Flute of the Wind Queen

Flute of the Wind Queen Leander is an energetic young man who wants to become a treasure hunter When his dad is deployed he sees it as an opportunity to go on his first adventure which unfortunately leads him straight into e

  • Title: Flute of the Wind Queen
  • Author: Eisah Laurie Laliberte Silvia Texido Viyuela Tim Grundmann
  • ISBN: 9780985741709
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • Leander is an energetic young man who wants to become a treasure hunter When his dad is deployed he sees it as an opportunity to go on his first adventure which unfortunately leads him straight into enemy territory All ambition and no skill or experience, he stumbles his way around enemy camps to find the famous relic the Wind Queen left behind.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ↠ Flute of the Wind Queen : by Eisah Laurie Laliberte Silvia Texido Viyuela Tim Grundmann ✓
      454 Eisah Laurie Laliberte Silvia Texido Viyuela Tim Grundmann
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ↠ Flute of the Wind Queen : by Eisah Laurie Laliberte Silvia Texido Viyuela Tim Grundmann ✓
      Posted by:Eisah Laurie Laliberte Silvia Texido Viyuela Tim Grundmann
      Published :2018-09-16T15:59:30+00:00

    One thought on “Flute of the Wind Queen”

    1. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book when I first started to read it. I fully admit that I’m somewhat biased against books with Manga-styled covers. Don’t get me wrong. I like Manga. But I don’t feel Manga-styled stories translate well to literature, primarily because much of its appeal lies in the artwork, as well as the unrealistic action that often takes place within its framework. Thankfully, this book isn’t a Manga-styled book, but rather, a well-told piece of fantasy ficti [...]

    2. Fun and easy to read.Flute of the Wind Queen is the debut story of Leander, a teen-aged Naggian whose greatest dream is to follow in the footsteps of his hero, Tevias, and become a reknowned treasure hunter. The story opens with Leander sneaking (not so stealthily) into a theatre basement hoping to find the lost Flute of the Wind Queen, a treasured relic of his country which disappeared when a neighboring country invaded. But his inexperience and a crashing fall from rotting scafolding quickly a [...]

    3. I signed up to read and review this book by mistake. Goes to show that not all mistakes are bad. It’s a top notch YA novel; an easy read, witty, and with good characters. The moral aspects of the story are delivered well too.Leander is an excellent hero. His motivations are simple and endearing, as he aspires to be a treasure hunter like his hero Tevias – starting with the flute of the Wind Queen, lost in an act of war. He is a young man trying to find his place in the world and make his mar [...]

    4. Flute of the Wind Queen by Eisah is a middle grades YA science fiction fantasy story about a young man named Leander and his adventures recovering a stolen royal flute from a foreign land.During his break-in at a local theatre to find information about the legendary instrument of the Wind Queen, seventeen-year-old Leander teams up with the pragmatic Ellora. The flute disappeared several years ago during their town’s invasion by the Geuranians. Convinced that the Geuranians took the flute as pi [...]

    5. Book ReviewThe Flute of the Wind Queen is the first book in the Outlander Leander series. Despite my reservations over reading a novel which had manga style illustrations, this novel turned out to be very interesting. The characters were well developed, multidimensional and realistic. Leander, the main character, for instance was a normal boy who was rash and reckless and yet a brave risk taker. He had elements of the hero and the bumbling normal teenager, making him endearing. This allows the r [...]

    6. A boy seeking adventure and notoriety travels into enemy territory seeking a famous artifact. While dodging detection and trying to find his way home, he learns that there are more to his "enemies" than he previously assumed. This book had fantastic moments. I especially liked some of the dialogue between Deckard and Leander. Witty moments, fun overall feel. I loved the twist at the end. I just wanted More. More characterization, more world building, a more three-dimensional experience (and more [...]

    7. Fun, well-plotted adventure story that moves fast and has some interesting twists and turns. Reading it felt a little like playing a video game: I was a human-like creature with funny ears, plunged into an alternate reality, overcoming obstacles and facing danger, in pursuit of a bizarre quest. Books can start anywhere, and this one starts in the middle, with a back story that is gradually filled in later.The hero is impulsive, resourceful, and sweet-naturedry easy to root forbut the motivation [...]

    8. I liked this story. It's a fast-paced novel geared to a young adult reader of 15-18, told by the 17-year-old Leander as he starts off on his adventure to find the flute of the Wind Queen. Slowly, thorugh his eyes, his home town of Nagdecht unfolds and we find out why he would even take on such a risky task.I like the way the scene descriptions accent the action and there is always something going on. He meets up with Ellora and they take off together, both having the same goal. But can he trust [...]

