Price of a Bounty

Price of a Bounty Keira Maddock has never considered herself a lady In fact she often acts in ways that would be considered downright un ladylike A hired killer and thief whose only goal is to provide the necessities

  • Title: Price of a Bounty
  • Author: S.L. Wallace
  • ISBN: 9781466268104
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • Keira Maddock has never considered herself a lady In fact, she often acts in ways that would be considered downright un ladylike A hired killer and thief whose only goal is to provide the necessities of life for herself and her sister, she has learned to be brutally effective in her trade, with skills as sharp as the weapons she prefers And when the head of a huge, shadKeira Maddock has never considered herself a lady In fact, she often acts in ways that would be considered downright un ladylike A hired killer and thief whose only goal is to provide the necessities of life for herself and her sister, she has learned to be brutally effective in her trade, with skills as sharp as the weapons she prefers And when the head of a huge, shadowy corporation hires her to remove a powerful and wealthy opponent, Keira is happy to oblige Until she meets him Scott Maddock is a hardened Terenian soldier for life His job, to uphold the motto of the realm Reliance on Citizens Makes Us Great Soldiers work for the Gov, and the Gov is run by heads of corporations But where do Scott s loyalties really lie Only he and his best friend know for sure April Maddock is trying to make it on her own and has taken a job with a wealthy family She has chosen not to fight the system like Keira, nor to fight for the Gov like Scott Unlike her siblings, she recognizes the good in everyone Even so, outside appearances can be deceiving April knows that better than most Infested with greed and divided by power, the realm of Terene bears remarkable resemblance to our own society But opposite despair, there is always hope Whereas Keira Maddock brings destruction, Guy Bensen brings promise Wealthy and powerful, yet thoughtful and caring, he is an anomaly who throws her completely off guard When she learns of his connections to Scott and April, Keira knows she has made the right decision in not only sparing his life but in joining his cause In book one of the Reliance on Citizens trilogy, S L Wallace introduces a world divided in which not everyone is who he seems to be In a seamless blend of action, sci fi, romance and political suspense, we are encouraged to consider the bonds that makes us human.

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      358 S.L. Wallace
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    One thought on “Price of a Bounty”

    1. Price of a Bounty was a fast paced, fun read that kept me intrigued and hooked. Please note, this book is not my normal genre, and I was hesitant at first about reading it, but I am very glad I did. To summarize, this is the story of a world changed, a world where Terene is dominated by the government and the lower classes are left to fend for themselves, to do without good medical treatment, and who must depend on the Elite/the upper class for their survival.Price of a Bounty follows four main [...]

    2. I quite enjoyed that book, I generally don't read a lot or write a lot with different POV, so I was surprised how I truly enjoyed this one, most of the time I can be left feeling confused and lost. But this book is written very well. There are a few spots where see a lot of repeated information, but I didn't mind this very much. It was fast paced and kept me flipping the pages. I still really don't the multiple POV and wish it would have been done in 3rd person but that being said that really do [...]

    3. Although this story has a familiar premise, in that it reflects today's world with regard to corruption, greed and those awful people who rule with psychopathic glee, it is filled with action and themes to keep interest.A fast(ish) pace and written to suit the genre and characters.Worth a look.

    4. Original review at my blog.I stuck with this ebook to the end, but am not going to pick up the next in the series.Price Of A Bounty, the first in S.L. Wallace's trilogy, is about a dystopian future in which the Resistance steals from the rich in order to help the poor: Robin Hood with more violence, basically, and better technology. This is not a favorable comparison; I cheered for the Sheriff of Nottingham.The first thing that annoys me about Price Of A Bounty is the poor formatting. While thin [...]

    5. Meet Keira, or is her name Madeline or even Kendra?This woman of many guises has many difficult decisions to make as she meets someone who forces her to take a good look at the world and herself.Now she must decide whether or not to turn her specialist skills to aid the common good, but does the common man even deserve her help?The divide between rich and poor has always been wide, ever since the war, and although everyone looks out for number one in this cut throat environment they are still be [...]

