The Wild One

The Wild One When year old Samantha returns home to her family s cattle ranch in Nevada she s worried She moved away two years ago to recover from a bad fall off her beloved mustang Blackie and she s still n

  • Title: The Wild One
  • Author: Terri Farley
  • ISBN: 9780064410854
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • When 13 year old Samantha returns home to her family s cattle ranch in Nevada, she s worried She moved away two years ago to recover from a bad fall off her beloved mustang, Blackie, and she s still not sure she can get back in the saddle Her new colt doesn t seem to like her, and the other ranchers treat her like the boss s spoiled daughter, and Blackie has been missingWhen 13 year old Samantha returns home to her family s cattle ranch in Nevada, she s worried She moved away two years ago to recover from a bad fall off her beloved mustang, Blackie, and she s still not sure she can get back in the saddle Her new colt doesn t seem to like her, and the other ranchers treat her like the boss s spoiled daughter, and Blackie has been missing since that fateful day.But that s just the beginning When Sam suddenly finds the fate of a mysterious mustang who may or may not be the missing Blackie resting in her hands, she has to learn to be a real cowgirl, ready or not The classic theme of a girl and her horse is set against a backdrop of mustangs, tumbleweeds, and a West that s still Wild.Phantom Stallion 1 The Wild OneOn a moonlit night, a mustang comes to Sam Is it Blackie grown up and gone wild Is it the legendary phantom stallion Or could it be both Ages 10

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    One thought on “The Wild One”

    1. I love this book. It's all about a wild horse that no one ever sees excpet this one little girl. Therefore; she calls it the Phantom. However, it's secret name is Zanzibar. I love that name!

    2. Oh gosh, I would have ADORED this book as a youngster. Even as a mostly-adult, it was still pretty entertaining. I have to admit, I have a preference for English riding over Western and wild mustangs and the whole shebang, but really, anything horse-related will catch my interest by default.My only real complaint--that may or may not be a compliment--was that I felt like I was being dropped in the middle of a series, not picking up the first one. The world and the characters had all this develop [...]

    3. I love this book. ESPECIALLY the connection between Sam and her previous colt blackie who grows up and changes colour to gray and almost silverish. 2 years ago, Sam had gotten her very own horse, Blackie. He was a wild mustang but with very good nature. She had just tamed and haltered him when she decided to ride him out of ranch with her friend and trainer Jake. The horse somehow spooks, bucks her off, and his hind hoof hits her in the head. She gets sent to San-Fransisco to her aunt until she [...]

    4. The Wild One (Phantom Stallion #1)By Terri Farley After recovering from a severe head injury and loosing her best friend/ companion, Blackie who she also called Zanzibar, thirteen year old Samantha Forster finally returns back to the farm. Two years ago, Sam was in a fatal riding accident when her horse, Blackie, took off; “she went one way, he went the other, and his off hind hoof caught you[her] in the head” (139). Finally back on River Bend Ranch, Sam jumps right back into riding on her n [...]

    5. I liked this book because I love horses, and this book is about a girl who lives on a ranch in Northern Nevada, where she gets into all kinds of trouble, which usually involves the wild mustangs that live there. Sam is funny, smart, and absolutely horse crazy, and I really enjoy reading about her. In this book, Samantha Forster comes back to Nevada after recovering in San Francisco from a riding injury. Sam learns that the horse she had been riding, her two year old mustang colt, escaped into th [...]

    6. This is a very worthwhile read about a girl called Sam who has been raised on a ranch but living away from it for two years. Now she is returning and wonders what life will be like. She had been training a dark grey colt but he got spooked and threw her and ran away, and her family doesn't know where he is.Sam finds a pale grey stallion coming to drink by moonlight near the ranch house, and realises that as grey horses get lighter each year, this could be her colt. But he is wild and running wit [...]

