Constance Sidney Klein is a professor of poetry a single father with a poor marital record when he encounters the young enigmatic Constance Schuyler at a literary party in s Manhattan A few weeks later

  • Title: Constance
  • Author: Patrick McGrath
  • ISBN: 9781608199433
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sidney Klein is a professor of poetry, a single father with a poor marital record, when he encounters the young, enigmatic Constance Schuyler at a literary party in 1960s Manhattan A few weeks later, he proposes marriage, and Constance accepts, moving into his dark, book filled apartment But the bride is unhappy, tormented by a bitter past She has a troubled relationshiSidney Klein is a professor of poetry, a single father with a poor marital record, when he encounters the young, enigmatic Constance Schuyler at a literary party in 1960s Manhattan A few weeks later, he proposes marriage, and Constance accepts, moving into his dark, book filled apartment But the bride is unhappy, tormented by a bitter past She has a troubled relationship with her father, a retired doctor upstate, and is desperate for the emotional security Sidney can t fully provide Perhaps she s made a mistake in marrying him And then comes a devastating revelation, further jeopardizing the relationship Sidney can only watch and wait, doubting his own moral strength, as Constance becomes reckless and self destructive, unhelped by the arrival of her dissolute younger sister But Constance has formed an unlikely alliance with her small stepson, and he may be the only one who can help them now Constance is the story of one family, haunted by a trauma kept secret for decades It is also the portrait of a marriage under threat, and the allegiance and the courage that can lead us to the light.

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    One thought on “Constance”

    1. remember when happy meals at mcdonald's used to come with a little sack of cookies and a little cup of pop?? and now they come with, like, milk and apples?? am i wrong for wishing things could stay the same?? could stay reliable??because the two things we are supposed to be able to count on when we read patrick mcgrath are:gothic sensibilitiesthe unreliable narratorand this one has zero of either. where is my cooky?this "lack" doesn't make it bad, but i have been schooled, pavlovian-style, to be [...]

    2. Hi Patrick McGrath, thanks for phoning this foetus of a novel in!Was this written on a napkin during a barbecue on a long weekend? Because this is what it felt like. There was a good idea or two in it, but everything, including the writing, felt so stunted.My friend suggested that maybe ‘Constance’ is a satire on Freudian case studies. This was a very interesting and charitable interpretation but I think this book takes itself way too seriously to be a satire or pastiche of anything. What do [...]

    3. Il titolo di questo romanzo di McGrath è perfetto per descrivere il senso di estraneità di una donna nei confronti degli altri, ma soprattutto di se stessa.L'estranea, Constance, si trova a dover fare i conti con una verità e un passato a lei sconosciuto che sconvolgerà i suoi equilibri e la sua vita, già abbastanza precaria.Ciò che colpisce maggiormente è la capacità, la bravura di McGrath di scandagliare l'animo umano e con esso, tutte le nevrosi, i dubbi, le psicosi dei personaggi.Con [...]

    4. Overwrought psychosexual drama in 1960's Manhattan sounds like a lot of fun, but somehow wasn't. Not that it's bad by any means, but I expected more. It's a feverish dissection of a bad marriage between an older professor and a young woman. Sidney and Constance are equally fucked-up, although Sidney doesn't realize it. Her blatant Daddy issues kind of overshadow his own hang-ups. Deep dark family secrets are hinted at, but when they are finally revealed the effect isn't shocking, exactly. So Con [...]

    5. I am a massive McGrath fan and only have one more of his books to read unless he writes something else. However, I can understand why this book has taken a bit of a drubbing. While the writing is great, it does seem a little padded out which became frustrating at times. There was too much needless description of the characters actions for one thing. In my opinion it would've worked better as a novella.All that said; I found the story really engaging and I always appreciate stories where the horr [...]

