Robot Zombie Frankenstein!

Robot Zombie Frankenstein Perfect for high energy story times this cumulative tale is a madcap mash up featuring robots shapes in motley amalgamation and pie Squares rectangles ovals triangles and other colorful shapes

  • Title: Robot Zombie Frankenstein!
  • Author: Annette Simon
  • ISBN: 9780763651244
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Perfect for high energy story times, this cumulative tale is a madcap mash up featuring robots, shapes in motley amalgamation, and pie Squares, rectangles, ovals, triangles, and other colorful shapes are sorted and arranged into two robots But why stop there Shape by shape, costume by costume, Robot and Robot play a game of oneupmanship that zips, zooms, and whirPerfect for high energy story times, this cumulative tale is a madcap mash up featuring robots, shapes in motley amalgamation, and pie Squares, rectangles, ovals, triangles, and other colorful shapes are sorted and arranged into two robots But why stop there Shape by shape, costume by costume, Robot and Robot play a game of oneupmanship that zips, zooms, and whirrs from friendly to hilariously out of control in nanoseconds Robot Zombie How about Robot Zombie Frankenstein Can you handle Robot Zombie Frankenstein Pirate What could be next Where will it all stop When the race makes a surprise and delicious turn, Robot and Robot are happy to be plain old robots and buddies onceagain.

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      307 Annette Simon
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    One thought on “Robot Zombie Frankenstein!”

    1. This book bum me out, yo. There are bones of something A-freaking-mazing in this. I LOVE the concept of the building costumes. The pie at the end comes from no where, but I could work with that.The issue I have with this book is that the illustrations are one thing too much. They're SUPER geometric, made as though from cutout pieces of paper. And since they're so geometric, I found it super difficult to distinguish between elements of all the various layered costumes. Put the same text and conce [...]

    2. Two robots who are friends try to out-do each other as they dress in costumes. It starts out with Robot Zombie and goes on from there, until they each have pirate hats, eye patches, capes, chef hats, space helmets, and much much more. By the end, the two of them look very silly, dressed in all of that gear. The competition continues until one robot pulls out a cherry pie and the two friends decide to drop the costume competition and share a treat.Read the rest of my review on my blog, Waking Bra [...]

    3. I first read this at NCTE in November 2011. Reread 4/13/12 - I am so excited that this book is finally here! Thank you Candlewick and Annette for the review copy!

    4. This cute picture book is about two robots trying to one up each other. Warning: the ending will make you crave pie.

    5. I picked this out because it was on a list of books about shapes. Lies and the liying liarsIt *has* shapes. It is *about* two robot friends trying to outdo one another with increasingly complicated and outrageous outfits. It is about compound words and sound effects. It is about pie. It has witty banter. It is a joy to read and I can't wait to read aloud. Cool shapes on the END PAGES!

    6. Two robots try to outdo each other by one-upping the other. In the end one comes with pie, the other a fork, and they decide to become friends.

    7. The young bloke finds the nonsense storyline funny, and the book is great for teaching and reinforcing shapes with the kids.

    8. One robot is pretty amazing, but what happens when two amazing robots meet one another? An epic battle of robot one-upmanship! After sizing each other up one robot zips away only to return dressed as a zombie proudly proclaiming, “Robot Zombie!” The other robot mutters under his breath and quickly changes into a robot zombie Frankenstein! The competition rapidly builds until the two machines are staring each other down dressed as Robot zombie Frankenstein pirate superhero-in-disguise outer s [...]

    9. Didn't really grab me but my 7 yr old cracked up over this book, which is why I gave it 4 stars rather than 3. The story of two robot/kids trying to outdo each other w/ crazy costumes. Kind of cute and silly. I liked the bold colors and shapes. When two robots decide to play competitive dress up, hilarity ensues. In this delightfully silly book, two brightly colored robots, made entirely from geometric shapes of varying sizes, get into a costume battle of epic proportions. As their competition g [...]

    10. Purple Robot and Green Robot are best friends. But then suddenly Green Robot leaves. Where has he gone? What is he doing? What is that over there? It looks like a zombie… a ROBOT ZOMBIE! Green Robot has changed to a Robot Zombie costume! But wait, Purple Robot is jealous, so he changes in to ROBOT ZOMBIE FRANKENSTEIN costume! Then Green Robot Zombie leaves to try to be better than Purple Robot Zombie Frankenstein. Who will turn out to be the best between the two friends or will they ever come [...]

    11. This is a cute concept about some robot friends that want to one-up each other. You know the ideaif one robot does something to be better than the other robot (becoming a robot zombie instead of just a plain ol' robot) then the other robot has to one up the first (becoming a robot zombie Frankenstein). And it snowballs from there. I liked the concept over all. However, with the bold colors and simple shapes it is easy to lose each piece of the layers of robot costumes. But I still really like th [...]

