The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia New York Times bestselling authors Ashley and JaQuavis have returned with the much anticipated final installment in the epic MURDERVILLE series Taking up where the thrilling ending of Murderville Th

  • Title: The Black Dahlia
  • Author: Ashley Antoinette JaQuavis Coleman
  • ISBN: 9781936399109
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling authors Ashley and JaQuavis have returned with the much anticipated final installment in the epic MURDERVILLE series.Taking up where the thrilling ending of Murderville 2 The Epidemic left off, we re thrown back into the international street chronicle Lives and money are on the line and tough choices will have to be made between love and loyaltNew York Times bestselling authors Ashley and JaQuavis have returned with the much anticipated final installment in the epic MURDERVILLE series.Taking up where the thrilling ending of Murderville 2 The Epidemic left off, we re thrown back into the international street chronicle Lives and money are on the line and tough choices will have to be made between love and loyalty In the final installment of this breathtaking trilogy, the characters will have to learn that in this game of power sometimes you have to give up the glory to survive.

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    One thought on “The Black Dahlia”

    1. The 3rd installment of Murderville : the black Dahlia was so damn good. I was happy when every1 got what they deserved. I did feel some kind of way about Po and Liberty but I understand where Liberty is coming from and chose Rocko.

    2. "Murderville 3: The Black Dahlia" was a good read and I enjoyed it. Once again the hunger for power and money continues to ruin people that crave these 2 things in life. I think there was a message in the book, involving the relationship between, Po and Liberty. Po thought the "grass was greener" on the other side but didn't know that he was being betrayed the whole time by the devil. He learned a very hard lesson in this book and he paid for it by losing 2 people that loved him and were the mos [...]

    3. That Dahlia was one evil broad! Hard to believe her and Liberty were blood relatives, they were like night and day mentally. It was like Dahlia had no conscious. This book seemed a little rushed to me, I thought I missed some parts because I was listening to audio, but no it was just shorter. Liberty definitely deserves peace and happiness and hopefully she has found it finally. I'll definitely read the other series by Ashley and JaQuavis because I'm judging from this book that the story spin of [...]

    4. I loved this book. I was glad that Liberty finally found happiness, and that Karma found Dahlia!!!

    5. Blood is not always thicker than water. Dahlia was my most unliked character. selfish, jealous, and greedy.

    6. Gripping from start to finish. I enjoyed this series emensely, I was so happy for Liberty in the end for overcoming the many challenges and obstacles that stood in her way. Her story is a great example of how certain people come into your life for a season or a reason to help guide you on the right path. Po loved Liberty but for the wrong reasons, he was there to bring her out of the situation she was in & Although they were together briefly Dahlia was there to bring Liberty and Rocko togeth [...]

    7. This was a great book. It was interesting from start to finish. There was never a dull moment. I was glad when I seen Liberty was alive and not killed in part 2. I was shocked to see that Po continued to be with Dahlia. He was one sick man. It was good that Rocko stuck by Liberty the entire time. I think Liberty made the right choice at the end of the book. I was thrilled to see Dahlia finally get what she deserved. Karma is something serious!! I give this novel two thumbs up.

    8. Good book. I feel like as if something was missing though. I could have done without the long flashbacks. Even though Dahlia gave a little flashback of herself, I felt like they weren't needed. I'm think everyone got what they deserved.

    9. What an awesome read yes Karma is very real. Great ending for Liberty after all she has endured, this was a well written book with not a lot of jumping around. Every time I read something by Ashley Antoinette I love her more and more.

    10. have not read it!I accidentally clicked the read button!I guess my fingers are too biglolhowever, I am excited to read it once it is released!

    11. Part 3 of this tale of lust, betrayal and power picks up just where it left off. Liberty has become prey under the watch of her own blood. Dahlia is out for domination and nothing and no one will get in her way. When powerful outside forces intercept this battle of wills, unforeseen events sets everyone off kilter. Liberty has always been shackled to her past; will her choices gain her freedom or will she succumb to her predator?This was an overall ok read for me. The parts that were drama fille [...]

    12. 'Liberty for one, Liberty for all'Liberty is back in the path of flying bullets, but these are meant for another. She's still causing mayhem and chaos with every man she mesmerizes with her beauty and innocence. Liberty's cousin, Dahlia, lulls Po into her wicked web of lies, deceit and greed and gleefully ousts Liberty from her palace as 1st Lady. Dahlia's manipulative and conniving ways have severed Rocko and Po's friendship and have them pitted against each other as enemies because of lies she [...]

