Cameron 2

Cameron Cameron is back on the scene with even drama suspense and action than before Trying to escape the life she used to lead is tougher than Cameron could ever imagine Her journey as a young woman trying

  • Title: Cameron 2
  • Author: Jade Jones
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 229
  • Format: ebook
  • Cameron is back on the scene with even drama, suspense, and action than before Trying to escape the life she used to lead is tougher than Cameron could ever imagine.Her journey as a young woman trying to survive the wicked streets only gets intense as Cameron is forced to deal with seemingly impossible obstacles Will she be able to handle the pressure and maintCameron is back on the scene with even drama, suspense, and action than before Trying to escape the life she used to lead is tougher than Cameron could ever imagine.Her journey as a young woman trying to survive the wicked streets only gets intense as Cameron is forced to deal with seemingly impossible obstacles Will she be able to handle the pressure and maintain her relationship with Jude, or will a vengeful ex destroy what they worked so hard to build Cameron 2 is an eventful journey full of love, lust, surprises, and one shocking secret that is sure to leave readers in awe

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    One thought on “Cameron 2”

    1. Well Well Ms. Jade. I bought and finished this book in a day! Cameron has gone through hell and back yet again! Add Ericka and Tiff to the mix and that spelled disaster. I knew Tiff was hell from the word go! Her drama was like Poca reincarnated! I must say I didn't expect the events between them to go down like that but I wasn't surprised. Ericka on the other hand, I didn't see that one brewing. OMG! Although this seemed to be a very short read I did enjuy it and hope Cameron has finally learne [...]

    2. Great ReadIt took me a minute to catch on to what happened in the first because it had been a few years sense I read the the first one but it was a good read, Cameron has gone through more shit then anybody I know sista need a break. Kudos great read

    3. Although this was a good book I still say that Cameron was still stupid. In part 2 she still had not learned her lesson with who her friends were. Again to move a friend into your home, let them allow you to take them to the strip club to help them get a job, then this friend of yours is just another Poca, now you walk in you home to find that she about to shower with your man. Blah, blah, blah this chick was like really stupid. At nineteen how dumb do you have to be in order to learn a lesson. [...]

    4. ❤❤❤Cameron just can't catch a break. I feel so bad for her. I thought Wallace was her brother. That Tiffany and Ericka are bat sh#t crazy. I hope Cam can get some piece in her life

    5. WowThis book is full of surprises. Usually in a book I pretty much know who the main character is going to be with but in this book it is truly hard to tell. Cameron has suffered so many loses I hope she will get a break in book 3. Great series so far!!!

    6. Really good bookI love Jade Jones she is a very good writer. I am following you on Instagram. Keep up the good work. I have read 6 of your books so far and enjoyed them all.

    7. Author: Jade Jones Published By: J.J.Age Recommended: AdultReviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 5Review:The author, Jade Jones really presented us once again with a well written novel. I found Cameron 2 a continuation of the first book and it was a good fast read. Poor Cameron. I can see that she still had trouble knowing just who her true friends very were. Cameron may have thought she had gotten rid of one friend named Pocahontas, but truly had that really happen? You will find that this story get [...]

    8. Oh Snap! I am really enjoying this series, and I am so glad that there is a Part 3 coming out real soon. Cameron just can't catch a break. Her choices in friends are just aweful. It was a shame what happen to Silk and Tiffany, but that powder will do that to you. Silk was becoming a problem anyway. He had become troubled ex gone stalker! Tiffany just took the path of distruction, and never could get back on track sad. I'm glad that Cam made a connection with her Aunt and found out who her brothe [...]

    9. Cameron and Jude were trying to make a life for themselves but drama followed them wherever they went. Cameron realized she didn't know who Jude truly was. She never took the time to ask him about his past, probably because she was just so happy to be away from her ex, Jude's past was the last thing on her mind. Jude's past puts Cam in an unfortunate situation and Jude's ex threatens to come between the two as well. A new man came on the scene, vying for Cam's affections and causes Jude to quest [...]

    10. I enjoyed reading this book. Cameron 2 is never disappointed but this book was funny and emotion at the same time. I'm stock because Kevin is really Cameron's brother and he's planning to kill his sister right what's happening to him. Tiffany was a good girl and good friends to Cameron but she was acting stupid and dumb around with Cameron. She was hanging out with wrong friends and she was jealous of Cameron. Ericka was crazy and dumb but she can't let Jude go. Silk was right about Jude but Cam [...]

    11. This book was amazing. Cameron is not to be messed with. Reading the book you think of Cameron as being a little naive, but she is not what she looks like. Cameron is off the chain and I also love the way her and Jude love and look out for one another. There were so many twist and turns in this book that you really have to be on your toes. The other part that I like is even if you don't read the books close together Jade refers to the previous characters in different parts of the book and it rem [...]

