Ink A tattoo can be a work of artor a curse When Jason Harford meets the tattoo artist he nicknames Sailor ink is the last thing on his mind but he s hurt and angry from a recent loss and makes an impul

  • Title: Ink
  • Author: Damien Walters Grintalis
  • ISBN: 9781619210721
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • A tattoo can be a work of artor a curse When Jason Harford meets the tattoo artist he nicknames Sailor, ink is the last thing on his mind, but he s hurt and angry from a recent loss and makes an impulsive decision to go under the needle Sailor s work is extraordinary, though, and the griffin tattoo is a thing of beauty, leaving Jason with no cause for regret Until heA tattoo can be a work of artor a curse When Jason Harford meets the tattoo artist he nicknames Sailor, ink is the last thing on his mind, but he s hurt and angry from a recent loss and makes an impulsive decision to go under the needle Sailor s work is extraordinary, though, and the griffin tattoo is a thing of beauty, leaving Jason with no cause for regret Until he hears the flutter of wings in the night Finds drops of blood staining his sheets Sees a brick wall where the tattoo shop should be The truth is as sharp as a monster s talon, and if Jason can t find a way out, everything he knows will be destroyed and everyone he cares about will pay the price.

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      238 Damien Walters Grintalis
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    One thought on “Ink”

    1. After his wife leaves him, Jason is persuaded to celebrate his new-found freedom by getting a tattoo. He eventually agrees, and shows up at a mysterious tattoo parlor run by a man Jason had met at a local bar. 'Sailor' (whose business card reads "John S. Iblis, Tattoo Artist") gives Jason an amazingly realistic tattoo of a griffin, and for a fantastic price. His friends and co-workers are envious of the artwork and glad that his sour marriage has finally ended.Jason soon hooks up with Mitch, a c [...]

    2. Damien Walters Grintalis' first novel builds on the promise shown in her published short stories: characterization, solid pacing and a very good sense of when and when not to show us the monster/evil/gore. With the exception of a few key cut-away scenes, Grintalis keeps us firmly in Jason's point of view throughout the book. Thanks to this, we understand why he reaches the (false) conclusions about what's going on that he reaches. In Jason, we're not given just another horror novel lead who is o [...]

    3. This would have made a nifty short story if it didn't stretch its already paper thin concept over hundreds of pages -- and if I hadn't already read that same story half a dozen times. From Bradbury's The Illustrated Man, to movies like Ninja Scroll, Elektra, The Rage: Carrie 2, The Tatooist, Comforting Skin, episodes of The X-files to a dozen other borderline plagiarism riffs (especially William Friedkin's Tales From The Crypt episode, "On A Deadman's Chest", which INK blatantly steals from, c [...]

    4. It's a little tricky to review this book without giving too much away. I liked the characters and appreciated the time that was spent building them into people I could really care about. The setting was also well drawn and reminded me of some of my favorite early urban horror by Clive Barker. Grintalis has a sharp eye for description, a finely tuned ear for language, and a bloody finger on the pulse of horror. Ink takes a fresh premise grounded in realistic character drama, and then slowly and r [...]

    5. Well, I'm a sucker for places that are there one moment, gone the next, like the lofty Rue d'Auseil in Lovecraft's "Music of Erich Zann." I'm also fond of deals with the devil, or a devil, as long as I'm not on the signing end of the contract. So I knew I had to read this book.And I'm glad I did. Not only did I discover a new favorite fictional place, 1303 Shakespeare Street in Baltimore, but a new writer to watch. Damien Walters Grintalis has a lucid style, an ear for dialogue, and an eye for d [...]

    6. Ink is a slow burn kind of horror story, where you know pretty much right from the start that something bad is going to happen, but the question of when that bad thing will come is drawn out to prolong the tension. This can end up failing because if nothing happens for too long, the story can lose the tension it's invested. But Ink manages to dole out just enough of a sense of dread so that it never loses that building edge. When it finally peaks and starts to reveal the monsters, the tension is [...]

    7. Wow. And this is supposed to be her debut? I say kudos! Ms. Grintalis is an amazing talent. INK sets in deep with a tail that is farfetched, yet- as any great writer can do- pulls you in and makes this nightmare real. I was pulled in, fast and hard, the way a great book (especially in the horror genre) should work. I will from here on avoid any tattoo artist that says “the devil’s in the details”. I never give away anything in my reviews so just let me tell you, the end of this book had me [...]

