Remembering Whitney: A Mother's Story of Life, Loss, and the Night the Music Stopped

Remembering Whitney A Mother s Story of Life Loss and the Night the Music Stopped On the eve of the Grammy Awards the world learned of a stunning tragedy Whitney Houston unquestionably one of the most remarkable and powerful voices in all of music had been silenced forever

  • Title: Remembering Whitney: A Mother's Story of Life, Loss, and the Night the Music Stopped
  • Author: Cissy Houston Lisa Dickey
  • ISBN: 9780062238412
  • Page: 310
  • Format: ebook
  • On the eve of the 2012 Grammy Awards, the world learned of a stunning tragedy Whitney Houston, unquestionably one of the most remarkable and powerful voices in all of music, had been silenced forever Over the weeks and months that followed, family, friends, and fans alike tried to understand how such a magnificent talent and beautiful soul could have been taken so earlyOn the eve of the 2012 Grammy Awards, the world learned of a stunning tragedy Whitney Houston, unquestionably one of the most remarkable and powerful voices in all of music, had been silenced forever Over the weeks and months that followed, family, friends, and fans alike tried to understand how such a magnificent talent and beautiful soul could have been taken so early and so unexpectedly.Glamorous and approachable, captivating and sweet, Whitney had long ago won the hearts of America, but in recent years her tumultuous personal life had grabbed as many headlines as her soaring vocal talents Her sudden death left behind not only a legacy of brilliance, but also painful questions with no easy answers.Now, for the first time, the beloved superstar s mother, Cissy Houston a gospel legend in her own right relates the full, astonishing scope of the pop icon s life and career From Whitney s earliest days singing in the church choir to her rapid ascent to the pinnacles of music stardom, from her string of number one hits to her topping the Hollywood box office, Cissy recounts her daughter s journey to becoming one of the most popular and successful artists of all time Setting the record straight, Cissy also speaks candidly about Whitney s struggles in the limelight, revealing the truth about her turbulent marriage to singer Bobby Brown, her public attempts to regain her celebrated voice, and the battle with drugs that ultimately proved too much.In this poignant and tender tribute to her Nippy, Cissy summons all her strength to reveal not only Whitney the superstar, but also Whitney as a sweet girl, a bright eyed young woman, and a deeply caring mother.Complete with never before seen family photographs, Remembering Whitney is an intimate, heartfelt portrait of one of our most revered artists, from the woman who cherished her most.

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    One thought on “Remembering Whitney: A Mother's Story of Life, Loss, and the Night the Music Stopped”

    1. It is hard to rate a book like this- a grieving mom retelling her memories of her now deceased child. First let me say that I was annoyed by the grammatical errors in the book. I hate that writing and editing isn't taken more seriously nowadays.There were so many things that I did not know about Whitney Houston, but this book did not give a lot of insight into her per se. It was a book about Cissy Houston- about her willful ignorance about her daughter's drug use, about her choice to miss out on [...]

    2. Remembering Whitney: My Story of Love, Loss, and the Night the Music Stopped by Cissy Houston was just an ok book. It is very difficult to write a review about a book on somethng so devastingly personal. I love Whitney and her performance.A huge portion of this book is about Cissy Houston from her childhood life, singing career, courtship and marriage, to places she traveled. From the title you would expect the book to be about her mother remembering Whitney. The book should have been about Whit [...]

    3. Intentionally or unintentionally, Cissy Houston was in the dark about her daughter. While the book does gives the reader sporadic glimpses of who the woman behind "The Voice" really was, there really isnt too much Whitney in this book. Most of this is because Cissy claimed to not really know the extent of her daughter's issues. Much of the book is spent on Cissy's career in the music industry and her marriage, and i found that rather tedious. Regardless of which, i found Cissy Houston to be a no [...]

    4. I'll say it. I'm a HUGE Whitney Houston fan. I have been since I played the cassette tape of I wanna dance with somebody in my bedroom and danced in circles to exhaustion. I thought I knew it alltill I read this book. Mrs. Houston has painted a heartfelt and warming portrayal of a woman so close to our hearts and even closer to hers. We are invited to learn of Whitney's upbringing, her highs and her lows, her hopes and her doubts and her never ending faith in God. I spent the day reading this bo [...]

