The Wave

The Wave Long ago in Japan a village stood beside the sea When the water was calm the village children played in the gentle waves shouting and laughing

  • Title: The Wave
  • Author: Margaret Hodges Blair Lent
  • ISBN: 9780153075315
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Long ago in Japan a village stood beside the sea When the water was calm, the village children played in the gentle waves, shouting and laughing.

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    • Best Read [Margaret Hodges Blair Lent] ¼ The Wave || [Memoir Book] PDF ↠
      302 Margaret Hodges Blair Lent
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    One thought on “The Wave”

    1. The Wave is a very interesting story about a village and the devastating affects of an earthquake and tidal wave. This is also about a mans efforts to save his village. I would choose this text in my class to help develop community in the classroom and to also teach sequencing and why it is important to pay attention to the sequence of a story.

    2. The Wave by Margaret Hodges is a great example of background pictures and colors adding to the drama to the story. There is a lot of white space in the book, which represents a lot of nothing. The story is about a tidal waving coming to the village. In the beginning of the story when they were describing the village a lot of neutral colors were used to describe the village and the safety of everyday life. When the earthquake started the house sizes were lopsided with a lot of negative space. As [...]

    3. 1964 account based on an ancient Japanese tale about a tsunami and a wise man's rescue of his village. It reads very differently after the devastating 2011 tidal wave. Lent's illustrations and spare use of color and textures and stamping give the story an age-old and other-worldly feel.

    4. 1. Summary: This is a story about an old town that lives by an ocean. When the old Ojiisan notices than a tsunami is coming, he does something that may not be good at first sight but in the end saves a whole village. 2. Grade: K-23.`Individual Interest: A child who likes sequences and finds old folk tales interesting. This book also has great pictures which could intrigue students as well.4. Integrate in Classrooms: I would like to use this book as a way to talk about community in the classroom. [...]

    5. I’m not too crazy about the illustrations in this book, but I like the storyline. The idea of one man sacrificing his own welfare to save his neighbors is a noble one, and I think kids really understand lessons like that when they are packaged in exciting scenarios like this one. One page I do like is the page where the wave rolls through and knocks against all the houses. I can feel the movement of the water, and sense how fortunate the people were not to be in their homes at the time of the [...]

    6. 1. This story is about a small Japanese village of farmers that is rocked by a terrible tidal wave and the one man who saves them all. 2. 2nd-5th, Lexile: AD700L3. Science, Culture, Reading4. Students who like learning about folktales or different places could benefit from this book.5/6. This book would be a good introduction to natural disasters for a science class or for a folktale section.7. Houses of the Sea, Fly High Fly Low8. No multimedia connections.

    7. The story of Wave is simple and effective, and is probably the best element of this book. The themes featured in the story include respecting one's elders, common sense, and story telling. The story is about a small Japanese village that is saved just in time from a devastating tidal wave by the good sense of the village elder (the protagonist's grandfather). The illustrations in this book are simple and feature a color palate of blacks, grays, and browns, which add to the bleak moral of the sto [...]

    8. • 1965 Caldecott Honor Book •I really, really liked this story, but I wasn’t very moved by the illustrations. I love how selfless the grandfather is and what a great moral this is to children (the power of sacrifice and that the chance of saving a life is worth more than money). I thought the story was intense and moving. Can someone please redo this book, because the story is really great! So many neat things could be done with the art! Materials used: unlistedTypeface used: unlisted

    9. Grade level: 2-5Genre: Historical fictionThis is a wonderful story about how an elder in a Japanese village is wiser and knows what to do. I also love the element of information in this book, it allows students to know that after an earthquake comes a tidal wave. This would be a wonderful introduction to a unit about Japan, the pacific rim, earthquakes, and/or tidal waves. I think this book is super well written and would love to implement this book in a future classroom.

    10. In old, old Japan there was once a wise old man. After an earthquake, he alone can recognize the signs that a tsunami is coming. The 400 people from the village below his mountain house are in danger. There is no time to go to the temple and have them ring the bell, so he sets fire to his own fields to draw them up to safety.A tale of selfless sacrifice in an era before tsunami warning systems existed or they even understood much about them. The note in the back of the book says that Hodges adap [...]

    11. 1965 Caldecott HonorFavorite illustration: An early image in the book (p. 8-9) of the village withe the Oceania the foreground and the mountain behind it.Favorite line: And then all shrieks and all sounds and all power to hear sounds were ended by a shock heavier than any thunder, as the great wave struck the shore with a weight that sent a shudder through the hills.Thoughts: I had to find this one through the Inter-library Loan program, which always makes me weary as we have one of the largest [...]

    12. I was rather excited when I found out that Blair Lent illustrated this, as I have enjoyed his work in the past for the Caldecott Challenge. The artwork in this book wasn’t as good as his other books, such as “Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky”. This book won a 1965 Caldecott Honor. However, the story was interesting enough. It is harvest time in a small fishing village in Japan, when suddenly the sea starts withdrawing from the shore. A wise old grandfather knows what is happening a [...]

    13. I very much enjoyed this folk tale of a man who sacrifices his wealth to save the people of his village. I was not extremely impressed by the illustrations, especially the preponderance of brown. I like some of Blair Lent's later illustrations in other books much better.

    14. First time finished?Second time finished 6/21/12Remembered the story; didn't remember the Blair Lent illus.Compare with Sosu's Call.

    15. Retelling of a Japanese folktale. (See Tsunai by )(She was a children's librarian and wrote for young people.)Caldecott honor

    16. This is a haunting tale accompanied by beautiful illustrations. I have read it three or four times and each time it makes my eyes tear up.

    17. disaster. an old grandfather can save the villagers, but it will cost him everything. and they'll think him quite madsed on a buddist tale

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