The Storm Without

The Storm Without Doug Michie returns home and begins investigating the murder of a young girl but before he knows it he is embroiled in a complicated web of corruption This is a new novel by the acclaimed Scottish w

  • Title: The Storm Without
  • Author: Tony Black
  • ISBN: 9780857160409
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • Doug Michie returns home and begins investigating the murder of a young girl, but before he knows it, he is embroiled in a complicated web of corruption This is a new novel by the acclaimed Scottish writer Tony Black who Irving Welsh described as his favorite British crime writer.

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    1. Echoes of Ken Bruen are deafening throughout this windswept, damp, and cold slice of crime by Tony Black. Once removed from a police procedural yet close enough to the beat to give protagonist Doug Michie a dose of blue blood. As a former law abiding officer of the peace, his view on the greater good is jaded having fallen out with his former employer for doing the job he'd been paid to do. No longer with shield, his bravado and hard man persona lead him to troubles from childhood as he revisits [...]

    2. Ok, so I came to The Storm Without 'cause Ken Bruen called it "the Great Scottish Novel, got it all and just a wee shade more Classic." Well, I like crime novels and I like most things Scottish, so this seemed like the book for me.But apparently not. Nothing wrong with Black's writing (I'll probably try another of his books before long), but to me, The Storm Without seemed just a wee shade less.Doug Michie returns to his home town of Ayr, Scotland having been divorced from his wife and tossed f [...]

    3. The story of an ex-policeman returning to his hometown of Ayr and getting caught up in some nasty business when helping an old friend. I liked reading this book set in the next-town-over from where I grew up, especially as I picked it up just as I came back for a holiday. I've seen the labels 'tartan noir' and 'scottish noir' stuck on a few scottish novels, but this is the first that I've felt is actually reminiscent of the hardboiled/noir style. Unfortunately I found the narrative to be too hea [...]

    4. I've always thoroughly enjoyed and admired Tony Black's work to the extent as soon as I hear he has a new book published, I cannot wait to get 'my next fix'.This story about a new protagonist, Doug Michie, is based around Ayr, the heart of Burns Country. Doug's returned home after putting a police career in Belfast and the RUC behind him. He'd learnt the hard way that experience was the name a man gives to his mistakes.It's not long before Doug is drawn into the world of murder and corruption an [...]

    5. There is a deceptive beauty to THE STORM WITHOUT. Think of it as a lyrical spin on a Lawrence Block-like detective story. It's both a very conventional, straightforward detective story and an amazing feat of writing haunting atmospheres and deep, multifaceted characters. It's a pleasure for any reader to feel a text that's been crafted and loved with so much patience. Tony Black's style is economical, cerebral and very, very visual. Doug Michie is a tremendous creation and I hope this is not the [...]

    6. I think I have Tony Black figured out - he likes to write about train wrecks!This novella wasn't too bad but very predictable. The main character "Doug Michie" is likeable but like the rest of the main characters Mr. Black writes about, he is terribly flawed and being an ex-cop should be better prepared for what lies ahead.Another "fault" of this novella was that it is incomplete - "Doug's" rescue is never dealt with!Would I recommend this to anyone - yes, if you wanted a quick, easy read - then [...]

    7. I good story, possibly too many mention of street names etc in Ayr where story is set. Fine if you know the town but if not I think it would be confusing

    8. Really good mystery, I did enjoy the nostalgia for old Ayr town as Doug wandered through places from his childhood and reminisced about the past

    9. Tony Black’s book ‘The Storm Without’ takes a slight deviation from the police procedurals he’s been releasing of late.It’s tells the story of a man returning to his home town of Ayr, having made decisions in the past that leave him unsure of his direction in life.As he arrives in the town, he sees a familiar face, that of an ex-girlfriend. She’s waiting at the bus stop, so he pulls over to offer her a lift. The old chemistry hasn’t completely gone and they end up going for coffee. [...]