    6. Summary of story: A dystopian future world, which may or may not be earth. (There were not any realms with earth names, I think.) The rich and powerful elite run everything, and control information in the poor realm of Tkaron.But there is a Resistance that is working to overthrow the system. The story focuses on three siblings, Kiera, Scott, and April, who take on different roles in this society. Kiera is a Freelancer, doing anything for money to survive. Scott is a soldier who is, supposedly, w [...]

    7. I loved this book. And this was free. Is this still free? You might want to grab it, because I would've paid for it.This book has shifting POVs, but i was not distracted at all. In fact, I rather liked it, and I thought I wouldn't.Some parts were a little disturbing and if you've read it, you'll probably know what I mean, with April and Keira with that Cole guy.*shudder*I liked that this was different, it was a nice change from all the romantic suspense I've been reading lately. Speaking of roma [...]

    8. This is a fast-paced and entertaining dystopian novel written for young adult readers, but with adult characters. Teenagers will appreciate the spirit of protagonist Keira and the other narrators, Guy, Scott, and April, as they struggle against the malevolent plans of members of the rich Elite. Price of a Bounty builds slowly, getting to know the characters through a shifting first-person narration that is heavy on dialogue. Who can be trusted? Everyone has multiple names and identities, and fri [...]

    9. A future world run by the rich elite feeding off the poor and oppressed, with a secret Resistance movement working to make things better, makes for an interesting tale. The story follows three siblings as their lives, though completely different, come together to aid this Resistance. There was quite a bit of action as you would expect from a tale like this; but unfortunately, that alone, was not enough to keep the story afloat. Although the idea for this story grabbed me in the beginning, I felt [...]

    10. This was a great read filled with both realism and fantasy. From start to finish you are dragged into a Dystopian story with several intriguing protagonists. I loved the flow from one character's POV to another with each passing chapter. The story line follows three siblings and their ties to Rick, whom is also known by other names, and how they try to make good of a bad situation and also do good for their own personal reasons. In a world where the Elite rule and the rest suffer without electri [...]

    11. A very entertaining read. I really love distopian stories and thoroughly enjoyed `Price of a Bounty'. Set in a realm that has gone to ruin after the preceding war, this is a fast paced story about the stranglehold one group of people, in this case the Gov, or government, run exclusively by the very wealthy, have over the general population; denying them even basic necessities and information about the outside world in order to hang on to their own power.Keira, Scott and April; siblings who's par [...]

    12. This book is out of my normal genre of reading material but I liked it. In the beginning, I got a little confused with the POV changing from character to character to character but fell into pace rather quickly after the first few "chapters." There are 4 people you experience but 3 that are really strong story tellers. Keira is a Freelancer, Richard is a Guide and Scott is an undercover Shepherd. And there's April, Scott and Keira's sister.This story is set in the future although I'm not too sur [...]

    13. Action, Suspense, and RomanceThis is one of my new favorite reads. It has so many of the elements I enjoy - a strong female character, danger and action, a plot that keeps you turning pages to see what happens, and plenty of romance.Kiera has had a rough life, so the life of a paid assassin works for her. She only takes contracts on those that deserve to die, and when one of her targets isn’t what he seems, she gives him a second chance. She’s never trusted others, for good reason, and when [...]

    14. The action starts right away. Within seconds you are in the middle of a suspenseful story that carries through the entire book. I was glued to the pages and careful to pay close attention to the clues. I didn't want to miss a thing.This story shares the point of view of more than the main character which I really enjoyed. It makes you feel like you are taking a trip inside everyone's brain. The writing was crisp and sharp and the story was clever and intriguing. It was easy to indulge myself int [...]

    15. Price of a Bounty by SL Wallace –Review.‘Price of a Bounty’ is a fast-paced novel with plenty of action. With main protagonists that all have their own secrets and inhabit an unequal world where; as they are all drawn together into a web of intrigue, they have to decide who they can and cannot trust. Around this, with an assassin, resistance movement, murder, theft and a dash of romance, SL Wallace deftly takes us on their journey with surprising twists and turns that keep you wondering wh [...]

