I, Trissy

I Trissy A sixth grade girl types out all the frustrations she feels following the separation of her parents

  • Title: I, Trissy
  • Author: Norma Fox Mazer
  • ISBN: 9780440441090
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • A sixth grade girl types out all the frustrations she feels following the separation of her parents.

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    One thought on “I, Trissy”

    1. This book was so damn funny. I must have read it about a hundred times when I was nine (around the time of my parents' separation and divorce). I loved the way the heroine used humor and journaling to get through her parents' messy break-up. It was both comforting and inspiring to meA -- the book's publication date, 1986, refers to a later edition. It was first published in the early '70s and I read it in 1983.

    2. I read this book when I was 12, and I so identified with its title character, that I asked for a typewriter for Christmas that year. What followed from there was a lifetime of keeping a journal, and the writing of some really bad poetry. I was really inspired by Trissy, and I would love to get a copy of this book to read it again.I wonder what Trissy would be like at 35?

    3. I still have the yellowed paperback on my shelf! Just like Harriet the Spy, it gave a weird young girl permission to write and make pictures with a typewriter!! Very creative. Thanks Norma Fox Mazer. You influenced me immensely with this book!

    4. loved this one as a kid. i think the cover was yellow. my older brother read it firstwe've always had the same taste in books. i seem to remember i was fascinated by the swear words lol

    5. I loved this book as a child I have been looking for it everywhere and Bam here it is I could not stop reading it I am so glad I found it againI want to share it with my little girls :)

    6. Funny spin on a sad teen subject. If the story took place in today's time, Trissy would have ended up going to counciling raither then getting a typewriter to work out her angst. The story itself was timeless.

    7. This is a delightful story from 1971. Trissy is 11.5 and pours out her thoughts and frustrations using the typewriter given to her by her dad. She struggles with her parents' divorce, her siblings, and her friendships. Plenty of humor and painfully accurate.1/47 tbr box.

    8. Oh dear Lord. It took me 3 hours to figure out the name of this book. I kept Googling pink book, 80s, girl sitting at typewriter and NOTHING. Finally I started looking up Tessa? No then it occurred to me I, Treeny? No. I, TRISSY. EFFING A I FOUND IT.All of that to say that I read this book a lot as a kid for some reason but had no memories of the plot except she would type curse words on her typewriter. And of course, I remembered the cover.Ok, now I can go about my day doing other things.

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