Trish, Just Trish

Trish Just Trish Patricia Grace Kincaid is haunted by her past and no matter what she does the ghosts won t stay away A childhood incident nearly ruined her life A mistake that she made two years ago ripped her to sh

  • Title: Trish, Just Trish
  • Author: Lynda LeeAnne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Patricia Grace Kincaid is haunted by her past and no matter what she does, the ghosts won t stay away A childhood incident nearly ruined her life A mistake that she made two years ago ripped her to shreds She isn t the same feisty, fearless bitch she used to be or is she What will happen when the person she screwed over storms back into her life She freaks Is it forPatricia Grace Kincaid is haunted by her past and no matter what she does, the ghosts won t stay away A childhood incident nearly ruined her life A mistake that she made two years ago ripped her to shreds She isn t the same feisty, fearless bitch she used to be or is she What will happen when the person she screwed over storms back into her life She freaks Is it for the reason she s always hoped for that Tony Lopez, the breathtakingly sexy Latino love of her life, has finally decided to forgive her Hell no Will he demand her complete submission Yes Will he make her life hell Double yes Will she, in return, torture him Hell to the yes Will her past come back to haunt her Absolutely.Author s warning Including, but not limited to a deep, dark childhood, lots and lots of cussing as in, A LOT , a ton of fighting, maybe hair pulling, a bitch with a vulnerable side, and last, but not least, ber possessive, over obsessive, crazy hot alpha males on the verge of needing therapy and maybe a tear or two.

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    One thought on “Trish, Just Trish”

    1. QUICK SPOILER FREE REVIEW -mature content reader discretion is advised.3 STARS out of 5Genre: Contemporary Romance'No, it was more than love. It was an out-of-control, soul-stealing, life-changing, world-rocking, universe-tilting feeling that dug itself so deep into my heart I was terrified I’d never manage to shovel it back out. I was still in love with him, but I couldn’t have him.' ~TrishTrish took a chance at payback and succeeded. Unfortunately her heart was broken in the crossfire. 2 y [...]

    2. ”Trish, just Trish. I love itank you,” I said in a tiny voice.”I love Trish, Just Trish the character. Trish has a heartbreaking backstory so we get some insight into the horrific event that has shaped this strong, protective, feisty and loyal friend.Trish has been a shadow of her former self since the picture incident. She sought revenge on behalf of her best friend Lexi against her boyfriend Tony’s sister Destiny by staging an incriminating photograph. This story picks up where Lexi Ba [...]

    3. 1 "this books does not deserve even 1 star" RatingHATED, HATED, HATED THIS BOOK! This series (book 1 and 2, haven't read book 3, probably won't) is a safe book reader's worst nightmare. This book had an ugly ass cheating hero who deserved to be kicked in the nuts by the whole women population. HE WAS DISGUSTING! THE THINGS HE DID, HIS DECISIONS, HIS CRUEL WORDS! OH MY I WANNA KILL HIM SO BAD *breathes*WTF happened to the heroine? She was badass in book 1 and in this book she was weak doormat and [...]

    4. I'M PISSED LIKE A BITCH!!!What the fuck was that???I hated Tony. What an asshole. He just made me want to jump inside that book and beat him senseless. He made Trish MISERABLE. Why he got her back is just beyond me. And Trish. Gosh, Trish was NOTHING like I expected her to be. On the first book of the "This Can't Be Happening" series (Lexi,Baby) she was a super badass, who didn't let anyone disrespect her. But in this book I hated her. She was weak, and just put up (even if she fighted with Tony [...]

    5. It hurts me to only give this one 3.5 stars because I loved Lexi, Baby and I loved Trish and Tony in Lexi, Baby. I was so excited for this book, and I did like it, I just didn’t love it like I wanted to.“I’m not breaking; I’m already broken.”TRISHTONYIt’s been two years. Two years since Tony Lopez, the love of Trish’s life left her. Trish made a huge mistake, and without being able to explain, it broke them beyond repair. But something has happened. Something big, and now Tony is b [...]

