Crazy Horse's Vision

Crazy Horse s Vision Crazy Horse is among the best known Native American heroes Yet many people do not know his boyhood name was Curly inspired by his curly hair Curly was a leader even as a young boy taming wild horses

  • Title: Crazy Horse's Vision
  • Author: Joseph Bruchac S.D. Nelson
  • ISBN: 9781584302827
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • Crazy Horse is among the best known Native American heroes Yet many people do not know his boyhood name was Curly, inspired by his curly hair.Curly was a leader even as a young boy, taming wild horses and hunting powerful buffalo But all his bravery could not prepare him for the trouble he and the other Lakota Indians would face with the white settlers Wanting to help hCrazy Horse is among the best known Native American heroes Yet many people do not know his boyhood name was Curly, inspired by his curly hair.Curly was a leader even as a young boy, taming wild horses and hunting powerful buffalo But all his bravery could not prepare him for the trouble he and the other Lakota Indians would face with the white settlers Wanting to help his people after a fierce battle that mortally wounded Chief Conquering Bear, Curly defied traditional custom and risked his own life by running away, up to the hills, to seek a vision.Renowned Abenaki author Joseph Bruchac tells a gripping and compelling story of how the dedicated young boy, Curly, grows into the brave warrior Crazy Horse Sioux artist S.D Nelson, with paintings inspired by the ledger book style of the Plains Indians, evokes the drama and tragedy of an important figure in American history.

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    One thought on “Crazy Horse's Vision”

    1. Bruchac tells the story of Crazy Horse's childhood and his vision quest. Crazy Horse shows great courage, kindness and selflessness as he protects his people and refuses to own anything. While the illustrations are not a style that I particularly enjoy; however, I think they work well with the text. I found it fascinating to read not only the story but also the author's note about Crazy Horse.

    2. I thought the cover was cool, with the striking blue, and the eagle whose wing is also the horse's mane. I like the inside cover art, too, with old-style drawings of Indians and soldiers on horses.Although I wonder why the NAs are painted blue and green.Seeing the artwork, it's really not my style. I want the people to look realsitic. They're sort of abstract, made of shapes, with no mouth, and the eyes are black lines.It looks like the men are painted blue and green, and the women yellow.They [...]

    3. This is a story of Lakota boy Curly, who, from his earliest years proved himself as a leader and a hunter. Witnessing a massacre of Lakota people during a conflict with settlers, Curly decides to seek vision to guide him in the quest to help his people. He receives a new name Crazy Horse. His bravery makes him one of the best-known Native American warriors. The book is written by Joseph Burchac, a writer and a story teller of Abenaki descent and beautifully illustrated by S.D. Nelson, an artist [...]

    4. The illustrations were a little odd. They didn't really capture the Indian way of life because they looked so modern, like impressionism or some other kind of art. A book is all about the illustrations for me and when I don't want to look at the pages it takes away from the story. I liked learning about Crazy Horse, that he didn't cry as a baby and would look seriously at the world. He was small but strong, and he was quiet when others were talking and acted when others hesitated.It's so cool t [...]

    5. Bruchac, Joseph, and S. D. Nelson. Crazy Horse's Vision. New York: Lee & Low, 2000. Print.This book is definitely for anyone over the age of 6 for reading independently. It has a very good projection of how Crazy Horse lived. This book is not one I would use as a teaching book specifically but I would recommend it for anyone who likes to read about Indians.

    6. This was a neat book telling about Native American customs and beliefs while also teaching about having dreams and fulfilling them. I loved it, thought it was a great book for all ages.

    7. Crazy Horse from his birth to him getting the name Crazy Horse. The story doesn't include why we know him today.

    8. This is the story of a Lakota baby named Curly, after his curly hair. Curly grew up and developed into a natural leader. As a young boy, he was always leading the other young boys in adventures. The story goes on to tell about an Army fort coming to the area along with settlers, and the change they bring to the area. One day a settler’s cow came through the camp, and knocked over pots and tipis. One of the warriors stepped forward and killed to cow to prevent any more damage. The owner of the [...]

