Not Dreaming of You

Not Dreaming of You Award winning novel Kiki Villanueva holds a master s degree from UCLA is the best second grade teacher ever and believes she had a psychic dream when she was thirteen in which she was given a list o

  • Title: Not Dreaming of You
  • Author: Nina Cordoba
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Award winning novel Kiki Villanueva holds a master s degree from UCLA, is the best second grade teacher ever, and believes she had a psychic dream when she was thirteen in which she was given a list of her future husband s attributes Children are her life, and Kiki has good reason to think she may not have any if she doesn t marry soon Since typical dating methods have Award winning novel Kiki Villanueva holds a master s degree from UCLA, is the best second grade teacher ever, and believes she had a psychic dream when she was thirteen in which she was given a list of her future husband s attributes Children are her life, and Kiki has good reason to think she may not have any if she doesn t marry soon Since typical dating methods haven t been working out, she decides that when she goes back to L.A for the summer, she ll start using the list to sort through potential candidates.When jaded political journalist Mark Bennett confesses to his doctor he no longer finds women, or anything else, exciting, Dr Chuck is worried he s depressed and suggests a change of pace Mark agrees to write a fluff piece for a magazine about people who join high priced dating services His premise is Losers or Lunatics The dating service introduces him to Kiki, and he s charmed by her open, passionate nature, not to mention her big, brown do me eyes, though she definitely belongs in the lunatic category with that psychic stuff Mark is a confirmed bachelor from a family where no one says the L word However, while accompanying warm, sexy Kiki on her match making service dates for his story, he soon wonders why he s literally driving her to the arms of other men If he could only get her to forget her list, and everything he said when they first met, oh, and the fact that he s been a complete jackass But Kiki s not about to waste time on an emotionally challenged cynic who only wants to play and is definitely not on her list, even if he is handsome, and funny, and sexyuh oh

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    One thought on “Not Dreaming of You”

    1. This was a very "cute" quick read. Definitely mindless and quick. I recommend it as an "in between" read or while you're reading something else, haha.

    2. Didn't finish reading this book hence default 1*.I just couldn't get into it. The story was just too saccharine and "cutesy" in places and ridiculous in other parts. It tried to be funny but only resulted in bafflement. Perhaps it's a cultural difference but it just appeared weird.Hero: Mark is a cynical 30 year old, tall, dark and handsome well-to-do American Political Journalist. He hasn't had sex in almost 2 years because he doesn't find anyone attractive. His doctor thinks he's suffering fro [...]

    3. This is one of the best modern romances I have ever read. If you love great characters who are inadvertently funny (there are laugh out loud moments throughout the book), if you love great character development and stories wrapped around character development, if you love great writingis is available for free (at least on iTunes where I found it)you will LOVE it!!!! I just loved all the characters. The jaded logical hero and the emotional loving heroine who can only emotee's very astute, yet gul [...]

    4. This was a light, easy read. I loved the character of Kiki and thought the book was funny and sweet overall, although some sections were badly worded or a bit cheesy.

    5. I really wanted to enjoy this book (because who doesn't enjoy a good love story?) but so many things got in the way. Kiki, the main female character, spends hours each day on clothes, nail polish, and makeup. She believes that women shouldn't have too much sexual experience "for the good of a relationship," but it's fine if men are more experienced (ugh). She is (understandably, given the plot of the book) baby obsessed and does not self identify as a career woman (despite being well educated) b [...]

    6. just the sort of book I likeI really liked it. It was pleasant to read, a good escape from my day-to-day reality. I liked Kiki. It was just the sort of book I like: romantic, quirky and light-hearted. I received a complimentary copy of this book and voluntarily posted an honest review.

    7. GreatLoved the story it was easy to follow and the characters were very relatable. This story has made me change my view on first encounters and believing my gut reactions. Looking forward to reading the next instalment

    8. I was doing so well with the free Kindle books on my holiday I was going through a pretty decent run until this chick-lit piece. Ah well.Our lead character, Kiki, was for me one of the most vapid characters I have ever had the misfortune to read about. Add to that her being rude, snobbish, a show-off and a bit of a clothes-whore (and all this within 11% of the book!) and I wasn't going to end up liking this.It could just be that I don't understand her as a character (I really don't understand th [...]

    9. As a young girl in Buenos Aires Kiki has what she believes is a psychic dream of her future husband. Fast forward 13 years, she is a 2nd grade teacher in Los Angeles and still a dreamer. She's given some sad news by her doctor and decides she's going to find that man! She joins a dating service to speed things up, because she believes time is running out. Mark is a political reporter and a cynic of life, of magic of all things not factual based. He too goes to the doctor and is told to change hi [...]