    6. 2.5 Stars!The story was nice and everything, but Tony just didn't work for me I mean he was all Hot Alpha Male and all but stillI would never be able to forgive or forget those hurtful words if they were spoken to me. He was cruel. I would never love such a man! :\And Trish was totally spineless. I mean have some self respect girl. I liked her better in book1.

    7. I was so so disappointed in this book and not just the book but with the main character Trish. In the first novel we met her as Lexi's Best Friend, she was fun kick as, don't task shit from anyone, talked back as good as she got Now it's been two years since her and Tony broke it offThe reason they broke it off is because she had an opp. to pay back slut Destiny by taking pictures with her drunk fiance so Trish got into her bra and panties crawled into a bed with him and took pictures that is al [...]

    8. Doormat heroine, unforgivable irredeemable hero. Never reading this author. Hero with OW while being with h 3/4 book. He's verbally abusive. I felt disgusted reading this book. How could an author condone the actions done by the H ? I've stopped reading authors who condone the mistreatment of women by men. 1. I hate cheaters 2. He wasn't redeemable. I love redeemable assholes. I loved captive in the dark, underestimated etc. This was disgusting. 3. By the time he's good it's too long. 4. Public [...]

    9. THIS WAS TRISH IN LEXI BABY THIS IS TRISH IN PART 2 W.T.F HAPPENED? The disgusting fkd up words this man threw in her face and the fact that her friends and family kept telling Trish to just stay with him, made me sick! No way in hell would I let me friend or sister go off with this douchebag. Also I am tired of these stories where there is a perceived threat which is thwarted or handled so quickly that you can clearly call B.S on the author. I mean did you really have to cook up such a convolut [...]

    10. - 100 STARS.This book was rubbish. Since when is a complete degenerate asshole who demeans, degrades and screws around on the girl he "loves" for YEARs, the H? This is just pathetic!I hate this series, it's the worst I've read. I hate how the women are portrayed as stupid doormats and the men are disgusting pigs who screw and CHEAT all over the place without any payback from their dumb arsed women! This is not what I want to read in a romance.

    11. What can I sayI love an alpha malebut I HATE a cheater. It ruined the entire book for me. He didn't stop cheating until almost 3/4 of the book!!!!! He did it because he didn't know the truth. BS! Hated this book. The h had no spine and was a doormat. This is the only one star I've ever given and it was well deserved. Awful. Would not recommend.

    12. What the heck was that? ~,~WARNING - - - - I DIDN'T LIKE TONY SO YOU'LL PROBABLY READ PROFANITIES BELOW.I was expecting a lot from this book since I liked the first one. It was too bad that the guy is such a selfish, unfeeling, cold hearted, DEAF, INSENSITIVE douchebag! The story picks up from where the first book ended. Tony comes barging into Landyn's house and started ordering Trish to do stuff. This didn't end it was actually just the beginning of their effed up pseudo relationship. This was [...]

    13. I did not like Lexi, Baby so I have no real reason for reading this book other than I was stuck in a plane on a 15 hour flight. Beggars can't be choosers, right?I'm not a big fan of Trish in this book because she changed so much and not for the better. She was supposed to be this fun, strong, no-nonsense woman but she turned out to be this huge doormat to a guy who totally doesn't deserve her love or affection. Tony was an absolute ASS. He was selfish and way too judgmental of Trish. Sure, he ha [...]

    14. Proceed with Caution. There will be ranting, raving and Definite spoilers.1 What the Hell Did I Read Stars. This quote couldn’t sum up my feelings about the book any better. My attitude was just as dark as it was outside: black.*********If you're thinking of reading this book, may I suggest scrolling down and reviewing some quotes I've included.************This may possibly be one of the worst books I've ever read. Between wanting to vomit and fighting the urge to kill, this book frustrated me [...]

    15. (view spoiler)[If you're offended by cussing, cover your eyes.Tony is a WORTHLESS DOUCHEBAG PILE OF COWSHIT MANWHORE ASSHAT. I don't think I have ever hated a MC (I flat fucking refuse to call him a hero) more than him. I think I may like Undeniable's Deuce more, and I DESPISE Deuce. And Trish. There's this thing that keeps you upright's called a fucking backbone! Grow one! And then use it!There was NOTHING Tony could have done to redeem himself, but he certainly didn't try, either. A couple tea [...]

