The Colour of Tea

The Colour of Tea Es war Zeit f r mich ein eigenes Leben zu finden Es war das Ende der Hoffnung und auch ihr Anfang Grace blickt voller Zuversicht in die Zukunft als sie ihren Mann in ein neues Leben nach Macao begle

  • Title: The Colour of Tea
  • Author: Hannah Tunnicliffe
  • ISBN: 9781451686999
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Es war Zeit f r mich, ein eigenes Leben zu finden Es war das Ende der Hoffnung und auch ihr Anfang Grace blickt voller Zuversicht in die Zukunft, als sie ihren Mann in ein neues Leben nach Macao begleitet Doch kurz nach ihrer Ankunft erf hrt sie, dass sich ihr Traum von einer eigenen Familie nicht erf llen wird In ihrem Schmerz besinnt sich Grace auf ihre Leidenschaft Es war Zeit f r mich, ein eigenes Leben zu finden Es war das Ende der Hoffnung und auch ihr Anfang Grace blickt voller Zuversicht in die Zukunft, als sie ihren Mann in ein neues Leben nach Macao begleitet Doch kurz nach ihrer Ankunft erf hrt sie, dass sich ihr Traum von einer eigenen Familie nicht erf llen wird In ihrem Schmerz besinnt sich Grace auf ihre Leidenschaft, das Backen, und er ffnet ein Caf Im Lillian s serviert sie nicht nur Tee und raffinierte Macarons, sondern begegnet auch Menschen, die ihr Leben ver ndern

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      346 Hannah Tunnicliffe
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    One thought on “The Colour of Tea”

    1. I confess I generally cut debut novels quite a lot of slack, because the writers are first-time authors and really shouldn't be judged on the same scale as more veteran ones, who've learned the pitfalls to avoid. WIth that caveat, I upped The Color of Tea to two stars. I actually didn't like it, but it had two things going for it: the story made me care for the protagonist and the setting of Macau for this novel was genuinely evocative.The story surrounds middle-aged Grace Miller who finds herse [...]

    2. **Note to cover designer: If the main character is a redhead, please use a red-headed model. Or did you not read the book or even the back blurb? **This is the book for you if you enjoy endless introspection. I do not. When the character finally bothered herself to do something and decided to open a cafe, we were robbed of her actually doing it. Two pages later, it's open. I enjoy rooting for a character. If you take away their struggles, what's to root for? The same amount of two pages is also [...]

    3. When it comes to tea, I'm all about it, and that includes books. There is something familiar about tea that makes it so appealing around the world. I enjoyed this book. Set in Macau with a diverse populace for a Chinese island, the story weaves the lives of Grace-barren wife with a rocky marriage-with a small cadre of women who change her into the secure and confidant woman she becomes. Her cafe brings these women together with macarons and tea--a match made in heaven. The characters are well co [...]

    4. I found this book bland and clicheda crush on a French man, a saucy Chinese fortune teller, letters (numerous) to a dead mother and the inevitable triumph over circumstance were far less interesting than the macaroon recipes and cups of tea.I didn't hate this, but two days later I could no longer recall the main character's name.When someone asked me what it was about I said, "something about biscuits."

    5. When I start reading a new book there are a couple of things that have to happen in order for me to one: start reading the book, and two: continue reading the book. The cover of the book is not always important for me but I do love a cover that captures my eye and I sit back and say "oh now that's a beautiful cover" but sometimes I find a cover of a book so beautiful or interesting it can be the only reason I get it and happy I did because it turns out it was an amazing book, but, sometimes that [...]

    6. This story pulled on my heartstrings big time. It made me laugh and cry all at the same time. This story is completely Grace’s, but she has the help of some amazing secondary characters. A writer who can make the reader appreciate even the smallest characters is getting their job done. There are in fact too many secondary characters for me to name, but they are the icing on top of the cake in this story. Even though I love and came to admire Grace, her story would still not be the same without [...]

    7. The Colour of Tea is one of the best novels I have ever read. It's incredibly realistic and the character of Grace Miller is one of those who after 5 pages you are already rooting for her. Hannah Tunnicliffe is so expressive with her language description; one of my favorite's is when the colour of a baby's eyes are described as "oolong". The black/orange creamy Chinese tea. It is bittersweet at times because Grace never got to say goodbye to her mother before she passed away and her mother and h [...]

