The Children of the Sun

The Children of the Sun It s been two and a half years since the American council defeated the Burilgi rebel Aros Kreskas and restored order to their world With the Children of the Sun the militaristic cult of vampire hunte

  • Title: The Children of the Sun
  • Author: Christopher Buecheler
  • ISBN: 9780988470804
  • Page: 150
  • Format: ebook
  • It s been two and a half years since the American council defeated the Burilgi rebel Aros Kreskas and restored order to their world With the Children of the Sun, the militaristic cult of vampire hunters, in a period of apparent dormancy, the vampires of North America have enjoyed a time of relative peace Two Majors has spent the years focusing on training with body and sIt s been two and a half years since the American council defeated the Burilgi rebel Aros Kreskas and restored order to their world With the Children of the Sun, the militaristic cult of vampire hunters, in a period of apparent dormancy, the vampires of North America have enjoyed a time of relative peace Two Majors has spent the years focusing on training with body and sword, and on rebuilding the life that was torn away from her by Abraham She still holds out hope that she might someday locate her friend Tori, and bring the former vampire to salvation, but with each passing day that outcome seems less and less likely.When The Children of the Sun strike at a trio of vampires visiting Chicago, it begins a war that will eventually devastate the American council and threaten every vampire not only in that country, but in all the world The Children have found their weapon, and trained her, and now she has become an engine of destruction hell bent on eradicating every last vampire on earth Tori Perrault, once like a sister to Two, is now her greatest enemy.Survival depends on a desperate plan Two and her companions must take the fight to the Children themselves, or risk losing everything There is no choice but to fight, and only one question remains where, exactly, can the Children be found

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      150 Christopher Buecheler
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    One thought on “The Children of the Sun”

    1. The Children of the Sun was absolutely amazing!It's was a brilliant end to a brilliant trilogy and I'm really sad it's over.Two and Thereon are living their well deserved happy lives.But then it seems that the Children of the Sun, a well trained organisation who kills vampires, is out to kill all vampires, not just a few rogue ones like they used to do.After a few brutal attacks from the Children of the Sun, the American Vampire Council has only two choices : flee or fight the Children of the Su [...]

    2. Two's story has finally came to an end. Sad that it has finished but happy that she finally got her happy ending with the man she loves.Hell of a lot of action in this which I absolutely enjoyed. Wished that there was a proper finish to Tori's part to be honest. I wanted a completed happy closure to everyones story, because of the way it finished with Tori it's made me want to read like a story made just for Tori now as main character Which was why I gave it 4 stars. If the book lefted her dead [...]

    3. Well what a treat the book was released EARLY!Ahhhh what to say.what an adventure Two has taken us on. It was a bit bittersweet to see her story come to conclusion.I was so excited to see the relationship between Two an Thereon continue. I fell in love with them in book one an was so happy to see them unite.This final book keeps you hooked an reeled in until you turn that last page with a fofilled contented sigh.Maybe someday down the road Christopher will take pity on us an write a short novell [...]

    4. These three books have changed how I look at vampire series. I cannot express how happy I am with this series! I was so invested with Two, Theroen, Tori, Sasha, Naomi and the rest of the wonderful cast. I cried at the losses, cheered with the victories. I loved the whole political aspect of it. I get so tired of the romantic aspect of the fanger booksis one really is a look into how vampires would exist, if they did, in our society. The hierarchy, the power plays, the utterly human-ness of the v [...]

    5. What a great add to Twos stories i'm just sad it's over I feel in love with the world Christopher brought to us. I'm really gonna miss them all, but for some reason i think the way it ended, we might be surprised with some new stories, idk. =) The book is amazing! There was a few grammatical errors, but nothing that would compromise the quality of the reading. The storie catches your attention from the beginning to the very end!Totally recommend it!

    6. Two & a half years have passed since "Two" Majors helped the American council of vampires defeat Aros, and in that time she has honed her vampire skills, while desperately searching for her friend Tori. As a new threat emerges, it once again falls on Two to take the lead or face annihilation.The thrilling conclusion to The II AM Trilogy, Christopher Buecheler once again pushes Two to her limits and beyond.

    7. I had the opportunity to be an advance reader of this book and I must say, I could not have been happier! My copy arrived in my email a few days after my birthday, so that was even better! I could not have asked for a better ending to this series. The humorous snippets were worth it alone! This series is so well thoght out, right down to the timeline Chris released for his devoted fans. Thanks again for allowing me to travel with you on this crazy 2 AM adventure!

    8. Read the three books from the first one to the last, you will not be disappointed. If you like vampires, sex, war/fighting then you'll surely enjoy this book! All three books IGive 5 stars to and two thumbs up! Loved them and wish they hadn't ended! The author needs to continue with the series and make another couple Of books!!! ASAP please? Pretty pretty pretty please??!!! :) <3<3

    9. I am glad Thomas and Naomi got together as she deserved someone to make her happy and seeing two that way hurt her as she truly loved her but knew she would never have her as twos love had and always will be theron.Sad what happens but I hoping tori finds what she needs but I don't then she would be happy. Poor girl.Book defiantly one you she read and the series is full of action

    10. I loved all three of these books Got into the characters and involved in the plots I just hope there is more to come from Two and co I won't spoil the read by dissecting the story but I can say you won't be disappointed by reading it An author worth watching It only took that long to read it because I was leaving my kindle at home and listening to books on the iPod

    11. I Loved this series and this was a great ending for Two but left a wonderful opening for a book about Tori which I hope Chris visits some day in the future. All in all a great book and a great series.

    12. Oh my goshwhat can I sayI have waited for the book for what feels like ages but it was well whether the wait. The story was great, finding out more about the vampires we know, meeting and discovering new ones. Totally totally brilliant

    13. A great ending to a fantastic series! The story moves along quickly, with many fight scenes to enjoy. We lose some favorite characters, and gain respect for previously hated ones. The ending is realistic, and leaves an opening for further tales from members of the group.

    14. Pretty good series! This book was action packed and. A little had my jaw dropping on a few occassions crass at times but all in all, decent read, phenominal ending.

    15. Very good, albeit slow at times. Much better than #2. I was happy that there really weren't lose ends in the ending.

    16. This is an amazing end to the II AM Trilogy! It kept me looking forward to the next page all the way through. I'm looking forward to more great books from Christopher.

    17. Absolutely amazing read!! Gutted that the trilogy has finished but I'm so happy I read them!! Might give it a week and read all again!!

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