Love is a Wounded Soldier

Love is a Wounded Soldier Despite growing up with an abusive alcoholic father and having to cope with the untimely death of his mother Robert Mattox has retained his innocence and idealism He woos and marries his first love

  • Title: Love is a Wounded Soldier
  • Author: Blaine Reimer
  • ISBN: 9780987981424
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • Despite growing up with an abusive, alcoholic father, and having to cope with the untimely death of his mother, Robert Mattox has retained his innocence and idealism He woos and marries his first love, Ellen, and it appears his life is set for a happily ever after ending.But World War II is raging, and its vortex snatches him away from his young bride He finds himself fiDespite growing up with an abusive, alcoholic father, and having to cope with the untimely death of his mother, Robert Mattox has retained his innocence and idealism He woos and marries his first love, Ellen, and it appears his life is set for a happily ever after ending.But World War II is raging, and its vortex snatches him away from his young bride He finds himself fighting in Europe, witnessing and participating in the unspeakable ugliness and brutality of war His love for Ellen holds him back from utter despondency, and his will to fight and live draws strength from his desire to return home to her.When he finally does return home to Kentucky, he s exhausted, jaded, and scarred inside and out His worst fear is how Ellen will respond to the changes in him, but when he gets home he finds that Ellen is different, too much different.Can things between them ever be the same again Or will their love be the war s most tragic casualty

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    One thought on “Love is a Wounded Soldier”

    1. When I was asked to read this book and give my review, I went in knowing nothing about the author or his story. I certainly wasn't prepared for what I was about to experience because this book truly had it all; romance, tragedy, war, death, violenceeven hope. The prologue started out through letters from a grandfather to his grandson. It immediately grabbed me, but once the story unfolded the writing alone absolutely blew my socks off. Pre-WWII, Robert Maddox is a young man with a tough family l [...]

    2. Love is a Wounded Soldier is the phenomenally crafted journey of a man from a simpler time who experiences disappointment, love, war, loss, redemption, and ultimately courage to move forward with his life. Blaine Reimer is truly a gifted writer who carefully weaves his beautiful words into a story that will capture your heart and move you to tears. From the stunning cover art to the vivid images of love and tragedy Blaine transcribed, this is a work of pure brilliance that you simply must read!

    3. I can't say for sure what drew me to this book. I liked the cover and the short description, and the all 5-star reviews certainly didn't hurt. For some reason, I was compelled to read this right away (I still have several inexpensive and free downloads in my yet to be read collection).The technical writing is excellent, and it was very easy to get into the flow of the story. The surprising part was that Robert, the narrator and lead character, just seemed so very real. I wasn't a quarter of the [...]

    4. Robert's life has never been easy and at sixteen it just got a little harder. His father an abusive drunk is never around when he's needed. Robert finds his mother dead and must take charge of burying her. It's more than a sixteen year old boy should have to deal with. Then his life get better. He meets Ellen and falls in love. They are happy together and enjoying their new life when in 1940 he's drafted. World War II begins and he's right in the thick of it. Robert knows his life will be differ [...]

    5. This is about a wounded warrior from WWII. The descriptions of the war are very vivid and difficult to read because they are so horrifying! So is the extreme depression the wounded warrior went through when he came home. While these parts of the book are very realistic, other parts are extremely hokey! These kinds of inconsistencies are why I only gave it 3 stars.

    6. "A woman is a terrifying thing. A woman is a velvet hammer that softy pounds your will from around your heart, leaving it bare, vulnerable, defenseless." ~Love is a Wounded Soldier.The above quote is not the exception to the kind of literary art between the pages of Love is a Wounded Soldier- it's the rule. Page after page of this work pounded away at MY heart and left me vulnerable and defenseless. Blaine's work of historical fiction/romance struck such a deep chord that reverberated in me the [...]

    7. From the very first page of Love is a Wounded Soldier by Blaine Reimer you know this book is something special. It's a book that deserves a review full of all those lofty literary words that trained critics, professors, and true literary aficionados use. Unfortunately for this review, and you, I write my reviews for the everyday reader who just wants to know in everyday terms how the story was. It was great. Reimer is a true story teller. He has the gift. From the first page you can tell this is [...]

    8. I adored this book! I adore any book that get me emotionally charged and emotionally drained. I have to admit I cried a great deal towards the end of this book. It has a happy ending just not one that I was expecting until I was well into the climax! Historically accurate and very well written, this book will keep you coming back for more. A treasure of a book the likes which I have not seen in a very long time. Told through a soldiers eyes it never lets you down, keeps you hoping that things wi [...]

    9. This book had me from page one. I couldn't put it down, and finished it in a day. It grabbed me from the beginning and kept me engaged the whole way through. The challenges that Robert endures in his life, both internally and externally, are both heartbreaking and heartwarming, and reminds you to never give up hope.This is a very well written book, and I highly recommend it. I laughed, I cried, I suffered and I rejoiced. I like that it has a Christian theme. It does have some rough language, but [...]

