Curveball The bad boys of baseball they are the top power hitters of the Richmond Rogues and the team s best hope for a shot at the World Series But when all three have to be benched for brawling it s the be

  • Title: Curveball
  • Author: Kate Angell
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  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The bad boys of baseball, they are the top power hitters of the Richmond Rogues, and the team s best hope for a shot at the World Series But when all three have to be benched for brawling, it s the beginning of a whole new ball game, and the opposing team could win something than a trophy these ladies are after their hearts.At the top of the ninth, with the bases loThe bad boys of baseball, they are the top power hitters of the Richmond Rogues, and the team s best hope for a shot at the World Series But when all three have to be benched for brawling, it s the beginning of a whole new ball game, and the opposing team could win something than a trophy these ladies are after their hearts.At the top of the ninth, with the bases loaded, each man realizes that happiness is just within reach, even when love throws aCurveball.

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    One thought on “Curveball”

    1. LOVED it! I've got no better way to say it except I loved it! I fell for the characters (all 6 of them), the storyline, the humor sprinkled throughout the book--enjoyed seeing three big bad alpha athletes who could get any woman they wanted fall to their knees for three women who (at first) didn't seem all that interested in them. I loved how each of the athletes had separate and distinct personalities, with good traits and bad boy traits, had different experiences growing up (some really heartb [...]

    2. Review originally posted here: thebookpushers/2011/03/21/Many of you may already know that I am obsessed with Sports Romance books. I love them. I go out of my way to find them, and I gobble them up whenever I get the chance. Susan Elizabeth Philips Chicago Stars, Rachel Gibson’s Chinooks Hockey Team, Carly Phillips’ Hot Zone and Jaci Burton’s Play by Play are amongst my favorites. I’ve recently added Kate Angell’s Richmond Rogues Series to the list. If you have any others that you lov [...]

    3. This book was harder for me because I felt like I was having a brain overload and I would shut down at any time, I loved the bat pack. I all the story and once my brain got in to jump mode I went smoother for me. But now I have to say this because I truly feel that Psycho should have gotten his own book, I mean wow he was just so complex and found it hard to believe that his story was going to able to be summed up in his part of the actually small book. I would say that his my favorite character [...]

    4. I'm going to break down the review into three parts since this story is about the Bat pack which consist of Baseballs toughest players Romeo,Psycho, and Chaser.Psycho & Keely5/5Psycho is used to being the most unlike Baseball player in the series, he doesn't take any bullshit from anyone he's in your face crazy. But he's attitude earns him a 11 week suspension for hitting one of his teammates so now Psycho doesn't know what to do with his time so he decided to remodel his old Colonial home a [...]

    5. Curveball is the second book in Kate Angell's Richmond Rogues Series. The Rogues are a major league baseball team and Curveball is a fun romantic comedy of three romances that revolve around Psycho, Romeo and Chaser, Rogue teammates better known as the "Bat Pack". Psycho develops a relationship with his interior decorator, Keely Douglas, when she unexpectedly shows up on the front porch of his historical colonial home. Romeo has it bad for Emerson Kent, the sports reporter for the local newspape [...]

    6. I have to admit, I was disappointed when I started this book. I adored Risk, Jacy, Zen and Stevie from the first book, and I was rather bummed when I discovered Kate Angell moved on to the love lives of other team players.The book centered around the Bat Pack – Pyscho, Romeo and Chaser. While I can understand why she combined then all into one book, there was just too much story for one book, and so things jumped around.I thought each of their relationships was super cute (especially Psycho's) [...]

    7. I have read the first novel, and an disappointed with the ready of the series. I found that the romances were good set ups, but there was very little flow. Making it hard to follow along. Also by halving three groupings of characters all with sufferer experiences that can't be tied together bakes the book feel like there were three different stories framed into one. Ebb and flow needs to be tweaked. I would have scored higher if it had better flow to it, but I cant cus it's not there :

    8. Three bad boys of baseball, known as the Bat Pack, each meet the woman who will reform him and make him want to be *gasp* monogamous! Basically, the book is how each woman achieves what she wants, the guys are convinced they did the convincing, and there's just enough baseball involved to say it's definitely a sports story about love, or love stories about sports. It was a cute story and moved at a good pace AND (a plus for me in a contemporary) was not loaded with off-color or foul language.

