The Delicate Storm

The Delicate Storm Stylish atmospheric psychological thriller following on from the Silver Dagger Award winner Forty Words for Sorrow A gruesome discovery in the wilderness above Algonquin Bay leads detectives John Ca

  • Title: The Delicate Storm
  • Author: Giles Blunt
  • ISBN: 9780425196786
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stylish, atmospheric psychological thriller following on from the Silver Dagger Award winner, Forty Words for Sorrow.A gruesome discovery in the wilderness above Algonquin Bay leads detectives John Cardinal and Lisa Delorme to a remote cabin that has served as an abattoir for a cold blooded killer But the woods hide other horrors and soon a second body is discovered, nakedStylish, atmospheric psychological thriller following on from the Silver Dagger Award winner, Forty Words for Sorrow.A gruesome discovery in the wilderness above Algonquin Bay leads detectives John Cardinal and Lisa Delorme to a remote cabin that has served as an abattoir for a cold blooded killer But the woods hide other horrors and soon a second body is discovered, naked and shrouded in ice When one of the victims is identified as an American the Mounties have to be called in, but it s the Canadian Secret Service that arouses the most mistrust Is their interference due to a suspected terrorist link, or is there something even sinister behind it With Northern Ontario in the grip of an ice storm of once in a hundred years severity, the woods take on a glittering, lethal beauty And in this winter wonderland John Cardinal must hunt down and confront a killer.

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    One thought on “The Delicate Storm”

    1. One of the most superbly Canadian mystery books I have read in years. It is not just Canadian in setting, it does not just draw on Canadian political and social history, from first page to last line the reality of the way different Canadians feel about themselves, each other, their history, their culture suffuses the text.It is also a well plotted, well paced and entertaining.

    2. So glad I discovered Giles Blunt! In this, the sequel to "Forty Words for Sorrow", he weaves an extremely intricate plot that didn't lose steam for even a moment. The finding of a severed human arm leads detectives Cardinal and Delorme down an unexpected path involving not only the current mystery but a number of unresolved crimes from the past as well. The old crimes are of a political nature and, as such, require the mingling of several branches of law enforcement. Which, inevitably, leads to [...]

    3. This is a good read in parts, but the ending is disappointing for a mystery/crime novel. I have an idea of how the story could have ended--and it would have been satisfying. But alas, Giles Blunt lost a good opportunity with this book. It's a shame too, because he has good characters and good sense of atmosphere and poetry to his work.

    4. As I did last year, I read this to coincide with the release of the new season of Cardinal - the show they've based on this series. Only to find out that they skipped this book!After I'd read for a while I could see why - this was a hard one to get through if you don't already have knowledge of the October crisis and it's ripple effect on Quebecoise independence movements through the years. Which, not being Canadian or having an interest in the field, I didn't!Additionally, the overall tone is p [...]

    5. Giles Blunt's "The Delicate Storm" is surprisingly unremarkable. It is the second novel in the Cardinal/Delorme series, and it does not match the quality of the first book in the series ("Forty Words for Sorrow"), which is one of the better police procedurals I have read. Maybe the "sophomore slump" effect jinxed Mr. Blunt's effort.Body parts of a man, severely nibbled on by bears, are found, and detectives Cardinal and Delorme have to determine the identity of the victim, and then find the kill [...]

    6. Nothing is straightforward with the latest case assigned to Detective John Cardinal and his colleague, Detective Lise Delorme. The dismembered corpse, partially eaten by bears, is identified as an American tourist forcing the Algonquin Bay police to liaise with the RCMP, which has not always been easy for Cardinal and Delorme. As they work to uncover the mystery surrounding the case, a well-respected local female is found frozen in the woods. Cardinal and Delorme realize these two seemingly unco [...]

    7. I could barely believe I was reading the same detectives - Cardinal and Delorme were much more intense and interesting, if hard to penetrate, in the last mystery. As well, their case was really taking a back seat in this story to the history of the FLQ. Even there, I was not captivated. Though Blunt had a lot of narrative to cover to make unaware readers of the events of that era, to my mind, his narrative was inadequate. He started about 1970, leaving out many years. I know, I was there, geogra [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book. I've been waiting for an opportunity to read it since I delved into "Forty Words for Sorrow" last year. I enjoyed the complexity of the historical events Blunt weaves into this book, as well as some of the family situation Cardinal finds himself confronting. The ending was mildly dissatisfying, but that's a personal quirk. (I won't go into detail because it would be a spoiler.) I'm looking forward to the next book in the series, primarily because John Cardinal is a character [...]

