Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars Belle Abbot is pathologically shy and because of this she s living a nightmare due to the fact that she s also a national treasure hounded by the media James Bennett is known the world over as the pe

  • Title: Lucky Stars
  • Author: Kristen Ashley
  • ISBN: 9781476081205
  • Page: 166
  • Format: ebook
  • Belle Abbot is pathologically shy and because of this, she s living a nightmare due to the fact that she s also a national treasure hounded by the media James Bennett is known the world over as the perfect catch, handsome, wealthy and the owner of an intimidating castle on a Cornish Cliff, Chy An Als Point Belle and James meet and in one night, they fall in love The proBelle Abbot is pathologically shy and because of this, she s living a nightmare due to the fact that she s also a national treasure hounded by the media James Bennett is known the world over as the perfect catch, handsome, wealthy and the owner of an intimidating castle on a Cornish Cliff, Chy An Als Point Belle and James meet and in one night, they fall in love The problem is, Belle s dating James s brother As quickly as they fall together, Belle and James are torn apart Not long after, circumstances throw them back into each other s lives and they find they were right that first romantic night, they were meant to be Even if their families want them together, James s brother Miles does not Dogged by a rabid media who are fascinated by their love triangle, as well as Belle s hidden demons, James and Belle find they have yet another problem to solve The Point is haunted by the ghosts of two children murdered in the castle Their murderer will stop at nothing to keep their souls tethered to The Point instead of letting them live eternity with their mother and father Belle is determined to find her courage and help them and she enlists her loopy mother, loopier grandmother, James s even loopier ex girlfriend and the dubious but talented team of rock n roll witch Cassandra McNabb and Scottish ghost hunter extraordinaire Angus McPherson to help the children find their way back home.

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    1. Pre-review:YEP. Belle and Jack are definitely one of the best couples in this series. And BONUS, I'd completely forgotten that KA sets us up for yet another installment, so there's something to look forward to . . . BUT.It's all well and good that we're getting Lachlan and Emma's story, but what about Lorna? What about Mickey Dempsey and Yasmin and MILES?! (view spoiler)[ (<------hopefully together!) Now that he's not possessed, I bet he's a pretty stellar guy. (hide spoiler)]Full RTC.11/2/15 [...]

    2. 5 Amazing Stars. (And if I could give more, wouldn't even hesitate.) This story begins in a party where Bella she doesn't feel comfortable in the middle of a date with Miles. In that party she meets James (Jack, for friends), Miles older brother, and immediately they feel a connection between them and they spend the night together (Don’t thing bad of them because of this, they are not the bad part in this situation: P). But a misunderstanding makes Bella run away and for the next three months [...]

    3. 4.5 Stars! In my bookother winner for KA!! KA takes a despicable hero, someone you want to hate, because of his inconsiderate and bossy ways, and has you wanting him for your own by the end of the book. I just fell in love with Jack! I adored Belle! She was so darling and had no idea the impact she had on those around her. I enjoyed seeing their relationship develop from infatuation into love. There is sadness, plenty of humor, a cast of quirky characters…KA style. It’s a fun, but at the sam [...]

    4. Lucky Stars is the fifth book in the Ghosts and Reincarnation series and another awesome story! Romantic, sexy, funny, passionate… this book has all the things I love most about Kristen Ashley’s stories, and then some. The supernatural theme of this series is great. I love how the ‘wee ghosties’, as “Ghost Helper” Angus McPherson, who, dressed in full Scottish gear – kilt, hose, sporran, garter flashes, knife in his sock, ghillie brogues, top-to-toe Scottish gear, refers to them, a [...]

    5. ★Book Basics★ Genre: - Contemporary Paranormal Romance Series: - Fifth in the series - can be read as a stand alone. Some secondary characters appear in another book, but this does not in any way make either book required reading for the story. Love triangle? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Cheating? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]HEA? - (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Would I read more by this author? - YesRating - 5★Review★This is by far my favourite of this series!It is truly [...]

    6. Ehh, an alright read, but boring. Though predictable, I was still surprised at that heartbreaking scene/moment/chapter and, frankly, I hadn't expected that turn. But with that damn insta-love and everything being all lovey-dovey (even if the h was shy and scared), the book just wasn't for me. Belle Abbot (35) and James “Jack” Bennett (38) was also alright characters to follow, but there was nothing special about them, though, of course, Jack was hot, as all KA alpha males is, but he wasn't t [...]