    5. The reason that I am giving this book 3 stars is because there isn't an option for half star ratings. I picked up Remembering Whitney because I am a HUGE Whitney fan. When she died, I was shocked and hurt like she was an auntie. I watched that very long funeral like I was a family member. However, I was left a little disappointed by the book. I guess I thought that because this was a remembrance written by her mother that it would have more.formation in it. I spent the first 110 pages wondering [...]

    6. Whitney Houston will always be one of my favorite female vocalist. The voice will often be imitated but never duplicated, mocked but never mastered, it has the ability to purge your heart. Reading this memoir was very hard to get through, just to think of the things she endured with. Cissy events about what led to her demise was disheartening, it seems like she tried everything to keep Houston alive. Although I am familiar with some details in this book, some things took me by surprise. I had no [...]

    7. This is probably the most difficult book for me to comment on. My heart and emotions are literally all over the place with it. The things Whitney and I have in common: we were the same age, have daughters the same age, were raised in church, love God, and our mothers were strict disciplinarians. That is where the similarities end, lol. Initially when I began reading this book I felt cheated. It started out I thought as an autobiography of Cissy's life. I thought what does this have to do with Wh [...]

    8. This book is largely about Cissy with a little bit of Whitney thrown in, however, everything she says about Whitney is always tied back to herself. I was under the impression that this book was supposed to be a tribute to the late great Whitney Houston and more about her story so I was disappointed.

    9. Sad. From page one, this book was sad. I don't think Cissy Houston even realizes how much fame distorted her relationship witn her daughter. I doubt that celebrities who become the meal ticket for their family can ever trust that what they share with them is a healthy give and take.

    10. What an Inspirational Story!If you have ever lost a loved one in your life, you must read this book. Is is truly inspirational!

    11. Four stars: An emotional and informative look at the woman with an amazing voice.Cissy Houston's her beautiful daughter, Whitney Houston, passed away three years ago. Cissy lost her daughter and the world lost one of the most gifted and talented singers of our time. This is a poignant book that details the life of Whitney or Nippy as Cissy calls her. Cissy shares her memories of her daughter as she rose to fame and catapulted into super stardom with her hit I Will Always Love You. Shortly after, [...]

    12. I can't say I was all that big of a Whitney Houston fan. I appreciated that she had a great voice but her music wasn't really my thing and I was turned off by the way she embarrassed herself in the public eye in the later years (crack is wack!).I wanted to read this book because I was more interested in the mother trying to save her daughter perspective of the tragedy. Cissy Houston did not disappoint. The woman is the personification of class. There is no doubt that she loved her daughter but a [...]

    13. I can remember the first time I ever heard the voice of Whitney Houston with such clarity. It was 1985 and “Saving All My Love For You” came on the radio. I can remember being blown away and yet envious of her voice. I knew from that first note that this was only the beginning of Whitney songs that I would enjoy throughout the years. Being very shy I never wanted to sing in front of anyone, but I have always loved singing. As a teen I would go in my room and sing along with “Saving All My [...]

    14. I remember Whitney when her music hit the waves from her debut album, "Whitney Houston". She was hot! I was so taken aback by the magnitude of her voice and artistic interpretations that I couldn't hear enough of her music once she stepped onto the scene. She was captivating, beautiful, celebrated and phenomenal. Then came the insidious downward slide in the 90's that started with music awards and acceptance speeches where she was just so in your face about her recreational drug use: twitching o [...]

    15. When I completed this book, I really thought about it for a few days after. I wondered why Whitney Houston's mom wrote it. It had to be a form of healing, somewhat cathartic, because she does not put herself in a good light. My honest opinion of this book is: the mom put her career before her family and was rarely involved - even when she was needed. Throughout the book, many times it was mentioned where her daughter asked her mom to please come to her, and most times, the mom didn't. My impress [...]

    16. I wanted to read this book to get Cissy Houston’s perspective. Cissy did a great job of explaining how much she loved Whitney and the book shed light into why Whitney's life turned out the way it did. The books also exemplifies how much Cissy loved her daughter and at the same time shows that Cissy allowed Whitney to live her own life and make her own choices and mistakes. In the end, I believe that Whitney just wanted to sing but she got caught up in bad things because of the choices she made [...]

    17. This was a very touching book written by her mother. I think going into this book you need to keep in mind it was written by her mom. No mother is going to write a book full of smut about their daughter. This is filled with positive memories and stories of how Nippy became Whitney Houston. It was nice to read facts about her that weren't all tainted by her drug use. I really enjoyed this and it gave me a greater appreciation for her and her music.