    8. -"Tattoos were just ink on the skin; every sane person knew that. But his tattoo was something more than just ink."Authors, if you think an awesome cover can't help sell a book, you're wrong. I usually don't read horror, but the intriguing cover art for "Ink" is what first drew my attention to this new novel.Of course, then the original story line intrigued me, and I knew I had to read Ink. I've had the pleasure of reading some shorter works from Damien Walters Grintalis, so I already knew that [...]

    9. Excerpt: "The stink of rot and ruin, of old dreams, broken screams and wicked, dirty little things."One of Grintalis' great gifts is making the unbelievable, not only believable, but making it live and breathe. Her monsters are not cartoons, her demons are not dispelled with the light of day—all of her creations are real. Her love of horror fiction is obvious (I found myself reminded of Peter Straub), but her craft and imagination raises Ink beyond the deluge of lesser works in the genre. I lo [...]

    10. In this first-rate horror thriller, we follow the downward spiral of Jason’s life as he meets the mysterious Sailor and gets a tattoo that is not content remaining a mere skin illustration.Grintalis’ keen prose keeps you turning pages as the horror of Sailor’s creation grows. She paints splendid descriptions and delivers crisp dialogue. When you can read and follow a page of conversation that has virtually no attribution, you know the author has mastered her creations’ voices.Flawed, bel [...]

    11. I have to say the story line was awesome! I have never read a book w/such a bazaar story line. I enjoyed the final chapters when it was all coming to the end when he (Jason) figured out what had happened and what he needed to do. I have to admit, it was a little gruesome, but not that bad that I couldn't read through it. I am ink free and will probably remain ink free! Overall I liked the book, just got a little bored 'bout halfway through and glad I kept reading. Keep on writing Mrs Grintalis I [...]

    12. Ink is the first published novel of Damien Walters Grintalis. In the past year or so I've enjoyed a number of beautiful short stories by Grintalis, most characterized by an especially lush and vivid quality to the language. Though I'm often reluctant to take a chance on first novels, as they're so often flawed in terms of structure and pacing, her short fiction convinced me Ink would be worth a try.It's the story of Jason Harford, a young man devastated after having been left by his wife just be [...]

    13. This novel has been getting a bit of notice since its release and it’s been sitting in my read pile for some time. Ink, the debut novel from Damien Walters Grintalis, is the story of an angry, bitter guy left with the dregs of a relationship gone wrong. His wife walks out on him and Jason, our protagonist, decides to begin living life on the wild side. He gets a tattoo from a mysterious stranger and that’s when things go from bad to much worse.From the initial reviews, I was excited about th [...]

    14. You like monsters?You like cringe-worthy horror?Then you'll enjoy INK, the debut novel by talented author Damien Walters Grintalis.Like so many classic Leisure books of old, INK takes a simple, straightforward plot and runs full speed into gore, death, and monsters. The protagonist, on the rebound from a bad marriage, runs into a shady tattoo artist named Sailor. With a bit of liquid courage and rebellion flowing through his blood, our newly-divorced protag has Sailor ink a beautiful rendition o [...]

    15. Spoiler alert! I really liked the beginning of this book. It was a unique story about a tattoo but my delight started to falter when the antagonist was identified as Satan/Lucifer/Devil. The original myth about Lucifer is not that he was an evil degenerate soul but rather that he was rebellious and thought he deserved more. He doesn't become evil until Dante and Milton show up. Until then he is mostly guilty of hubris. I rather like the original myth but the new identity, in my mind, is just a w [...]

    16. I was disappointed in this book. I only searched/found/read this book because I recently started reading the short stories posted on dailysciencefiction (org? not sure). I read a story by Damien Walters and I absolutely loved it. I searched for more of her stories on the site and I loved them all! This story though, more religion? than science fiction, I did not care for. Mostly I did not care for it because I feel it was more fluff than actual story. It seemed she felt she had to add more words [...]

    17. Jason Harford is going through some big life changes. When his wife leaves him for her best friend, he decides it’s time to start living for himself and figuring out just who that is. Doing all the things Shelley would never have approved of him doing when they were married seems to be helping; first stop, a bar Shelley wouldn’t be caught dead in. Second stop, the shop of the mysterious sailor-turned-tattoo-artist he met at the bar. He’d always wanted a tattoo…Jason’s life has been tur [...]

