Gently Awakened: The Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey

Gently Awakened The Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey Do you dare risk unreservedly combining your Christian faith with your creativity Could you be assured of thriving in the arts or does that sound outrageously improbable Creativity is like an unwrapp

  • Title: Gently Awakened: The Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey
  • Author: SaraJoseph
  • ISBN: 9781937756871
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • Do you dare risk unreservedly combining your Christian faith with your creativity Could you be assured of thriving in the arts, or does that sound outrageously improbable Creativity is like an unwrapped gift from God Its contents are mysterious, begging for action The benevolent Giver eagerly awaits a response Yet it is often tossed aside after merely removing the outDo you dare risk unreservedly combining your Christian faith with your creativity Could you be assured of thriving in the arts, or does that sound outrageously improbable Creativity is like an unwrapped gift from God Its contents are mysterious, begging for action The benevolent Giver eagerly awaits a response Yet it is often tossed aside after merely removing the outer wrapping Too many Christians abandon their creativity, as if they were the hapless recipients of a toy with incomprehensible instructions They walk away from their destiny perhaps their very reason for being gifted in such a time as this They remain oblivious of their God authored potential, empowered by faith, to uniquely express the many nuances of their journey with Jesus.Sara Joseph, an artist in paint, clay and verse, testifies to God s infinite interest in every aspect of her creative enterprise What she discovered may surprise you In Gently Awakened, she employs prose, verse, and art to attest to God s faithfulness to the artist Far from empty theories, these lessons, forged in the paint splattered laboratory of her own life, bring clarity to the practical considerations of living out the unique call of a creative Christian.Such a story could be yours to live, in partnership with your Creator.

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    One thought on “Gently Awakened: The Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey”

    1. I recieved this as a review exchange and it was good to read something different. I believe this is a unique book combining art, poetry and the Christian faith. The author's passion for all three really shine through the book and the struggle she has within herself regarding balancing her responsibilities as a mother and her passion for art that she believes God has called her to are clearly explained. I'm glad the author did try to find a healthy balance and that really made all the difference [...]

    2. A GIFT OF A BOOKDo you find yourself floundering in insignificance – you know you have creative gifts but have no idea how to use them and perhaps they seem of no value in the scheme of things. Sara pioneers the path to discovering how the diligent development of your unique talents for God’s glory alone will draw you into deep and joyful fellowship with Him who invested His creativity in you. It is a timely directive in my own tentative journey as a writer. Sara’s passion for technical ex [...]

    3. Wow. I only read a few sentences from this book before I bought a copy for my artist daughter for Christmas. This was the perfect book to read as I delve into the connection between creativity and spirituality for my work in progress. Beautiful prose and insight for the creative soul.

    4. I don't think there is another book like this. If you are familiar with Oswald Chambers, Corrie Ten-Boom or Catherine Marshall then you have some idea what awaits you in this book. The author is honest about her life and faith and eager for others to be encouraged and challenged by her testimony. For Sara Joseph following Jesus and creating art are closely intertwined and lessons learnt in her christian walk are carefully applied in her artistic journey. This is the single most encouraging book [...]

    5. Gently Awakened is highly recommended reading for any artist or literary person. I also would recommend it for the "lay" person as well. It is a very uplifting, motivational book. The author is not only talented in her writing ability, but in art, poetry, knowledge and wisdom, too.I thought I was quite well-versed in the bible. Some thoughts and quotes she brought out put a "new light" on scriptural references I have read many times.In addition to scripture references, Sarah uses her own persona [...]

    6. Sara Joseph’s book “gently awakened.The Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey” is a work of art in literary form. The author’s writes with an earnest desire to share her life story as an aspiring artist. She leaves no stone unturned as she exposes her vulnerabilities as a person. Ultimately trusting in full reliance in her faith in God in order to succeed. In the book, interwoven through out her life experiences are her poems of excellent rhyme, beautiful artwork in black & whi [...]

    7. The title of this book excited me. I am a frequent reader of Christian authors- I am a particular fan of Tim Keller- and love seeing how various authors can articulate the beauty and mystery of what it means to be a Christian. And I certainly feel that the exploration of where faith and art intersect is ripe with possibilities.But I was somewhat ambivalent about Sara Joseph's book. It is a combination of styles: part narrative, part theology, part poetry, and a color section of her artwork. I re [...]