    8. I think the author got paid a bonus each time she used the word "macaron." Not only was I tired of hearing about macarons in every other sentence, I wasn't impressed with the writing style. The main character is unsympathetic and the other characters aren't well developed. The plot is unbelievable and wraps up too neatly in the end.Can't recommend this one.

    9. 3.5. Foodie fiction in China? Yes, please. I was very excited about this book. I love, love, love foodie fiction and I love armchair traveling so this book definitely fit the bill.I loved the setting of the book. Macau seems like a sort of glamorous place. It has a lot going on and still seems to hold on to its European influence. It was a Portuguese settlement back in the day and is now a special administrative district of China, sort of like Hong Kong. I loved the exotic-ness of the setting. T [...]

    10. The Colour of Tea is the first novel by New Zealand-born author Hannah Tunnicliffe. Set in present-day Macau, this novel tells the story of Grace Miller who is trying to come to terms with some devastating news that will change the future she thought she had. Her marriage is fraying and she is having difficulty holding her life together. Finally, she makes a bold move, something her Mama might have done: she opens a small café, where she serves tea and macarons. As it grows in popularity, she e [...]

    11. I received a copy of The Color of Tea by Hannah Tunnicliffe through the Giveaway contest.This is the first novel by New Zealand-born author Hannah Tunnicliffe.I was very impressed. It was well written, and I found myself snuggled up on the sofa this afternoon reading this book.I would classify this novel as a chick lit. Set in present-day Macau, this novel tells the story of Grace Miller who is trying to come to terms with some terrible news that will change the future she thought she had. Her [...]

    12. Readers that enjoyed titles such as The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, The Honk and Holler Opening Soon, and even The Secret Life of Bees, are sure to enjoy Tunnicliffe's The Color of Tea. The Color of Tea was not what I expected. Although the book takes place in Macau, a rarely discussed locale, the story could really have happened anywhereeven in your own hometown. You will not find elaborate descriptions of Macau or even the culinary delights that Gracie serves up but what you will f [...]

    13. Grace Miller moves to Macau, an island off the coast of Hong Kong, and realizes that she is totally alone in a strange country. It is here that she and her husband Pete are forced to confront and accept the devastating news of her infertility. Despite the pain, she shores herself up and decides to use her "impetuous" mother's lifestyle to do something for herself: she opens a café serving tea, coffee, and macarons. It is in Lillian's that both Grace and Pete create a new definition of home and [...]

    14. Für Grace bedeutet das Leben in Macao Loslassen und Neubeginn. Es wird Zeit für sie, sich mit ihrem vergeblichen Wunsch schwanger zu werden abzufinden und ihrem Leben einen neuen Sinn zu geben. Kurzentschlossen eröffnet sie in Macao ein Café.Wer bei dem Cover und der Kurzbeschreibung an einen netten, unterhaltsamen Frauenroman denkt, wird schnell eines Besseren belehrt. Es ist nicht die heile Welt von Macarons backen und Tee trinken, die ich erwartet habe. Hier gibt es handfeste Probleme, di [...]

    15. Ugh. Can a book be anymore cliche? Such a maddening and annoying book filled with stereotypical, dysfunctional but somehow supposedly redeemable characters. Let's see what annoyed me:1) Macarons take a lot of skill to make. People practice extensively to perfect this "art". So watching a demo once will not suddenly make you a macaron expert who can pump out countless macarons to sustain a successful cafe.2) So somehow this character can open up a cafe in a country where she doesn't speak the lan [...]

    16. This book is set in Macau, so ticks the box for China in the 666 for 2016 An Around the World Reading Challenge.I have been sick this weekend so yesterday I hauled myself up in bed with this book (that I picked up in a charity shop in Honolulu late last year) and lots of fluids.Its a bit chic lit-ish, but it also touched on some pretty large issues such as the mistreatment of "domestic maids" from the Philippians. There were a lot of cultures in this one: English, French, Australian, Filipino, a [...]

    17. A light read that won't have me raving in a literary sense, however as a fill in or occasional book I was happy to have it on the shelf. If you're needing something easy in between heavy books it is a good read. It tries to introduce some heavy themes like adultery, mistreatment of foreign workers and bipolar disease to name a few, but doesn't do a whole lot with any of them. So the book doesn't get bogged down, but it also doesn't feel like the author has wanted to challenge herself or her read [...]

