgusting as I was expecting. Christine, the main character, has a run in with the faery realm when she meets up with an old long-lost friend. She was too naive and doormat-like for me and the rest of the characters were all unlikable to me for various reasons but despite all that I still found it an interesting book. Mandy Z a madman hellbent on destroying all fairies in the most [...]

    4. This is a beautiful story. It's sad, exciting and has a very romantic, wistful atmosphere. It's a great read for people who love the Sevenwaters Books by Juliet Marillier or the Tamír Triad by Lynn Flewelling, for it's got that same easy style and magical feeling to it.

    5. I talked up The Veil of Gold so much when it came out that my children's librarian friend at work lent me her ARC of this earlier, UK-published book. I had a hard time getting in to it at first because I didn't care for faery May. I never found her as likable as the other characters; she was always too self-involved to be truly sympathetic. Then again, this isn't really a fault with the book, and I enjoyed the ending, where the happiness May imagined and schemed for doesn't quite live up to real [...]

    6. This has been on my TBR list for a long while but I finally grabbed it while redeeming some gift cards at Borders. I tore through this book in under two days; I could barely put it down. I have to say that this is the best urban fantasy I've read in a long time. It ranks right up there with War for the Oaks by Emma Bull. For starters, it takes place in Berlin, rather than the usual New York, London, or other big city in the English speaking (excepting Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, and Irelan [...]

    7. This review contains significant spoilers, which begin after the Plot heading.There’s a tension when reviewing authors who are alive and live relatively close to you. You’d like them to succeed. You’d like to give them a hand. You’d like, in short, to give them positive reviews. The problem, when you are reviewing, is that you’d like to be fair to your readers, and that means being publicly disappointed by the part of the book which did not work for you. In writing this review, I’m i [...]

    8. A slow starter but enjoyable tale. I am a big fan of the authors work and this book was a great addition to the European trilogy. Some of the events were predictable but they were still enjoyable and the pace in the last quarter of the book was thrilling. A little frustrating yes but still had me tearing through the book.This book is the most like a fairytale rebelling of the group (Giants of the frost, rosa and the golden bear) and I am enjoyed the setting of modern Berlin meets fairytale Germa [...]

    9. The Autumn Castle by Kim Wilkins is the first novel I've read by the author, though I did enjoy a novella collection of hers earlier in the year. I can also definitely state it won't be the last novel I read by the author. I should also note I read it as an audiobook borrowed from the library.The Autumn Castle is sort of a portal fantasy in that there is the real world (Berlin in the early 00s) and there is fairyland, but a larger part of the action takes place in the real world. It's also more [...]

    10. What a fantastic story!Christine lives with Jude in modern day Germany. Christine has lived a tragic life, losing her famous parents in a horrific car accident when she was younger, leaving her with a back injury that causes excruciating pain every moment of her life. One day she accidentally slams her injured back into the corner of the kitchen table causing so much pain that she is rendered unconscious. She wakes seconds later in a wondrous land where she feels no pain. Thinking that she is un [...]

    11. Review on my blog at smellycellyrikingly/bloFrom when it was given to me and for the next few days, this book was glued to my fingers and I couldn't put it down. I had at least 3 hours less sleep a night and I was happily lost in a world of fantasy, a world with faeries, witches and a shapeshifter, AND they visit our world. The story centers around Christine Starlight (sole survivor of her family's car accident) who is living in Berlin with her boyfriend. She discovers that her childhood friend [...]

    12. This is a really well written modern day faerie story. Set in Germany, Christine and her Boyfriend Jude who is on an art fellowship think they have a fairly normal happy life. Living in Germany many unhappy memories are reappearing for Christine who spent some of her childhood here until her friend was kidnapped.After an accident Christine ends up seeing her childhood friend but in a strange dreamlike place - faeryland. It turns out Little May wasn't exactly kidnapped but went to live in faeryla [...]

    13. For a book I read only once, I sure remember it.Except for the last chapter, which is kind of apart (and that I read from time to time)(view spoiler)[it's a fairytale. I am a sucker for fairytale (hide spoiler)]Mostly, I didn't like it. The story, magic and all could be interesting, I guess if of the characters were not so creepy ! I couldn't find one character I liked in the complete story. That left me feeling pretty weird and kind of sorry for it. I know I read another book from the same writ [...]