    8. Sara and I have been close friends for many years. In all that time, her gift as an artist has only struck me with wonderment. Each time I saw a new work of art, I have been silenced by her ability to capture a precious moment, an inner thought; she was watching when you weren’t and holding the moment for eternity.Sara savors every moment of creating her work, “taking more time in the planning than the execution”, as she put it.Her early watercolors were not of the heavy oils with the grea [...]

    9. Full disclosure - I am married to the author and this would be a good time to skip this review if you are looking for an unbiased opinion of this work. I feel compelled however to lend some background context to this book here.Jesus states in John 10:10[NRSV] "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly." All Christians have eternal life, but most Christians fail to possess the abundant life. They are on the right side of Calvary but [...]

    10. As my life has been a stand still and downhill since my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia among other health issues developed from it. Since my health issues, if things couldn't get worse, I've been dealt with extreme family issues that affected my health even further more to extreme fatigue and depression. I will never forget 2013 holidays as sad as it has ever been it was the turning point for a new beginning 2014. As a new year began, a new commitment began to God, no more stagnant, I prayed Lord hel [...]

    11. I was given Sara's book by an aunt of mine who knew my interest in art. The soft title led me to believe this would be a gentle read but I found as I read through the journey God has taken Sara on, instead I was heartily, shaken awake! Recognizing I had been given so much profound wisdom in the area of creativity lately, yet I had not done one thing to record a single piece of it!Then in a matter of 3 days God threw Habakkuk 2:2 in my face so many times I stopped counting. I had a responsibility [...]

    12. The author of the book'gently awakened' reveals the dynamic and supernatural power within the reach of every artist, not only an artist but every person of creative talent, if one combines talents with faith and trust in the Giver of all the talents Who is the Great King of universe , the eternal, invisible, immortal God.From generation to generation the world has definitely witnessed many superior creations of more outstanding artists.But Sara's creation stands almost unique as they supernatura [...]

    13. I first found Sara through her Christian Artist Resource site (christian-artist-resource.). While visiting her site I came across her book, Gently Awakened, and promptly ordered it. I suggest you do the same! This is a wonderful book for both Christian artists and creatives, as well as those just exploring a Christ-centered faith, as you will learn a great deal about your spiritual side and how it affects your creative process and artistic journey.Sara shares her poetry, her artwork, and her jou [...]

    14. This is not intended to be a review, just some pertinent background information about the book.Gently Awakened was written in response to what I've come to recognize as the unmistakable nudge of the Lord. I never tire of hearing testimonies of what Jesus accomplishes in lives yielded to Him. I collect such stories, diverse in their character, setting and plots, yet triumphantly consistent in their notes of victory. I never cease to marvel at their power to touch my life even when their authors h [...]

    15. I was gifted this book by my niece with an unusual facebook post where she offered the first 6 people who liked her post and were given the opportunity to choose anything they wanted for under $10 from . I just happen to see her post and thought how unusual and how wonderful to randomly gift any one of her friends with a simple gift. I happen to run across this book as being on my wish list and on a lark, gave her the link and I was gifted this book within minutes on my Kindle. I think it was a [...]

    16. Gently Awakened by Sara Joseph is an inspirational book with fascinating personal accounts of an artist's journey in the pursuit to give artistic expression to her Christian faith. Each chapter is filled with personal stories, poems and artwork that tell of the challenges along the way and the hand of God in meeting every nee. Her example of faithfulness touched me in the deep places of rejections and disappointment in my own artistic journey. Sara challenges us to persevere as we travel the pat [...]

    17. In Sara Joseph’s new book, Gently Awakened: The Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey, Sara proves she is as creative in her writing as she is with paint and sculpting clay. Like her artwork, her writing and poetry are descriptive and three dimensional.At the center of Sara’s life is Jesus Christ. Gently Awakened: The Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey, is Sara’s story of how God directs her life steps using the artistic gifts and abilities He gives her. The power of books i [...]

    18. "Maybe you sense that the moments that sing truest in your life are those spent expressing yourself in art. If you were to step up boldly to live it out, do you worry that you would starve?"Sara's book encourages boldness in living out the creativity God has instilled in you. She, herself is blessed with talent not only in art, but also in writing and is using it as a means to express her faith. Her book is an encouragement to artists who are seeking to balance their desire to use, develop, and [...]

    19. Sara is my neighbor and I have admired her commitment to Jesus Christ and her love for Him and His Word. As I began to read Gently Awakened, I was amazed at her writing skills. She writes about her personal experience with her savior and His molding of her personality and the development of her gift. I believe this verse describes Sara. Psalms 45:1 My heart overflows with a goodly theme; I address my psalm to a King. My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.” Sara’s heart overflows as she [...]