    18. I have never tried a macaron, but now I must try one after reading this book, if I can be lucky enough to find this delicate French pastry! Yes, France is where Grace first falls in love with the macaron, not to be confused with a chewy, coconut macaroon, as the two are completely different. I had to look up the two as I was a little confused about a macaroon and a macaron, plus I had to find the pronunciation, as I was and curious, too, to see if they were two separate pastries!I went to to tr [...]

    19. Story Description:Scribner|June 5, 2012|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-1-4516-8699-9Macau: the bulbous nose of China, a peninsula and two islands strung together like a three-bead necklace. It was time to find a life for myself. To make something out of nothing. The end of hope and the beginning of it too.After moving with her husband to the tiny, bustling city of Macau, Grace Miller finds herself a stranger in a foreign land – a lone redhead towering above the crowd on the busy Chinese streets. As [...]

    20. I purchased this book because I needed something to read at work to keep me from going insane (I work in a call center). Mostly I picked it because I liked the cover. Also, the story seemed decent and it was 40% off the cover price.First and foremost, this is a girly book. If you don't like girly books, you wont like it. I happen to like girly books, esspecially ones that aren't all about getting a man. If that's what you're looking for, this is it.I found the quality of the writing itself was f [...]

    21. I pulled The Color of Tea off the new arrivals shelf at the library during a quick scan before catching up with my son in the children’s section. The lovely front cover caught my eye first, and then words like Macau and café and macarons jumped out at me from the back cover, making me think this might be an enjoyable read for one of the last weeks of summer. I hardly expected a random pick to turn out to be such a wonderful excursion, not only to a foreign land, but into the human heart as we [...]

    22. The Color of Tea by Hannah Tunnicliffe was intriguing to me. Grace, the main character is reeling after years of an infertility struggle. I read another review of this novel and had to laugh when she is described as middle aged although she is "only" in her thirties. Living abroad on Macau and trying to come to terms with her Mother's passing and searching for an identity as a partner to her successful husband, she opens a small cafe baking divine French pastries called macarons. While a link to [...]

    23. 3.5 The overall plot was fairly predictable; however, it was intriguing to get a look at a region - Macau - that before delving into the book wasn't even vaguely familiar to me. What lured me to The Color of Tea in the first place was the book title and the French/English title of each new chapter (27 in all) with corresponding descriptions of macarons. Who doesn't love macarons?! Coming up with 27 flavor-filled depictions was itself a worthy read. Within the story is the undercurrent of a mothe [...]

    24. Contrived, trite, one dimensional and predictable. Who didn't know that Grace would end up with the just-pregnant Gigi's baby when she was introduced. I thought at least the book would have more about macarons, but basically all I got was the menu-style description after the title of each chapter. And the mama letters, please. We know she's got some psychological problems, but we have to wait till the penultimate chapter to find out what the deal is with her. It was a heavy handed way to give Gr [...]

    25. Although my rating is somewhere between 2 and 3, I actually enjoyed the book a lot. It was a quick read and somewhat interesting - I just don't think it's a GREAT book. But not being "great" didn't change that I liked reading it and know exactly which friend is going to receive my copy. The descriptions of French-style macaron cookies will be appreciated by any food lover. Just reading the name of the featured flavor at the start of each chapter made me want to spend my days strolling through Pa [...]

    26. Ja, es ist kitschig. Aber das hab ich erwartet. Lässt sich gut lesen, obwohl mir die Ich-Erzählerin teilweise recht unsympathisch ist. Eigentlich bin ich gar nicht so ein Fan dieser französischen Macarons, aber beim nächsten Paristrip werde ich dann doch mal wieder einige mit ganz neuen Augen probieren. Nett wäre es gewesen, wenn es noch ein - einfaches - Macaron-Rezept im Buch gegeben hätte, oder vielleicht Bezugsquellen, wo man die Dinger online kaufen kann. Naja, muss ich halt selber go [...]

    27. I won this book on . I thought the book started out slow and I wasn't really into it. Then it became more interesting and I began to care more about the characters nd what happened to them. I also began to understand them better. At first Grace irritated me with the attitude she had about everything, but as I read more I began to see why she was acting like that. I thought it was interesting how she used cooking macarons to express feeing and emotions. They also sounded delicious to eat. I was v [...]

    28. Can not go on with this. The scenario behind this was promising but I can barely keep my eyes open trying to read this.

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