    10. It's been a long time since I've read a historical romance like this. Love is a Wounded Soldier reminded me greatly of All Quiet on the Western Front but with more of a romance bent to it.My only criticism is that the author yielded a time or two to the temptation of using the story as a medium to use large words and phrases instead of letting the words and phrases tell the story.Other than that, it's a beautifully written book about a character named Robert and his experience of undergoing seve [...]

    11. I have read a great number of books on my Kindle since I received it as a Christmas gift, most of them absolutely great but Love Is a Wounded Soldier is the VERY best book I have read in years and I have read thousands. I learned from its pages about the horrors of war, the marvelous gift of friendship and the power of forgiveness. This young man has wisdom far beyond his years and he has a writing style that immediately pulls you into the story until it is no longer a story but a life experienc [...]

    12. The first 75% was really goodory, characters and writing. Would have rated it a 4 or 5 based on that part. The last 25% was a real let down, however. Almost like it was crafted and written by an entirely different person. In too much of a hurry to wrap up and move on to something else. This could have and should have been so much better. But alas it wasn't. And that left me disappointed and frustrated as a reader.

    13. Go. buy. this. book. I can't say enough about it. I went from a farm in the South to the western front and back again, lulled by the seamless beauty of Blaine Reimer's words, the vividness of his characters, and my overarching NEED to see what happened next. I think I'll even read it again, ugly crying or not, just to spend more time in Robert Mattox's shoes. "How could love not grow in a soil so fertile?" Sigh.

    14. "In my Life, I have experienced many things. I've seen unbelievable beauty and felt unbearable pain. I've witnessed human beings exhibit both savagery that would shame a beast, and love and grace I'd thought only god could be capable of"Love is a Wounded Soldier is a beautifully written story narrated through the eyes of a man who has experienced life, love, loss and redemption.I loved every word written, and this story will stay with me for a very long time.

    15. I thought the writing in this book was marvelous. The ups and downs of the main character's emotions tugged at my heartstrings. This was one of those rare books that I had to tear myself away from when I had other things to do. I was slightly disappointed at the ending. I felt it lacked the beautiful and emotive writing of the rest of the book. Having said that, I would look forward to reading this author's next book.

    16. I love this book. It was well written, good character development and a sadly happy ending. I recomend it to anyone interested in WW2 and the result on the lives those who fought it and those left behind. A bit too much language for me so beware! But that said the story very good and the author pulls it all together in the end.

    17. I really enjoyed this book. Took a few chapters to get into it. But the author describes war so brillantly. It at times made me cry. I felt like I was in the trenches with the guys. My heart broke when he returned and it showed the challenges couples faced when they were apart for so long.I won this book on and I am so glad I did.

    18. What an amazing book. I have always been a fan of historical fiction. Especially if it's done well. This one was done AMAZINGLY well! Mr. Reimer made you feel as if you yourself were going through D-Day and other battles in WWII. The book had me from the very beginning and I was unable to put it down.

    19. This is a tremendous read. The characters were described brilliantly, the storyline was flawless, and his writing style was impeccable. This book precipitated a wide range of emotions which, in addition to the fascinating story, kept the book from getting stagnant. Very entertaining! *****

    20. I did enjoy parts of the book. Robbie is a likeable character and was developed well. But I found the rhythm of the story to be uneven, and I was disappointed by the ending. Everything tied up too quickly, neatly, and unrealistically. Life is just not that tidy!

    21. I am not very good with writing reviews, but I had to review this one because I thought this books was exceptional. I couldn't put it down. It follows Robert from his teens to adulthood, from the hills of Kentucky to WWII and back to Kentucky. The ending is touching and brought tears to my eyes.

    22. Excellent book! So many raw emotions and hard real life events woven throughout this book. I couldn't lay it down and didn't want it to end!

    23. Lush, PlushLavish, LanguidOpulent, Ornate, DenseElaborate, VoluptuousRipe, Sensuous, PleasureThank you

    24. Wonderful read A great story of a mans journey through war, love, and loss, and his home front battle back to himself! Wonderful book

    25. This book has a similar feel to the very great old movie "The Best Years of Our Lives". I love that movie, and I am not ashamed to say that I developed a huge crush on Dana Andrews after I saw it. He can melt my heart anytime!Also, I feel that this book put into retrospect the way that the brave men and women who fight for the freedom of this once great country felt upon coming home. The PTSD, and horrifying nightmares they must have, and yet they all come home to the USA, the nation they are fi [...]

    26. The book tells many stories one of love, one of war, one of hurt and betrayal, and one of forgiveness. Like life all of those emotions of anger, love and betrayal have been packed into one book to make the life story of Robert all the more enjoyable and relatable.The author goes into great detail of war time and his description comes through vividly in the story. If that's not enough Blaine also adds in very wise advice.Some reviewers have said "If he can forgive a rapist--why can't he forgive E [...]

    27. Thank heavens the author gave this book a happy ending! Because frankly, there were a good many parts that were tough to take - sometimes in a morbidly fascinating way. There were some very intense scenes that were very well done, but also some amazing, hopeful events.Reimer has a way with words - painting a picture and using metaphors - that I find unusual in a story like this (as told through the eyes of a soldier). At times I liked it, and at other times I was tripping over it, annoyed that I [...]

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