    16. wow. This book was even better than the first one. I absolutely loved and I can't wait to read Adam's story.

    17. 3/3.5 Stars!Let me just start by saying that I loved Trish in Lexi, Baby. She was strong, she was out-spoken, she was feisty, she didn't take shit from anyone. So I was super excited for her story--Trish, Just Trish. However, after reading it I was like.Trish.WTH happened to you?? You had no backbone in this book. You were weak. You let Tony walk all over you. And speaking of TonyTony was like hot and cold. One minute he was so nice to Trish and the next he would say the most awful things. I mea [...]

    18. Unfortunately this story fell short from my expectations.Tony was too much of a disappointment. He effed up one too many times and the last time was so bad I almost couldn't finish it I was so mad. I loved all the characters from book one but this just did not work for me. Tony grovelled and begged for forgiveness to Trish but he never redeemed himself in my opinion. Ugh.

    19. I tried really but just couldn't rate it higher.The hero is to verbally abuse he also could have her slapping in the face it's the same.Just imagine the person that is supposed to love and cherish you is calling you a slut,whore,bitch and even wishes you dead?!? Nor he turns his back and walks away for years without even listen to you try to explain even if he's not forgiving he would want to know what happened and why.So no,the hero never loved her and this author just couldn't convince me rry

    20. Uh? This was supposed to be at least a 4 star read for me. I really wanted it to be. I have been counting down the months waiting for this book and it was supposed to be even better than book one in the series. But it wasn’t.I liked it. It just wasn’t as great as I had hoped.Our hero, Tony just wasn’t what I expected or had thought up in my mind based on book one and the author’s writing of previous characters (Landyn). I assumed the author would pull the same magic trick she did when I [...]

    21. Despite the editing issues, I enjoyed this read because I loved to hate Tony. He was an ass. A HUGE ASS!! How and why Trish put up with his ways I will never understand. There's no cliffhanger but it does leave off where you can't wait for the third installment because it's gonna be Adam.*side note*---I love these manwhores the author has created. You'll love to hate em, you wanna beat the shit out of em, they will piss you off, they kinda make up for their ways and yet you can't help but root f [...]

    22. Review to follow ~ So good but I have never HATED a character more than I HATED Tony!!!

    23. Lee‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 StarsAnd… she’s done it again! Lynda LeeAnne has just shown she is a romance writing ROCK STAR with her release of Trish, Just Trish. I’ve been waiting (rather impatiently) to get my hands on the second book in Ms. LeeAnne’s This Can’t Be Happening series and she did not disappoint.We first met Trish in Lexi, Baby. And while that book didn’t really delve into Trish’s relationship with Tony, we knew that some drama went down. W [...]

    24. 3.25 stars. I do like this series but I’m hating the heroes! For most of the book, I wanted to punch Tony in the face. I can’t believe some of the things that he had said to her! Ok, she supposedly “cheated” on Tony and he was hurting. But Tony was flaunting and using women to upset her from the beginning. So, the fact that he couldn’t trust Trish was laughable. I can’t stand that he was hurting Trish, especially when she didn’t do anything. I was just as frustrated, confused, and [...]

    25. Ok, I loved Lexi, Baby. Landyn was somebody I can forgive. He made a mistake and he definitely made up for it at the end of the first book. Lexi and Landyn are great together and they make me happy. But Trish and Tony? OMG! Like seriously, what the hell happened to Trish?!? She was practically my hero in the first book and then all of a sudden she's some chick I can't stand! If she was a real person, I'd slap sense into her and then some. I mean, I understand she had a traumatic childhood (but I [...]

    26. This cant be happening series3.75 series StarsI first started writing the reviews for the individual books but then I realized all three book s are the same with character name changes I think the first book is rated the highest because the story is fresh there. Each book has completely yummy alpha males who talk dirty and sex scenes are hot all over the place! But every story reads like this: Man likes girlMC’s have some old issues that surfaceFucks up Girl takes guy back Girl is pregnantEnd [...]

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