Forty Words for Sorrow

Forty Words for Sorrow In the quiet Canadian town of Algonquin Bay a frozen body has been found in an abandoned mine shaft She is quickly identified as Katie Pine a teenager who had disappeared months ago At the time Det

  • Title: Forty Words for Sorrow
  • Author: Giles Blunt
  • ISBN: 9780425206928
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the quiet Canadian town of Algonquin Bay, a frozen body has been found in an abandoned mine shaft She is quickly identified as Katie Pine, a teenager who had disappeared months ago At the time, Detective John Cardinal insisted that Katie was no ordinary runaway His relentless pursuit and refusal to give up on the case got him demoted from Homicide But now the CanadiIn the quiet Canadian town of Algonquin Bay, a frozen body has been found in an abandoned mine shaft She is quickly identified as Katie Pine, a teenager who had disappeared months ago At the time, Detective John Cardinal insisted that Katie was no ordinary runaway His relentless pursuit and refusal to give up on the case got him demoted from Homicide But now the Canadian police force wants Cardinal back on the case with a new associate by his side And as these two untrusting partners gather evidence of a serial murder spree, a pair of sociopaths is closing in on the next victim.

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    One thought on “Forty Words for Sorrow”

    1. I accidentally read book 3 in this series first and it was so good I just had to go back to the start and read book 1.I really enjoy the setting of this series in Canada and I like the frequent references to topics like the Mounties, the French/Canadian divide and the situation regarding the native Indian population. The main characters are good to, slightly flawed but interesting people just like in real life.Combine all this with a cracking good story, a spot of internal intrigue and some good [...]

    2. **UPDATE MAY 2017** A TV series, Cardinal, is now broadcast on Canada's CTV network. The first season is complete; the second and third are ordered. We'll get this at least on Hulu. These are good stories.Rating: 3.75* of fiveThe Publisher Says: When the decomposed body of 13-year-old Katie Pine is found in an abandoned mine shaft, Detective John Cardinal is vindicated. He'd kept the Pine case open, and was demoted for his zeal. But Katie isn't the only youngster to disappear in the Canadian tow [...]

    3. Excellent introduction to the series set in Algonquin Bay, Ontario (based on North Bay, ON). The setting was a character all by itself. The city cops are interesting and complex. Their interactions with the Mounties and Provincial law enforcement was a timely lesson since I recently researched Canadian immigration. BUT(view spoiler)[the captivity and torture of the victims was seriously horrible to read about. (hide spoiler)]Updated 2/9/18

    4. Giles Blunt, Forty Words for Sorrow (Berkeley, 2001)Giles Blunt first came to the attention of critics everywhere as a staff writer for Law and Order, one of the strongest television series in history. And when reading Blunt's first novel, the reader who is a Law and Order fan is likely to know, even without knowing Blunt's allegiance to the show, that there are similarities. Needless to say, for the Law and Order fan, this means you've pretty much got a free pass on this one; you're going to lo [...]

    5. "Forty Words for Sorrow" is the first novel in an excellent series by an accomplished writer. Early in the book, the reason for its title is made clear. John Cardinal, a homicide cop in a northern Ontario city, has just talked to a woman whose daughter has been murdered. "Eskimos, it is said, have forty different words for snow. Never mind about snow, Cardinal mused, what people really need is forty words for sorrow. Grief. Heartbreak. Desolation. There were not enough for this childless mother [...]

    6. Dark and engrossing plot. I don’t read a lot of crime fiction but I enjoyed this. The writing is generally solid but there’s some clunky stuff especially when describing men’s reactions to Delorme. Loved the Canadian setting. I’ve never been to North Bay (Algonquin Bay’s thinly disguised real life analogue) but now I feel like I have. Perfect reading for the cold snap we’re having right now. There’s a tv series too. Haven’t seen it but now I want to track it down.

    7. Giles Blunt's "Forty Words for Sorrow" is a very good, almost outstanding police procedural. One of the blurbs on the cover screams "The most horrifying story since The Silence of the Lambs (LA Times)". Well, not really, but it is pretty close. I would agree with Jonathan Kellerman's assessment, also published on the cover, "One of the finest crime novels I've ever read", as long as the pool of the "finest crime novels" is large enough.This is the first novel in Mr. Blunt's notable series featur [...]