    9. Somehow I missed this book as I read through the series of mysteries involving detectives John Cardinal and Lise Delorme; as I love Giles Blunt's writing, I had to 'go back' and read it and I'm so glad I did. Northern Ontario is in the grip of a major ice storm, making the detectives' hunt for a killer that much more difficult. When two bodies are found in the woods, the search begins and despite a paucity of clues and a series of dead ends, Cardinal and Delorme narrow the killer's identity down [...]

    10. A really fascinating read. Good detective story with two great investigators providing the archetypal police partnership. Throw in some sexual tension and interesting personal back stories. Add a couple of dead bodies, some political shenanigans, historical intrigue, the secret service and some really bad weather. What you end up with is a really exciting read with the added benefit of a history lesson and a travelogue. Highly recommended but do read the first in the Cardinal series before this [...]

    11. "Well plotted, well paced" to quote another reviewer. I also liked the main characters, but this was obviously a sequel and, as a stand alone book, I felt there were big gaps in the back story. The ending also felt unfinished and I thought there might be a series of these books; and there is. There were rave reviews on the jacket, but maybe I should've started with book 1. Liked it enough to go looking for it.

    12. I continue to enjoy Blunt's books, to which I was introduced by the television series 'Cardinal'. They are engrossing and intriguing, yet even violence written within them is somehow quiet and understated. There's also a great sense of atmosphere around the landscape and location and, in this particular novel, the weather which is very nearly an antagonist along with some bad humans. Finally, great revisiting of a hard historical time for Canada.

    13. This book did not grab me as a murder mystery, which is evident by the two months it took me to finish it. However, it was a very interesting Canadian history lesson about the FLQ. So fascinatingly prescient (it was written in 2003) are the parallels between the current Justin Trudeau/Donald Trump governments and the Pierre Trudeau/Richard Nixon governments of the early 1970s when the FLQ crisis took place. And I have to give Giles Blunt 3 stars at least for his writing ability, as I have never [...]

    14. Enjoyable for me in that it brought back memories of the 1970's and the politics in Canada at that time. The ending is a bit off as it is more a stagger-to-the-finish line than a solid wrap-up. That aside, I found the characters engaging and realistically motivated--essential for this type of old Politics driven plot.

    15. It is good. Not as good as “40 Words For Sorrow” or “Blackfky Season”, but the writing is really good. I wasn’t crazy about the story line but it was a good entertainment. I guess I know now the reason the TV series is skipping this one.

    16. My second in the series, and I've ordered the next two. Again, engaging setting, plot and characters, although this one suffers from an overabundance of names and a somewhat unresolved ending. I'm recommending the series to friends who have enjoyed the Lydia Chi/Bill Smith series by SJ Rozan.

    17. It is a good read, you feel like you are part of the community when you read. Very much like when you read the Peter May books.

    18. If it weren't for the Hulu Original Series "Cardinal" I would probably not have uncovered this author. A very good read - on to the next title!

    19. I enjoyed this book as well. The angle of the mystery that involved the FLQ crisis was interesting as I had forgotten a lot of what had happened at that time.

    20. Totally delightful read. Story developed well, with complex characters. Who done it factor very satisfying. Completely Canadian. Am looking forward to the Cardinal Delorme series.

    21. This second entry in a series is unique. The first book was full of thrills and chills: almost cinematic. In #2, Mr Blunt builds the tension scene after scene, but he allows them to end with a whimper rather than a bang. The characters, setting and action seemed genuine to me.

    22. Not as good as the first book in the series, but definitely looking forward to reading the next one in the "Cardinal" series. Love the characters, love the setting, just wasn't a big fan of the ending. Maybe it will continue on in the next book.

    23. Takes place in a fictional town inspired by North Bay, Ontario.An unseasonably warm winter in the Northern Ontario city of Algonquin Bay brings with it a grisly discovery. An American tourist has been murdered and fed to the bears. Assigned the case is Detective John Cardinal. He'll be working with Sgt. Malcome Musgrave of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a man he has little love for, and with Calvin Squier of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, which raises Cardinals suspecions. The d [...]

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