Hilda and the Midnight Giant

Hilda and the Midnight Giant In Hilda and the Midnight Giant our protagonist finds her world turned upside down as she faces the prospect of leaving her snow capped birthplace for the hum of the megalopolis where her mother an

  • Title: Hilda and the Midnight Giant
  • Author: Luke Pearson
  • ISBN: 9781907704253
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In Hilda and the Midnight Giant, our protagonist finds her world turned upside down as she faces the prospect of leaving her snow capped birthplace for the hum of the megalopolis, where her mother an architect has been offered a prestigious job During Hilda s daily one and a half hour trek to school she looks for ways to stall her mother s decision She conspires with tIn Hilda and the Midnight Giant, our protagonist finds her world turned upside down as she faces the prospect of leaving her snow capped birthplace for the hum of the megalopolis, where her mother an architect has been offered a prestigious job During Hilda s daily one and a half hour trek to school she looks for ways to stall her mother s decision She conspires with the beings of the mystical Blue Forest to delay the inevitable Will they help or hinder her More importantly, who is this mysterious Midnight Giant This is the second part of the Hildafolk series, a series that follows Hilda on her many adventures and travels through the magical fjords and enchanted mountains of her birthplace as she unravels the mysteries of the supernatural world that surrounds her.Luke Pearson is a comic book artist and illustrator, author of Hildafolk and Everything We Miss published by Nobrow Press Hildafolk, his first book for Nobrow Press, quickly gained him recognition as a leading proponent of the new wave of English cartoonists.

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    One thought on “Hilda and the Midnight Giant”

    1. Another killer book by Luke Pearson. The Hilda series might be my favorite kids series (not that I read enough of them to really know). At times I felt like I was reading the modern Tintin - the adventerousness, the great artwork, and the large format with lots of panels. There are definite Spirted Away vibes present with the numerous strange situations and characters Hilda meets in the story. I loved the idea of Hilda 'ignoring' the elves, just as the giants ignore humans. All three species liv [...]

    2. Casually picked this up off the library shelf and read a blurb on the back which states that author/artist Luke Pearson channels Tove Jansson and Hayao MiyazakiSold. It is lovely. The resident 10 year-old picked up the sequel (which I'd had the foresight to check out at the same time) the moment he finished. Myself, I'd rather let my thoughts linger with this one before moving on. My only niggling complaint is that for such a physically large book, it's a super quick read, and so one should prob [...]

    3. After reading and enjoying the first book in the Hilda children's graphic novel series, I grabbed the second volume right away. I was pleased to see this one is twice as long as the first book. Still only 40 pages, but at least there's a bit more content here. While I didn't like the story quite as much as the first one, it's still very cute and quirky. Recommended!

    4. A graceful, surefooted, graphically beautiful fantasy comic, blending Pearson's Chris Ware/Kevin Huizenga-like formal interests with an easy, assured evocation of a quietly fantastic world. Sly, charming, full of small surprises, and lovingly cartooned, with terrific body language and some startling pages, Hilda is the real deal: a confection with purpose. Subtle moral insights come gift-wrapped in deadpan absurdities; Gulliverian problems of scale (little people, big people, really big people) [...]

    5. Beautiful little book. Quirky critters, delightful colors, great, layered story. I am looking forward to reading again and perhaps will write a bit more here. I highly recommend.

    6. Pearson's second venture feels far more like a story than his first venture. In Hilda, it felt as if he had the characters and the world but was tentative in letting loose with either: it was more of a light introduction. Hilda and the Midnight Giant is Pearson taking that next step. With the landscape set alongside Hilda and her mother, he found room to expand in all elements of his storytelling. There is more text here (which works for the better) and there is a sense of tension now between mu [...]

    7. I love how well-developed this world is. Things that were passing mentions in the first book reappear here.This feels reassuring - like Pearson has mapped this world out, and isn't just randomly throwing in things he thinks are cool. Like the first one,Hildafolk, totally beautiful, thoughtful, and slightly offcenter. (view spoiler)[The ending is wrenching, beautiful, surprising, and right. (hide spoiler)]Srsly tempted to read more than two of these. And maybe add them to my personal collection.

    8. Wonderful second book in this original fairy tale series. Hilda finds out her forest is inhabited by both little folk and giants putting herself in the perspective of both as well. While trying to solve the problem she is causing the little people who have let themselves become visible to her she meets the last of the old giants who has come looking for his friend who had promised to meet him here four thousand years ago. Wonderful characters and story. A pure delight to read! An interesting end [...]

    9. (3.5 stars really.)I liked this second "Hilda" book more than the first: the art is as whimsical and gorgeous as it was in the first book, and there's a bit more of a story. Just after the book opens, Hilda and her mom hear a knock on their door: but when Hilda opens it, no one's there. Hilda finds a tiny envelope on the grass outside: it's the latest in a series of threatening letters (all equally tiny). The letters, all of which are from local elves (who are invisible to Hilda and her mom) all [...]

