Un Secret

Un Secret Maxime en Tania de Joodse ouders van Philippe zijn weinig mededeelzaam over hun verleden Ze zijn supersportief terwijl Philippe een ziekelijke en eenzame jongen is Hij fantaseert graag bijvoorbeel

  • Title: Un Secret
  • Author: Philippe Grimbert
  • ISBN: 9789001561482
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maxime en Tania, de Joodse ouders van Philippe, zijn weinig mededeelzaam over hun verleden Ze zijn supersportief, terwijl Philippe een ziekelijke en eenzame jongen is Hij fantaseert graag, bijvoorbeeld over een sterke broer die hem overal en altijd beschermt Als Philippe in een oude reiskoffer van zijn moeder een speelgoedhondje vindt, merkt hij dat zijn moeder bij hetMaxime en Tania, de Joodse ouders van Philippe, zijn weinig mededeelzaam over hun verleden Ze zijn supersportief, terwijl Philippe een ziekelijke en eenzame jongen is Hij fantaseert graag, bijvoorbeeld over een sterke broer die hem overal en altijd beschermt Als Philippe in een oude reiskoffer van zijn moeder een speelgoedhondje vindt, merkt hij dat zijn moeder bij het zien daarvan behoorlijk van streek raakt Stukje bij beetje ontrafelt hij het verleden van zijn ouders en ontdekt hun tragische geheim.

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      465 Philippe Grimbert
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    One thought on “Un Secret”

    1. I went to the Holocaust Museum here in Dallas, TX the other day. They had a special exhibit, about the children of the Holocaust. I was fortunate to hear, Mike Jacobs' speak about his experience in the prison camps, he has written a book called, "Holocaust Survivor," that I purchased after hearing him speak. He was a child in the Holocaust, 14 years of age when the Nazis marched into his world. As was said by Brasillach during the war: "Above all, don't forget about the little ones." (pg 150)A " [...]

    2. I read this book as part of my project to read every book that has ever won the Prix Goncourt des lycéens…“Un Secret” is not a long book. At first glance, it looks simply to be the story of a young Philippe Grimbert, born in late 1940’s France, who invents an imaginary older brother to compensate for his self-esteem issues…As the story progresses, it seems to develop into a look back at the life of M. Grimbert’s parents- namely, how they met and fall in love. However, the book soon [...]

    3. 3,5 étoilesDans ce roman bouleversant, Philippe Grimbert raconte comment le secret qui rongeait sa famille a hanté son enfance avant de lui être révélé, le libérant de ses démons. Tout au long du récit, ce secret dévorant et destructeur est présent, créant un climat de malaise chez le lecteur même : on en ignore encore la teneur, mais le narrateur ne cesse de l’évoquer ou d’en révéler quelques bribes, par anticipation, comme s’il ne parvenait à le retenir en lui avant de l [...]

    4. A good friend of mine recommended this book, one of her favorite books of all time, to me. She said it could possibly change my life to read it. I don’t know about you, but I am all for reading books that could shake the psychic ground beneath me.And so I immediately bought it. It is a tiny book, less than 150 pages and the pages are about 6″x4″, the size of large index cards–but oh my, it covers so much psychic and narrative ground in that spare ground! It is full of soul. And it makes [...]

    5. A French psychoanalyst and writer creates a fictional but autobiographical account of his family history amidst the horror of the Nazi occupation of France. It is a small pocket size book, sparse but powerful. Written from the prospective of a child as he discovers the devastating affect the war had upon his family. The surviving family members rely on secrets as surely a survival mechanism learned during and after the war trying to heal scars impossible to heal. Is left to their child to sort i [...]

    6. This one story is just stupefying The author made it perfect and easy to understand !I am shookRead it :)

    7. Ето защо не спах тази нощ. Онова рядко потъване още от първата страница. Откриване на лична връзка (слава Богу без никаква световна война; има и лични такива). Защо, защо, защо децата се раждат със страхове (не искам психолозите да ми обясняват – заради тайните). Защо до 6-7 г. бя [...]

    8. I was surprised at what a quick read this was. Although it was quick it touches on very deep issues. While all books concerning the treatment of Jewish people in areas of Europe during WWII are devastating and sad this book didn't go into the more depressing and gory aspects of the experience which lots of books do. Of course, like any book with this topic its story was sad and touching but it contained the element of healing on the part of the narrator which was a touching element to the book. [...]

    9. Cette histoire m'a touché. Après d'avoir visité Auschwitz il n'y a pas longtemps, j'ai imaginé tous les événements et je n'ai pas pu éviter de sentir douleur. Mes félicitations à l'auteur, je pense qu'il a écrit très bien, toutes les descriptions des lieux et des personnages sont bien composées, elles sont assez. Et bon évidemment l'histoire est magnifique, c'est une perspective différente de l'absurde seconde guerre mondiale.

    10. Perhaps the best compliment a writer can get: this felt like it was a true story. And maybe it was - I don't know, and in some ways I don't want to know. Even as fiction, it's still hard to accept what happened. This is an emotional, painful novel. The Holocaust and the ripples of its legacy never gets any easier to comprehend. A haunting, but necessary read.

    11. Extremely moving. Brings back in our life the past that we, as French people, cannot get away from, and which comes back to haunt us, no matter what. History through the lense of a very personal and intimate story always seems more poignant. Grimbert's story, told in simple, effective ways, avoids the fake pathos that would spoil the emotion, and delivers a brutally powerful tale.

