Enquanto a Minha Bela Dorme

Enquanto a Minha Bela Dorme Neeve Kearny filha do ex comiss rio de pol cia Myles e dona de uma butique chique na Madison Avenue tenta descobrir quem o assassino da famosa escritora Ethel Lambstn que pouco tempo antes de lan a

  • Title: Enquanto a Minha Bela Dorme
  • Author: Mary Higgins Clark
  • ISBN: 9724205053
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Neeve Kearny, filha do ex comiss rio de pol cia Myles e dona de uma butique chique na Madison Avenue, tenta descobrir quem o assassino da famosa escritora Ethel Lambstn que, pouco tempo antes de lan ar um livro de fofocas sobre o mundo da moda, aparece com a garganta cortada

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    One thought on “Enquanto a Minha Bela Dorme”

    1. Captivating read! compelling,interesting and great storytelling. One of my favorite books by this author (paperback!)

    2. "Que pode a Primavera fazer, a não ser renovar a necessidade que tenho de ti?""Enquanto a Minha Bela Dorme" é o primeiro livro que leio da Mary Higgins Clark e quando cheguei ao final, questionei-me porque demorei tanto tempo a finalmente decidir conhecer a autora.A história tem como pano de fundo o competitivo mundo da moda, que ao contrário do que dá a entender, nada tem de verdadeiramente belo. Como se por si só não fosse suficientemente catastrófico, o mundo da moda colide com o mund [...]

    3. While My Pretty One Sleeps is another harrowing mystery novel by Mary Higgins Clark. I liked the story but it wasn't as exciting as some of Clark's other works. The plot revolves around the death of Ethel Lambston, the best-selling author who wrote shocking articles about famous personalities. Ethel was a wealthy public figure with a scumbag, leech of a nephew and a hot-tempered ex-husband who was going bankrupt after paying her a total of 12,000 dollars a year worth of alimony; not to mention a [...]

    4. Mais um cartucho explodido da Mary Higgins Clark que não me deixou desiludido. Vários suspeitos com o propósito de nos deixar mais baralhados. Mas desta vez acertei logo a meio do livro quem seria o assassino Basta estar atento que uma frase revela tudo! ;)

    5. Εύπεπτη ιστοριούλα γεμάτη χορταστικά αμερικανικά στερεότυπα.Η πανέμορφη, πανέξυπνη, εξαιρετικά επιτυχημένη και πάμπλουτη Νηβ Κέρνυ, κόρη του συνταξιούχου, πρώην διευθυντή της αστυνομίας της Ν. Υόρκης, κατά σύμπτωση εξαιρετικά ικανού και αγαπητού, είναι ιδιοκτήτρια ενός [...]

    6. I really enjoy Mary Higgins Clark's writing style. The reader learns exactly what happens, what people say to each other, what characters are thinking. We see what they are wearing and what their surroundings are like. However, we have to draw conclusions for ourselves--we are given enough clues to figure out the mystery, but we are also given lots of red herrings. The characters are all interesting and understandable--even the villains. This book is no different. Set in the fashion industry in [...]

    7. I really enjoy Mary Higgins Clark I find that I have to have enough time to read because I get so involved in the book that I need to have everything right with the world again before I can stop reading.

    8. La novela tiene una prosa sencilla y fácil de leer. Si bien es una novela sobre un asesinato, su trama es bastante entretenida y muy poco escabrosa, con bastante personajes y misterios por resolver.Aunque no es una gran trama policial ni será un clásico del género, sirve para pasar un buen rato y entretenerse leyendo porque la historia tiene un ritmo bastante ágil .Un poco predecible su final ya que las pistas que se van dejando sobre todo llegando al final hacen que sea fácil de adivinar [...]

    9. The last four or five books I’ve read by women authors seem to place a lot of emphasis on fashion, either as a theme or as a supporting characteristic of the plot. This book is no exception.Neeve Kearny’s uncle is a prominent fashion designer. He set Neeve up in an elite boutique in New York. Ethel Langston, a writer, is one of Neeve’s better patrons. Ethyl is offed. Because the corpse is not dressed in the correct stylish attire, Neeve becomes suspicious. Neeve’s daddy is a retired NYC [...]

    10. Interestingly enough, to me, MHC wrote WHILE MY PRETTY ONE SLEEPS smack dab in between two of my favorites by her: WEEP NO MORE, MY LADY and LOVES MUSIC, LOVES TO DANCE. Unfortunately, I didn't love Neeve like I love Elizabeth and Darcy. Neeve may actually be one of the most dishrag yet annoying heroine to date (although I think SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE's heroine has that one on lock), and she made just about everything around her two-dimensional. I didn't like her relationship with her dad or her l [...]