    7. After having this series recommended to me by my friend Ashley, I ordered the first book from with the hope that although the books were apparently intended for younger audiences, I would enjoy them as much as I did with the My Secret Unicorn series. Needless to say I think I may even enjoy this series even more eventually.The characters and the plot of this first instalment in the series is are simply wonderful. I found myself becoming so emotionally attached to Sam, Jake and the rest; I could [...]

    8. This entire series is fantastic! Terri Farley has created a clean educational setting for a fun adventure filled story! Just the first book had me hooked! I even still enjoy reading them, though I'm not a kid any more. Sam has returned home after an accident that happened over a year ago involving her horse Blackie. When she returns there is a new leader of the herd of mustangs near her home called the Phantom, because of his ghost white appearance and how he and his herd can vanish so quickly. [...]

    9. I know im a "little" old for the Phantom Stallion but to tell you the truth i really enjoy these books. First of all they pass the time well. Secondly, i like horses a lot. And also they're good books to read inbetween reading all the long, somtimes confusing, books.I do recomend these books for any age! Esspecialy younger kids. I think they would be great books for their first chapter book, not too hard but still challenging to the young ones.

    10. Awwww, this book was what first got me interested in reading. Before this book I used to think reading was lame. But, I have always loved horses so when i was in 5th grade and I saw the horse on the cover I was interested. It was AWESOME! So are the other 23 books in the series, I highly recommend to anyone. Especially if you're a mom and your little girl is having a hard time getting into reading. It's great.

    11. This series was by far my favorite as a child. Terri Farley has a gift for writing these wild horse stories. As a child her attention to detail was more than satisfying and took my mind to that place where Sam rode her horse across the Nevada desert. I also loved the real-life situations Sam was put in, they definitely helped me deal with my own situations. If you love horses, I would definitely recommend this series to you.

    12. This is the only fiction horse series I like. The main character, Sam, is a (bad) western rider, loves horses and not her own popularity, doesn't care about shows, isn't flawless with the horses, and doesn't deal with drama people. All things that make this book very different from most horse books. (Most horse books are really bad, in my opinion. This is a nice diversion from that!)

    13. I love the book. Sam comes back to the ranch after two years in San Fran due to a riding accident that scarred her and her friend for life. Her friend is a boy named Jacob but goes by Jake. He feel responsible for her accident. Sam's accident is when she is riding her colt, Blackie, and he gets scared and runs away. she losses her reins and when she leans down to grab them, her colt sees her and goes on way and she goes another. Blackie steps on the side of her head. Poor Jake saw the whole thin [...]

    14. I thought this was a very good book. There was a girl that could over come anything that was in her life and that was all because of a horse.

    15. I really liked this book because I love horses and the stories of girls and her horses. I liked all of the detail in this book because it tells you a lot of background information on the horses and the characters. I like this book because it was kinda an easy read and fun to read. I also didn't like this book because it was a little too easy and kind of a childish book. I like this book because it had some emotion in it to add some tension between the characters. Even tho this was kinda an easy [...]

    16. This review will encompass the entirety of the Phantom Stallion series. Phantom Stallion is one of the great overlooked horsey series. Following the Wild West adventures of Sam Forster and her modern-day ranch family, the series is the perfect mix of equine adventure and classic coming-of-age tales. The background of the Nevada high desert is beautifully described and you can almost smell the sagebrush. None of the characters fall flat or get annoying. Sam is a rare example of an excellent teena [...]

    17. This is definitely a good MG read for horse lovers. I read this when I was around fourteen perhaps? I was around the protagonist's, Sam's, age. I reread it it recently and still love it. Essentially, it was all of my horse-y daydreams rolled into one book. Wild horses, an old fashion cattle drive in the modern, awesome friends. I love Gram and Wyatt. Bryanna is also pretty cool. Slocum is creepier than I remember (seriously, spying on a thirteen year old girl? not cool dude). I love her and Jake [...]