    16. S. L. Wallace has nailed it here! She's got style and ability, and it shines through in her writing.The book read very smoothly. Well constructed verse in like that; easy to read and easy to follow. It's written in multiple first person and that's not easy. But S. :. pulls it off well.I did not find a single grammatical error in this novel. And a bonus, I never had to reread a sentence because it didn't make sense.Here's the only reason I (personally) didn't give it 5 stars - romance. And too mu [...]

    17. My kind of a book!! This book appealed to me right from the beginning. I found myself picking it up at every opportunity possible – I simply had to know what happened to the characters in the story. The author’s creativity and ability to write the story from 4 different people’s perspectives totally held my attention. There are four lives entwined through fate. The story takes place in the future when the world is divided into two distinctive groups, the rich who are powerful and the poor. [...]

    18. When the Wind Blows by James Patterson meets Robin Hood wrapped up in a lovely dystopian package. Price of a Bounty by S.L. Wallace is all of that and more. Told in first person and changing point of views it is very easy to connect and relate to Keira and the rest of the main characters. The only minor complaint I have is the repetition of dialogue when you switch views.Shortened vocabulary for words we know give the world a new, vivid feel: techno for technology, vid for video, and so on.Keira [...]

    19. Price of a Bounty is an original novel that blends action, sci-fi, romance and political suspense. Although slightly confusing at the start, I very much enjoyed the story being told from the main characters’ points of view. It worked well. I also liked the fact that S. L. Wallace ‘drip fed’ the reader with details about the world she was writing about. It kept the story fresh and created suspense. The underlying plot turned out to be more sophisticated than I would have guessed at first, w [...]

    20. Price Of a Bounty reviewed By Dab10The writing in this book comes to life. It's a great roller coaster highs and lows. The writing is smooth and captivating. Told in the first person, that person changes with each chapter(not easy to pull off but done well here). In a future where there is a two class system some lines get crossed, a freelance (thief/assassin) hired to retrieve money and kill the thief set off an adventure of secrets and lies; mystery and mayhem; murder and intrigue; love and lo [...]

    21. I really liked this story a lot, but unlike a lot of reviewers, I did (and always do) find the change of characters distracting. It always feels disjointed to me no matter how well it's done. And keeping up with who is the current main character is exhausting. I also felt like it took away from details that could have been added if there had been only one main character, but that's my personal opinion. Other than that, and especially if a constant change of character doesn't bother you, this boo [...]

    22. I found this book even more interesting after a second read. I tend to read too fast sometimes and miss things on the first pass so reading it a second time brought new light to the story. The author creates realistic, believable characters that keep the reader intrigued. I'm very anxious to read the sequel and learn where this story is going. A very well-crafted piece!

    23. Got about 20% through before I decided that the book was not worth going all the way through. My first hint was this bit early on:"I could swim in the deep blue of those eyes. Stop! No distractions, Keira, not while you're working."There's a lot of tell don't show, a lot of repetition--there's promise here, but it's mediocre enough that I didn't want to push through.

    24. Another contest for this book is currently being held at smartweiters2/201 Read the interview, post a comment, and you could win a signed copy!Good luck!

    25. I really liked this book and have the next one on my list of books I want to read. Normally I am confused by books that jump from character to character, changing points of view, but this was still easy to follow and I liked that a lot.

    26. Not the worst book I've ever read but it is damn far from the best. Ham handed writing style, a plot that relies on more coincidences than a soap opera, and it is completely populated by two dimensional unbelievable characters.

    27. I tried I came to 55% in the book, but it is boring, there's almost no action, to much talk.Characters are flat. The book cover does look great.

    28. Really enjoyed this one. Lots of twists and turns, and I enjoyed Kiera as the bounty hunter/freelancer--reminded me a bit of a female James Bond. Interested to see what happens in the next book!

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