    18. I am surprised by all the positive reviews for this book. Nothing new was learned in this book. Over half of it told the history of Cissi Houston's career and in the end I just felt sad that Cissi didn't really know Whitney at all.

    19. Whitney Elizabeth Houston was one of the best singers in the world. Oprah called her "The Voice". She was brought in a musical family. Her mother, Cissy Houston, was part of the gospel group and worked with prominent artists such as Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, Luther Vandross. Whitney's cousin, Dionne Warwick, is an award-winning artist and still active in music industry.Once, Whitney was on her peak singing "I Will Always Love You" with her flawless voice that gave shivers to millions of pe [...]

    20. Remembering Whitney: My Story of Love, Loss, and the Night the Music Stopped, is a mother’s moving tribute to her daughter’s memory. Though Whitney Houston’s struggles with drugs were well publicized, Cissy Houston devotes much of the book to providing an intimate glance into her relationship with her superstar daughter.This is not a mother who was blind to her children’s flaws while making excuses for their self-destructive behavior; nor does she portray herself as a “perfect” mothe [...]

    21. Whitney Houston died on my birthday, so the week before my birthday seemed like a good time to listen to this audiobook. I liked Whitney Houston a lot when I was little, but I didn't really know that much about her personal life, or most of the events that her mom talks about in the book. It was kind of a funny book, because Cissy told her own whole life story too, like it's probably a third of the way into the book before Whitney is even born. And Cissy clearly loves Whitney a lot, but she also [...]

    22. Being a mother, I could relate to Cissy's pain and anguish of having her daughter die before her. I thought the story was well told. Whitney (or Nippy as her Mom called her) was a beautiful, talented singer who made several bad decisions.It must be hard being her mother and having to watch from the sidelines as your daughter makes those decisions and not being able to help. Even the one time she tried to intervene, Cissy could not stop the hold that drugs had on her daughter. The most painful th [...]

    23. Loved this book. I grew up listening to Whitney Houston , and it was interesting to hear the details behind her downfall. Not the gossip, but the reason Whitney may have been a victim of drugs. Her mom described her as wanting to please others and desperate to avoid conflict. She clearly loved a troubled man, but her problems with drugs began before him. She may have had a lesbian relationship, too, and that would have been a shame if the inability to be herself could have contributed to her ins [...]

    24. Cissy Houston's memoir of life with Whitney. Some are saying they did not like how Cissy spoke more about her life than Whitney's. While some parts about her music career did drag I think her story sheds some light on Whitney's life growing up such as her mother leaving the family to perform around the country and Whitney pretending she was from "the bricks." Those stories give clues that may have affected the choices she made later on in life. Others mention how Cissy did not know much about th [...]

    25. The basic gist of this memoir is Cissy going "I had no idea what was going on with Whitney and those drugs. People told me things but I didn't believe them because I didn't see it with my own eyes." "I'm a don't take no mess kinda woman but I let my kid snort her way into an early grave. If only she would have asked me for help but she didn't." "I can't speak on that because I wasn't there." To which I say, well then what exactly was the point of the book Cissy. There was nothing in there that w [...]

    26. Whitney Houston's untimely death was very sad, but not surprising. Her mother is obviously still grieving. I do not think this book revealed much of Whitney at all, and it may have highlighted actually how alienated most of her family, especially her mother, was from her. I think the title was an ill-fitting description of the book. The book (and this is not a bad thing because Cissy's life was fascinating) was about Cissy Houston and not very much about the loss of Whitney or the 'night the mus [...]

    27. I didn't grow up while Whitney Houston was in her prime but I do know a couple of her most popular songs. She wasn't a celebrity I paid much attention to but through this book I feel like I know and understand her better. This book is beautifully written and portray Whitney as Cissy one and only daughter not as Whitney Houston the great singer. I enjoyed reading this book although some parts were extremely sad. This is proof that everybody is a person first and even celebrities have real problem [...]

    28. The book was not what I expected. Cissy made no excuses for Nippy and held her daughter fully accountable for the decisions she made that resulted in her untimely death. However, you felt her very strong faith, her grief, her pride, her love and protective nature toward her daughter. I'm not a huge biography fan, but enjoyed the introspection regarding their relationship and Cissy's perceptive of the life and death her famous daughter.

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