ソードアート・オンライン9: アリシゼーション・ビギニング


  • Title: ソードアート・オンライン9: アリシゼーション・ビギニング
  • Author: Reki Kawahara 川原 礫 abec あべし
  • ISBN: 9784048862714
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • NPC

    • [PDF] Download ☆ ソードアート・オンライン9: アリシゼーション・ビギニング | by ☆ Reki Kawahara 川原 礫 abec あべし
      303 Reki Kawahara 川原 礫 abec あべし
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download ☆ ソードアート・オンライン9: アリシゼーション・ビギニング | by ☆ Reki Kawahara 川原 礫 abec あべし
      Posted by:Reki Kawahara 川原 礫 abec あべし
      Published :2019-02-18T13:33:57+00:00

    One thought on “ソードアート・オンライン9: アリシゼーション・ビギニング”

    1. This book is a total change of pace from the previous books. Like some parts of book #7 "Mother Rosario", Kawahara treats the story in a more classical SI-FI way, going deep into fundamental questions about the implications of the new technological developements, new virtual diving machines, new worlds, the essence of the human conciousness that pleased me greatly!but the book is somewhat boring. Or I should specify that it's really boring at the start. This book is 2/3 a "Prologue" to a plot t [...]

    2. This is the first part of the Alicization saga and so there is a bit of a back story explaning the technology involved and sort of goes a little bit overboard on explanations, but I felt they it was pretty interesting. This story takes place in a new world called underworld and this place really reinvents the series. There are true hardships that take place and the "game" or wherever Kirito is at this point, which is more realistic than Kirito could even imnagine, and takes on several aspects of [...]

    3. The Project Alicization arc starts off very strong. I absolutely love the setting of Underworld. It's quite reminiscent of Legend of Zelda, and Lord of the Rings; the world building is excellent. The real star of the show however is the concept of the soul translator. The lengthy explanation of its functions create a fresh new setting for SAO, and I'm very happy to see it go beyond video games to actual reality simulation. I really enjoyed the philosophical and psychological themes that make you [...]

    4. It’s quite different from previous books, it proposes questions on what is human, what is consciousness and what is reality, we only have a short time lapse to know what happened after the Death Gun and Mother’s Rosario books with another BoB coming but the story focuses on this new machine that make us think what is real and about the time, it’s a scary thing but a fascinating one. The author tells us that he left behind much of the technical Videogame Slang to focus on telling the story [...]

    5. Sped through in almost one day had to stop to eat, shower and sleep. Wish I hadn't finished it that fast because this new narrative arc is a blast! XD I want to read the next one NOW! The other novels in the main narrative series left me a bit "meh" with the exception of the GGO/Phantom Bullet arc. This one's powerful narrative, mind-boggling technology and new interesting characters and story captured my undivided attention. I wish I could read Japanese to get on to the next novel right away. [...]

    6. this arc is very upsetting, and it's going to go on for years. IRL. ten novels long, and this is just the first. the first sao novel to follow the alicization arc is coming out - in Japan - next month. so here's to five actual years of stressing out over this becauseASUNAthis poor girl.

    7. I finished reading Sword Art Online Volume 9 recently. This is the start of the Alicization Arc, which, as of this posting, has not been adapted for an anime (although one is in the making). This was a novel experience for me as I watched the first four arcs before reading them (technically, I've only read the first two). I will examine Plot, Character, and Polish before assigning a grade. PLOTWhat I like about this arc, and this volume in particular, is the three layers of plots. On one hand is [...]

    8. ¡Qué buen inicio de saga, señores!Al principio es un poco difícil saber hacia dónde va la historia y en el medio se pone un poco lenta, pero la tercera parte narrada por Kirito es simplemente abrumadora y para mí corrije cualquier error que haya visto a lo largo del libro.Me salté los otros 7 porque ya los había visto en el anime y sé que no me pierdo mucho (aún así pienso leerlos pronto) pero este me llamó porque sé que el anime basado en este arco se estrena pronto y quería ir ad [...]

    9. Ok, so this volume is soooo different from the previous volumes (1 to 8).Because it's a hole new world and story. If the previous volumes was telling you about SAO, ALO and GGO, now in this volume, it's not. And if i can describe about what i really like the most from this volume is, the harem part of Kirito is not that much, even almost nothing, lol :D . I love itActually i'm not really like harem story (even tho SAO is not harem novel, and yeah I know it, but it's like harem in some part for m [...]

    10. When I started reading this I had to go back and check if I was really reading SAO, In this volume almost everything we have come to expect from SAO is changed. It is not a bad change! I quite liked it once I got used to it. And it reads just as easy as the other ones.Another thing that changed is the cast Of course we have our trusted hero Kirito but the rest of the group will not be in the spotlight. fortunately we get some great characters in return It being the first of an new arc a lot of w [...]

    11. Once again, Kawahara does a very nice job of putting together a science fiction/video game world with an entertaining story as well as a thoughtful background which leaves one thinking. The characters are well done, with decent development throughout these novels. Overall, I felt this book had an underlying message: What is reality and what is not reality? However, I think the story of this series is getting a tad repetitive in its scope (but they should still start making this new arc into a se [...]

    12. The last half of the book is great, but the first 100 pages which act as a prologue for the whole Alicization story are plain boring!Focus is back on Kirito, and the setting and story are cool. No harem, also great. No OP Kirito to a certain extent. So, all in all, not bad at all. Looking forward to the next one.