    6. La narrazione alterna due punti di vista contrapposti, quelli della protagonista Constance e del suo borioso marito. Lui è convinto che lei sia una nevrotica senza speranza, lei pensa che il proprio padre sia la causa di tutti i mali e che il marito ne sia una replica soffocante. Tutto sommato non c’è altro. La protagonista è abbastanza simpatica, insofferente per partito preso, un po’ punk. Non è chiaro se l’autore abbia inserito il punto di vista esterno, focalizzato sul marito, pens [...]

    7. The title character is constant in only one thing; her enduring bitterness at 'Daddy's' neglect of her and his obvious preference for her younger sister. It seems an odd choice that this cold, resentful woman would marry a man 20 years her senior. He wants to rescue her. She doesn't want to be rescued. The marriage is a textbook folie a deux, worsened by family secrets and tragediesTo me, this novel seemed like McGrath was taking notes, to be fully fleshed out later. I was hoping for the hypnoti [...]

    8. Constance was well-written for the most part, but not really very original, and the characters didn't ave much depth.

    9. Libro contorto ,noioso e claustrofobico.Mai letto niente di cosi lento,da tagliarsi le vene ,come si dice dalle mie parti se ci si annoia.Niente a che vedere con Follia o Spider che ho letto in un battibaleno.Non l'ho abbandonato nella speraza che si ripigliasse e desse un po' di vita a tutti i personaggi,speranza vana.

    10. 3.5/5La idea previa que me había hecho de 'Constance' es completamente opuesta a lo que he acabado encontrándome en el interior de la última novela escrita por Patrick McGrath, pero lo cierto es que esa distancia a veces insalvable entre expectativa y realidad no siempre tiene que ser mala. De hecho, al final he disfrutado bastante con este relato desquiciante y obsesivo de una mujer fatal que no parece capaz de superar sus traumas familiares y acaba trasladándolos a su actual matrimonio con [...]

    11. Another book club pick - although, full disclosure: I voted for this one. A lot happens in Constance, so I can't complain about a lack of plot, but somehow it's nevertheless lacking in substance. You have to feel something for a character before you give a shit what happens to them or how they act, and I didn't feel for these characters at all.The most involving event in the book is an act of sodomy - literally, not my metaphor - but it feels thrown in for effect, and therefore loses its impact. [...]

    12. Only finished this to see if somehow it would pull a rabbit out of the hat. Otherwise I couldn't figure why I was going on reading it at all -- the whole thing was curiously flat, and seemed more than anything like a treatment for an early 1970s TV daytime soap, with the actions sketched in but the actual characterizations to come later. So there was a lot of emotional hoo-hah -- so much that it was cartoonish -- but the characters were such vague wraiths that I couldn't care.

    13. The short and sweet version is this: Loved the writing, especially the atmosphere created by the author, I didn't trust the characters, and waited for a payoff that just didn't materialize. It's tough to encapsulate what I think about this book in a brief paragraph, so I'll direct your attention to my post about this book at my online reading journal.

    14. An insipid and quite dull psychological melodrama. None of the characters are particularly believable, and the story rarely engages you. After such great novels as Spider, Asylum and Martha Peake, Mcgrath's last 3 books suggest he has reached the nadir of his career.

    15. I just plain did not like this book. I thought the pace was slow and sluggish. It took all I had to finish it.

    16. This is what life must be like for the overly-analyzed; there are no human beings in it, just rats caught in a particularly brutal Freudian maze.

    17. Ero un po' scoraggiata per le valutazioni, ma devo dire che mi è piaciuto molto questo libro di Patrick, come per Follia gli ho dato cinque stelline, fino alla fine la sua scrittura mi entra dentro come un pugnale, finisci il libro e ti senti sfinita come se fossi stata tu, lì dentro, nella storia. Adoro McGrath, adoro come riesce ad entrare nella psiche umana, mi affascina. Ora cercherò senz'altro un altro suo libro!

    18. I went to the library looking for his latest as I like his books, but I hadn't read this. It's an intriguing, well written, but depressing story. He can portray 'normal' and damaged characters skilfully and reading of their interactions is quite painful. There is some salvation in the conclusion but I would only recommend this novel to fans of his writing.