    9. The Richmond Rogues baseball team is getting ready for the season, but a brawl between teammates during the organization's Media Day event paints a very unpleasant picture of team chemistry and personnel issues. Instigated by Cody "Psycho" McMillan - though he blames pitcher Chris "Wimbledon" Collier - and backed up by his two musketeers, Chase "Chaser" Tallan and Jesse "Romeo" Bellisaro, the melee injures thirteen people and earns the three men an equally painful thirteen day suspension.For the [...]

    10. 4 stars for the Psycho story – enjoyable and fun with a few chuckles. 3 stars for the other two storiesORY BRIEF:This is the second of several books about the Richmond Rogues baseball team. This book includes three interspersed short stories about three baseball players and the women they end up with. The Bat Pack is the nickname given to three top power hitters for the Rogues, described below.Psycho is a nudist and into extreme risk taking. He bought a run down Colonial home that reminded him [...]

    11. 3.5/5 (B-)My first impressions: For some reason, I really liked this book probably for the characters. I don't think that most of you will find it as enjoyable as much as I did. Again, we follow 3 couples. The three main guys were introduced in Squeeze Play, but I read that book afterwards Unfortunately, I don't think that the author did as good as a job in this book intertwining the three relationships with the events. I guess it would have been better if each player had their own book, but all [...]

    12. This was so badly written. It was more telling than showing and the dialogue was horrible and painfully stilted. For example, a dialogue between Jen and Chaser I think their names was, they are childhood friends and are talking about some baseballgame they went to togeter when they were young. It went something like this:"You remember that game we went to when we were young?""Oh, you mean that game with "Professional-baseball-player-name-here", where his team almost lost but then at the fifth in [...]

    13. I fell in love with the Richmond Rogues in Squeeze Play. I love baseball, I love baseball players. So, I had to devour this next book in the series. The Bat Pack - what a great group of guys to focus a book on. Love them! Something about the bad boys, or even just the "player"- but I enjoyed reading about these guys more than Risk and Zen. Their women were awesome, as well. I loved Keely and Emerson, their independence, their determination not to be "fan girls", how they wanted more from the guy [...]

    14. This is a unique format for a romance book. You have three couples. It is almost like you have three short stories, but they are intertwined with each other. The guys and girls seem rather formulaic, but the book is sexy, fun and sweet. You get a point just for the fun. The boys, The Bat Pack, have been suspended for 13 games for fighting with their own team. Management is not happy, to say the least. The boys are not happy either. There are some real problems, personality wise, that need to be [...]

    15. synopsis:the bat pack of the richmond rogues get in trouble with their fans and their team and are suspended for 13 games. with not much to do, they go their separate ways and meet their separate women. psycho remodels his home, and hires keeley, even though she has never been an interior designer but is down to her last hope. romeo has to do some public relations and runs into emerson, who isn't impressed. chaser has always been friends with jen, the girl next door, but a kiss opens his eyes to [...]

    16. After the introduction of the Bat Pack in Squeeze Play, i have looked forward to reading Curveball, and it did not disappoint.We were able to get a sneak peak of the Bat Pack's personality in the previous book, and can i say i love them more now? =)I liked Psycho's story the best, coz his relationship with Keely provided the most heart. In fact, i wouldn't have minded if Curveball was all about him, as i would have liked more moments from these two.The build-up of Romeo and Emerson's relationshi [...]

    17. Biasanya gw gak demen kalo nvl yg hero-heroine nya lebih dr 2 pasang (ky anthology githu)Nah Kate Angell top bgt d, bikin crita ttg ni 3 coupleThe Bat Pack dr nvl pertama = Psycho, Romeo n Chaser nemu soulmate mrka di buku ini.1. Psycho n Keelygw suka bgt ide Kate ttg ultah tiap hariJd mrka bdua ngerayain ultah tiap hari! So sweet!Psycho si nudist, nude mania, gw gak nyangka dia H.O.T bgtSalut ma Keely -yg jauh bgt dr tipe cwe2nya- bs dapetin Psycho!2. Romeo n EmPlayboy numero uno ini takluk ama [...]

