Blackfly Season

Blackfly Season Red Bear stood close to the fire and stretched toward the sky every muscle in his body straining The veins in his neck stood out like electrical cords His voice had gone thin and raspy and the words

  • Title: Blackfly Season
  • Author: Giles Blunt
  • ISBN: 9780770429331
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • Red Bear stood close to the fire and stretched toward the sky, every muscle in his body straining The veins in his neck stood out like electrical cords His voice had gone thin and raspy and the words came streaming out of him with a terrible urgency The words if in fact they were words collided with one another Blackfly Season, page 94 According to Detective John CRed Bear stood close to the fire and stretched toward the sky, every muscle in his body straining The veins in his neck stood out like electrical cords His voice had gone thin and raspy and the words came streaming out of him with a terrible urgency The words if in fact they were words collided with one another Blackfly Season, page 94 According to Detective John Cardinal, the truly diabolical thing about blackflies is their stealthy silence there is no warning and no chance of a pre emptive strike Every year at the beginning of May, the blackflies take over Algonquin Bay, swarming in clouds out of their winter wombs in the standing water of lakes, creeks and swamps But this year, the blackflies aren t the only ones to make their way into town A self proclaimed shaman and card carrying member of the Chippewa First Nations has also arrived Known only as Red Bear, the mysterious figure has recruited three young men from town who share a history of drug use and living on the fringe.And Red Bear isn t the only mysterious visitor At the World Tavern, the oldest but perhaps least reputable bar in the city of Algonquin Bay, OPP officer Jerry Commanda is enjoying his regular Friday night Diet Coke with a squeeze of lemon He meets a young red haired woman who is unable to tell him her name, where she lives, or how she came to be at the World Tavern It s not until a hospital X ray reveals a bullet lodged in her brain that the reason for her amnesia becomes clear When John Cardinal and Lise Delorme are called in to take over the case from Commanda, they don t have a lot of leads on who this mysterious redhead is, let alone why someone would want her dead And when the mutilated body of a member of the local biker gang the Viking Riders is discovered near long columns of bizarre hieroglyphics, Cardinal and Delorme begin to suspect that it is isn t just Viking Rider justice.Despite the climbing body count, Cardinal is distracted His wife, Catherine, has left to go to Toronto with a group of her photography students and Cardinal is convinced that the stress and excitement of the trip will push her to the breaking point His worst fears are confirmed when a call reaches him from a student concerned by Catherine s erratic behaviour Cardinal speeds to Toronto to reach his wife before she unravels When Cardinal returns, a third body turns up with a bullet from the same gun that shot the redhead Linking the three murders and finding out who s responsible becomes an intricate game of unravelling the secrets of families and decoding the mysteries of an ancient form of African voodoo.From the Hardcover edition.

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      324 Giles Blunt
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    One thought on “Blackfly Season”

    1. I very much enjoyed this book without being aware that it was number three in a series until I was reading the reviews after I finished it! Now I will have to go back and read the first two.This is an excellent police procedural with several really appealing main characters on the side of the law. On the other side, the baddies are really bad and some of the events gruesome in the extreme. It all made for excellent reading and I raced through it.A really good book from a new to me author with th [...]

    2. Black Fly Season takes readers on an exciting and gripping journey to a rural town affected by an unforgettable mystery. This book was really well-written and a very evocative story.

    3. The third John Cardinal novel is as good as the first two. It begins with quite a narrative hook: a young woman is brought in who has no memory of her life or identity. It soon becomes clear that she was shot in the head with a handgun using old ammunition. Who is she? Who shot her? Why? Not long after her shooting, the dismembered body of a biker (member of a really ugly motorcycle gang) is found behind a waterfall at a provincial park. Is there a connection between the two events? Cardinal and [...]

    4. I more than "liked" this book, but I "really like" the author and his writing. So this was a mostly enjoyable read for me. I always enjoy the descriptions of life in northern Ontario because my family has a cabin there and I can relate to what it's like there. One thing I'd heard about but not experienced is "blackfly season," and now I know I never want to experience it! We always avoid it when we go to our cabin (or cottage, as Canadians would call it).I wasn't crazy about how over-the-top the [...]

    5. Giles Blunt truly comes into his own with his third novel. His rich characterization of the setting and citizens of northern Ontario is top of form. Having dispensed with many cliched complications for hero John Cardinal, this book focuses less on advancing ground with his main characters and more on depicting the crime, its perpetrators and victims. Particularly noteworthy are his continued excellent depiction of mental illness and its impact on the victim's loved-ones, and his portrayal of her [...]

