Sanctuary The mystic Wyrds have been banished by King Charald whose descent into madness grows ever steeper Exiled and forced to set sail on the first day of winter Imoshen s people are packed onto seven crow

  • Title: Sanctuary
  • Author: Rowena Cory Daniells
  • ISBN: 9781781080153
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The mystic Wyrds have been banished by King Charald, whose descent into madness grows ever steeper Exiled and forced to set sail on the first day of winter, Imoshen s people are packed onto seven crowded ships Tensions flare under the pressure and the all fathers and all mothers are put to the test controlling their hardened warriors Ronnynand his sister Aravelle have bThe mystic Wyrds have been banished by King Charald, whose descent into madness grows ever steeper Exiled and forced to set sail on the first day of winter, Imoshen s people are packed onto seven crowded ships Tensions flare under the pressure and the all fathers and all mothers are put to the test controlling their hardened warriors Ronnynand his sister Aravelle have been separated, just as they feared, and look to an uncertain future Sorne is betrayed and captured on the seas Tobazim faces a confrontation with the bloodthirsty All father Kyredeon and his notorious assassin, Graelen And, while Imoshen has promised the T Enatuath a home with the Sagoras, the enigmatic scholars have not yet replied to her plea for sanctuary This is the thrilling climax to The Outcast Chronicles.

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    One thought on “Sanctuary”

    1. Sanctuary by Rowena Cory Daniells ***3.5******Minor spoilers for Besieged and Exile***As a continuation of the Outcast story, the book was interesting enough. Imoshen and a large contingent of her people have made it to the docks and the boats heading to the Sagoras. They still have a few days before they are required to set sail and so they sit on the boats and wait to see if any more of their people will arrive, either on their own, or delivered for a reward by the Mieren (or True-Men). The sa [...]

    2. I didn't write a review for Exile, although I read it. Sanctuary would have been the same since it suffers the exact mistakes of the former. How can you write half a book from the perspective of two different characters whose ultimate roles amount to almost nothing in the end. Let me not focus too long on the fact that these two characters are not charismatic or edgy. In fact they exude very little character at all, mostly just angst.My favorite two characters, the ones that pedicated my thoroug [...]

    3. Source: Author (Honest Review Requested)Dragons, Heroes and Wizards♦ What I Liked. I had a strong feeling at the conclusion of Exile that I was going to love Sanctuary and I was right. In some ways this book was better than the first two books combined. It wasn't perfect mind you. But you can ask anybody in this household and they will tell you I literally disappeared from this world every time I opened its pages.Juggling this much information is hard sometimes but for the most part I had very [...]

    4. The problem with this book was the end. It was all good up to that, but, there was no conclusion. There was nothing that left me feeling good and that everything would turn out ok. It was more, they are fine for today, but hey today they might all die. And for me that is not a good feeling. I like conclusions, while this felt like more is coming. But is more coming? I think not.Anyway it was still a good book even if it felt unfinished. There are lots of characters in it.ah lots and all with nam [...]

    5. As the final book of a trilogy, there's not much I specifically want to say. Generally though? I'm left as usual with the same problem I always am upon finishing one of Daniells' books - I WANT MORE! Fantastic series, gorgeous characters (when even the evil ones feel real and the good ones are necessarily completely on the straight and narrow), great action. I love the worldbuilding, and the writing is excellent. I now want to go back and read The Last T'En trilogy, which was the first Daniells' [...]

    6. Due to the nature of this trilogy – it's closer to one big book divided in three parts, LoTR-style, than to three books in a continuous storyline – spoilers are inevitable, and while I strive to keep large spoilers to a minimum in my reviews, talking about Sanctuary will spoil some things for Exile and Besieged. So if you don't want to be spoiled at all, best close this review and start reading Besieged!And so The Outcast Chronicles draws to a close with this final instalment, Sanctuary. And [...]

    7. In the final installment of the trilogy the T'En and Malaunje begin their exile aboard less ships than they'd hoped. While Causare Imoshen tries to ensure her peoples safety the leaders of the brotherhoods play power games. Sorne must keep King Charald's aging madness hidden to avoid an uprising of disloyal barons and return a kidnapped queen.I mentioned in earlier reviews of this series how many characters there are (and how wonderfully Daniells portrays them) but what I failed to mention is ho [...]

    8. In this final installment of Rowena Cory Daniells’ THE OUTCAST CHRONICLES, the focus shifts from the conflict between the humans (Mieren) and the elf-like T’en to the clash between the different factions of T’en as they float across the ocean toward the titular sanctuary. Fortunately, the sense of pacing and deeper characterization from Exile, the previous novel, remains intact here, and as the T’en and Malaunje always dominated the cast of this series, it’s tough to miss the Mieren on [...]

    9. I didn't like this one quite as much as the first two, but it was still really good. I really connected with almost all of the characters, and the T'En, with their gender politics and gifts, were really fascinating to me.

    10. 290 years ago the peace accords were signed between the True-men (whom the T’En call Mieren) and the powerful and long-lived T’Enatuath (whom the humans call the Wyrd). The two races have co-existed in an uneasy peace since then. Sometimes half-bloods (whom the T’En call the Malaunje and the humans call the Wyrd) are born to two True-men parents. According to the accords, the True-men have to give up the half-blood infants to the T’En.But king Charald has broken the accords. He attacked [...]