    9. This is a beautifully done book that is both deep and wonderfully enchanting to those who pick it up The words will reach the heart but it is the illustrations and the message of a courage in defending your own that will reach the soul of the reader. This book takes bits of the life of the boy named Curly who would become one of the greatest Native American leaders in the fight against those who would destroy the tribal ways. It goes into the ways that he was considered different, his endurance [...]

    10. See professional review below for more info: As he did in Gift Horse, Sioux artist Nelson blends contemporary and traditional elements for the striking illustrations that accompany this story of the legendary Lakota warrior. Bruchac (A Boy Called Slow: The True Story of Sitting Bull) traces Crazy Horse's boyhood, zeroing in on a pivotal event in his life and highlighting an important Native American rite of passage. As a youth, Crazy Horse (then known as Curly) witnesses U.S. Army soldiers bruta [...]

    11. Identifying the appropriate genre: Multicultural LiteratureReview/Summary: Crazy Horse is one of the most well-known Native American heroes. Most people know very little of his childhood during which he was known as Curly because of his curly hair. Early on, he showed his leadership skills during buffalo hunts. After seeing the Chief killed in battle he was inspired to do something to help his people. He went against the customs of his people and ran away to seek a vision. His vision showed him [...]

    12. As with many other people I have heard or at least known about the legend of Crazy Horse and his fierce battles. I especially have know about the Battle of Little Big Horn with Custer's defeat. What I did not know was Crazy Horse had another name given to him as a child or the fact his adult name was actually after his father, Tashunka Witco. "Crazy Horse" is the English translation of his name and most well know. The origins of names always fascinate me.I was impressed to find out the many thin [...]

    13. Illustrator: S.D. NelsonPublisher: Lee and Low Books, Inc.Year Published: 2000Reading Level: Grades 2-4Interest Level: Grades 1-5 (possibly older too)The part I enjoy most about this book is the author's note at the end. So often I feel unsure of how to evaluate Native American texts. I feel my own education has been presented to me with a bias, so I cannot know how to look for truth in texts. Native American author, Joseph Bruchac, includes a full page text with background information related t [...]

    14. Personal Reaction- I enjoyed the way that a historical event was turned into a beautiful children's book such as this. I found it a little confusing at times, but still a great tool for students to implement literature into a school unit. The pictures are beautiful and the characters are mostly represented through illustrations. The text is written in 2nd and 3rd person which is why the illustrations are great in bringing roundness and feeling to the characters. Purposes- The story is a great to [...]

    15. This is a really cool book about the evolution of the man known as Crazy Horse. He was born a young Lakota Indian named Curly, but after a vision quest he became Tashunka Witco, which means Crazy Horse in English. The book is a picture book, but the content is appropriate for older children in grades 3-6. Curly wants to help his people, so he goes on a vision quest alone to receive guidance from his spiritual guides. They tell him "keep nothing for yourself," which to him means to sacrifice his [...]

    16. This tall tale story is about a historical man named Crazy Horse. The book began with how brave the young boy was and how he grew to be a great leader of his people. One day soldiers came to settle on their land and a cow accidentally trampled into their village and they killed it. The white people were very upset and shot the Indian people. Crazy Horse was very upset and so he went into the forest to try and have a vision from his gods. After three days he finally had a vision that told him to [...]

    17. Crazy Horse's Vision Is Parent's Choice Award Winner as well as many other honors and accolades. It tells the story of a young boy who was born leader and inspired Native American hero. When his people were involved in a battle with white settlers he thought nothing of his self or his size and age, and he went off to try and receive a vision to help his people survive. What he experienced changed him forever. This inspiring story could serve as a resource to share history and culture about the N [...]

    18. 5 STARSI recieved Crazy Horse's Vision in the mail today. I decided to quit what I was doing and read the book. The cover was drawing me in. I love the illustrations by S.D. Nelson. But was confused why the indians were different colors and the faces were different. In the back of the book S.D. Nelson explained his paintings and why the different colors and It brought a whole new point of the story.The book is a short so you could read it than read what the author and artist share about the book [...]

    19. Bruchac, J. and Nelson, S. (2002). Crazy Horse’s Vision. Lee & Low Books.Theme/Topic: A young Lakota boy, Curly’s transformation into being a man, later known as Crazy Horse. Critique (comments, observations, questions):A major component of this book I enjoyed was seeing a perspective of a Lakota iconic figure’s story, but as well as seeing ledger art from a Lakota artist. It’s fascinating to me to learn about history of tribes, but as well as their artwork through their culture. Ano [...]