    20. Sara Joseph’s considerable God given artistic talent overflows from her beautiful visual art and into the written word. In her book ‘Gently Awakened’ Sara ‘paints’ word pictures in which she gives glory to the Lord for being by her side and in her heart, every step of her Spiritual and artistic journey. A journey that flows into the life she now enjoys as a successful Christian artist.If any should doubt that God would bless a humble artist as mightily as Sara claims, then from my expe [...]

    21. I just finished Sara's book this morning and know I will be visiting it again! I had been aware of Sara's moving artwork but had no knowledge of her book until an artist friend recommended it. I have been on my own artistic journey and have a penchant for reading inspirational books for the creatively inclined--Sara's book is personal and different from those other books. Her book is very much like having discussions with a dear artist friend about how God is working in our lives and through our [...]

    22. I found this book and at a popular Dallas art gallery where some of Sara's art pieces are also displayed. The book tells the story of Sara's artistic and spiritual journeys and how the two have converged in her life. Each chapter reads as a journaled story, which I loved. Sara's writing style is beautiful, poetic and thought provoking. Throughout the book are her art works and poetry, both of which I really enjoyed. This book really helped me understand how I can use my art to bring glory to God [...]

    23. As Sara's father, gently awakened recalled for me, the many cherished memories of a lifetime. Early events in her life helped to create in Sara an abiding faith in the enveloping love of Jesus Christ. That faith freed her from nagging fears and crippling anxieties. It helped her to manage an active family life and a truly creative career. gently awakened sensitively explains the answers she received for her doubts and fears. It fully embodies the spirit of the powerful motivation, which her fait [...]

    24. Sara Joseph took me on a spiritual journey through her honest and transparent life experiences. The biblical scriptures were carefully chosen to reinforce her poetry and aim for its readers. She gave her readers great encouragement to press on toward their goal using their Maker's guidance, power and truths. Her artwork was a brilliant depiction of her God-given talent. Her passion for her work and her faith were described beautifully in her poetry. Her vibrant colors in her artwork opened her r [...]

    25. Sara is a talented artist and a gifted writer. My artistic limits are stick people and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. That being said, my reason for buying the book was not to gain artistic insight but because I know the quality of a person Sara is. I wanted to hear her heart.Whether you are an artist, a farmer, a surgeon, or a factory worker, Sara can take you on a tour of her quest for Holy Spirit guidance in finding Spirit lead fulfillment of God given talent and desire. Gently Awakened is a Go [...]

    26. It is so easy to make money our pursuit. But God made us for himself and our gifts are part of that. Sara reminded me that my gifts have been given to me for God's glory and that I need to trust him to care for all my needs. He will provide. My job is to listen for him and allow him to lead me as I do my art. The pressure is off then! So glad to have read this book. It came at a time when I was stressing myself out over my art and creating a business. Now I am leaving that in God's hands and his [...]

    27. I would recommend Gently Awakened: The Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey, to anyone, Christian or non Christian. Sara Joseph opens the door to the Christian faith wide for the world to see her heart and her love for Christ. Anyone who may have had thoughts about knowing more about Christianity, or artists who want to dig deeper into their art and the reasons they feel so much passion to book is a must read with pencil in hand. Sara has written a book on art that the art world [...]

    28. Sara's love for life, for people and for God come through in her beautifully written book. She draws us into her story, into her life by painting images with her words. There is a place she draws from that is anchored and secure. From there she combines her colorful story with her convictions about creativity and faith. I found her writing to be refreshing, and her message challenges me to stretch out to new places in my own creative journey. As she progresses into revelation she brings a depth [...]

    29. I was so inspired by Sara's writing. I now know that I need to totally change my approach towards my passion for art. Psalms 8:4 comes to mind…. ‘Who am I that you are mindful of me?’ God really cares about my creativity and desire to paint! He's made that so evident here lately as I began to seek his word concerning my passion for art. He’s placed it in me to rekindle that desire, to prayerfully seek His inspiration and to obey and follow through by painting what I visualize in my studi [...]

    30. I was given this book as a gift and I think that is great way to treat this book - as a gift. It guides you into the honest heart of someone seeking the Lord and uses beautiful detail to illustrate things I have felt in my own walk, but not had the words to describe. I would highly suggest this book, not only for the artist, but for anyone who has struggled to chronicle the complex vignettes that form our relationship with God.

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