    6. Someone in an onlne writers' group recommended Giles Blunt and I'm happy he did! John Cardinal is a multi-layered protagonist in the northern wilds of Ontario and Blunt makes the geography of this area come alive.

    7. PROTAGONIST: John Cardinal and Lise Delorme, homicide detectivesSETTING: Ontario, CanadaSERIES: #3 of 3RATING: 4.75Located far north in the province of Ontario, Algonquin Bay is normally a placid place of scenic splendor. However, there's one time of year that's a trial for every person that dares to go outside of their home, and that's "black fly season". The flies attack viciously, covering the victim in bites and bloody red marks. Most people don't voluntarily expose themselves at all during [...]

    8. Giles Blunt's "Blackfly Season" is the third novel in the Cardinal/Delorme series (and the fourth that I have read). While the first book in the series, "Forty Words for Sorrow", is a good and engaging police procedural, this novel is again quite unspectacular, despite the author being out of the usual "sophomore slump".Detectives Cardinal an Delorme are now trying to solve the case that begins when a young woman who seems to have lost her memory and does not know who she is wanders into a bar i [...]

    9. John Cardinal has to be one of my favourite detectives of any series. This is the third book in the series and probably my favourite on so far although I rated the other high as well. You can always count on a really good mystery with interesting characters while following the lives of John Cardinal and Lise Delorme. Can't wait to get my hands on the next one but hoping to save some for the summer. Would be a great cottage read because I would have time to read beginning to end in one sitting. H [...]

    10. I was expecting a lot more after Forty Words for Sorrow, but with this novel Blunt moves a little closer to the paint-by-numbers “genre novel” and a little farther away from what would be a true innovation: the literary detective story. Blunt gets carried away here with plot elements that seriously strain credibility, and he replaces the psychological depth of Forty Words with splatter-film detailing that you can read in any of about 32,281 other serial-killer novels. There are also continui [...]

    11. This third police procedural in the Detective John Cardinal, Algonquin Bay, Canada, has a lot of potentially intriguing things going on at the same time, and a good semi-rural Canadian setting to recommend it. But the pacing is patchy, at times becoming almost incoherent as the reader tries to figure out just who is speaking, and where/when they are. It’s a major flaw in an otherwise strong mystery story about a nice guy policeman and one of his more interesting cases.A young stranger with a b [...]

    12. Blunt gives us a mystery that includes a beautiful young woman with amnesia, organized drug trafficking, a biker gang, an esoteric religion that uses torture to gain power, dedicated police detectives, and the requisite dead bodies, with just a touch of mental illness added, mostly to flesh out a key character. Blunt has creatively and effectively used flies as a key organizing theme. Apparently this novel is based on a crime that actually happened, though who knows how close to the "facts" the [...]

    13. Blunt is a new "find". Picked up THE FIELDS OF GRIEF at Book and Co. on the bargain table. Maggee read that one and really enjoyed it. We picked up two more, BLACKFLY SEASON and THE DELICATE STORM at the libary. I finished BLACKFLY SEASON last night and she finished THE DELICATE STORM a few minutes later. Now we will switch.This series features, John Cardinal, a police detective in a the small northern community of Algonquin Bay. He has a manic-depressive wife to whom he is devoted (but who make [...]

    14. This series continues very strong, although here the focus was mostly on Cardinal and less on his female partner, Lisa Delorme. Again, excellent, compelling suspense with Cardinal's bi-polar wife -- painful suspense with regard to her condition and safety. My only complaint (quibble, really) is my lack of comfort with his treatment of Palo Mayombe, an offshoot of Voodoo or similar African diaspora religion. I looked it up in and it seems like Blunt did some reasonable research into the religion [...]

    15. I have happily moved into Giles Blunt's world, and with the rest of his books on order I may stay there for awhile. By now, I feel completely invested in John Cardinal's life - personal and professional - and there is enough at stake that I want to see the outcome. But, more than that, Blunt is a born storyteller with a gift for atmospheric description and the ability to carry the action through all the way to the end. "Black Fly Season" finds our cold weather characters enduring Spring, which i [...]

    16. This is the third in a series of police procedurals set in the fictional Algonquin Bay, Ontario (which has many things in common with the real city of North Bay). Local police officers John Cardinal and Lise Delorme are presented with a young woman who doesn't know who she is or where she is; upon examination she has a bullet wound to the head. Then, a hiker stumbles on a dismembered body. And all this is taking place during black fly season, which makes everyone irritable. There are the usual j [...]