    12. Finally done.It wasn't a bad book, the topic was even pretty interesting. But I didn't really understand all of it as it was in French. Maybe that's also why I found it rather boring at times.

    13. What a fantastic little book. I read it in one afternoon. This book is a memoir, written by a young boy as he comes to terms with the sectrets of his family. He is a lonely, sickly little boy, growing up after WW2. He makes up his family's history as his parents don't like talking about their past. His version of their history is lovely, full of warmth and love. When he learns the truth at 15 from a family friend, his world turns upside down. His version couldn't have been further from the truth [...]

    14. A well-written book, this novel tells the story of a Jewish boy in post WW-II whose parents kept his identity and their past hidden from him. He gradually finds out from his neighbor and aunt that he had a brother whom the Nazis killed, along with his father's first wife. Though short, it is a complex story that brings to the reader the horror and never-ending heartbreak caused by that war.

    15. Ce roman bouleversant de Philippe Grimbert raconte l'histoire d'un jeune adolescent, peut-être lui-même (parce qu'il y a plusieurs éléments qui indiquent qu'il puisse s'agir d'une autobiographie), qui à l'âge de quinze ans lutte encore chaque soir avec un frère imaginaire et qui cherche la reconnaissance et l'estime de ses parents. Un jour, en visitant une vieille amie de la famille, Louise, il entendra parler pour la première fois du secret qui hante sa famille et au sujet duquel tout l [...]

    16. It's easy to finish this slim volume in one sitting. But resist that urge--Memory is best savored over several sessions. Previously published as Secret, this little book is a catharsis for a deep family secret. Philippe Grimert, a Parisian psychoanalyst, blurs fiction and autobiography in a sparse, lyrical telling of growing up as the sickly only child of beautifully athletic parents in postwar France. On his fifteenth birthday he learns from an old family friend about his family's survival duri [...]

    17. A slim novel, Memory is translated from the original French. It was published first in the UK in English as "Secret." It's a novel that reads like a memoir, especially because the subject's first name is never spoken but his family name is the same as the author's. The timing/age of the author based on his jacket photo also make it confusing.It's a novel about a family secret having to do with The Holocaust and missing family members. Some clunky writing in places, likely due to the translations [...]

    18. This book was heart-rendering, but also sexist and exploitative. As a book of fiction, I felt it was masquerading as a non-fiction work and would have assumed it to be so if it hadn't been labeled. Although based on true events, introducing ambiguity when talking about the Holocaust removes it from the real world and leaves it vulnerable to sensationalism. Mr. Grimbert wants to reclaim his last name, "Grinberg," but he never publishes under that name and uses his imagination to fill in gaps betw [...]

    19. A very short but powerful novel (much of which I believe is actually autobiographical) about a fifteen year old boy who learns about his family's sorrow and history during the Holocaust. Self described as weak and sickly, Phillipe has always imagined an older brother - stronger, athletic (like his parents), and protective. He learns from a neighbor and family friend that the carefully constructed life his parents told him was fiction, and his dreams of a brother were true. Translated from French [...]

    20. Vorig jaar als film gezien, niet zóveel indruk gemaakt.Als boek grootser, hoewel klein boekje. Korte hoofdstukken, mooi, helder taalgebruik. Indrukwekkende ontvouwing van de waarheid, de blijkbaar (deels?) autobiografische waarheid. Shocking in zijn tragiek. Bewonderenswaardige verwerking door de hoofdpersoon waarvan ik pas heel laat ontdekte dat de schrijver ´Grimbert´, en de verteller van het verhaal dezelfde naam delen.Om ooit nóg eens te lezen

    21. Philippe Grimbert is psychanalyste.Writer uses his expertise in the book when he tells the events through the eyes of characters.He is telling a tragedy that you discover with the writer.The writer draws your attention on how the characters feel,think and react but not the events.This is the first novel I read in french and it was a different experience.

    22. This haunting novel was one of my favorites of last year. Based on the author's own family history, it's the story of a family haunted by the secrets of their past: an illicit love affair,a lost child, and a devastating betrayal dating back to the Second World War. Now in paperback, it's a perfect choice for book groups.Wendy

    23. Der wenige Jahre nach dem 2. Weltkrieg in Paris geborene Autor erzählt in diesem Roman eher anekdotenhaft die Geschichte seiner eigenen - jüdischen - Familie. Ein richtiger Roman in dem Sinne ist die Erzählung eigentlich nicht. Es ist eine interessante und tragische Familiengeschichte, aber die Erzählweise dient nicht dazu, das Geschehen "mitzuerleben".3,5 Sterne

    24. This is a short but interesting novel, loosely based on the author's true experience. At age 15, he discovers his parents' true past and Jewish background that they had hidden from him. They had created a whole false past of what had happened during WWII.

    25. This book was okay! It was pretty interesting. But it didn't really grab my attention the way I was hoping it would.

    26. Lu cette histoire pour les cours, que j'ai détesté. Aucun intérêt selon moi. J'ai mis une étoile simplement parce que l'auteur a pris la peine de l'écrire.

    27. Why it received multiple awards I'm still trying to figure that out the character development lacked authenticity.

    28. If you’re looking for a book that is a quick read but will linger in your thoughts long after you’ve returned it, Memory may be the book for you. I read this book in two short afternoons, but have been thinking about its little nuances for months resulting in this review.The story involves the unraveling of a families’ past through the eyes of a quiet, reserved boy of fifteen. The secrets he seeks to unlock involve his parents and their lives as Jews during WWII France. Our protagonist has [...]

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