    20. Crazy Horse’s Vision is written by Joseph Bruchac and illustrated by SD Nelson. It is about a Lakota boy who grew up to defend his people. Crazy Horse defeated General Custer during the Battle of Little Bighorn. The vision taught him, “Keep nothing for yourself,” and that guided him throughout his life.I thought the artwork was colorful and interesting. I thought of the composite body type drawings from long ago. It gave the book an older feel. I am curious as to the colors of the Native A [...]

    21. Crazy Horses Vision is the coming of age story of the well known Native American, Crazy Horse. It takes us back to a time when white settler started moving onto Native American land and the confrontation that ensued. We, the reader, learn about the journey of a young boy into becoming a hero.This book is defiantly culturally specific. I think the illustrator does a good job of depicting the Native American culture and capturing the specific time period. I thought Native American culture was auth [...]

    22. Multicultural Book Reference List Crazy Horse’s Vision I really enjoyed the fact that this book was written about a historically noted American Indian. Had Crazy Horse not been a documented individual, the story would not have had nearly as much relevance. I could see myself using this book in my classroom as an introduction to a unit on Native American customs. Between the vision quests and hunting techniques discussed, it would be a great way to welcome students to the topic. However, I woul [...]

    23. This book was about a young man of the Lakota, small for his age, who wanted to protect his people from white soldiers. He is so eager to help and protect his people that he goes out and seeks a vision without taking the appropriate steps. He eventually has a vision of a brave man, who he later learns through his father was himself. He grows up to indeed become a brave, honorable man who helps and protects his people. Some themes in this book are family, culture, wisdom, community, leadership, a [...]

    24. Title: Crazy Horse 19s VisionAward:Parents Choice Gold Award Grade Level: 2nd-5th gradeSummary: This book is about an Indian boy named Curly. He was a very strong boy even though he was small. He became a very well known Native American hero when he saw a vision of who he would become, the bravest of the Lakotas.Review: I personally did not really like this book. It had a very slow start, and then it did not have a very exciting climax. It did however have very beautiful illustrations.In Class U [...]

    25. Great book to listen to, however, one must look at the pictures. Again, S.D. Nelson illustrates the text and the illustrations are beautiful. Nelson even writes a passage at the end that tells why he used certain colors in his pictures. For example he chose blue for Crazy Horse because in the Lakota tradition blue represents the sky and a connection with the spirit world. States that Crazy Horse received his name from his father. When born Crazy Horse was named Curly, but after sharing his visio [...]

    26. Copyright 2000BiographyThe story of a young Sioux boy named Curly who we would come to know much later as the warrior Crazy Horse. This story is so well-told that it is appropriate for a huge range of students. My very youngest students with disabilities were able to understand and enjoy the story as much as my middle-school aged students. However, what I really like best about this book is the illustrations. The illustrator is a Sioux artist and uses traditional "ledger style" of his people. Th [...]

    27. 4.5 starsGorgeously illustrated picture book about Crazy Horse and his childhood vision quest. This is an interesting look at one of the fiercest Lakota warriors. Remembered for his prowess in battle, Crazy Horse was also kind and generous, as well as a man of few words. The prose is interesting and highly readable, but the bold, vivid illustrations are what held my attention and kept me flipping through this book time and again. The paintings are beautiful and made this a delight to read.Full r [...]

    28. I really like the illustrations in this book. I also didn't know much about Crazy Horse, especially about his childhood, so I particularly appreciated this new-to-me biographical story.This book ends after Crazy Horse gets his name -- so you get to have a happy ending, avoiding all the war that would follow and Crazy Horse's death (though there is an Author's Note at the end which fills in a lot of that, which I appreciated).

    29. The illustrations are kinda cool, but don't quite help kids understand that this is, you know, a true story.Also, you call that an ending? I don't think so. "All the world would soon know him as Crazy Horse." Yes, but my kids don't. And they STILL don't, after reading this book. What did he do? Do I have to buy the sequel to find out? IS there a sequel?Bah. Skip this one, guys.(Once a month I read picture books to a 2nd grade class. This one didn't make the cut.)

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