    12. Grades PS-1 Even robots like imaginative play-- and like to one-up each other. Two bots start seeing who can come up with the most creative personas-- * Robot * Robot zombie * Robot zombie Frankenstein * Robot zombie Frankenstein pirate * Robot zombie Frankenstein pirate superhero and so on, getting sillier and sillier as the game progresses. Of course, when one of them adds chef to the list, the other whips out a pie, spurring the first to produce a fork. And then, what are two bots to do but [...]

    13. And the award for my favorite picture book of the year (yes, I know it's still only June) goes to Robot Zombie Frankenstein! I just brought it into my library and made at least four of my co-workers stop what they were doing to read it. The plot, in haiku format:Two robots are friendsCostume contest escalatesPie for everyone!Seriously, treat yourself. Given its simplicity, the story is surprisingly complete, and the art is just delightful. (Added educational bonus: the robots and their costumes [...]

    14. (Note: I review books for use in speech/language therapy and for teachers and parents who work with speech/language impaired children.)I was introduced to this book by my daughter who saw it on the shelf of one of our locally owned book stores. It turns out the author of the books is lives in our town and was in the book store! Of course we bought a copy and the author, Annette Simon, signed it! My daughter tells me she and the kids in her class love this book. I think your students will have a [...]

    15. When two robots appear on the scene, each one tries to outdo the other one with increasingly more elaborate antics. The competition comes to a draw when both conjure up chef hats, and one has a cherry pie while the other one has a fork. They decide to put their competition aside and enjoy the taste of the pie since having a friend is a lot more useful than winning a contest sometimes. The digital illustrations allow the simple and colorful shapes used on the book's pages to shine and attract not [...]

    16. What. Robots. Zombies. Frankenstein! Each page gets cooler and cooler. Filled to the brim with the most entertaining and fantastic combinations of randomness fit for littl'uns. There is an obvious appeal to boys over girls, starting from a robot. But from there, amazingness follows that is suitable for all. The book is very simple, with simple art. The best part is the shapes you find at the end, which when combined can help even the least talented artist to make the various characters found in [...]

    17. Illustrator Annette Simon creates a picture book with images created digitally using QuarkExpress. They are both simplistic and abstract with all their bright colors and angles. Two Robot friends engage in a fun and silly game of dress up one up manship. Although the words are spare, I think older children would appreciate it more in a story time because of the humor. I'd recommend this for 1st grade and 2nd grade read alouds or 1-to-1 storytimes for ages 3+

    18. One robot versus another in a battle of costumes! Great book, simple illustrations and fun audience-reader interaction. I enjoyed reading this with preschoolers and they enjoyed me yelling the titles of the robots' costumes, but they had a hard time deciphering how that was represented in the pictures. But that is neither here nor there when the bright pages call out for good times and cherry pie.

    19. This book is ridiculous. Totally, utterly ridiculous. It's so ridiculous that no adult will be able to keep from snorting, and kids will be falling over themselves giggling. Recommended for preschoolers especially.That said, I think this is probably a one-shot. There are only so many times you can read this book before the joke gets old. Check it out from the library rather than buying it for the kid in your life.

    20. While the story itself didn't grab my attention, what did was the use of simple shapes to create a "matrix" of robots (I didn't know what a group of robots was called so I cha-cha'd it. Other terms include gestalt, borg and drove). Recently I read a blog that when doing storytime, you should send something home with the kiddos to help them reinforce what you dideing as that I have run out of time to do crafts, this pre-made package of robot shapes might be the answer!

    21. The author of this book must have small boys! All of a boy's favorite characters are included. It is fun to read and easy for emerging readers to read along with. Lots of interactive possibilities while reading this book: pointing out shapes, role playing the robots, naming colors, and using prediction skills. My four boys have asked to read this book at least 20 times since we brought it home from the library. I may have to buy it to keep!

    22. A bright, colorful picture book that lets basic shapes rearrange themselves in to robots, Frankenstein's monster, pirates and more! Not much text in this one -- the words are basically serving as labels for the robots' crazy costumes.Very bright and geometrical pictures make this book fun for teaching shapes! The endpapers also have lots of shapes used in the texts separated for more shape-ness.This book might be a hit at story time, but some kids may not get it.

    23. What an odd book. In a good way. I am desperate to read this one aloud. As the list of attributes expands, it demands louder and louder participation. It is the ultimate story of one-up-manship as each robot tries to out-awesome the other. That is until they finally find a compromise (pie could solve many of the world's disputes). Check this one out for a good laugh and unique and quirky illustrations.

    24. The simple text of this book and the bright vivid pictures work well for the young reader. This is a great boo to introduce students to the art of fluency and expression as well as the use of punctuation. The layout of the print serves to enhance the illustrations, causing this short cute endearing book to work together to bring fullness to the tale.

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