    12. This book is soooo good! Cameron just has terrible luck and its so crazy because you would think that after all the things she went through with Poca that she would learn to not make the same mistake twice! I'm anxious to see what is going to happen in Part 3Is she going to leave Jude for Marcus? Hm, I'm thinking that she will be with Marcus and the cycle will continue! But I'm hoping that her and Jude stay together raise their baby and they both plot and kill Erickad that Marcus becomes the sta [...]

    13. Good read I like this book . Can't believe Silk went out like that but oh well he won't be missed . And I knew Tiffany was going to be shady and be another Pocahontas and Cameron never realize it til after the fact things turn bad like girl when are you going to learn like wth . And I bet she's going to give Marcus a try and bet she still gone have drama in her life. And ericka crazy self still going to come for her. And Kenny I didn't want him to die I can't say I dislike him though . That mad [...]

    14. Not because she's one of my fave authors, but I tell you but this cameron book just get better and better. Tiffany was a piece of work, when you think people are so innocent they are not she was worse than Pocahontas in my opinion. Lord Ericka on the other hand was plain old Looney Tune. lol Loved me some Jude but he gots to get himself right. Now let's talk about Kevin, if he lives what would become of him and Cameron's relationship? Did auntie create a good bond or not! Well let's move on to p [...]

    15. I haven't read in years. I got back into reading because I'm always on my daughter's case so I decided to practice what I preached. I saw Shakeniah Joe on Instagram promoting the author and decided to check it out since Cameron 1 was free. Of course you just have to keep going once you are in so I brought the series. Let's say I was not disappointed and I can't wait until the finale. I am so impressed with the author I almost finished reading all her books in a few weeks.

    16. Dang this book was so good like the last one.The drama and secrets was crazy.I can't believe Cameron ended up with another one of Pocahontas but it was Tiffany.She was beyond crazy and way outta line but I'm sad to see her go.Damn Erica was crazy as heck like wat the heck lol.She was bat crazy.Now Jude was being dumb after he got out the hospital.I can't believe that ending with Kevin.Now I can't wait for part three

    17. Again not sure what to say this series has not gotten off to a good start. It had potential, but it missed the mark. The series lead is such a turn off that I find it difficult to understand what motivates her. Why is she so submissive? She's a willing doormat. Why?No character or plot development. I feel as if I've not read/listened to the same book that others have given high scores in their review. hmmmI listened to this on audible and returned it for a refund.

    18. Cameron is back and this time she trying to leave her stripper days behind her. She's got her man Jude and she's still in school, but she soon learns that things from both her and Jude's past comes back to haunt them both. This book was just as good as the first, if not better. Can't wait to read part 3

    19. Another amazing story from this author. Cameron just can not escape drama everyone she chooses to trust takes her through it. I was a little upset with Jude but hated what happened to him. I hope in the next installment Cameron can get the happy ending she deserves. Jade Jones keep up the good work.

    20. Just when I thought that things couldn't get any worse, poor Cameron just can't catch a break. this poor thing has been dealth a really bad hand. Everyone that she's cared for, had died right in front of her, and somehow she still managed to hold on. I'm looking forward to the day, that she'll get the happiness that she truly deserves.

    21. Crazy at its craziestWow talk about having screws lose. Carmen can't catch a break with these crazy heifers around all the time. Fell so sorry for her she just can't get right. Glad she was able to already get a little revenge by beating the brakes off of a few haters. Great read.

    22. This is a pretty good series; however, Cameron is getting on my nerves! She is so gullible! I dont know if I'll continue on with the series after this on because Cameron is pissing me off with her decision making. I am nosy though so I just might continue anyway! lol!

    23. Great BookI hate how gullible this 19 year old is but I guess when you're that age you think you know it all. I love the plot twists, I didn't like that the author featured 2 other books towards the end, I felt like she could have added more, but hey guess I'll see it in book 3

    24. Cameron 2Jade, Jade, what is up with the character Cameron? One cannot help but to feel sad and overwhelmed with her life. She is constantly the victim of rape, assault and harassment. Usually because she trust everyoneyou can't. Please send her some common sense in book 3.

    25. Nicely done! We had the opportunity to get thrust into the mind of Jade with her character Cameron. Just when I thought that things couldn't get crazier, she definitely proved me wrong!! When is part 3 coming Jade? I need that asap! Please and thank you.


    27. Good ReadI like this book I would love to give it a 5 star but Cameron is to gullible why do she keep putting her self in these crazy situations I don't know I will have to see in the next book.

    28. Page turnerThis book is ready good. It was a very easy read. A page turner. I can't wait to read book 3!!!!

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