    18. The Bat Pack get their HEA awwwwwwwwwww , sigh :)I really love Kate Angell's writing and stories. The H/h in each of these stories complemented each other VERY well and the storyline chosen for each Hero was also perfect for them. I only have two problems with this book. First, I found the stories to be a bit short. Because I really enjoyed all the characters, I would have loved to have read more about their developing romance. And second, I think Chaser's story REALLY took a backseat and shoul [...]

    19. CURVEBALL by Kate Angell is #2 in The Richmond Rogue series and was a very easy and fun read. If you like steamy sex with your romance and a little baseball, this one is for you. This book is about Psycho, Chaser and Romeo and the girls they find to fall in love with. It had humor as well as a nice romantic comedy story line. The boys are major league baseball players that have women dropping their drawers for them all over the place, but that isn't exactly what these players want.Jacy and Risk [...]

    20. Another great book from Kate Angell, but there were a few things I had issue with. I thought Chaser and Jen were really an afterthought. Their part of the story was minimal and seemed to wrap up the moment they had sex. I didn't particularly like Emerson and felt Romeo could have done better. And Psycho and Keely should ahve had their own book. The other thing I wasn't fond off was the way the moment things started happening with one couple, the story would bounce to another couple. I would have [...]

    21. I did not give 2 stars because of the story, those were ok. I've given 2 stars because of the editing. Book includes 3 different stories which can fulfill a book one-by-one. Despite someone tought it is a brilliant idea to horribly cut them and push to 1 book. Up on this, excuse me but were there anyone who read it before print? Or it is just me who is totally disturbed by the idea of the rush??? Seems like the author started to write and after 75% of the book someone told, finish it now! The fi [...]

    22. good book, I liked that there were 3 stories in the one book. The Bat Packey got into trouble together, they cared for sick kids together , they played baseball together & the fell in love together to 3 totally different women. They looked for trouble & found it often but after being benched for 13 games for brawling with their own team mates the Bat Pack finally cleaned up their act so to speak. The women they fell for were not looking for love with them. Individually they each succumbe [...]

    23. I love light, fun romance books and Curveball did not disappoint. The story follows the love lives of 3 baseball players known as The Bat Pack. Maybe it's just because I have a weakness for athletes, but it was IMPOSSIBLE for me not to fall for each and every one of the men in the book. Psycho, Chaser, and Romeo were all insanely attractive, talented, and still soft-hearted. I could not put this book down once I started it and am craving more. I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the seri [...]

    24. What fun! This second in the series is going to be great for anyone who loves the boys of summer. Since it is three full romances for members of the baseball team, it shouldn't work, but does. A quick read an real page turner, Angell somehow has time for plenty of character development, although she uses most of it for the romance between 'Psycho' and Kaylee, and plot advancement for the players themselves in their teams seasons.My one complaint is that one of the romances seemed to have more co [...]

    25. 4.5 StarsThree pairs of lovable couplesThere are so many places short novellas can go wrong but Kate Angell did a phenomenal job with this one. Curveball is basically three novellas rolled into one yet the stories here of the six heroes and heroines are sweet and charming. Psycho and his fake interior designer is my favorite pair; Romeo and his journalist is an explosive combination; Chaser and his girl-next-door embodies the notion of puppy love. There's something for everyone: the bad boy with [...]

    26. This was really a novella, a long short story and a short, unfinished short story. It did capture my attention, I liked the characters and read it all in one sitting. Since I'm having a hard time focusing on books these days, that is a definite plus.But each of these players needed their own. And not Psycho, not Romeo- why even include this story if it was going to be dropped like a hot potato.

    27. Maybe 3.5 stars. This was a cute, fun read, 3 romances thrown into one book so you don't get to see as much of the relationship-building for each one as you normally would in a full-length novel, but still very good. The only things that kept me from giving the book 4 stars were a couple of MINOR issues in the baseball portion of the storyline that made me go "huh?" for a minute, but nothing that affected the story (or would bother most people at all, for that matter).

    28. This book is the second Richmond Rogues book and followed the three men who made up the Bat Pack; Psycho, Chaser, and Romeo. This book was a little different in the fact that it truly followed all three stories right up until the end. A great combination of sports, humor, and contemporary romance, this series has been a lot of fun to read. If you need something pretty fluffy, these books are great. Especially if you like a little sports talk mixed in. I thought it worked really well.

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