    10. Doug Michie, ex copper, returns to his home town of Ayr. He's been away a long time. The place has changed and so has he. Almost immediately Doug happens past an old flame, Lyn. But she's in trouble, her son Glenn is in prison, accused of murdering his girlfriend - a crime Lyn is convinced Glenn didn't and couldn't commit. Doug can't help but investigate. He calls on old friends and enemies alike to get to the truth, not all of which he will want to knowAnother excellent story from Tony Black, t [...]

    11. This is a short, punchy and hugely enjoyable novel(la). It follows disgraced ex-cop Doug Michie as he returns from Belfast, to his home town of Ayr in Scotland. He bumps into an old flame who asks for his help and a tale of murder, corruption, and cover-ups unfolds.The book is set in Ayr and Black does describe the place in detail at times. Would this alienate the International audience? The same logic could be applied to any novel not set in Paris, Rome, New York or London and therefore, no nov [...]

    12. It's a reasonable story about an ex policeman, Michie, who returns to his hometown of Ayr, but it's written by an "AUTHOR". Similar to some actors who are "ACTORS", full of self-importance. It would appear that Mr Black finds it necessary to use obscure words purely to show how clever he is and not to explain or expand on the dialogue. I think this was his first novel and that may explain his need to write in this way, but it does nothing to make the book readable, or make me want to read anothe [...]

    13. Tony Black picks you up, puts you in the eye of the storm and then drops you back down to earth with this tale of Doug Michie returning, reluctantly, back home to Ayr after his police career in Ulster ends in disaster. He's barely been back for two minutes before he has agreed to help old friend, Lyn, with her sons recent arrest for the murder of his girlfriend. As Doug starts asking questions details of drug smuggling, Police corruption, local Government corruption and collusion with local gang [...]

    14. I feel I may have picked up Tony Black at a low point, I have bought other books of his and hope that the standard is better than this. The Storm Without centres on a stereotypical ex-policeman with drinking problems, this I could forgive if the plot and the detection werent so telegraphed. The main suspect happens to be a stereotypical bad guy who the ex-policeman knew as a bad guy 20 years ago so has a hunch that he must therefore be at fault for the latest crime, so he follows him. His sole l [...]

    15. Doug Mitchie is a police officer with the RUC but his career is over so he returns to his birth place Ayr back to where his career first started.He's picked up his car and driving back to the town but along the way his recognises a face at the side of the road, an old school friend so pulls over to speak to her. The conversation that takes place next drags him into the criminality elelment of the town which leaves his with broken bones and near death.As well as this happening he has to come to t [...]

    16. An ex-policeman goes back to his old home town and gets involved in a murder investigation. The writing was poor. The characters are underdeveloped / stereo-typical (a drunken ex-detective with family problems, corrupt police / councillors and stupid / viscous criminals). The only character that I could engage with was the old dog. The plot wasn’t involving. If you read the first ten pages of this book and don’t like it, I’d advise you to give up as the standard remains the same / gets wor [...]

    17. I like Black's style of writing, and the storyline is good with "damaged" detective returning to his home town of Ayr and getting involved with an old flame and her son held on a murder charge. The book is quite short and he doesn't reveal the clues he is given along the way, which is a bit frustrating. If he had filled it out more and developed the characters it would have been a 4 star. I will look to read his other books.

    18. Doug Michie has had an interesting life. Ex policeman in his native Ayrshire and then a spell in Belfast. To say he's unconventional wouldn't be an exaggeration. This first story in the Michie series rattles along with plenty of action and some fantastic plot twists. As ever, Tony Black has excellent characterisation, authentic dialogue and lots of action. Highly recommended

    19. A former police officer goes back to his home town to start over. The son of an old school mate is being held under suspicion of having murdered his girlfriend. The ex-cop turns private investigator in an attempt to solve the crime and find the real murderer.

    20. A former police officer goes back to his home town to start over. The son of an old school mate is being held under suspicion of having murdered his girlfriend. The ex-cop turns private investigator in an attempt to solve the crime and find the real murderer.

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