    13. A really interesting new arc. I enjoyed the core of it and the theme of going further into "reality" and "perception". the new technology in this book is cool to read about. The beginning was a bit slow for me but picked up after the exposition.Lots of woodcutting in this one.I'll be reading the rest of Alicization. Finally, Kirito gets to add a guy to his crew ;)

    14. The first SAO novel with never-before-seen content- this marks the start of the beginning of SAO's official 4th arc: Project "Alicization".(Ugh- just spent over an hour working on a review before accidentally deleting it! Full review to come!)

    15. Absolutely loved this! I was not able to put this down; everything from the new world being described to new characters makes me want the next volume asap! This story arc looks like it's going to be a long journey and I can't wait for it!

    16. Well i prefer watching anime or movie than reading books. But this book allowed me to imagine beyond my mind and its exciting!

    17. Omg. Kirito listens to Asuna. He used the word pragmatic!!!Now this arc, which appears to be longer then one book, has a new spin on things. I admit the first few chapters had me confused. Their is quiet a bit of science and phycology going on in this arc. And dare I say, a matrix like mode as well. Each of Reki's story arcs seems to be darker then the last as we delve in the mysteries of the online world. While Underworld doesn't come across as dark as GGO or sad as the Sleeping Knights, I woul [...]

    18. Que decir ¡ME FASCINO!, cuando pensé que S.A.O. ya no me sorprendería viene el arco de "Alicization", muy buena trama dejando atrás lo antes visto.El principio me de dejo contrariada, no entendía que estaba pasando ¿Kirito niño? ¿amigos de la infancia? ¿todo es un recuerdo? ¿por que no recuerda a sus amigos? ¿otra dimensión?, aunque la impaciencia me ganaba a ratos, cuando entendí que el libro empezaba con kirito dentro de ese "nuevo mundo virtual tan cercano a la realidad" me parec [...]

    19. J'avais pas mal d'appréhension en commençant ce nouvel arc - notamment à cause de quelques spoilers qui m'en avait donné une mauvaise impression, mais après un départ mitigé cette lecture s'est révélée très sympathique ! On retrouve Kirito dans un nouveau monde, ce tome nous permet de le comparer à SAO entre-autre. De nous le faire connaître. C'est un univers plus complexe, un jeu à l'allure de réalité et la façon dont Kirito y a été introduit est intéressante. J'ai vraiment [...]

    20. Sword Art Online: Alicization BeginningReki KawaharaThis book is the beginning (as the title suggests) of the Alicization Arc, and so far the longest arc. The book is about our protagonist Kirito going to the a new world deemed the , but the problem is he doesn't know how got there, or why. He eventually meets an (old) friend named Eugeo, and this is the two's journey to find and save Eugeo's childhood friend Alice. But, Kirito has another objective, to contact the outside world and to get out o [...]

    21. "Alicization" story arc, start! (and this one is gonna take a few volumes, get ready)The series takes a leap forward from what its done before, and attempts for more classic SciFi serious stuffTakes plenty of time to actually get there. There's a very lengthy prologue, then Kirito has pages and paaaaages of techno-babble explanations for Asuna (was seriously waiting for someone to say "reverse the polarity" at one point, but alas) (view spoiler)[followed by a crazy ex-Laughing Coffin attack on h [...]

    22. 4.5 stars! I'm pleasantly surprised. Maybe it was the fact that this is the first time I read an arc at this story that I haven't watched the anime, maybe it is my love of mysteries or the fact that it touches on the philosophical aspects of AI and consciousness, but I think this is without a doubt the best entry in this series till now. I only hope the end of the arc would be even better. This time, Kirito is in a new setting, with new characters. With new VR technology that blurs the lines bet [...]

    23. Sword Art Online - Alicization Beginning by Reki Kawahara is a novel about a person named Kirito who finds himself trapped in another virtual reality due to an assault, but this time it is one that is extremely realistic. When he visits a NPC (Non player character) village, he meets Eugeo and Selka. He then finds out that everyone has a sacred task, and that his is to cut down the Gigas tree, which task had been handed down for 7 generations. After finding a giant silver sword, Kirito destroys t [...]

    24. I first watched TV adaptation of part 1 and 2 of this series. It wasn't much other than hot-blooded adventures and other RPG story cliches, but certainly was very entertaining. Then as part 3 hasn't been released in animation, I proceeded with novels in Chinese translation, and found it started to feel different. The tone is a little philosophical, maybe, and the author's ambition to write something with more depth is clear with the exploration of possibilities of soul simulation and duplication [...]

    25. Kirito (yet again) trapped in a VR world due to an unfinished business from Phantom Bullet Arc.The pacing is great, it doesn't feel rushed at all unlike the 1st couple of author's books. The writer slowly takes the time for world building and trying connect the story with the previous books so the pacing might be a bit slow at first. And since this is the start of a new arc there are many unexplained mysteries which probably will be addressed on future books. It's also crammed with pseudo scienc [...]

    26. So I had some difficulty starting this book. The first 50 pages were jarring and I was not interested. Then the story went back to the real world and I got to read what Kirito, Asuna, and Sinon were up to. That got me excited again. Then a main character got injured and then it was back to the new virtual world. Ugh, then I had a hard time continuing. I fell asleep several times reading the next couple chapters. I powered through and finally started getting into it. By then end of the story I wa [...]

    27. Another nice read; new concepts, new ideas and insights on yet VMMORPG topic in relation to reality. The story seems promising since I have not started Volume 10 and 11.I also noted that the author seemed to be very well-versed in some difficult concepts like Quantum Brain Dynamics - which even in is not an article of full-blown details. As usual, the discussion of reality versus virtual world is again as refreshing as the previous 8 books.

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