    7. *****5 I loved Lucky Stars*****I love the relationship between Belle and Jack, they meet one night spend the night together the next morning IT IS ALL TORN APART, 3 months later they meet up and everything changes from there. Their relationship is a roller coaster of emotions sexy, hot, sweet and very sad. Love all the gang Joy, Rachel, Lila, Yasmin, Angus, Cass and even Miles (by the end) they can be funny. The story with Lewis and Myrtle is so sad.Sad that this is the last in the Ghost & R [...]

    8. The KA binge read continues Jessica and Joanita I believe we might have even picked up a few readers and lurkers along the way at Buddies Books and Baubles4.25 Lucky StarsI thought this was going to be the last book in the Ghosts and Reincarnation series but it looks like we will get one more after this about one of the actual ghost hunters sometime which is great because I have had so much fun this this series and I’m happy that we aren’t done yet as each book gets better and better.In any [...]

    9. This was a really good read, and a wonderful addition to the "Ghosts & Reincarnation" Series.Once again Ms. Ashley DID. NOT. DISAPPOINT! (I really don't think she can write a bad story!)The characters were great (especially Rachel, Lila, and Jenny (loved Belle's Dad!))d Jack *sigh*. Jack, what can I say .He was everything I would expect a KA kick-ass, alpha-male to be!The writing and storyline were also amazing!I loved the addition of Lochlan & Lorna to the mix of things, and I CANNOT WA [...]

    10. 4-4.5 stars - Another great book from Kristen Ashley!'Lucky Stars' is a touching and emotionally charged story about two people, Belle and Jack, who are destined to meet and fall in love. They do just that and it's very much love at first sight for both, but after a passionate beginning they are torn apart and each question their initial first impressions. Fate is far from done with them however, and shortly thereafter they're thrust back together (that is to say Jack, like many a KA hero, wrang [...]

    11. I start every Kristen Ashley book with ridiculously high hopes for an awesome read. Unfortunately Lucky Stars fell short for me. Probably closer to a 2.5 star rating but I'm bumping it up because I loved the Scottish ghost hunters (The McPhearson!) and am hoping there's a Lochlan book at some point. After Chace & Faye and Ally & Ren get their books, of course. From the beginning I had a difficult time getting into the story and that didn't really change until about 70% into the book. By [...]

    12. This is the first book in this series that I've read yes they can be read as a stand alone. It took me a long time to get into this one. I liked the paranormal part of the story and the mystery, it was very nicely done.I did however not feel a connection to the MC's, like I'm used to, when reading a KA book.Jack was very different from the usual KA hero. I liked him, but he was no "over the top" alpha, and I have to admit, that I like KA's "over the top" alpha's. Belle to me felt a bit boring. A [...]

    13. Audible Review: Abby Craden is the narrator and I love her. No complaints. She does an awesome job with all the characters.Story Review: Overall, I enjoyed this story very much. Jack was a pretty great. He was very protective of Belle, which I love to see in a Hero. He wasn't the usual KA A-hole and I was also glad to see there wasn't a long separationother thing the author likes. This had great side characters that kept the story entertaining and flowing nicely. Belle was a tad bit annoying at [...]

    14. 4.5. Not quite a 5 star rating for me. I may change it when I get the chance to reread it but for now my initial thoughts were at first that I wasn't going to like it, and that I felt deep disappointment that I may have found a dud. Then I wanted to drop trou and make babies! Then KA broke my heart and made me cry. And then I laughed as loud as I dared with a baby upstairs. And then the ending came around and normally I can keep up but I was getting confused. All of the endings in the G&R se [...]

    15. Another fantastic KA read!!! Loved Belle & Jack along with all the wacky fun secondary characters. There were many twists, turns and surprises, along with lots of humor and heartbreak. Bottom line I found it very sweet and romantic.

    16. *Another re-read*I am Loving the supernatural Kristen Ashley, this book is just as good if not better than the four previous books in this series. Kristen Ashley again doesn't disappoint with a swoon worthy hero who I want to take home. The second Jack see's Belle he wants her even though she is on the arm of his brother and that doesn't stop him from making Belle his. Then Belle overhears Jacks mom and friend talking and through a misunderstanding leaves. Four months later Belle's mother and gr [...]

    17. I'd saved some KA's. I decided to break them out for my staycation reading. KA is the perfect staycation reading. I read this before Fairytale Come Alive because I couldn't remember which came where and I'm glad I did because I think I saved the best to last. This was good but I'd a few problems, well I had one major problem. 'Poppet'. I did not like that term of endearment. I did not like at all. KA did throw in a few surprises though so 'Poppet' didn't completely ruin it for me. Ghost and Rein [...]