    10. Hilda and her mom live in a lovely little place that is quiet and isolated. They enjoy being in their little valley that has been in the family for generations. However, someone doesn’t want them there. In fact, they keep getting small-sized letters warning them to move. But Hilda doesn’t want to move. Neither does her mother. So they stay. Then they are attacked. But they can’t see who is attacking them.Later one invisible elf decides to let Hilda in on a secret. There is a whole country [...]

    11. Hilda and her mother live in the wilderness in a tiny house- that just so happens to be surrounded by the houses of tiny, invisible elves. These elves want Hilda and her mother to leave this land for good. Hilda sets out to convince the elves to let her stay, and encounters a mysterious giant along her journey.These drawings, and the imaginative characters (especially the flying furballs that were migrating) seemed very reminiscent of Miyazaki- especially in Princess Mononoke. Slightly less weir [...]

    12. Hilda and her mother live in a cottage in the middle of an empty valley - or at least they think it's empty. They begin receiving tiny letters from elves who say that the valley is theirs, so Hilda takes it upon herself to seek them out and find a solution to their co-existence. Oh, and there's a giant that only comes out at night and only Hilda can see.Luke Pearson goes all Miyazaki in this kids story with lots of fantastical creatures and quests with a little girl as hero. It's a charming and [...]

    13. Luke Pearson expands on the world he introduced in 2010's short intro Hildafolk. This first full Hilda adventure teems with fun new creatures and characters, and is gently plotted in a way that recalls Tove Jansson's best Moomin strip stories. Luke's art now delights in this wild natural world and breaks out into some extra-impressive layout every couple of pages. I'm looking forward to more of this series, and more comics in general that hit this tone.

    14. Everything started to get smaller. People appeared and built towns. The giants would accidentally step on them. There were arguments fights. It just wasn't their world anymore. So they had to leave. But no one knows where they went. Some say they all just jumped as high as they could and drifted off into space. 2.5 stars. I wasn't as crazy about the plot of this one as I was about Hilda's first adventure, but I did love the giants' arc.

    15. This one was sadder, but still visually soothing to my soul. And emotionally soothing too. And I just really want everyone to be okay.(view spoiler)[I wanted to cry re. the house. I hope everyone is okay. I am definitely projecting here but I would be so so devastated to leave the woods and the creatures and go to town. Town was only a train ride away! Be okay, Hilda <3 (hide spoiler)]

    16. These books just get more and more gorgeous, I swear. Numerous quotes on the back covers suggest that the Hilda books are like a glorious blend of Hayao Miyazaki and Tove Jansson - this is so accurate. But Hilda is also wholly her own character in her own world and it's wonderful.

    17. Hilda and her mom are threatened by creatures both tiny and giant, and must find a way to live peacefully with both lest they be forced to move to the dreaded town nearby. Hilda is one of my new (to me) favorite characters in kid's lit. She's plucky and courageous, and pretty dang smart!

    18. A pleasant surprise! This one feels much more like a thoughtful, finished story than the first one, and it gives me hope for the rest of the series. Generally, the character development is more minimal than I usually like, but the play with scale and volume in this story is really well done.

    19. Harper loved this graphic novel and we had fun reading it together. She loved Hilda and recognized a few of their common traits- making friends with giants and elves being one.

    20. Charming little story with whimsical artwork and curious characters. The ending was a little abrupt and went against Hilda's motivation, but my 10YO wasn't bothered by it at all.

    21. Quirky sensibility reminiscent of Murakami. The pictures have a verve and the dialogue is modern and yet has some timeless qualities. Lightly balances folkloric and modern thematic qualities

    22. Never did I ever think Giants could be made adorable, though give anything to Luke Pearson and I'm sure he'd be able to make it the cutiest thing known to mankind. Gave me all the good feelings.

    23. Unexpected, quiet, beautiful in its art and its tone. I love that the story takes place in a world that takes its unusual elements for granted. It makes it feel more real

    24. I like how the little people can only be seen by Hilda. I didn't give it five stars because it was short.

    25. I am fairly sure this is a graphic novel for young kids (not YA) I am in love with Hilda and Luke Pearson. I can’t get enough of the artwork which is so pleasing to me. I actually bought a copy of this for nieces and nephew. They aren’t old enough for it but I just wanted to have a copy in my life.

    26. Die Welt, die in Hilda und der Mitternachtsriese entworfen wird, ist faszinierend. In Hildas Tal gibt es Woffel, die gen Süden wandern und aussehen wie flauschige fliegende Kaulquappen. Es gibt Fuchshörnchen, von denen eines Hildas treuster schnüffelnder Begleiter ist. Es gibt Trolle, Holzmänner, Mitternachtsriesen (über die hier nicht mehr verraten werden darf) – und unsichtbare Elflinge.„Du siehst uns also? Schön, dass du uns auch mal bemerkst. – Soll das ein Witz sein? Wie sollte [...]

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