    18. With so many good things to say about this book, where do I start? The storyline is captivating, its conclusion satisfying and explosive.The characters are fleshed out. Jason and his peers feel lifelike, as though they're your own friends. All the dialogue rings true. The relationship between him and his girlfriend Mitch tugged on my heartstrings.For a horror author, Damien's writing voice isn't brooding and morose. It's brisk, upbeat and crystal clear. This doesn't work against the fear factor, [...]

    19. The idea for this story was fascinating but I found myself thinking, "can it be executed properly?" I mean, certain things may sound like a fascinating concept for a story, especially a horror story, but it can be an entirely different thing to actually pull it off and translate it in a way that doesn't seem cheesy. Damien Walters Grintalis does a marvelous job with this tale. All of my doubts were washed away when I began reading and the vivid details made the story seem to leap off the pages. [...]

    20. I won this book at a giveaway and I very much enjoyed reading it.It did not scare me while reading it, which is surprising considering I'm a wuss when it comes to Horror, but right after I've finished it, I did feel a little bit creeped out to be in the dark.I thought that the story was engaging and creative since the beginning. Although the villain in the story is a not a normal person, I really liked the detail the author added to the villain (he "rolled"). There are real people out there like [...]

    21. A wonderful well written novel in the horror genre. Jason and Shelley have recently gone their separate ways in their relationship. Jason visits a seedy bar to rant and drink. He meets a man called Sailor. Jason's ex didn't like tattoos. Sailor does tattoos. Days later Jason decides to visit Sailor and get a tattoo. A little revenge against an uptight Shelley! Jason ignores a few watchout hints and gets his tattoo. Very soon his life spirals down, down, far down! Terrible things happen to those [...]

    22. This book I won on a giveaway at .Plays with your imagination and brings your fears to life.Being a fantasy novel readers myself, I started reading with an open mind and wanted to expand my experience. This novel was a slow reading book but once you get further along in the story line it focuses your imagination on the shadows in corners and the slightest sounds out of earshot. The main character was paranoid and borderline delusional. After reading this book at night, I found myself feeling the [...]

    23. Probably the weakest of the recent Samhain releases, which is surprising as I've read a couple of the authors short stories, and they were mostly fine. This however is really derivative, predictable, and boring. I had to force myself through it - just to get to a conclusion I visualized from the beginning. But it is nicely written, though. It's just a shame about the content. I think it would've made a better short story, but that wouldn't work either, as it'd be like a billion other short stori [...]

    24. I liked the IDEA of this book more than the book itself. And I agree with what another reviewer wrote: that this book would have been better as a short story. The concept is great a man, recovering from the fact that his wife unexpectedly leaves him, gets a tattoo and later finds out that the tattoo is alive. The book then goes on to play out the story and the consequences of this fact (I'll leave it at that to not write any spoilers). For me, some of the ensuing details are unexpected, but I fe [...]

    25. Damien Walters Grintalis has taken a very basic premise and made it an interesting and solid read. The story is about Jason, freshly separated, ready to not give a fuck and take back control over his life. The first thing he does is getting a tattoo. And not just any tattoo. A griffin that comes with an enormous amount of detail and so it's no surprise that Jason soon finds out that the griffin is not just a tattoo. Grintalis writes excellent dialogues and keeps the reader interested and while t [...]

    26. I received a copy of this book through a GoodReads giveaway.I liked this book. The book is about a guy named Jason going through a rough time - his wife just left him for her girlfriend. He meets up with a guy he calls Sailor who is a tattoo artist. Soon Jason finds himself with a new tattoo - one that isn't all that it seems.The book kept me interested. I didn't want to put it down to see how Jason would discover the true nature of his tattoo and what he would do to try to fix things.Thanks Dam [...]

    27. I just finished reading this book a fw days ago, I found the book to be good but it was not one that you can keep reading all the way through. I found myself putting it down alot, it took a long tim getting to the main plot of the story. The book had a lot of Unnecessary parts. Although i did enjoy reading it, it is not one of my fav. To the people who are looking forward in reading it be my guest but hopfully your not dissapointed.

    28. Ink was a solid book. I enjoyed reading it and at times struggled to put it down, however the conclusion was a little disappointing. I particularly enjoyed the descriptive details given, there was never a point where i was bored because of the detail, but enough was always given to paint a picture of what was happening. Overall, it was a solid read.

    29. This book was OK I am not really a horror reader as such I must say, The story itself was not bad but I could just not like the main charater, I found him to just annoying. Maybe if I was more into this type of storyline it may have made a difference in my opinion but I doubt it.

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