    8. I would give Forty Words for Sorrow a resounding five stars, if by the highest rating I also meant, most satisfied. It is a brilliant book: the tale drags the reader along, mercilessly, into the warm hearts of the flawed good guys, the chilling heartlessness of the efficient bad guys, their brutality lashing out, page after page. A brilliant book? A deeply disturbing book I need a cleanser after this.Giles Blunt's hero is Detective Inspector John Cardinal, 10 years already on the Algonquin Bay [...]

    9. OK, here's the thing, when the cover says things like "One of the finest crime novels I've ever read." and "The most horrifying story since The Silence of the Lambs." I am expecting better, much better. This was the typical run of the mill crime novel, it had some suspense, but told you who did it half way through, they had no connection to the story and then set the cops on finding that person(s), you knew they would find them, there was a subplot twist that ended predictably and all in all it [...]

    10. I heard somewhere that this book was marketed with a money-back guarantee if the reader wasn't satisfied. Pretty audacious move. I wonder how this worked out for them.I wasn't unsatisfied, but after all the high praise that had been heaped upon this, I was a little under-whelmed.It's a pretty good police procedural, and the nice thing about it for me is that it was set in a small Ontario town, with plenty of Canadiana spread around. This was nicely familiar for a while, but I have to admit there [...]

    11. I had read the third book in this series some time ago (Black Fly Season), and always thought I'd get back to the series and start with book one, but that never happened until now. I had been watching the CTV-TV adaptation of this particular book, and it reminded me that I wanted to get back to reading the series. This is a very good policce procedural series set in Northern Ontario, in and around Algonquin Bay. In this first book Detective John Cardinal meets his partner, Lise Delorme. He knows [...]

    12. I was expecting something a "bit more' from this relatively straight forward police procedural. It was dark and it was gritty but there was too much going on with other threads within the story. I found that it took a bit away from the focus on the police investigation.I loved the desolate setting, the bleakness and vastness and the murder/mystery component was well done. I just felt that some of the secondary, side stories detracted from the mystery component overall.

    13. Mystery fans who haven't discovered Giles Blunt should rejoice. You have many hours of exceptionally well-written story ahead of you.

    14. Consider me a fan of flawed and imperfect detectives ridding the world of offenders of crimes far more hideous than the mistakes they find themselves capable of making. Blunt has created a fascinating character in John Cardinal. So principled, so smart, yet more than capable of human failings - I can't wait to read more of his story. Giles Blunt has absolutely left me wanting to know more about the personal and professional consequences of Cardinal's revelations at the end of book one. It was a [...]

    15. Kurzbeschreibung:In der klirrenden Kälte des kanadischen Winters wird in einem Minenschacht, festgefroren in einem Eisblock, die grausig zugerichtete Leiche eines Mädchens gefunden. Und in der Provinzstadt Algonquin Bay sind noch drei weitere Teenagerspurlos verschwunden. Detective John Cardinal glaubt, dass ein perverserSerienkiller sein Unwesen treibt. Doch die Wahrheit ist noch viel erschreckender Autor:Giles Blunt, geboren 1952, wuchs in North Bay in der kanadischen Provinz Ontario auf und [...]

    16. Maybe it was a mistake to watch the television version of Forty Words for Sorrow first. It's television incarnation is called Cardinal, named after the male lead of Giles Blunt's series. I found the television series, produced by Canada's CTV, a more enjoyable experience than reading its source material. I feel a little guilty about that, having been trained, as we all have, to believe, without a doubt, that the book is better than the screen version, but there it is.The whys are pretty simple: [...]

    17. PROTAGONIST: Detective John Cardinal / Lise DelormeSETTING: Algonquin Bay, CanadaSERIES: #1 of 6RATING: 3.75WHY: Detective John Cardinal long believed that a few missing children cases were linked. When the body of one of them is found, the investigation is expanded. He comes to believe a serial killer is at work. Lise Delorme is assigned to his team. She had worked for the Office of Special Investigations, and he believes that she is actually investigating him. He has cause for worry. At the sa [...]

    18. I was thrilled to find this book - the writing is gorgeous, the characters interesting, the writer Canadian and it is set in gritty North Ontario.But it evolved into a Paul Bernardo/Marquis de Sade saga that left me feeling physically ill - and TV shows like Luther and Justified are among my favourites, so it isn't that I don't enjoy dark. I'd love to read another Giles Blunt novel with a significantly less brutal storyline, but I'm putting this book in the recycling so that no one else has to r [...]