    14. Orphaned Christine returns to Berlin when her artist boyfriend Jude wins a fellowship offered by wealthy but repulsive sculptor Mandy Z. Christine lived in Berlin with her musician parents, years before they were killed by a hit-and-run driver who left Christine with injuries that cause her constant pain. Her best friend in Berlin, a little English girl named May, disappeared at age 8 and was never heard of again. Now that Christine is in Berlin again, the tragedies of her past seem to be reawak [...]

    15. This has to be one of my favourite books. I bought it for the terrible reason that I liked the cover and I am so glad that I did. It introduced me to a whole new genre of fiction. I could not stop reading this book it is addictive.

    16. Autumn Castle is one of the loveliest fantasy stories I've ever read. Although I've only recently immersed myself in fantasy, this book will stay with me for a long time and I'm glad to have it as part of my collection.

    17. 3.5 - Really enjoy this author and all things magical and fairy. I did get a little turned off by the characters selfishness and immaturity. By the end it was annoying! Overall enjoyed the book.

    18. This book is billed as a dark urban fantasy. It's probably closer to call it a dark, urban fairy tale. It has a quality to it that harkens back to the brother's Grimm, which is rather apropos, since it's set in Berlin.Wilkins also writes horror, which is evident in that the creepy parts of the book are quite creepy.The story focuses it's narration on four characters, whom are mirrors of each other in certain aspects: Christine Starlight, the daughter of two famous rock musicians who tragically d [...]

    19. After enjoying Kim Wilkins’ novel Veil of Gold last year, I decided to seek out her backlist. Similar to how Veil of Gold pulled from Russian folktales, The Autumn Castle delves into German folklore, with overtones of Grimm fairy tales. It is not a retelling of any particular Grimm fairy tale, but characters’ backstories contain familiar elements: a bargain too eagerly made and soon regretted, quests to undo curses, talking magical animals.Kim Wilkins apparently has a knack for creating char [...]

    20. I love fairy tales. What made the rating less for this story is that if I do a lot of skimming then 2 stars is definitely as much as I can rate. The characters and the plot were predictable to any well read reader. Basically, what kept me reading and skimming to the end was just a love of the notion of a fairy tale, and a modicum of caring for one of the characters, Christine.

    21. As a child, Christine's best friend was abducted; as an adolescent, Christine's parents were killed in a car crash that left Christine with chronic pain. Now, autumn in Berlin, living with her lover in an artist's hotel, Christine is confronted by the return of her childhood friend--who has spent the intervening years as a faery queen. The Autumn Castle is an urban fantasy-cum-portal fantasy with a gleeful sense of the grotesque, and could easily be too frivolous for my tastes--but to my surpris [...]

    22. This is old school urban fantasy, something Charles de Lint might have written if his faeries were Germanic rather than Celtic/Native American. It is also alternately brutal and lovely. Christine Starlight is living in Berlin with her artist boyfriend Jude, when she encounters a childhood friend who had mysteriously disappeared. It turns out little May---now known as Mayfridh---actually vanished into a fairyland, Ewigkreis, where she is now queen. Christine, sole survivor of a car accident that [...]

    23. This dark urban fantasy novel was all right given I am not a huge fan of urban fantasy. It deals with a changeling child who has become the Queen of the Faeries and the complicated course of events that occurs when she makes contact with an old friend from the Real World.For starters I guessed what the basic shape of the ending was going to be at least 200 pages before it actually happened. This was tiresome to say the least. Even more tiresome at times were the main characters. Most of them wer [...]

    24. I absolutely loved Wilkins' VEIL OF GOLD. So much that I backordered a few of her older titles, and I'm just now getting to try this one, THE AUTUMN CASTLE. And boy, is it utterly different. There's always a chance that my tastes have changed, but I can't believe this book was written by the same author as VEIL OF GOLD, a book I've enthusiastically recommended to others. The writing is mostly bland and generic, with very little spark and life to it. The plot itself might've interested me ten yea [...]

    25. This book is amazing. It is a dark urban fantasy that draws deeply upon faerie lore but isn't afraid to create its own rules when necessary. When I say dark, I do mean dark. As in some of the de-"boning" scenes have inspired nightmares. This book is a great stand-alone, powerful example of what the genre should be. It's disturbing and fascinating, full of magic and at the same time relying on the everyday and mundane world of Berlin to balance the faerie realm. The characters are all realistical [...]

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