    10. Easy reading, kinda predictable but the endometriosis storyline irritated the hell out of me. Having suffered from the condition from my teens and had fertility problems, this struck a nerve, particularly with the inaccuracy displayed here. The only way to diagnose the condition is to have exploratory surgery, i.e. a laporoscopy. So I would love to know what "tests' Kiki had to diagnose her asymptomatic condition. I really couldn't stomach reading the second book, described as Mark & Kiki's [...]

    11. I'm not sure if some of the reviewers here thought this book was an informational textbook or whatNot Dreaming of You is a fun, quirky ride that allows the reader to get lost in a story for a few hours. Kiki is a dynamo, Mark a self proclaimed jackass. Together they create outrageous fun and a great contemporary romance. There are some minor editing errors, nothing that made me stumble and come to a halt though. This book earns an easy 4 stars.

    12. This book was an easy read. I read it on the lengthy bus journeys I have to take several times a week- hence it took me perhaps longer than most to get through. It was good for something like that though as the simple storyline made it easy to repeatedly stop and pick back up. There's not much else to add to a review of a run-of-the-mill modern romance. It was lighthearted and witty in places hence 4 stars, but it also got predictable and stereotypically unrealistic in places.

    13. I found this book to be an entertaining, quite light-hearted read. Although a simple plot surrounding Kiki and Mark's romance, I enjoyed the progression of the characters and especially when Mark found ways to show Kiki that she doesn't have to settle for a dream and she teaches him and his family to come together. Altogether, this was a good book I would settle for in a library or as a freebie but may not pay for it (I might look for the sequel though)

    14. Took me a little while to get into this book but it picked up around 20% in. I found Kiki got quite annoying, judgemental and a little immature at times so it took me a while to want to root for her and Mark. It was an 'ok' read nothing too dramatic or twists in the story but kept me occupied for a few hours at least.It's listed as 'romantic/comedy' I dont really see where the humour element was! Im not complelled to read the second book. Overall I gave this 3/5 stars.

    15. Romantic I think this book might be one of my all time favoriteRomantic I think this book might be one of my all time favorite I think this book might be one of my all time favorite. I think I smiled through the whole book it was so entertaining I didn't want to stop reading. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did. Happy readingChris

    16. Loved the characters and just when I thought it was going to end, the story carried on - to my delight! Although there is a sequel, I think I'm content with just this, which never happens. This doesn't reflect badly on the book but quite the opposite - I feel like the characters are so alive that I can make up their own futures to suit me.

    17. This was a sweet story about Argentinean Kiki, who is looking for her perfect man, who was described to her in a dream when she was a teenager. I found the story followed the typical chick-lit pattern, so was a little predictable. However, I found the book an amusing and enjoyable read. This is a great read for any rom-com lovers.

    18. A very funny and tender love story. Kiki is full of life and love ans is everything that Mark it's notbut actually they are a match. I've really enjoyed the Audiobook, you feel as if you are inside the story, feeling the same that they feel.

    19. Very cute storyThis is a true romance. What every little girl wishes for. It was romantic and funny and had me not want anything to put the book down. I read the majority of this book in one day.

    20. I wasn't too sure what to think about this book but once I started, I just couldn't put it down. I just had to know what was happening next. You could feel the ups and downs of the characters and their emotions being quite powerful. Well worth a read.

    21. a few spanish words that I would have liked to know what they was on about in the book, but still good and predictable ending with a couple of tiny twists in the middle, but think ending was a bit quick in comparison to the rest of the book.

    22. I rather enjoyed this story, for me it looses a star due to the Spanish in the book. I can't speak spanish and there isn't an explaination, so I found it stopped the flow while I was reading.There is a sequel 'Always Dreaming of You', which is in my to-read list.

    23. Couldn't put this down!!This really captured me. The sweet heart warming story and the tension building between the main characters was really well written. It is definitely worth a read if you enjoy being swept off in a bit of good old romance and a few giggles along the way.

    24. The story was very predictable. The characters were under developed, one dimensional, flat. Book contained typos. I was annoyed with kikis condition, simple tests will not diagnos this, it's as if the author didn't do enough research on the topics she has included, came across as lazy writing.

    25. Long winded and over the top re: kiki's oh so wonderful "goodie-two-shoes" can do no wrong personality.Lost interest easily partway through the book a couple of times and had to push myself to finish!

    26. a heart warming story. Two people, two different cultures and backgrounds and one thing which they share LOVE.

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