    18. Another fantastic KA book, that I read with my fellow KA connoisseurs Jessica, Robin and Stephanie. Jack, however, was not the kind of man who spent a great deal of time considering his actions.So he didn’t.She simply was who she was, all of who she was.And Jack liked it, all of it.And he wanted it.So he took it.But also, he was going to keep it because now it was his. I’m a sucker for instant chemistry and attraction, and this book had it in spades! The intensity of Belle and James/Jack’s [...]

    19. Hey people!!For all KA fans out there come I have good news My first author of the week is Ms KA herself. I will re-read two of the books which I found less appealing( probably 4 stars! :P) of hers and review them. Join me here if your want to join the trek. and re-read and review some great books of Ms. Ashley at

    20. There’s nothing creepier than child ghosts. Everyone knows that.Well, except maybe (view spoiler)[ Pregnancy! (hide spoiler)]Kristen Ahley wrote this just to torture me. It's chocked full of shit I can't handle. (view spoiler)[ miscarriage, dead kids, drownings(hide spoiler)]Of course, I loved it anyway.It's an intricate web of characters and moments. Heathcliff and Cathy on the craggy windy slopes. Tender moments of loss. Moments of fear. Moments of funny. Just beautiful. All culminating in a [...]

    21. This was freakin awesome !!!!!!! The best in the series so far !!!!! Jack and Belle were do adorable and swoon worthy and such amazing ppl !!!! This is the first in this particular series where I felt 100% connection with the hero and the heroine .More to come :)

    22. I think this book is my favorite of the series. In this one we have the ghosts and the reincarnation concept and KA pulled it off brilliantly!

    23. Boyyyyy did I forget how fucking loooooooong KA's books are. Filled with unnecessary shit and longwinded dialogues. But this one took it to the extreme for me.And I found it simply boring. When you go into a KA book you know what's waiting for you - the bloody same characters she always writes, seriously they are mostly simply interchangeable between her books, they are always the same stupidly unbalanced pairs, with behavior that go against ANY feminist streak in me. Nevertheless when enough ti [...]

    24. 4.5 starsLoved this book so hard! Even though it had crap I NEVER want in my romances (view spoiler)[ (she did date his brother and his ex was around a lot) they did not bother me here. His ex was a non factor - she was married and totally over him as was he her. And his brother was a douche that she was dumping and had only ever kissed - barely.(hide spoiler)]The secondary characters were awesome. The story kept me engaged and the romance was fabulous. Especially after the way they mucked it up [...]

    25. 4-4.5 starsThis was a really good story. I liked both Belle and Jack (yes, his name is James but everyone calls him Jack) and their story was very good and kept me engaged until the end.Belle is a dress designer and owns her own shop. Belle was raised by an eccentric family and moved around a lot when she was growing up. She is very shy and ended up marrying a man that took advantage of that and abused her until they divorced 4 years later. Belle doesn't trust men now and isn't interested in get [...]

    26. These books are too funny and the characters are outrageous! Absolutely loved that Cassandra was in this book. The scarf wearing witch is one of my favourite characters. Belle and Jack were so sweet, and by the end I fell in love with Miles a bit too. Now what happened with Lach's new girl Emma??? I really need to read their book.

    27. Another great story. Belle, the Tiny dynamo, brought me to tears. James was an arrogant ass, but fell in love with him half way through the read.

    28. Lucky Star is an one of best KA books but this one is not AWESOME like the others,enough enjoyable and fun for read.James Bennet is a rich and famous guy has Alpha male himself but not too rough like others KA heroes met Belle Abbott shy, sweeet and little bit daydream.Belle past like Kia "Heaven and Hell" widow with abusive husband, but in this book Belle is not too trauma about the marriage. Yeah cause this mainly about Ghost. Belle and James met at party at the time Belle date James brother, [...]

    29. The fifth addition to the Ghosts and Reincarnation series by Kristen Ashley. Belle Abbot meets James (aka Jack) Bennett at a party at The Point. Problem is she is dating his brother, Miles. Nevertheless, Belle ends up in Jack's bed the next morning. After overhearing a conversation that indicates that the brothers were competing for her, Belle takes off. A few months later, Belle and her mom and her grandmother are at The Point. Soon the discover The Point has ghosts in the form of two young chi [...]

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