    18. First off, this is a book for kids and young adults (provided they're horse crazy girls--or less likely boys). I was remembering my own youth eagerly reading the Black Stallion books (yes, Walter Farley (no relation to Terri Farley) was still putting out books when I was growing up) and wanted to recapture some of that in a new series. This is very readable, well crafted, but didn't hook me. I think it was because this isn't about racing, but about mustangs. The action is going to have to come t [...]

    19. Sam is returning to her father's ranch, following an accident with her horse two years previous. She has to relearn things, make mistakes and fall back into her old rhythm, but still, there is the niggling feeling that Blackie is still watching her.It's up to her, and old friend Jake, to prevent her old stallion from being rounded up and readopted to her new nasty neighbor, and they'll do anything to stop it.A nice, simple story that didn't require much thought or effort to read. It was just the [...]

    20. A wonderful story! This book is the beginning of a 24 book series that is the classic tale of a girl and her horse, but it has a bit of a twist. In this first installment, 13 year old Samantha has returned to her family's ranch, 2 years after she took a bad fall off of her horse Blackie. Samantha moved away to recover, and Blackie hasn't been seen since that awful day. Sam then finds herself in the presence of a wild mustang known as the Phantom Stallion. Is this animal truly as he seems, a pure [...]

    21. A student of mine loved this book so much, she wanted me to read it. She sighed when she talked about the book. When I was young, I dreamed of owning a horse and so I thought, why not. I read the book over the course of a few days and discovered exactly why she loved it so much. It is a heart warming story of a young girl who had a horse she loved, but has an accident. She is whisked away to stay with a relative for two years as she recovers. The horse ran off after the accident. When the young [...]

    22. 5/5 stars for the entire book series in regards to the intended audience; horse loving children of around 14 years and under (or those older, who really love the premise). As an adult, I wouldn't necessarily recommend them unless you are re-reading for nostalgic reasons or with your child. Personally, I have to admit I re-read these on holiday abroad during the same summer that I read Asoiaf books 1&2 (Game of Thrones) and enjoyed them both. I do have rose tinted glasses on perhaps, but I re [...]

    23. this was a really well written, cute horse story. it had the usual "special" bond between girl and horse. it even had an explanation for the bond, which makes me a little happier. it was worth the read, and i will probably make an attempt to pick up the next few (when i find them in a used book store). the only part that bothered me was when the main character was in the saddle for a week in a row for 10 hours a day having not ridden in two years. i think that the amount of pain that she was in [...]

    24. This is another series I got into around the time of Heartland. My aunt bought me the first of this series. I did enjoy the change of scenery from english riding in both Heartland and Thoroughbred and the story of Zanzibar and Sam is every horse lover's dream. However, as the series wore on, I started to grow detached. I have to read the last four books or so, but for the sake of saying I read them all, I will read them. I already own all of them so I won't let my money go to waste, or my mom's [...]

    25. The cover artwork is better than the story. I may have liked this when I was 8, but at 45 I found it to be deliciously silly. Farley (no relation to Walter Farley) has very little knowledge of how horses really behave. Also, four-year-old horses are usually called colts and NOT stallions. A four-year-old mustang colt would have very little chance of leading a herd. But then, of course, this book is a girl's wet-dream come true and not based too tightly on reality.This reminds me of the Saturday [...]

    26. Black Stallion meets Saddle Club? Except there isn't a young group of girls like in Saddle Club so perhaps this is just Black Stallion but with a girl. As far as I can tell Terri Farley is no relation to Walter Farley but the name and her choice of books certainly must help her sell them. All in all, it was a fun story, short like Saddle Club books but with a similar spirit to Black Stallion. An enjoyable, but not incredible, young adult series it looks like. I'll read a few more. Sure wish I co [...]

    27. I was psyched about reading this one since the author was my senior year creative writing advisor! The story was nice, especially being set in Nevada. It was a good coming-of-age tale full of uplifting messages like taking responsibilities for one's actions and standing up for what you believe in, etc. Very wholesome start to the series, although I have to admit not my cup of tea. So, it would be safe to assume, I won't be following the rest of the story beyond this book. But a good read nonethe [...]

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