    17. This is the third John Cardinal story I've read so far. None of them have let me down and this one in particular was excellent. It was a bit grittier than the others, nicely suspenseful and well-paced. I enjoy the main characters, John Cardinal is an interesting protagonist, a good cop, with personal issues as well. Lise Delorm, his partner, is also one I want to be developed more in future stories. The surrounding characters add to the plot and keep the story moving nicely. I especially like th [...]

    18. Now we're talking! A VERY good read and much more what I expected from Giles Blunt after the great "40 Words of Sorrow" and the massive letdown of "The Delicate Storm". Has returned my faith in great Canadian mystery writers and I'm on my way to the Library, when they open tomorrow after today's holiday, to pick up "By The Time You Read This". I still believe you have to read these series in published order to really get the most out of the character development even if if each book contains eno [...]

    19. Spoiler alertWhen a young woman shows up in Algonquin Bay suffering from apparent amnesia and blackfly bites, suspicions of something not quite right prove to be correct. She has been shot, but due to the age of the gun used, the bullet didn’t explode. As she recovers and her memory returns, the police who are trying to protect her discover that she is not working fully with them and wonder what she has to hide. An action thriller, there is a dark side to this novel beyond the murders as it de [...]

    20. #3 in the John Cardinal & Lise Delorme series. Finalist 2006 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel.John Cardinal & Lise Delorme look into the background of a young woman who shows up with no memory and a bullet in her brain. The investigation leads to biker drug runners, a form of Voodoo most common to Cuba, and another attempted murder with weak bullets. Cardinal's wife is back in the psychiatric hospital.

    21. This review was deleted following 's purchase of GoodReads. The review can still be viewed via LibraryThing, where my profile can be found here.I'm also in the process of building a database at Booklikes, where I can be found here.If you read/liked/clicked through to see this review here on GR, many thanks.

    22. A tight plot, well developed chracters and fast pace made for a read that kept me reading long past my bed time.Blunt made me relive time spent in N. Ontario during blackfly season. He not only brings the characters alive but gives a true feel for where it is happening.If you enjoy crime novels, you will love the Cardinal series. As a bonus, you will also get the benefit of reading a novel that is literature.

    23. Oh man! What a good book. I had never read Blunt before (my wife recommended him), but you can bet I will from now on whenever I get a chance. It is a Canadian murder mystery supposedly based on a true story. It is sometimes gruesome, but I doubt that murder is ever very pretty. The series characters are well drawn and very believable. Highly recommended.

    24. This has absolutely become a "can't miss" series for me. I'm not sure where Giles Blunt has been all my life, but I love John Cardinal and Lise Delorme. The sense of humour is so Canadian, and is a bit more self deprecating than much of the American fiction.This storyline was really good, not as good as the last one I read, but still really well plotted.

    25. I have very much enjoyed all four of Giles Blunt's books, set in the Algonquin mountains, where we used to camp. This is the third, though the first I read. I am always taken by an author's ability to create a setting I can visualize and a cultural milieu that I can learn about and appreciate. Blunt does it all.

    26. Although a read-alike didn't predict my reaction, I was reminded of Greg Isle's writing in "Turning Angel". Both are somewhat predicable with a story set in a specific locale setting the reader in the scene, or that each of the plots had an evil character, capable of horrific things. I enjoyed Blunt's writing and will be reading more of his books.

    27. I felt is was good, as are most Canadian novels I've picked up by chance, but not as strong as others I've read. However, the characters were excellent still and I'd keep an eye out for further books by this author.What I loved about this book the most is recognizing and even being able to picture the areas mentioned, especially Highway 11, Algonquin, Huntsville, and Toronto.

    28. A good one for readers of fast-paced murder/police work/suspense thrillers. This one is pretty gruesome as one of the main characters practices a very dark version of Santeria. A good story, but it gave me nightmares. Definitely not for the squeamish.

    29. This is a police procedural, moody and fast-paced. It is set in Northern Ontario, featuring detectives John Cardinal and Lise Delorme. The action moves at a smart pace, and the story is deftly plotted. I will read more by Giles Blunt.

    30. He's a very good author. Not overly descriptive, but enough. The personal drama mixes well with the procedural line. A few parts made me feel squeamish and I could have done with a little less detail, but he keeps you reading!

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