    11. This was not bad. The trouble is, the story is set in the fashion industry circa 1988, so the necessary descriptions of outfits provide a slightly comical air when reading in 2014.A writer is murdered, shortly before a damming article is due to be published. Ethel happens to be the best client and a friend of Neeve Kearny, whose mother was murdered in oddly similar circumstances when Neeve was a child.Neeve's father is a retired police commissioner, but despite the best efforts of his detectives [...]

    12. Good story, but I'm getting tired of MHC's typically one- dimensional female leads. Ethel, a bestselling author, has gone missing and Neeve, a fashion store owner, is quite concerned. When Ethel is found dead, there are a number of suspects that wanted her dead. Neeve is determined to find the killer. I liked the way that a number of stories and characters were intertwined. I found myself wondering how a certain character fit into the story and everyone ended up fitting in quite nicely into the [...]

    13. I think I've read almost everything this author has written, and while she's definitely not my favorite author, I do like that she writes a clean and fun mystery with a little romance on the side. I read a lot of her books in high school, and I was thinking yesterday after bookclub that I would definitely recomend this author to my daughters when they are teenagers looking for a good mystery/romance. A teenager cannot go wrong with one of these books. While some of her work gets to feel like mor [...]

    14. In Mary Higgins Clark's While My Pretty One Sleeps, Neeve Kearny might be the only one worried about Ethel Lambston's disappearance. Ethel Lambston was a best-selling author and famous for her juicy exposés, and one of Neeve's best customers at her boutique, too. But some people were glad she was no longer around--her ex-husband, her nephew and featured fashion moguls in her writings have every reason to see her gone. But when Ethel was found dead with her throat cut, memories of her mother's l [...]

    15. Judge me if you must, but I'm a longtime MHC fan, & I'm not embarrassed to admit it. Her books are easy to read & easy to become engrossed in, the perfect little criminal escape to keep me page-turning & wondering whodunnit. Truth be told, this book was not her best - it fell a little flat, plot-wise & in terms of the characters & the typical twists & turns I expect from her novels - but it still made for enjoyable reading during my stay in a cabin in the woods. Books lik [...]

    16. I'm about 100 pages into this and I'm going to stop because nothing. is. happening. I'm tired of hearing about clothes, I'm tired of hearing how pretty and successful the passive, boring heroine is, and I'm tired of hearing about what a saint her dead mother is. No, I haven't guessed the culprit yet, but I haven't really tried, because honestly, I don't care.

    17. Half this book was unnecessary backstory. First the murder is done, then follows 150 pages of 'who-cares' crap. This was a short story that was made into a novella and sold as a short novel. It sucked and the only reason it isn't a worse grade is because once it got going, it was interesting.

    18. This was a re-read or a read again book. I credit Mary Higgins Clark with a lot of my love for reading.Just as good all these years later

    19. Another suspenseful story of Mary Higgins Clark. With fine detail about fashion and behind the scenes, although that isn't my strong suit I was still able to love the passion the main character, Neeve, had as well as could understand the opposing opinion of her father, former Police Commissioner. The opening scene is the gruesome murder of an eccentric character described later by all who knew her. Ethel, a well-established freelance writer, killed by someone you won't guess until the very last [...]

    20. It's highly unlikely that one would read a book close to 2 decades old and not find fault with the writing. Writing this review I choose to try and imagine reading this when it was first published. Probably being my first Higgins book and all the rage there was for her books I thought it best to rate it 3 stars. 21/2 to be precise. I managed to read till the end. It was an okay read. Wouldn't tell any reader not to pick it up.

    21. Like all MHC's books, a very entertaining read with likeable characters and an interesting plot. I guessed the murdered pretty early on, but even so MHC managed to keep the book fast paced and with enough adrenaline toward the end, so even if you guess the murderer early on you will still find it a fun read. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy mysteries with a little touch of romance.

    22. As always a chilling and exciting read, Definitely one of my favorite authors! Non stop Mystery and a shocking conclusion. I am always ready to read where she will take me next. Just when you think you have it figured outyou do not see it coming from that way!!

    23. Another reading challenge book - a NYT bestseller from the 80's. Not my favorite genre. I felt like I was watching an episode of Castle or NCIS or any other crime procedural. Except this one was full of details about exactly what color clothes and style everyone was wearing. I don't care.

    24. First time I read this author. Found it interesting from the start, wanted to keep reading it all the time. Just the right blend of characters and suspense.

    25. Good, quick mystery novel. It unraveled at a great pace, and kept me guessing. My firstMary Higgins Clark novel, but won't be my last.

    26. "Mientras " es una novela sencilla que entretiene con un giro final esperado, pero bien construído por lo que no se hace aburrida.

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