    13. Like 1 & 2 it definitely kept me engaged. I think Po and Liberty felt obligated to be together but they didn't love each other and weren't meant to be together. Things went left when Dahlia entered the picture and had Po taking out all of the people that had his back. I was really surprised that Liberty and Rocko ended up together, he really tried to fight it due to her being Po's girl but that didn't work out to well. Rocko was more her type, not too flashy, smart and street smart even thou [...]

    14. I think we can all sum up the book by saying that Dahlia is a beast! she is completely off her rocker and from the looks of it no one can stop her. She has full control over Po's mind and body by feeding his increasing coke habit and sexing him with her "good good". However, Po is just a small minuscule to the bigger picture, but for now he'll work. What Dahlia didn't know is someone from her past is not willing to let her get passed the front entrance. Dahlia has a few tricks of her sleeves and [...]

    15. Greed can definitely be the death of some people. Dahlia created so much chaos trying to become the Queen Bee. Po was too stupid and I couldn't believe some of the things he did. He was only concerned about Liberty because of the organ she held in her chest. With everything Rocko had been through and his cold demeanor, Liberty was still able to breakthrough. Baron returned!!! When everything came down, Liberty showed not only was she not weak, but she wasn't going to become a bad person like Dah [...]

    16. This book had me turning page after page as soon as I got it! I am upset with myself that I hadn't read 1 & 2 now I have to play catch-up; I am so interested in knowing how book #3 got started by the past events. This book had me on edge and I was surprised of the outcome as I did read on. The character Dahlia is very interesting and was a trooper and she demanded her respect and for the most part got it. Liberty is another character in the book that was phenomenal in the choses she made and [...]

    17. This story begins where part 2 ended, The manipulating Dahlia is currently controlling Po and he has no idea he is the puppet. Would he come to his senses before she pushes him to destroy everything and everyone he loves?After reading all the drama in part 2,I couldn't wait for the release of this book. As a fan of the literary giants A&J, I thought this book was a big letdown. Too many unbelievable occurrences, too many detailed recaps, and the ending was less than climatic, this was the fi [...]

    18. I usually love Ashley & Jaquavis, but this outing just didn't do it for me. All of the plots seemed rushed and the characters didn't react the way they had been set up to react from the first book. Po is now a jerk, and Dahlia is the straight devil. Rocko is somewhat of a wimp, and I just kept flipping pages to see why this was all going down. The last few pages are a set up for "The Illuminati" which may very well end up being the most anticipated urban fiction book of all time. I know I fo [...]

    19. I was able to breeze through this book rather quickly as Ashley & JaQuavis made sure to include many shocking moments into the 3rd installment to Murderville. Beyond those surprises , what I loved most was that they never lost touch of what was originally delivered to the reader in Murderville, which is loyalty & love. They expanded on it and included the importance of "self". I look forward to what's next!

    20. I got this book free through First Reads.When I entered the giveaway for this book there wasn't much of a description so I thought it might be about the black dahlia murder. Dummy me didn't think to click on the name for a better description. When I got the book and saw it was about drugs and dealers a subject I'd never pick to read I was sure I wouldn't like it. BOY WAS I WRONG!!I enjoyed this book from beginning to end.Dahlia is one evil lady.

    21. I could not keep the story off my mind every time I had to pull myself away from it. It's so amazing how things have a connection. Ashley & JaQuavis have a book coming out on Mar 25, entitled "The Illuminate" I was blown away when towards the end of the story the elements of the Illuminate were revealed. I now have a few series to read to get ready for Mar 25. Already read about 3 of the 6 elements.

    22. Never read a book so fast in my life took this book took me only 6 hours to read. It was that good especially if u read read the others before this one. The actions, betrayal, money making, murder, sex in one. Was to compelling to put down. And I must say liberty deserved justice as of dahlia deserved what came to her karma is a bitch. Definitely a must read series Ashley Antoinette out down herself yet again. High five.

    23. This was a good read first of all I'm so glad Dahlia got what she deserves karma is truly a B. I really thought Dahlias death would have been different but I got it. I was so glad Liberty chose Rocko over Po he didn't deserve Liberty after all he put her through I would have loved to know what happened to him. I'll glad Rocko turned out to be the man that he was it goes to show you never know who could be standing right in front of you. Overall I loved it

    24. I love their books. Never disappointed however with this one I am not all that please. It was alright however I feel like they rushed the story along. They have built a stimulating story in the previous two books and in this third installment it was as if they just wanted to throw something together to get it on the shelf. Hopefully they don't sell themselves short in putting out watered down material when they have come this far in producing epic tales.

    25. This was a good read, picked up where pay two left over. Got some history of how a'shai food his father. Liberty has struggled a lot within herself to get a'shai's blessings so that she can have peace. Dahlia on the other hand was set for war but failed miserable. The deceit cause her demise. Rocko and Po separated but don't think that's the end. This is the calm before the storm.

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