Mr. Mean

Mr Mean Meet Mr Mean in this charming tale from the world of Mr Men

  • Title: Mr. Mean
  • Author: Roger Hargreaves
  • ISBN: 9780749852009
  • Page: 299
  • Format: None
  • Meet Mr Mean in this charming tale from the world of Mr Men.

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      299 Roger Hargreaves
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    One thought on “Mr. Mean”

    1. Mr. Mean is mean and more like Mr. Miser. Fortune throws a wizard in his path and the Wizard is having none of it. Mr. Mean is told that he will lose all his money if he doesn't stop being mean. The Wizard will turn the money into potatoes. Everywhere Mr. Mean turns, he meats a character that is the Wizard in disguise and so Mr. Mean has to learn to be different.Mr. Mean gets quite a lesson and his life does improve. As change is usually painful for people, Mr. Mean does go through pain in chang [...]

    2. Mr Men's Scrooge24 February 2018 – Geelong It's been quite a while since I've actually read a Mr Men book, but a part of the reason is because I forgot to take any with me when I travelled the Banana Pancake Trail (and I did not eat one Banana Pancake). Anyway, just before I went out on another adventure (this one local) I decided that it might be an idea to take a couple with me to try and catch up on some of them (not that I have any particular reading schedule). So, the first one I grabbed [...]

    3. I can't stand reading books that use the word "stupid." It's hard to skip the word when your kid can read Along with you.

    4. Mr Mean seems like a straightforward story at first - a selfish, thoughtless man is brought to his senses by a kindly wizard, and that's how my kids saw it.However the hidden subtext tells a different tale: a social misfit, living outside society's norms is bullied into conforming, and buying into the materialistic side of life.Mr Mean lives a frugal, solitary life, until a verbose wizard knocks on his door asking for a glass of water. The wizard initially sees Mr Mean as a poor and needy case, [...]

    5. I feel Mr Mean does not deserve that title. Perhaps Mr Frugal would have been more accurate, as he is a real penny pincher. He also refuses to get roped into doing other people's work for them, which appears to me to be the ability to set good boundaries and manage ones time well. However, a wordy wizard who is able to transform himself at will but unable to conjure a glass of water decides to teach Mr Mean a lesson. It appears the lesson is to assist everyone you do not know by performing their [...]

    6. I absolutely loved these Mr Men and Little Miss books. I remember getting them from my granny every week. There was so much from these simple characters, I remember filling my little bookshelf with all these books making sure I had got them all in right order. I wish I still had these books but somehow most of them got lost with many house moves or my mum gave the rest away. If I ever have kids, I will make sure they get the chance to experience these wonderful, colourful books.

    7. Ah, Mr Men and Little Miss, how wonderful you are!These books made up so much of my childhood. No matter what I would go ahead and pick one up. I worked my way through them all a couple of times. Each one has a wonderful story for the child to engage with, each character being fun to read. Everyone has a bias for their favourite character, yet every book is delightful.

    8. Mr Mean is mean - had to explain the meaning of that word but now I expect to hear it often! As with all of these delightful Mr Men books, Mr Mean is introduced as the meanest person around until he gets his lesson in better behavior!

    9. “Mr. Mean” is part of the Mr. Men and Little Miss collection of books, and is a light hearted and enjoyable story for both children and adults. Mr. Mean’s personality and physical attributes are directly reflective of his name, and his dominant personality traits highlight a moral lesson to be learnt. After leading an extremely minimalistic lifestyle and being overly cautious with money, Mr. Mean is approached by a Wizard seeking help. Mr. Mean is eventually shown the error of his ways, wi [...]

    10. Think I’m right in stating that as a boy I had all the pre-1990 Mr Men books with the possible exception of “Mr Snow”. Looking at all the covers apart from the latter jogged my memory.Sadly I remember little about the stories now, despite reading them numerous times during my boyhood, plus watching the Mr Men cartoons more than once.Reckon the last time I would’ve read these was 1983, though may have returned to them as late as 1985. Although I’ve forgotten almost everything about this [...]

    11. This book is very interesting for everybody, children and adults. In fact, it was written for kids, and I read it, when I was little. But from time to time, I read it again, and I always find something interesting in Hargreaves' books. Mr. Mean contains a lot of funny moments, but it also teaches children a lesson, not to be mean, but spend their money, and help out others around them, that is less fortunate people. The author's presentation of the characters is done in a rather funny way. I esp [...]

    12. The MR. Men books are an English book my mom had when she was younger. She let me read them and each as a different story. This one is about Mr. Mean. He is mean to everyone and everything. He is a sour puse who never has fun.

    13. i didn't like the ending much. but the fact that he sends lumps of coal for xmas presents is great (i'm considering doing that myself).

    14. I think the lesson to be learned here is, that if you're stingy you'll be turned into a vegetarian. :shudders:

    15. I did not like this book because I do not like being mean. I also did not like this book because Mr. Mean was very mean.

    16. Mr. Mean is a variation on A Christmas Carol. He's a miser who is shown the error of his ways and begins to be lavish with his millions.

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