    11. Sanctuary is the third and final volume in Rowena Cory Daniells's Outcast Chronicles. I have previously reviewed the first two volumes, Besieged and Exile. I suggest reading those for a bit of background on the setting of the world if you are unfamiliar with it. A copy of this book was provided by the author for review purposes.I jumped into Sanctuary immediately after finishing Exile. Unlike Exile, I'm not sure that Sanctuary works as a potential starting point into the series. The story picks [...]

    12. Ever since the King Rolen's Kin series I've liked Daniells writing. Her style is just easy to read, fun, and make you want to keep reading even when the book gets slow (which rarely happens anyway). The way she writes just draws you into the books and keeps the pages turning. I find that harder and harder to find the more books I read. So of course I ate these books upHowever I knew there would be trouble when I was at the 500 page mark and nothing was really wrapping up in any sort of conclusio [...]

    13. This is the final novel in 'The Outcast Chronicles' and has the monumental task of wrapping up so many threads set out in the two predecessors that I did have worries that nothing would possibly finish what had already been set into place, luckily my worries were pointless. Daniells has delivered a stunning climax to the exile of the T'En race and all of the plotting, double crossing and back handed politics come to a head perfectly. Not a single loose end is left and each character sees the con [...]

    14. Ends on a bit of a cliffhanger so I'm hoping there will be more from this series eventually.A real gut-puncher at times with the fraught intra-societal tensions risking everything for its characters and their people. With exodus being the central theme, you really feel the mad scramble towards the promise of safer havens and the risks involved in these journeys.Again, amazingly complex characters with an amazingly detailed setting. Every character has to really think their way out of each situat [...]

    15. This is the best book in the series so far. And I really hope it's not finished. It can't be right?While I struggled in book 1 and partly book 2 to keep up with all the characters and intrigues I didn't have this problem with book three. Here, everything falls into place. I admire how the author managed to keep all these different story lines, weaved them together, so that everything makes sense.There is hardly a moment where the story looses it's pace. The only thing I could criticize are the t [...]

    16. c2012: FWFTB: Wyrds, tensions, ships, betrayed, assassin. I wasn't feeling the love with this book. It can't be the end as there are too many loose ends - or perhaps I just wasn't reading carefully enough. Some strange POVs as some of them did not seem to be that important to the overall plot etc. The disturbing relationships continue as well as the aggro between the male and female characters. I don't knowI feel kind of unfulfilled with this one. It just sort of taled off for me. Pity, really. [...]

    17. I had never heard of Rowena Cory Daniells before spotting this book at Barnes & Noble. It sounded interesting, so I bought it. I ended up zipping through the entire trilogy because the storyline was that enticing. The world, the different races, the characters, and the plot are all fascinating. The magic and the culture were very well thought out and were just as compelling as the storyline. I wanted more, more, more the entire time I was reading, and even though these are not short books, I [...]

    18. WOW! This book is AMAZING! One day, I was about a third of the way through; the next day, I had 60 pages left. I could not put it down. Rowena Daniells creates such a vivid culture and dynamic characters, building their lives and stature brick by brick. Some triumph; others fall. The climax of this story had me shaking as I raced through the pages, the clang of swords and the tang of gifts in the air. Will there be another one in this time line?? The ending left me hoping for more. Luckily I hav [...]

    19. it was a wonderful book. The battle scenes kept me on the edge of my seat, unable to put the book down because I needed to see what would happen next.But it's only three stars because there are more than a few loose ends that weren't tied up. If the series is meant to continue and this is just a cliffhanger, it would have been nice to see a small excerpt from the next book.

    20. Katharine is a judge for the Sara Douglass 'Book Series' Award. This entry is the personal opinion of Katharine herself, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of any judging panel, the judging coordinator or the Aurealis Awards management team. I won't be recording my thoughts (if I choose to) here until after the AA are over.

    21. Like others, I didn't like the way it just ended. I'm hoping it was left unfinished to cede into a new series that details how everyone settled in together. We have Sornes vision to deal with as well.

    22. Fan-freaking-tastic!!! I'm dying, because the next book isn't available! Danielle's is a wordsmith and adept at intriguing adventure. Page turning, sleepless nights invoking, awesomeness!Can't wait for more!DMD

    23. Amazing series, I sincerely hope that there will be another book but, so far, I can't find anything out.I hope this isn't the end but, we shall see. I very much recommend these books and the T'en trilogy that feature their world some years later (I haven't read them yet but plan to).

    24. I LOVED the whole trilogy, but thought the ending was left a little 'up there'. Would read them again.

    25. I liked this series but the end was kind of a let down for me. It just ended, no real closure to the societal problems prevalent throughout the books.

    26. I really enjoyed this series the further I traveled through the books. Each book got better and better.

    27. Well like any great readI was a bit lost when I got to the end of Sanctuary. Everything fell into place but not quite as I imagined it. A great series which I will recommend highly to my friends.

    28. As strong, interesting, and addictive as the rest of the series though I feel the ending is a bit of a let down due to it's feeling of there's more to come, but maybe that's a good thing.

    29. Great installment in this series IF there is another book in the works. If not, this book did not resolve itself and leaves the reader hanging and wanting more.

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