McNally's Dare

McNally s Dare When a young man is found dead in the pool of one of South Florida s most prominent citizens Archy McNally rushes in to salvage reputations and solve the possible crime But Palm Beach s rumor mill is

  • Title: McNally's Dare
  • Author: Vincent Lardo Lawrence Sanders
  • ISBN: 9780425197417
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a young man is found dead in the pool of one of South Florida s most prominent citizens, Archy McNally rushes in to salvage reputations and solve the possible crime But Palm Beach s rumor mill is already in overdrive So is a killer who s just beginning.

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      257 Vincent Lardo Lawrence Sanders
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    1. At his father's law firm, Archy McNally investigates issues that arise with that firm's clients. A young man is murdered at a party being given by a client, and Archy is tasked with solving the crime. What arises is a related problem involving a young man inheriting an enormous estate and whether he is the real heir to the fortune. A cast of characters are possible suspects, but the murder doesn't appear to have been committed by the prime suspect; Archy must find a way to determine who did the [...]

    2. The king is dead, butLawrence Sanders was the king for sure, in writing these novels. However, Vincent Lardo has done an admirable job keeping the series alive. A different writing style, for sure, but still great reads.

    3. One more book to go. And Archy has his head in the clouds. Arguing with his father, letting Georgy slip away and Connie is moving further away. He can't see obvious clues - lefty or righty - that almost caused the culprit to get away. Aside form all that, the story itself was a little lacking. I'm not sure how Mr. Lardo plans to let it end, but at this rate it's going to be almost a relief. ugh

    4. Fun entry in McNally series, murder and imposters (?) galoreVince Lardo is now up to his fifth in the 12-book Archy McNally --"Discreet Inquirer" to the rich and famous in Palm Beach -- series originated by Laurence Sanders. His mostly credible continuation of the lead character still pleases, as we witness Archy's usual sartorial splendor and wit, his gambols with new love interest, state trooper Georgia, and his drinks with Father and anybody else that comes along. Playing at a posh tennis ben [...]

    5. The dowager duchess of Palm Beach dies, leaving behind a fabulous fortune and a handsome young heir-though Archy McNally has his doubts about the boy's bona fides. — When a young waiter working Malcolm "Nifty" MacNiff's annual Tennis Everyone! benefit is found dead in Nifty's otherwise pristine swimming pool, it's Archy McNally, South Florida's most famous Discreet Inquirer, who rushes in to salvage the town's reputation and solve the un-fortunate crime. Palm Beach is already in a tizzy over t [...]

    6. Archy McNally is Discreet Inquirer to the rich and famous in Palm Beach. Playing at a posh tennis benefit, Archy is on hand to help discover the drowning death of one of the waiters. The prime suspect is Lance Talbot but Archy is his alibi. Lance has recently inherited a fortune from his mother.Archy soon has three different clients wanting the same thing. Archy is to find the killer. This seems to hinge all on a missing toe. Archy gets help, of course from the police and finds his way through t [...]

    7. This book is excellent for the "sitting by the pool, sunbathing" sort of reading. It is not challenging at all so far as the plot. I do not understand the way the authors are credited has Lawrence Sanders name prominently displayed but then below the title, it says "written by Vincent Lardo. I have not researched this but perhaps the character private investigator, McNally, was created by Sanders before his death and Lardo continued writing a few books using this character? But to continue, the [...]

    8. I kept thinking, "I've read this one before", but that I did not remember it correctly. The writings about Archy McNally are extensive and I've read most. It is a good book - I was thinking Lawrence Sanders does the cosy mystery better than most. Now I come to enter my review - I enter the title into the search box and what do my wondering eyes appear - not the name of Lawrence Sanders. Vincent Lardo, who are you? I had no idea some of the McNally books were not written by Mr. Sanders. But you h [...]

    9. I'm not impressed with Vincent Lardo's McNally. I don't see why he had to change so many characters and settings so much. I wish I had read the first one he wrote, but I don't plan to read it now. I don't plan to read any more Lardo's McNally books. It's strange that he took over a storyline and its characters and changed them when the original mix worked so well. I guess Sanders had more of a knack than Pardo ever will.

    10. Vince Lardo takes up the "Archie McNally" series that used to be written by Lawrence Sanders. Whatever happened to him? Archie is a playboy/detective who works with his father's firm in Palm Beach, Florida. Has a fun life with wealthy people in and around the beaches and restaurants. Is good friends with the hired help -- the cook, the chauffer, the gardener, and they usually give him some info to help solve the mystery. Lots of fun!

    11. I bought this on the clearance rack, not realizing it was written by Vincent Lardo instead of Lawrence Sanders. It just didn't have the same mystery and suspense as a novel by Sanders. It took almost a month to read and I nearly walked away from it multiple times but I like to finish what I start. There were too many characters and no depth to any of them. Too many references to Palm Beach, clothing attire, and upper society that not everyone would get. Disappointing.

    12. This is the first Archy McNally by Vincent Lardo I have listened to. And I liked it! Vincent Lardo seems to have taken up right where Lawrence Sanders left off. Archy McNally has not missed a step - he is still smart, funny, well-dressed (at least in his own mind!) and great at solving unusual puzzles discreetly for the super-rich of Palm Beach.This time, there is a new heir in town - or is there? Add a dead waiter and a dead socialite and Archy is on the case!!

    13. I read several books in this series about 20 years ago and decided that was enough. I made the mistake of picking this one up at the recycle center and that is where it should have stayed. The main character tries to be a cross between Bernie Wooster and Inspector Clousou but without being anywhere close to as entertaining. Oh, well back to the recycle center goes the book.

    14. So I've read a few of the McNally books and I've just got to sayG this book was boring. I found myself just waiting for something to happen that was remotely interesting. The plot line was thin and it was poorly written. I'd never recommend.

    15. McNally’s Dare, by Vincent Lardo - 3 stars. In a blindfold taste test, it’s difficult to distinguish Sanders from Lardo. While the shenanigans aren’t new anymore, it’s still a quite worthwhile book. In this one, Binky dates an extremely rich girl, who buys him an Armani suit, making Archy jealous.

    16. I picked this book up at the library because there were5 copies of it, so I thought that it may be popular.I thought the Lawrence Sanders wrote it, but it appears the Vincent Lardo wrote the novel. I will google it to get the low down. The book was interesting, but not great.

    17. A disappointing plot with flawed characters compared (as is appropriate) to the McMally series Lawrence Sanders authored.

    18. One more enjoyable read from Sanders and Lardoloved this book! enjoyed the wild ride to the end. really love this character and the humor mixed with a good mystery

    19. These are absolutely my FAVORITE books of all time. The characters are FANTASTIC. I am glad the series continues to live even though Mr. Sanders has passed away.

    20. Lance Talbott has returned to Palm Beach to claim his fortune . So why have two people died? Archy McNally, discreet inquirer, figures it out with a little help from his friends.

    21. The McNally books are always fun to read although this is the first I've read that wasn't written by Lawrence Sanders. I could tell the difference. Not bad, but it was there.

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