    9. Flute of the Wind Queen is a fantasy adventure for young readers. It was entertaining and well written. The book includes several nice illustrations. Our hero is Leander, a seventeen-year-old boy, living on his own while his father is off at war. Told in the first person, Leander often views life with a mild sense of humor. His floppy, expressive ears were funny and his loving relationship with his father was sweet. The story starts with a bang as Leander, who admires the heroic treasure hunter [...]

    10. I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest, non-reciprocal review. Flute of the Wind Queen is the first in what promises to be a series of books about Leander, an adventurous teen in the land of Nagdecht, who dreams of being a treasure hunter. He embarks on his first quest in this book, as he searches for a Flute that is a priceless artifact for his country. Unfortunately, he learns that the Flute was stolen during an attack by the country of Geuran, which is seen as a violent e [...]

    11. In Flute of the Wind Queen Eisah's protagonist is Leander, a member of the Naggian race whose longing for adventure sends him on a journey to find the Queen's stolen instrument. Along the way, he meets Ellora and later pairs with Deckard, whose Geuranian bloodline should make him an enemy but he turns out to be a friend. The dialogue is fun, the action non-stop and the pacing is swift in this short and mostly satisfying story. Lingering questions remain at the story's end; however, they may be a [...]

    12. Confused and Unresolved PlotTitle: Flute of the Wind QueenAuthor: EisahGenre: Young Adult Science FictionLength: 30,000 words (estimated)Reviewer: Pearson MooreRating: 2 starsFlute of the Wind Queen is the tale of young Leander's quest to retrieve a priceless relic from his people's ancient past, the Flute of the Wind Queen. At great personal risk, Leander crosses enemy lines, finds the flute, and smuggles it back to Nagdecht. He gives the flute to his friend Ellora, and she in turn sells it to [...]

    13. This is a book I received for free through Free Reads.Okay, so I finally got around to reading this book. Truthfully, I wasn’t looking forward to it when I first got it. Mostly, because I was under the impression that it was a graphic novel (which it isn’t). There are a few black and white pictures here and there, but overall this is a novel with mostly words. Now it’s not like I don’t read novels, but since I initially thought it was a graphic novel I was a bit disappointed. The few pi [...]

    14. Eisah's tone is fairly light, with just enough humor to the banter to pull the reader along. There were only a few sentences that slowed me down-it was very beautifully edited and presented. Even though I had a few misgivings with the presentation of the characters' motivations and actions, it was definitely a fun read.The characters' motivations for the initial plot were barely fleshed out, and did not feel fully realized. I never really understood why Leander trusted Ellora, why Ellora was hel [...]

    15. Leander is a 17 year old teenager from Nagdecht looking for some recognition and respect like his treasure hunting hero Tevias. He lives on an unknown planet, possibly Earth in the year 3397. His father has been deployed to war and he decides this is his opportunity to discover the missing flute of the Naggian Wind Queen. He believes this will bring him the same honor and respect that Tevias holds. With the surprise help from a fellow Naggian woman he realizes the flute is in Geuran, which is al [...]

    16. This book flows easily and is fun to read. I really liked the first half of the book, with the protagonist sneaking in a theater! (Art imitating art, perhaps? A form of expression -- the theater -- inside another form of art -- the book.) And the exchanges with a strong female character of around the same age were witty. The second half of the book was okay for me. I think what lands this four stars is the first half plus the terrific illustrations. I think, though, if you're going to have illus [...]

    17. Eisah has written a great adventure with Flute of the Wind Queen. It is clean enough for the young but the story is well-thought out and interesting enough to capture adult audiences as well. There are also full color pictures scattered throughout that really added to the story. Even though this book has been self-published it has a professional quality. I was shocked to see how many 2 and 3 star reviews of it there are – my only conclusion is that the author sent the book to reviewers who nor [...]

    18. This YA story throws you right into the action without wasting any time (a good technique for YA). As we experience the world through Leander’s eyes, we begin to understand the background, personalities, and politics of a place that’s obviously not Earth. The explanations are deftly inserted into the action, without seeming unnatural. I loved the illustrations and find them appropriate for the age this book will probably go over best with (although the protagonist is 17, I’d guess young te [...]

    19. A coming-of-age adventure. Eisah weaves a fun, fast-paced story from the point of view of 17-year-old Leander. As Leander approaches adulthood he rejects the humdrum and ordinary. He craves adventure and distinction--so much so that he is willing to risk it all.Eisah creates a new world with differing races and superior technology, which comes to life through description and fabulous illustration. He lays the foundation of cultural and political histories to create conflict, which moves the tale [...]

    20. Eisah has the right idea for creating interesting characters, but the prose was lacking. It was not strong enough to draw me in and keep me there. The writing needed work, but the story itself was well thought out.I agree with the review Kevis wrote as well, in saying the cover style could have been different to grab my attention. (However, I realize this is a very personal choice for an author)3 stars is the best I can do for Flute of the Wind QueenOverall, it was quick and fun to read. Would I [...]

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