A Very Accidental Love Story

A Very Accidental Love Story A Very Accidental Love Story An original funny and poignant story about those things in life that you just can t plan for A very modern fairytale full of Claudia s trademark wit and humour Sheila O

  • Title: A Very Accidental Love Story
  • Author: Claudia Carroll
  • ISBN: 9781847562722
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Very Accidental Love Story An original, funny and poignant story about those things in life that you just can t plan for A very modern fairytale, full of Claudia s trademark wit and humour Sheila O Flanagan Full description

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    One thought on “A Very Accidental Love Story”

    1. Eloise Elliot is in her early thirties with powerful position of editor-in-chief of Post in one hand and nearly a three year old daughter Lily in another. She is fairly a perfect woman, dressed up in black head to toe, running up the entire newspaper literally singlehandedly and playing the role of single parent.Her usual day starts at unusual hours and she spent eighteen hours in running in and out of the conference room dealing with evil Seth Coleman and impressing T.Rexes while her daughter s [...]

    2. Eloise Elliot hits thirty – the big three zero, and is suddenly hit by a thought – What has she got to show for herself? Sure she’s good at her job, but when no one turns up to her birthday party Eloise knows there’s something missing. Suddenly she realises she wants someone to share her life with, and so off she goes to get it. Three years later – Eloise Elliot’s life is made up of work. Work, work, and more work. She works from 6am til perhaps midnight, and even Sunday’s which ar [...]

    3. This a strange book. I read the intro and wanted to read more. I then started on the first part of the main book and swapped to hating the heroine - all she did was complain about how many hours she had to work and how stressed she was. At this point I almost gave up. Then things got very interesting indeed and I was totally hooked. I almost skipped to the last chapter (something I never do!) so badly did I want to know how things turned out but I managed to resist and just kept reading and read [...]

    4. A Very Accidental Love Affair is the first book I have read by Claudia Carroll, after hearing so many good things about this author I was looking forward to finally getting on board and trying out one of her novels.With Eloise Elliot it was all work and no play and it wasn’t until her 30th birthday party when hardly anyone turned up that she realised that she was lonely as her whole life revolves around work she has no friends no partner and hardly any contact with her family.After three years [...]

    5. Claudia Carroll is one of my favourite writers so when I saw she had a new book out I was really pleased, especially pleased when I got an early copy from the writer herself to review. This was a really good book, with great characters, especially Helen who is Eloise's sister. I think she was warm and caring and always happy to help out when she could. I was interested to see what the outcome would be for Eloise and her daughter and I was shocked at the crazy ways in which Eloise went about to f [...]

    6. goodness, it was so bloody amazing. I couldn' t help the sniffling and the tears. a very unusual storya must read.

    7. ‘A Very Accidental Love Story’ is about a workaholic single mother, Eloise with a three-year-old daughter, Lily who had been conceived via artificial insemination. As she constantly asks about her father, Eloise embarks on a journey to track him down. However, she soon realizes that there are many challenges lying ahead.This story was engaging in a light-hearted, breezy sort of way hence even certain factors couldn’t detract from my enjoyment of this book. One of those factors happen to be [...]

    8. Eloise Elliot is a successful, intelligent and independent woman. She has worked hard in her career and is now the youngest senior editor at the Daily Post newspaper. She has reached the very top in her career. However on her thirtieth birthday Eloise realises just how alone she really is, no friends, no significant other. Office colleagues who do not want to spend time with her and an extended family she hardly ever sees. Eloise had become a workaholic, married to her job with no social life. F [...]

    9. Eloise finds herself alone at her 30th birthday party, with not a friend to her name. She decides to make a change and has a child. 3 years on, Lily asks her where her father is and Eloise is set off on a mission to see if she can track him down.Main issue with this book is that Eloise seems to decide to have a child because she has no one else, and it seems a pretty selfish reason to have a child especially given she spends the next few years apparently assigning nannies to look after her and n [...]

    10. A great feel-good read!!! (view spoiler)[A workaholic with no social life is transformed into Ms Congenialityd all in the name of LOVE.(hide spoiler)] Easy to read, totally predictablebut who cares, a book with HEA is exactly what I needed. Mind you, Eloise is not a character you will like from the start. I really disliked her at the beginning, no friends, no time for her daughter,no time to enjoy life. At times she seemed snobbish too. But as I continued reading, she started to grow on me. It's [...]

    11. I'd give this a 4.5 out of 5. Absolutely loved it! I didn't like Eloise much at the beginning working 18 hour days never having time for Lily her daughter but once she connected with Jake aka Lily's dad and had Helen her sister come to stay with her, she became a whole new person coming out of her shell. This is the tird or fourth book I've read by Claudia Carroll and I most definitely will be checking out her previous novels and await her next novel!

    12. My friend gave me a loan of this book as she loved it & knew i would too so i couldnt wait to read it, i have to agree great book very easy read, witty and loved the ending and also the little bit of advise at the end. I am now about to start another Claudia Carroll book she certainly is an author for any chicklit fans out there!

    13. I really liked this book (it was also funny). It is a slight shame that there were so many spelling mistakes, words missing and grammatical mistakes, but the story was great!

    14. This is the first book I've read by Claudia Carroll and it didn't disappoint me. And I'm sure I'm planning to read her books.The story revolved around Eloise Elliot who was the youngest editor in The Post - married to work. She's no one close to her & realises that sharp pang of loneliness on her 30th birthday. So she decided to get pregnant thro artificial insemination. After 3 years with the help of nannies(yeah! so many) she raised her lovely daughter Lily. So now Lily wanted to know abou [...]

