Mice on Ice

Mice on Ice None

  • Title: Mice on Ice
  • Author: Rebecca Emberley
  • ISBN: 9780823425761
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Mice on Ice I Like to Read This is the first book that my four year old has not become frustrated with while learning to read We have tried so many early reading books and she has never even tried to sound out the words or look for sight words but this book was different. Mice MHWiki Penchant for a particular cheese.When using a preferred cheese, the mouse is encountered often than usual Not all mice have a preference Additionally, not all have equally strong preferences some mice are simply likely to be encountered, while some are only encountered with one specific cheese Cheese preferences listed in the table below, as well as on individual mouse pages Member of ICE Institution of Civil Engineers Becoming a chartered or incorporated member of ICE MICE is a demonstration of your skills and competencies as a civil engineer. Difference between Rats and Mice Rat Behavior Differences between Norway rats and house mice Norway rats and house mice belong to different species A species is a group of related individuals or populations which are potentially capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring So Norway rats and house mice belong to different species and cannot interbreed.Humans and orangutangs, chipmunks and red squirrels, bottlenosed dolphins Saint Michael s While playing a two game Northeast Conference series this weekend, the Saint Michael s College men s ice hockey team will also host a pair of special awareness games while welcoming back Hockey Humanitarian Award winners Danny Divis and Justin McKenzie Top Indications of a Mice Infestation Rat Extermination I also am having this problem, I also live in a town house, the very end so I have only one neighbor I caught mice so far within a month period. Institution of Civil Engineers The Institution of Civil Engineers ICE is an independent professional association for civil engineers and a charitable body in the United Kingdom Based in London, ICE has over , members, of whom three quarters are located in the UK, while the rest are located in than other countries. Transformice Tutorials SHAMAN You re the shaman Help your disciples to get the cheese The shaman is the mouse who guides all the other mice to the cheese and then to the hole thanks to several objects she can spawn via the menu.They also can tie these objects thanks to a variety of anchors with different properties. Math Activities for Ice Cream Th Making Learning Fun Math Activities for Ice Cream Theme Ice Cream Calendar Numbers Count the Scoops of Ice Cream Cards Count and Match Ice Cream Activity Favorite Dairy Product Chart Start Ice Cream Printables Ice Cream Ice Cream Magnet Pages Ice Cream Coloring or Bingo Marker Pages Circle Time Activities and Games for Ice Cream Theme Make it with Art Supplies for Ice Cream Theme

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    One thought on “Mice on Ice”

    1. This is the first one in the "I Like to Read" series that read like an easy reader - kind of a meh story. However the illustrations were great and there was a lot of other "stuff" happening in the book.

    2. A simple rhyming book about mice who ice skate. They skate until they see a cat carved into the ice. Suddenly the cat skates along with them. It didn't have a very good thought out plot, but an early reader may enjoy this.

    3. I would suggest this book for anyone who is just learning to read, each page has 3-5 pages in it. The story is about mice who skate on ice,and the scratch marks they made on the ice was kinda like a sculpture of a cat then it comes to life and stuff. But, I really think younger kids would enjoy this. This is also a really good bedtime story!

    4. Award-winning illustrator Ed Emberley and his daughter Rebecca have created a beginning reader featuring colorful, stylized ice-skating mice and a surprise skater. In addition to the appealing, cheerful illustrations, rhyming text comprised of controlled vocabulary encourages new readers to enjoy the simple story. Astute readers may notice that the increasingly elaborate tracings left on the ice by the skates form a clue to answer the text’s question: “Someone is waiting./What is this?/What [...]

    5. Very few rhyming lines comprise the text of this winter romp; the title says it all. Colorfully dressed and overly cute mice go ice skating. Their skating maneuvers create all sorts of designs on the ice. But the “someone is waiting” line should put readers on alert. The mice look down, and (Oh, no!) their skates have created the outline of a cat. Surprise!! The cat comes to life, but no need to worry. It joins in the fun of skating. The large font and spare text are suited to beginning and [...]

    6. I set a different standard when I rate I Like To Read Books as oppose to regular picture books. There is only so much plot you can add to this genre. Having said this, I Like To Read Book by Holiday House is a perfect picture book for the emerging reader. Simple words and rhyme. Bold colors and geometric lines. As simple as it is, the story has suspense and a nice twist in the end. This book with sparse words will boost the confidence of the young reader. Recommended for 3-4 year old readers. Sh [...]

    7. Mice on ice would not be a book to read to children for a lesson, but would be a good book to read for the holidays; most likely Christmas. It was a good book, beause it shows the mice skating on the ice and drawing all of these pictures on it (a cat and then a hat on the cat). Then in the end the cat is skating with the mice on the ice, and the end of the book can be determined in so many ways that if the book went on, what it would be. Overall, great book!

    8. My four-year-old son checked this book out from the library yesterday. My son picked this book because of the artwork on the cover. It is pretty outstanding artwork. And very eye-catching. This book is an "I Can Read Book" so it reads like an "I Can Read Book", with a very simple storyline and lots of repetitive. The artwork -- that outstanding, eye-catching artwork -- elevates this book above most "I Can Read Books".

    9. This book has very easy words for kids to comprehend and understand. There are rhymes, it is very colorful, and the mice dress funny. The pictures will capture the children's interest because the book is made up of many colors. Children will love to read this book because they will be able to enjoy all the illustrations and the colors.

    10. The art is (of course, it's the Emberleys) gorgeous and wonderfully done in this early reader.The text is Dick-and-Jane simple and the book will not hold up at a preschool storytime, but for younger kids who will be aided by simple rhymes and will enjoy color and animal identification, this one fits the bill.

    11. I could see children enjoying this story because it has bold colors and may be easy for the children to read alone. It is cute watching the mice skate around the ice, and the cat joining them. In my opinion, there is not much excitement in the story. This would more than likely not be a book I read aloud in class but one I use to allow the children to read alone.

    12. Sort of a dissapointment but still has the clever play with shapes and colors that matches the equally playful words. Good rhymes. I only wish the cat had added a little spice and chased the mice on the iceer plot I think.

    13. Emberley, R. "Mice on ice". (2012). New York: .An easy to read story with little text. A very good choice for a child who is just beginning to read on their own. The illustrations are interesting. They are kind of Picasso-style.

    14. GR Level C- though this book has the same mice as the Emberly Aesop fable Lion and Mice, the light blue color makes the mice almost cute and sweet instead of bizarre. Much less distracting with the muted background. Not much to the story but a nice just past emergent reader.

    15. Admittedly, the vocabulary was meant to be very simple, but the text doesn't do much at all. The rhymes are pretty obvious and nothing much happens. The illustrations are colorful but didn't strike me as particularly interesting.

    16. A quick creative story in which the mice skating on the ice creates an image of a cat which later comes to life and skates with them. Young readers will no doubt be amused by the quirkiness of their creation.

    17. Mice skating on ice find they are not alone, the surprise skater is a cat wearing a hat. The stylized, colorful mice express the fun. Award winning illustrator, Ed Emberley, and daughter, Rebecca, have created a simple story just right for beginner readers. Reviewer 17

    18. Very short. Very simple. A great, bright story for very early readers. I used his in a winter themed story time and then we skated on paper plates. A nice combo.

    19. A great book for kids just learning to read as the sentences are very short and the words are simple.The pictures were colorful, but strange. I didn't like the eyes, lol.

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