Черная курица, или Подземные жители

  • Title: Черная курица, или Подземные жители
  • Author: Antony Pogorelsky Ника Гольц
  • ISBN: 5268007635
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Hardcover
  • , , , 1829 , , , , , , 1829 , , , .

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      184 Antony Pogorelsky Ника Гольц
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    One thought on “Черная курица, или Подземные жители”

    1. Gorgeous illustrations in this children's book. A great little fairy tale that was unfamiliar to me. This Russian tale gives a nice little insight into some differences in cultures.

    2. Долго искала эту книгу, иногда даже казалось, что я её выдумала (никому не могла доказать что такая повесть есть! и это не единственный такой случай). Добавляю сюда, чтобы не забыть. Помню с каким трудом и испугом читала её в детстве, и даже не знаю, как она попала мне в руки. Се [...]

    3. "Black Chicken or Underground Inhabitants" is a book by Anatolii Pogorelskii. This book is probably one of the most sad and touching tales for children in Russian literature, and even though it was written a long time ago in 1829, magical and mysterious plot about a little boy Alex and his favorite black chicken until today conquers hearts of little kids and their parents. The ending of the story is very sad and real that's why this book captures attention of both auditories: little kids and the [...]

    4. The first book for children in Russian literature leads us into the world of a alleged kingdom in the backyard. Lovely, indeed.

    5. Vem har sagt att barnböcker ska vara lättsmälta och glada? Var beredd på att få ditt hjärta krossat. Som liten grät jag över tecknade filmen gjort på boken, som något större, gömde jag mig för att kunna böla i fred efter bokläsningen.

    6. As with so many fairy tales, greed plays a large part in teaching the main character of this Russian tale a lesson.After Alyosha saves a little black hen from the cook's knife, the hen grants him a wish. When he wishes for the ability to know all the correct answers in school without studying, she sighs, but must grant his wish. He becomes lazy and arrogant, but by the time he receives his comeuppance, the little hen has gone.Students in second grade or above will be able to talk meaningfully ab [...]

    7. Based on a Russian story, this is a morality tale where the story itself predominates, as do the imaginative illustrations, and the moral is more embodied in the story rather than being thrust at the reader. The fantastic underground, with its inhabitants that have counterparts above ground, adds a rich layer to the story.

    8. I would have put four stars, but the fact that a male chicken is being referred to over and over again as a hen really annoyed me. It is probably because it was originally a Russian story and it was translated poorly. "The Little Black Chicken" is a good story.

    9. This is not a Disney fairytale. All does not work out beautifully for everyone - but it works out well and consequences aren't skipped and happiness is found in growth.All from a Russian folk tale about a little black hen.

    10. Growing up in Ukraine I had a vinyl recording of this book, which did not stop me from re-reading the paper copy a bunch of times.

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