    19. Me ha gustado. A veces era algo lento, pero se trata de una novela policíaca hecha y derecha. La trama es buena y me gusta cómo está desarrollada, pero creo, sinceramente, que le sobran personajes. Ah, y no es apto para frioleros.

    20. John Cardinal is a complex, interesting character, dealing with a frustrating murder case in Algonquin Bay, trying to respond to his wife, who is hospitalized for severe depression, and harboring a secret guilt. His partner, Lisa Delorme, is a recent transfer to the murder squad and is surreptitiously investigating whether Cardinal is the "inside man" for a criminal who seems to know when busts might be coming. We see the murderers and know who they are; in that sense it's less of a traditional [...]

    21. This was excellent! I had watched the mini-series first. Identical main and subplots, but quite different stories. Loved both. Looking forward to more John Cardinal.

    22. A wonderful mystery novel. The characters are beautifully drawn and the plot moves at a fast pace. Since the main subject is serial killing it is expected that it would be somewhat gruesome. Personally, I don't care for gory stories but this one handled it without going overboard. I have read other books by this author and thoroughly enjoy him.

    23. I swept through this in a matter of two days -- what a suspenseful book. I could barely put it down. The suspense wasn't about the identity of the killers, but rather the terror that our flawed investigators would not identify them in time. Or at all. In writing these reviews regularly, I've definitely discovered that three-dimensional characters with an inner life are important to me in my favorite books. I need to have hero/ines that struggle. I remember a quote that I will paraphrase (badly) [...]

    24. This was the first Giles Blunt that I've read but it sure won't be the last. I already have "The Delicate Storm" on hold at my library. As always I try to read these series in order. It is very difficult to write a serial killer mystery that hasn't already been done quite a few times but Giles has done a pretty fair job here with a few kinda different twists. I think he has had a good look at Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch series as John Cardinal seems to operate in very much a Bosch way but the [...]

    25. I think Giles Blunt is very clever to have written a book with such interesting characters that you simply have to read the next one in the series. To briefly review this novel here are some thoughts:-it's a page turner for sure (as Delorme may say in her French accent)-the crimes are very graphic and grisly-although I don't read a lot of crime fiction so I don't have much to compare them too-the description of winter life in Northern Ontario is spot on-mucilaginous slush on the roads-perfect!-t [...]

    26. I wanted to read this having caught the first few episodes of the Canadian TV series (/title/tt5583512/c) which is very well done and is filmed in North Bay, Sudbury and Whitefish Lake First Nation (now called the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek First Nation, literally meaning Whitefish Lake Spontanenously Created People), Ontario. North Bay itself is the real-life stand-in for the book's city of Algonquin Bay.Season 1 of the TV series seems to be following the book fairly closely but adds more of a f [...]

    27. I listened to an audio version of this, read by James Daniels for Brilliance Audio. This was a very fine read, direct and unadorned, but never dull. In the main narrative, the police track an unusual pair of thrill-killers, a sadistic psycho aided by his hopeless loser girlfriend, who prey on teenagers. There are a few interesting subplots that greatly enrich the story. In one, Algonquin Bay (Ontario) cop John Cardinal may be getting quietly investigated by his low-key but very effective partner [...]

    28. When I decided that I wanted to try some Canadian mystery writers, another member gave me a list which included this author. It turned out to be a great book to start with. One thing that fascinated me about this book was the weather. My family has a cabin on a lake in Ontario, not quite as far north as the town in the book, but far enough north to share some of the same climate. I've always wondered what it would be like to be up at the lake in the winter and now I have a much better idea of j [...]

    29. A solid thriller and debut novel by screenwriter Giles Blunt. Good pacing and plot twists, if slightly clichéd and a bit rushed at the end. Flashes of brilliant characterization, especially the small-time crook and John's wife Catherine. Memorable and creepy antagonists that will take a while to get out of your head. Found this observation quite perceptive:"People think of depression as sadness, and in its milder manifestations perhaps it is, but there could be little comparison between a tearf [...]

    30. I read this first of the John Cardinal mystery thrillers to get ready for the 6-episode mini-series (Cardinal) that's coming on CTV this coming week and I'm glad I did. The introduction of Detective John Cardinal and his new partner Lise Delorme is a pretty good read. It didn't blow me away, but it certainly held my interest and has me looking forward to the show, which BTW, is perfectly cast with Billy Campbell and Karine Vanasse as Cardinal and Delorme respectively.The mystery of who is commit [...]

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