    15. Not gonna lie, I honestly had low expectations for this read when I first started it, but as I kept reading, it got more interesting and fun! What I mainly loved about it the most is that it didn't revolve around 2 teenagers who meet each other on Tuesday ( and of course, as usual, BAM there's electricity before they even learn each other's names) and by Friday they're completely in love.I hate that type of romance and this novel was nothing like it. Except for the usual predictability of romanc [...]

    16. Claudia Carroll is an author that is rapidly climbing my favourite authors lists. I didn’t get on much with her debut novel, but her last two books (Personally, I Blame My Fairy Godmother and Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?) have been excellent rom-coms. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? particularly blew me away and I loved Annie’s tale. So after hearing Claudia’s new book A Very Accidental Love Story was about a woman who had a child through artificial insemination and then decides she n [...]

    17. I absolutely love the cover on this book and the synopsis really intrigued me so I couldn’t wait to get reading.It starts with Eloise’s disastrous thirtieth birthday, being thirty is bad enough (I have that dreaded pleasure coming up in a few months) but the lack of friendly faces at the party makes her realise just how alone in life she really is. There and then she decides to change things and three years later it seems she has done just that by having Lily.My first impression of Eloise wa [...]

    18. This book is the ultimate fairytale. Not only is it the classic boy meets girl, happy ever after with all the usual difficult obstacles to overcome, but it is also unbelievable. The plot was too far on the outrageous side to allow yourself to be fully sucked in. I enjoyed the way it was written, although predictable, it still left with you with bits to guess and I think Carroll has the hectic schedule and buzz of being a successful editor down to a tee. Jake is a very likeable character, you can [...]

    19. Eloise Elliot is the youngest senior editor The Post ever had. She was completely married to her job and very rarely socialized. She had no friends, no significant other, and she rarely talked to her family. But on the eve of her thirtieth birthday, she is hit with a pang of loneliness and she realized she wanted someone to share her life with.Fast forward three years later, she is a single mother to an adorable little girl called Lily and she is still working at The Post. Lily starts to ask que [...]

    20. I'v read other books by Claudia Carroll and i loved them so very much so I knew I would enjoy this story just as much too. When I first saw the book i loved the cover very much its very bright and colourful and just so ready for me to pick up and read.It's a story about Eloise Elliot a woman who is one of the youngest newspaper editors in the country. Very respected by her staff members. On the night of her 30th Birthday in the daily post's conference room with rubbish party food and awful looki [...]

    21. A Very Accidental Love Story sets in modern Dublin. The main character, Eloise Elliot, is an ambitious woman who works as the editor of newspaper called Post. She’s a workaholic and hardly has the time to socialize. She has no friends besides her family, which led to her decision to have a baby by artificial insemination. These are the premise of this book. This book basically follows Eloise life raising her daughter while working almost 24/7. The conflict starts when her daughter, Lili, start [...]

    22. The writing is good,if not a little long winded. I just didn't warm to the main character, she is selfish, irresponsible, she basicly can't see past her own nose. I only read up to page 50, by which time I just had enough of her moaning about her working hours which she chooses to do because she "loves" her job despite the stresses. Her child, which she apparently also loves, despite never seeing her unless she is asleep, is not her top priority, she inseminated herself because she wanted to cha [...]

    23. I do enjoy Claudia Carrolls writing but I definitely enjoyed Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow better than this one. And I think the main problem is because of LilyI know what you're thinking, the whole storyline is about Lily's dad blad de blah.d I know, I get it but I'm not a major children person in life anyways so I find them distasteful in books and I just HATE HATE HATE this obsession authors have about writing the way children speake 'pwease' instead of 'please' and pwomise and gahhh, just [...]

    24. I received a review copyI have read a few books by Claudia Carroll and enjoy her writing, so I was looking forward to reading A Very Accidental Love Story. While it was somewhat predictable, there were parts that were unpredictable to me and kept the storyline fresh, which I did appreciate. One big thing that stuck out to me is how mature Lily seemed for not being able to get over the fact her father is a sperm donor and constantly bringing that up and talking in near full sentences for being su [...]

    25. The writing in this novel is pretty weak. There is quite a lot of shifting points of view, especially in those sections that are meant to be third person.A big problem I had was with the protagonist's dislike of her sister. Maybe if the sister had been portrayed with some negative traits there would have been some understanding. As it was, it just made the protagonist look like a bitch for hating a lovely person.Another irritant was how Eloise kept thinking to herself how she was being so hard o [...]

    26. On her 30th birthday, a high-flying career woman, working as editor of a Dublin newspaper, suddenly realises that she has no friends, hardly any family, no other half, and no life outside of her job. She decides to remedy this by having a child via artificial insemination, being sure she can successfully cope with motherhood as well as the career. All goes well from her (rather selfish) point of view, except that she hardly sees her daughter due to pressures of work and a long series of nannies. [...]

    27. 0.5/5Just utterly boring. I was surprised at how much I disliked this book. I thought Personally I Blame My Fairy Godmotherand Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?were okay.A typical "want it all mother" with a high flying career has a spoiled child with a clichéd lisp that she doesn't give a damn about.Child stamps her foot about not having a daddy. Mummy jumps to make it happen by lying to an ex-con who she ends up with. If it all sounds too familiar, its because it's been done to death.Avoid thi [...]

    28. It took me forever to read this book because it was so boring. Nothing happened. 400 pages of stuff I've read before with nothing happening, no suspense, no action. I wasn't involved in the book - of course not, the main character was so lame, selfish and irresponsable.e she is just sooooo damn busy! It is mentioned a million time. And that's why we should care that she complains like crazy about everything. She loves her "almost three" year old daughter (that clearly isn't of that age) she just [...]

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