    19. Constance grew up in a Victorian house, a somewhat miserable childhood that became even more so upon the death of her mother when she was 12. It fell to Constance to be a mother to her younger sister Iris, the apple of their father’s eye. Constance always felt as though she received nothing but hostility from her distant father and her memories of him and feelings about him are very different to what Iris has.Now adults, Constance lives in New York and works in publishing. She meets Sidney, a [...]

    20. Constance is one of those books that throws you straight into the action, where you can make the choice to sink or swim. It’s a thinking person’s book where part of the pleasure is in joining the dots by yourself. Let me give you an example – no time period is revealed for this book, but the characters make mention of Penn Station being torn down. Hmm, you think. When did that happen? Or, you might think, didn’t Don Draper mention something about that in Mad Men? So you decide that this [...]

    21. Caro Patrick McGrath, proprio noi che ci eravamo tanto amati, come siamo potuti arrivare a questo? Sono lontane ormai la perfezione e la morbosa, oscura, bellezza dei vari "Follia" , "Spider " e "Haggard". "L'estranea" é un romanzo che sembra nascere giá stanco, nonostante un'idea di base non priva di potenziale, e per questo destinato a trascinarsi piatto per tutta la sua lunghezza. Pochi sussulti, tutti piú o meno prevedibili, tutti piú o meno giá visti. Personaggi, principalmente la prot [...]

    22. Sono degna di essere amata?Questa è la domanda cui tenta di trovare una risposta Constance. Sembra che Sidney possa aiutarla nel trovare una risposta affermativa, tanto che decide di sposarlo. Ma per la prima volta lo vidi chiaramente, e vedendolo capii quant'ero stata sciocca a pensare di poter credere per un solo istante di essere amataMa non è solo Constance che racconta ma anche suo marito Sidney. Ed è qui il pregio di questo libro. Le due prospettive contribuiscono a fornire un'immagine [...]

    23. Patrick McGrath has a talent for chilling landscapes filled with psychological crevasses. The protagonist in this short novel is Constance, a young woman in New York who had been unhappily brought up in a dilapidated Victorian house on the Hudson River, appropriately named Ravenswood to remind us of McGrath’s connection to Poe. Her mother has died; her father, a retired and depressed doctor nearing death, is, in her view, a monster who has always torn her down and never shown love; her younger [...]

    24. This was my first Patrick McGrath novel and I'll admit to being very underwhelmed by the experience. While it's not a bad piece of writing, there is nothing redeemable about either of the main characters, Constance and her older husband Sydney. Told in alternating POV by both Constance and Sydney, I spent most of the novel trying to figure out which one was more dysfunctional and pathetic. While familial dysfunction seems to be quite fashionable in novels these days, I found nothing here to make [...]

    25. Follia e stronzaggine a New YorkConstance è una giovane donna con un passato da cui è fuggita e con un precario equilibrio mentaleSydney è un'avventato studioso abbastanza più grande di lei da velare di psicoanalisi la scelta dei due di sposarsiIris è la spigliata sorella di lei, cui la vita avrebbe potuto dare tutto, ma a cui Constance sottrae l'unica cosa che conta: l'amoreAnni dopo il bellissimo Follia Mc Grath ci riprova e imbastisce un'altra storia di fragilità emotiva femminile, ma t [...]

    26. Whew! After reading this novel by Patrick McGrath I am ready for therapy. Constance is quite a woman. She has some major unresolved issues from childhood - particularly the fragile and dysfunctional relationship with her father < major twist involving their relationship so I won't add much don't want to spoil it for you. Constance and her issues are a domino effect to say the least. Her troubles spill into her life, travels on to her love interest turned husband, slams into her sister, of cou [...]

    27. There have been very few books that I have struggled to finish as much as I did with this book. If the author has created likeable characters and a believable story, I can get past bad writing. Constance was short on the first and heavy on the last. I forced myself to finish only because I wanted to see where McGrath finished the story, partially in the hope that there would be some redeeming moment, but I was disappointed. Constance has a back-story that should encourage sympathy from the reade [...]

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